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And, yes, at first, I thought that fooling children was a waste of my talents. But I realized that a true genius can find the art in everything and... Hey. Hey! [...] Yoo-hoo. Come on. Are you listening? This is my monologue.
—Graye, "Labyrinth Runners"

Adrian Graye Vernworth is an antagonistic character of The Owl House. He is one of the nine Coven Heads, being the leader of the Illusion Coven.



Adrian is a fairly tall and thin witch with light skin, pointed ears, cornflower eyes, thick eyebrows, and curled, dark turquoise hair. He has a long, prehensile dark teal tail with a tan fur tuft at the end.

Following his folly at Hexside, Adrian now has facial hair and a rougher complexion.


Adrian wears a light blue, tan furred vest over a teal jumpsuit with gold details and light blue shoes. He has a magic amplifier in the shape of a golden mirror that he wears as an earring on his left ear, a small mirror in the center of his vest, and a sky-blue bead at the end of his tail. Additionally, he wears a set of dark teal fingerless gloves.

In "Hunting Palismen", he wore a white cape with the Illusion Coven sigil on the neck over his current outfit.


True to his illusion magic, Adrian possesses a dramatic and theatrical demeanor. All of his plans involve putting on a scripted performance using his minions and illusion magic, trying to trick his opponents in order to attack them once they have lowered their guard, like when he tried to put the Hexside students in a coven by pretending he was trying to help them, or when he tried to trick Gus and Hunter with an illusion of Willow.

However, despite being creative with his magic, he is also full of himself, as he tends to blame others for the failures of his own plans. His self-centered personality can also be shown through his love for monologues and dislike towards the ones who try to take away the spotlight from him. Adrian's pride also causes him to be cruel to those that dare to humiliate him in any way, such as when he tried to strip Gus of his illusion magic by forcibly putting him in the Abomination Coven for exposing his ruse. His own arrogance seems to be his greatest weakness, as it causes him to underestimate the ones he considers to be inferior to him.

He is also bad at explaining things, using sounds like "eee" and "meh" to describe things or giving vague instructions and borderline incoherent feedback, confusing the people he is talking to and causing him to be disliked by many of his underlings.


As Head Witch of the Illusion Coven, Graye is integral to the Day of Unity and was present during the induction of Head Bard Raine Whispers. He had also made attempts to obtain Galdorstones for Emperor Belos, but failed to locate them.

Adrian trying to force Gus into the Abomination Coven after the boy sees through his ruse.

With the Day of Unity fast approaching, Adrian is tasked with branding the students of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics with coven sigils to further Emperor Belos' plans. To do this, he set up an elaborate ruse with the help of the Emperor's Coven in order to forcibly brand students against their will, but this ruse is discovered by Gus. With his plot exposed, Adrian decides to punish Gus by branding him with the Abomination Coven sigil in order to take away his illusion magic, but this caused Gus to unconsciously create a giant hyperrealistic illusion that covers most of the school. Hunter then appears and saves him from Adrian. The Head Witch, noticing the elaborate details of Gus' illusions and his knowledge about the Looking Glass Ruins, orders his scouts to find him and bring the boy to him.

Adrian being dragged away after being exposed to Gus' illusion field and being forced to relive his worst memories.

He tries to trick Gus with an illusion of Willow, but Hunter sees through it. He then has the Coven Scouts knock out Hunter and take Gus to the gym, where Adrian fails to get information on the Looking Glass Ruins. Adrian uses his magic amplifier to search Gus' memories for its location; however, it backfires and Adrian is trapped in his worst memory. After his forces are defeated by the staff and students of Hexside, he is carried away in a vegetative state.

On the day of the Day of Unity, Adrian is present along with the other eight Coven Heads. However, he is still shaken up from what happened to him at Hexside, as he noticably has facial hair, and he growls at "Raine" to not question it. Soon, he discovers that Raine is actually Eda, who was disguised as the Bard Coven Head, and along with the other Head Witches, Adrian captures her and the rest of the CATs. When the draining spell takes full effect, Adrian's magic is drained out of him, and he collapses onto the ground with the rest of the Coven Heads. However, the Collector soon stops the draining spell.

Powers and abilities

Magic amplifier that Graye wore as an earring.

  • Magic: As a witch, Adrian is able to use magic. Like all witches, his connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart. Having earned the rank of coven leader, he is undoubtedly very powerful.
    • Illusion magic: As the leader of the Illusion Coven, Adrian can cast spells that allow him to create illusions. However, unlike other Head Witches, such as Darius and Terra, who can master their respective magic fields without any effort, it would appear Adrian needs a magic amplifying tool to boost his magic in order to use the more advanced forms of illusion magic.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Adrian's name is an allusion to the protagonist from The Picture of Dorian Gray.[1] His presumed surname, Vernworth, is not stated in the episode, but appears in the credits.


Adrian is voiced by Noshir Dalal.


Adrian can be seen on the Illusion Coven banner in "The First Day" before making his first on-screen appearance in "Hunting Palismen", albeit unnamed at the time. He was properly introduced and named in "Labyrinth Runners".


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