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"Adventures in the Elements" is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the twelfth episode overall.

It premiered on July 18, 2020.


Luz needs to learn a new spell, so Eda takes her to the most magical place on the island to train.[6]


Luz is sitting on the couch reading through the Hexside flyer. She feels very excited about attending, and can't wait to start learning magic alongside Willow, Gus, and hopefully Amity. Suddenly, Luz remembers that she's supposed to be meeting up with Amity to get back her Azura book that she had lent her. She rushes off to the market where she meets up with, not just Amity, but also Emira and Edric, who are being uncharacteristicly protective and nice towards Amity to make up for the incident at the library. After getting her book back, Luz tells Amity about her enrollment at Hexside and tells her that she's excited to be classmates with her. Amity explains that in order to attend her classes, she needs to take a placement exam, and prove that she has mastered at least two spells. If not, she will have to be put in the baby classes. This leaves Luz worried, as she has only learned one spell. However, she lies to Amity, Emira, and Edric, convincing them that she does know two spells.

Luz rushes back to the Owl House and begs Eda to teach her a new spell. At first she refuses, but after being told she will be put into the baby classes if she does not know two spells, Eda agrees for the sake of her pride.

Eda takes Luz to the Witch Arena, located on the "Knee" of the Boiling Isles. Here, the earliest witches would come to develop their magic. They arrive at a ruined castle, where they meet up with Amity, who also happens to be there practicing a fireball spell with her training wand, Emira and Edric accompanying her. Continuing the lie, Luz tells the Blights that she is working on powerful spells, when in fact, Eda is teaching her how to identify different types of snow by taste and smelling moss. Luz does not think Eda is taking this seriously at all, but all Eda tells her to do is to trust her teachings. She is trying to teach Luz how to connect with the nature of magic, a lesson all witches must learn. If Luz wants to learn a second spell, she must first learn from the island. Eda has Luz sit down in front of a great view of the Isle, needing to observe her surroundings and think about what the island is trying to tell her. Luz tries to follow Eda's teachings, but quickly loses patience, overwhelmed by her worries of ending up in the baby classes.

Meanwhile, King is stuck at home after being told he cannot accompany Eda and Luz at their magic boot camp. Out of jealousy, he decides to start his own boot camp by using one of Eda's potions to bring a few plush toys to life. Hooty volunteers to join King's boot camp, only to be turned down. At first, all goes well, until King's plush troops turn on him after constant mistreatment. After they usurp King and lock him out, he turns to Hooty for help. Hooty refuses, since King turned down his request to join his boot camp. Coming to an agreement, King draws Hooty a body, in return for ridding the house of the living plush toys.

Back at the Witch Arena, Luz continues to struggle with learning a new spell. Desperate, she takes Amity's training wand and school book. Using the wand, she successfully casts the fireball spell. However, Luz is soon caught by a disappointed Eda. Luz criticizes Eda's teaching methods, and in her anger, casts another fireball, accidentally hitting a nearby Slitherbeast. Filled with rage, the beast attacks Luz and captures Eda. Emira and Edric try to restrain it as Amity tries to blast it with her wand, only to realize Luz used up all its power. Only then, Luz finally confesses the truth. Suddenly, the Slitherbeast breaks free, captures Emira and Edric, and flees into the forest. Amity goes after them, but makes Luz stay put by trapping her in a magic cage in order to protect her. Feeling guilty, Luz attempts to break out of Amity's magic cage. After a few failed attempts, she has no choice but to stay put. Luz sits down, feeling defeated and convinced the island cannot teach her anything, she suddenly notices a light glyph in a constellation. A snowflake lands on Luz's hand, forming another glyph. Luz then has a realization that magic is a gift from the island, and that magic is everywhere. Drawing the new glyph in the snow, she conjures up a pillar of ice that raises her out of the magic cage, now equipped with her second spell.

After escaping the cage, Luz catches up with Amity, and the two find their way to the Slitherbeast's cave. Eda, Emira and Edric are all stuck to the creature's goo, attached to the wall, unable to move. Working together, Luz distracts the Slitherbeast while Amity frees Eda, Emira and Edric. Luz lures the Slitherbeast outside to a giant ice glyph she drew earlier. She steps on the glyph with her foot, which conjures up an ice pillar beneath the Slitherbeast. The beast flies through the air and crashes to the ground. Finally, Eda shows up in time to use a sleep spell, putting the Slitherbeast to sleep.

Eda is proud of Luz for making a connection with the island's magic, and now that she has learned her second spell, she will be able to attend the same classes with Amity. Eda and Luz use the ice spell to get home, and find the house in a mess following King and Hooty's horrific battle with the stuffed toys.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Aventuras mágicas Magical Adventures
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Aventuras pelos Elementos Adventures by the Elements
Taiwan Mandarin 魔法無所不在 Magic is Everywhere
Germany German Ein Neuer Zauber A New Magic
Egypt Arabic مغامرة في العناصر Adventure in the Elements
France French En quête de nouveaux sorts Looking for new spells
Indonesia Indonesian Petualangan di Elemen Adventures in the Elements
Israel Hebrew הרפתקה בין היסודות An adventure between the elements
Italy Italian Avventure negli elementi Adventures in the Elements
Japan Japanese 新しい魔法 New magic
South Korea Korean 두번째 마법 Second Spell
Malaysia Malay Pengembaraan Elemen Element Adventures
Netherlands Dutch Elementaire avonturen Elemental Adventures
Portugal Portuguese Aventuras nos Elementos Adventures in the Elements
Poland Polish Drugie Zaklęcie The Second Spell
Romania Romanian Aventuri pe insulă Adventures on the Island


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.29 viewers on its premiere.[3]
  • The episode reveals that beginner witches have to take a placement exam to determine the class level at Hexside. Minimum requirements are two spells and an understanding of basic runes. Failing this exam will place the witch in its kindergarten equivalent, the baby class.
  • This is the first episode to air in another country before it airs in the United States. It aired in Turkey as the 11th episode of the show.
  • When Luz gets jump scared by Edric and Emira, the 12th code is revealed on the shop sign, where it is cracked into "C-U-R-S" and translated into "Curse".
  • Compared to episode 1, the door leading to the human realm is still the same location (abandoned house), where Luz tried to chased down Owlbert.
  • This is the first episode where Amity wears casual clothing instead of her Hexside uniform along with the only episode of Season 1 where she wears her usual casual outfit.
  • Though they were using the same training wand and casting the same fireball spell, Amity's fireballs were magenta while Luz' were yellow-orange which matched their respective spell circles.
  • The episode completed production on November 13, 2019.[7]
  • Luz's jacket is made from Eda's hair.[8]
  • This is currently the lowest viewed episode of the series at 0.29 million viewers.
  • This is the last episode of Season 1 where Willow and Gus don't appear.

Revelations and significant events

  • After Eda tells her housemates to guess the day, it is said that this episode takes place during Hooty's birthday.
    • It is also noted that King doesn't know his own birth date.
  • Amity mentions that Edric and Emira have been acting nicer to her to make up for the events of "Lost in Language".
  • When imprisoned by the Slither-Beast, neither Eda, Emira, nor Edric could perform magic. This strongly suggests that a witch must have free use of their hands and arms in order to cast spells.
  • Luz learns her second spell, the Ice Spell.


  • Amity references the events of "Lost in Language". Coincidentally, it was the last episode she appeared in and her siblings had speaking roles.
  • Owlbert's crack on his head from "Escape of the Palisman" is now gone.


  • Star Wars - The Slitherbeast has similarities to the Wampa Ice Creature in that it hangs its prey in its lair for storage.
  • Metal Gear Solid - A Solid Snake dakimakura is part of Eda's trash pile.
  • Doug and/or Rocko's Modern Life - In the pile of human artifacts Eda brings at the start is a blue top with purple imprints on it. They are flower-shaped (5 or 6 petals) which is unique, however the same color scheme was used by Patti Mayonnaise (purple circles) in 1991, then Rocko Rama (purple triangles) in 1993.
  • Infinity Train - One of King's toys is named Aloysius Turtle. Aloysius is also the name of a turtle in the Cartoon Network show Infinity Train.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt - After the toys are destroyed, King quotes former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's speech, "A date which will live in infamy".


  • Principal Bump is misspelled as "Principle Bump" on the Hexside brochure.
  • Eda's wanted poster in the living room shows her bounty as 1 million instead of 1 trillion.
  • In the panning shot before Eda and Luz return home, the door of the Owl House is closed and there isn't any sign of King's drawing on the door, whereas, in the next scene of Hooty and King, the door is open.
  • When Amity flusters over Luz finding her drawing, the right part of her hair is over her right ear instead of behind.
  • When Luz is explaining how she has to go, her palm appears red.
  • When Amity is explaining about the baby class, the outline of her chin doubles from the frame before.


  • In the Brazilian dub, "Malingale" was changed to "Alejandro" for uncertain reasons. One of the reasons could be due to the lack of gender-neutral terms in the Portuguese language, although "Malingale" still could've been used.

Memorable quotes

I've got a new crush, and her name is education!
Truly horrifying!
Ahem. I don't think the Owl Lady wants to show us any of her powerful spells.
Amity! Oh cramity!



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