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The Abomaton soldier, or simply just Abomaton, is an abomination-based robot made by Odalia and Alador Blight at Blight Industries. Initially designed to be mass-produced home security products, the entire line currently serves Emperor Belos' coven.


Abomaton soldiers look like normal abominations with saddened green eyes, bronze-colored armor, including a chestplate, shoulder pads, rings around its wrists and legs, and short boots with a pink glowing core in its torso.

Abomaton 2.0 soldiers are larger than the normal soldiers with a deformed face, a bigger chestplate around the core in its torso, bigger shoulder pads, big armlets, and small boots on its legs.


During the annual private sale of Blight Industries, Odalia introduces the Abomaton Soldier as the "crowning achievement" of the company. In its debut, the Abomaton Soldier attempts to battle Amity during a demonstration, but when it is about to step on her copy of the grom photo, it proves no match against Amity's magic. Its destruction causes the investors of Blight Industries to be disappointed in its performance, though Odalia claims it was merely a "beta test."

A new and improved Abomaton, the Abomaton 2.0, is unveiled during the latest Blight Industries presentation as "the perfect soldier that will not rest until its enemy is completely eliminated." The new and improved Abomaton battles Luz Noceda and proves to be very powerful. However, Odalia intends for the 2.0 to eliminate Luz, and the human is forced to fight for her life. Luz attempts to hold off the Abomaton 2.0 to the best of her ability but is easily overpowered by the abomination. Just as the Abomaton is about to eliminate Luz, Amity steps in, stopping her parents' invention and threatens to destroy it in front of the investors. Odalia reluctantly agrees to her daughter's terms, and Amity and Luz pretend to get knocked out when the Abomaton strikes them with a giant, hollow hammer, allowing the presentation to conclude. The Abomaton 2.0 proves to be popular with the investors, but the entire Abomaton line is purchased by Emperor Belos due to him not wanting citizens to have private armies.[1]

The Abomaton 2.0s stand next to Belos when the nine coven leaders meet, indicating that the Emperor has integrated the mechanical abominations into his forces.[2] An Abomaton with Kikimora on its head captures Raine. Abomination Head Witch Darius calls the machine an "ugly thing" and adds that its inventor is a hack.[3]

The Abomatons help Emperor Belos create an alternate key to open the portal door, and assist Kikimora and the Coven Scouts in their search for Titan's Blood. Later, the Abomatons working with Kikimora are destroyed by Hunter.[4]

In "Any Sport in a Storm", it is revealed in a Penstagram post made by Alador that he had created an updated Abomaton 2.5.

Powers and abilities

  • Malleability: Thanks to the abomination goo they are made from, Abomatons are malleable and can alter their bodies for various tasks.
    • Arm Extension: Both variants of the Abomaton can extend their arms for greater reach.
    • Weapon Transformation: The Abomaton 2.0 can reform its hands into a variety of weapons, which include cannons, morning stars, hammers, and bladed weapons.
    • Transformation: In "Eclipse Lake," the Abomaton 2.0 can reform its entire body into a minecart, allowing it to transport passengers across rails.
  • Force Field: The 2.0 can generate a force field from the orb in its chest to protect itself and its allies.




  • Abomaton is likely a combination of the word "Abomination" and "Automaton."
    • An "automaton" means "a mechanism that is relatively self-operating" and is synonymous with "robot."


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