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I am everybody! You fool, don't you see? I'm no wizard. And you're no Chosen One. I've tricked you.

Adegast is a character in The Owl House. He was a puppeteer demon and a business owner who peddled potions to the people of Bonesborough. He appeared as an antagonist in the episode "Witches Before Wizards".


Adegast's body consists of his head and a series of prehensile tentacles, upon which rest his illusory puppets. These illusions are mere expressions of Adegast's magic and possess no intelligence of their own, and can be removed from the main body, though this causes them to disintegrate after a time. His magic also manifests as thick fog which shrouds the true nature of his puppets as well as his own visage. The underside of his head is attached to a pair of spindly, black arms and a clutch of gold spheres. The demon's gruesome face is pale and pouchy, with two bulbous eyes above his cheeks and two narrowed eyes that resemble nostrils. His mouth lacks lips, showing his pale yellow teeth. His pupils are amber in color.


At first glance, Adegast appears to be a friendly and helpful person, giving Luz advice and inviting her to a magical quest. However, this is all just a facade to hide his true nature, in which he turns out to cruel, devious, and manipulative by using his illusions to deceive others. After Luz opposed him, Adegast showed no remorse in trying to kill her too, which shows that he was willing to hurt innocent people if they stood in the way of his plans.

In addition to his intelligence, Adegast was also very vengeful, as he harbored a deep grudge against Eda for years of stealing customers from his potions business. His actions can also be considered nonsensical in this regards, however, because while this may have been a reason to be angrily with Eda, it is a futile motive to try to kill her. Adegast also tended to underestimate his enemies, which ultimately turned out to be his downfall.


A puppeteer by nature, Adegast used props and flattery to manipulate Luz into undertaking a fabricated quest for her own magical staff. In reality, this quest was a ploy by the demon to lure Eda, who he intended to kill for stealing customers from his potions business. Though he succeeds in drawing Eda, he underestimates Luz, who manages to break through his illusion in time to free her mentor and King from his clutches. Luz proceeds to mortally wound Adegast, and he shrivels to a fraction of his former size before being seized and devoured alive by Eda.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Potion making: Adegast was a seasoned potions maker to the point where he also had his own business. Compared to Eda, however, his success was moderate, as she stole customers from him for years and his business was so bad that his castle was only a ruin.
  • Magic: As a 'bug-type' demon, Adegast had his own form of magic, although according to Hooty, bug demons only know some spells compared to biped demons and witches. Despite this, he has shown to be very deadly with what he can do, such as creating entire mirages, making his puppets seem like they are genuine living creatures, and even turning certain accessories into restraints.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
France French Jean-Marc Delhausse
Alexandre Crepet (Nevareth)
Poland Polish Cezary Kwieciński
Damian Kulec (Nevareth, Chris)
Weronika Łukaszewska (Princess, Baby Fox)
Portugal Portuguese João Brás
Luís Barros (Nevareth)


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  • Adegast's head resembles that of a ventriloquist dummy's.
  • Adegast in magic man form is one of the individuals Gus considers interviewing, as seen on his chalkboard in "Understanding Willow".
  • His name is a spoof of Radagast the Brown from the Lord of the Rings book series.
  • Adegast was revealed as a 'bug-type' demon in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", twenty-five episodes after his demise.
  • He was the first character in the series to die.


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