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"A Lying Witch and a Warden" is the first episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the first episode overall, which also serves as the series premiere.

It premiered on January 10, 2020.


Luz, a self-assured teenage girl, accidentally stumbles upon a portal to a magic world where she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and an adorable tiny demon warrior, King. In order to get home, Luz must help them with a mission.

Alternate Synopsis: When outcast Luz Noceda discovers a portal to a new world, she meets a witch named Eda and a demon named King; in order to get home, Luz has to help them with a mission.


Luz Noceda is a creative and expressive girl, but this causes trouble at her school. After an incident with her book assignment involving live snakes, her mother, Camila, decides to send her to a Reality Check Summer Camp to straighten out her wild imaginative personality. While waiting for the bus to pick her up, a little owl takes Luz's favorite book, The Good Witch Azura. She chases the owl to an old rundown house in the woods where she is immediately transported to a tent filled with weird stuff. The owner is a strange looking lady who closes the portal behind her when Luz reclaims her book and tries to run for it. The lady reveals herself as Eda the Owl Lady, who happens to be a powerful witch who sells human stuff. She takes her back to her stand, and offers Luz to buy something, like rubber clogs, a deodorant roll, or a TV. Eda becomes impressed with Luz when she gets the TV working, attracting more customers. However, authorities show up and declare both Eda and Luz under arrest. However, Eda gives the law enforcer the slip and flies away with Luz on her magic Owl staff.

Luz learns from Eda that she is in a world called the Boiling Isles, where every myth humans have is caused by a little of this world leaking into their's, including giraffes ("Bunch of freaks!"). They arrive at Eda's home, the Owl House, and meet her little furry "roommate", King. Eda then brings up the reason why she brought Luz to her home. King was once a mighty king of demons until his Crown of Power was stolen many years ago by the Warden Wrath. Now it remains locked away behind a magical force field that only a human can break through. Since Luz is a human, Eda and King ask her to help them get King's crown back, and in return Eda will send her home. Seeing no choice, Luz complies and accompanies them to the Conformatorium, where people are imprisoned for being unsuitable for society.

Luz and King sneak to the top of the tower, where they meet a lot of inmates who have been imprisoned for being different and do not fit in. Luz feels sorry for them, because she can totally relate. Luz and King later regroup with Eda and find where King's crown is being kept. Luz passes through the force field and retrieves the crown, which turns out to be a kid's meal crown and possess no great value whatsoever, except to King. Before making their escape, they are captured by the Warden Wrath who unexpectedly asks Eda out on a date. She rejects Wrath and fights him with King while telling Luz to leave. Luz then comes back, releases the inmates and helps Eda defeat Wrath. After returning to the Owl House, Eda opens the portal so Luz can return home. However, after everything she has been through, Luz feels like she does not belong there and decides to stay and be Eda's apprentice. Eda accepts, on the condition that Luz has to work for her.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Una bruja mentirosa y un guardián A lying witch and a warden
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Uma Bruxa Mentirosa e um Guardião A Lying Witch and a Guardian
Taiwan Mandarin 展開奇幻冒險 Embarking on a fantastical journey
Germany German Luz im Reich der Dämonen Luz in the Realm of the Demons
Denmark Danish En heks, der lyver, og en vogter A witch who lies, and a guardian
Spain Spanish La bruja mentirosa y el guardián The lying witch and the guardian
Finland Finnish Valehteleva noita ja vartija A lying witch and a guard
France French Portail magique Magic Portal
Greece Greek Μια ψεύτρα Μάγισσα και ένας Δεσμοφύλακας A lying Witch and a Warden
Indonesia Indonesian Ahli Sihir Pembohong dan Sipir The Lying Witch and Warden
Italy Italian Un strega bugiarda e un guardiano A Lying Witch and a Guardian
Japan Japanese ウソつき魔女と怒りの番人 The Witch with a Lie and the Keeper of Anger
South Korea Korean 마녀와 교도관 The Witch and the Prison Guard
Malaysia Malay Seorang Perempuan Sihir Penipu dan Seorang Warden A Lying Witch and a Warden
Netherlands Dutch De Heks en de Wachter The Witch and the Guardian
Norway Norwegian Den løgnaktige heksa og Vokteren The Lying Witch and the Guardian
Portugal Portuguese Uma Bruxa Matreira e um Guarda A Sly Witch and a Guard
Poland Polish Wiedźma i strażnik A Witch and a Warden
Romania Romanian Vrăjitoarea și Gardianul The Witch and the Guardian
Russia Russian Лгунья-колдунья и Надзиратель Liar Witch and Overseer
Sweden Swedish En lögnaktig häxa och en vakt A lying witch and a guard
Turkey Turkish Güvenilmez Cadı ve Müdür The Untrustworthy Witch and the Warden


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  • The episode completed production on July 15, 2019.[4]
  • This episode was released early on DisneyNOW and YouTube before its television premiere on Disney Channel.
  • This is the first episode not to feature the theme song and currently the only episode to not feature a title card.
    • This is also the only first season episode to not have a title card.
  • This is the first episode to be animated by Sunmin Image Pictures.
  • The Conspiracy Prisoner's appearance is based on series creator Dana Terrace's self caricature.
  • Outside the Conformatorium are the following wanted posters:
    • Three Eyed Toad for $0.00
    • Lord Ham for $300
    • Snake Eater for $300,000
    • Scratcher for $40,000
    • Knife Baby for $60,000
    • Tooth Thief for $8,000.
  • The pile of contraband inside the Conformatorium contains the following books:
    • Necronomicon
    • Necronomicon 2
    • Famous Snakes
    • Soulless
  • Luz' audition for Romeo and Juliet took place on October 15th.
  • Luz' summer camp lasts for three months.
  • Eda's line "Finally, you're back." is used when the show is back on, on both Disney XD and Disney Channel.
  • When Eda creates a spell circle that creates imagination to explain to Luz, the 1st code was revealed on the bottom of the screen, it got cracked into "T-OO" and translated into "Two".
  • This episode uses the Hollywood Edge sound effect "gusts heavy cold wind pe031601."[5]


  • The Chronicles of Narnia - The episode title is a reference to C.S. Lewis's epic fantasy novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
    • Coincidentally, Disney adapted that novel into the first film of The Chronicles of Narnia film series.
  • Gravity Falls - A hat resembling the one worn by Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls can be seen among the items in Eda's shop.
  • The Good Place - After running away from Eda, Luz says "Did I die?! Am I in the Bad Place?"
  • Burger King - The Burger Queen cardboard crown is a play on Burger King, which also gives away cardboard crowns.
  • Pokémon - The bear that is seen when Eda is closing her shop looks like Snorlax.
  • Harry Potter - Luz says "Expecto, Magicus... escapicus!!" which is the first incantation. Expecto is an incantation for the Patronus charm: Expecto Patronum.


  • After Eda's head gets cut off and lands in Luz's hands, she is missing her left ear.
  • The lever outside the Conspiracy Theorist's cell door was initially up, indicating her cell was unlocked.


  • In the original airing in Canada, when Luz says "Eda, are you okay?" "Eda" is silenced.
  • In the Southeast Asia broadcast, the words "dumb", "stupid", and "sucker" are cut in the English audio track.
    • In the Southeast Asia broadcast, Warden Wrath decapitating Eda's head was also cut.

Memorable quotes

So, you have a different way of doing things, a different way of seeing things. That might make you weird, but it also makes you awesome. Don't you see?
Because us weirdos have to stick together. And nobody should be punished for who they are!



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