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アウルハウス (Auruhausu, lit. "Owl House") is the Japanese dub of The Owl House which currently airs on Disney Channel. It premiered on July 23, 2020, with "A Lying Witch and a Warden" and "Witches Before Wizards" airing back to back.

Japanese Cast

Main Cast

  • Emiko Takeuchi (竹内 恵美子) as Luz
  • Kahoru Sasajima (笹島 かほる) as Eda
  • Kenta Matsumoto (松本 健太) as King, Hooty

Additional Voices

  • Ayaka Nanase (七瀬 彩夏) as Willow
  • Mei Shibata (柴田 芽衣) as Gus
  • Mikoto Nakai (中井 美琴) as Amity
  • Taisuke Nakano (中野 泰佑) as Principal Bump
  • Ayako Shioya (塩谷 綾子) as Lilith
  • Daichi Hayashi (林 大地)
  • Kouzou Douzaka (堂坂 晃三)

Japanese crew

  • Dubbing studio: HALF H・P STUDIO Co.,Ltd

Dubbing credits


  • In this dub, demons are reffered as Yōma (妖怪).