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An abomination is a magical golem construct made of a typically purple ooze-like substance created by witches to do various tasks.


Abominations have a crude humanoid appearance and behavior. Their bodies have such a very poor structure that maintaining a consistent form is a struggle enough. Most abominations fall apart easily, but witches with stronger magic can keep the abomination stabilized and make it larger and more durable in combat. Abominations that exhibit an overly-disproportionate appearance or have multiple limbs or appendages where there shouldn't be are deemed as failures.


Created by reanimated matter, abominations serve as labor on the Boiling Isles. Their low sentience ensures abominations will recognize and obey the commands of their summoner without developing any rebellious tendencies. Though abominations fall apart easily, they can easily reform themselves, allowing them to perform dangerous tasks with minimal risk. However, Incident #3421 of Eda's Hexside write-ups indicates that abominations can gain full sapience and revolt against their creators. Multiple abominations can also combine into a single form to increase their size and power.

The Abomination Coven specializes in abomination conjuring. The abomination track is highly regarded at Hexside and affords those on it greater opportunities for success upon graduation. Witches in this track start out by making their own abomination as a class assignment before moving into more complex usages. In combat, abominations are often commanded to fight in their summoner's stead. Highly skilled abomination witches can effectively weaponize abomination matter to enhance their combat skills and are able to create constructs, weapons, and shields to aid them in combat. The Abomination Coven Head, Darius, can turn himself into an abomination at will and can use abomination matter to teleport himself or others.

One notable witch, Alador Blight, has managed to integrate abominations into his products at Blight Industries and even engineered the Abomaton, an robotically-enhanced abomination.




  • "Abomination" means "a thing that causes disgust or hatred."
  • In the episode "I Was a Teenage Abomination", Principal Bump called cutting open an abomination as being a dissection, thus inferring that abominations are not actually living creatures.
  • There are several ways to create and use abominations:
    • A witch can simply summon abominations via a spell circle.
    • Abominations can be made with ingredients and body parts.
    • An abomination can be conjured by combing soil and plants together.
    • Amity carries a bottle of abomination clay around to create one.
    • Blight Industries sells abomination-based weapons, such as the Abomaton.
    • Witches can turn themselves into an abomination.
  • An abomination was the author of the book, Planetary Love, and was selling it at a stall in the Book Fair. That abomination was later seen partying with author Jon De Plume at Grimgrub's Pub.
  • The vocalizations of most abominations in the show are provided by Alex Hirsch.