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"Agony of a Witch" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the eighteenth episode overall.[4]

It premiered on August 22, 2020.


On a school field trip to the mysterious Emperor's Castle, Luz strays from the group and into danger.[1]


In the Emperor's Castle, Lilith is having a conversation with Kikimora. She promises Kikimora that she will capture Eda soon.

The next day, the Emperor's Coven, led by Lilith, attempts a raid on the Owl House to capture Eda; they are utterly beaten and humiliated by Hooty. Eda laughs at their attempt and brags about how nothing and no one can get the better of her, except maybe her curse. As if on cue, the curse suddenly begins taking over Eda's body. While Luz and King deal with the Owl Beast, Eda finds herself in a dreamscape recreation of the night she was cursed. When she sees the shadowy figure, she voices annoyance with the continued mystery and demands that the shadow reveal its face. Before she could get a good look at the unknown individual who cursed her, she awakes to Luz and King with numerous empty bottles of elixir covering the floor. The curse, having continued to become stronger, partially darkened Eda's gem. Luz worries about her, but Eda reassures Luz to not be so worried and sends Luz off to school.

The students of Hexside are being taken on a field trip to the Emperor's Castle. At first, Luz doesn't intend to go, given how much trouble the Emperor's Coven had caused Eda, but she changes her mind when Willow and Gus reveal to her that the Emperor is in possession of a magical hat that can cure any curse.

Upon arrival at the castle, the students are led on a tour by Kikimora, who educates them about Emperor Belos and how he and the Boiling Isles came to be where they are today, as well as showing them many of the rooms in the castle and many priceless objects that belong to the emperor. Luz notices Lilith is about to meet the emperor, so she breaks from the group and follows Lilith. She sees Lilith enter the emperor's throne room and peeks in through the keyhole. She sees Lilith promise to him that she would capture Eda as soon as possible, or she'll be kicked out of the Emperor's Coven.

As the Hexside field trip group is leaving, Luz stays behind so that she could get the hat. As she is about to make her way to the relic room, she is met with Willow and Gus who reveal that they had found out about Eda's curse from notes that Luz had left unattended and wanted to help Luz get the hat. Together, they pass the guards and enter the relic room. While trying to steal the hat, they are discovered by Lilith and Luz is captured. Lilith sees this as just the weakness she needed that she could exploit against Eda. Lilith orders Willow and Gus to notify Eda about Luz being captured.

Once Eda receives the message that Lilith captured Luz and is challenging her to a witches duel, she immediately thunders into the castle in a more extreme display of magic than she has ever displayed in the known past.

During a trade of insults in the midst of the duel, Lilith accidentally reveals that she was the one who cursed Eda. While Eda and Lilith are fighting, Luz manages to break free from the magic bubble put around her by Lilith. Lilith laughs as she points out to Luz that the bubble was for her protection, and then proceeds to knock Luz off the bridge and down into the pit of spikes below. Eda saves Luz, at the cost of her using up all her magic and transforming into the Owl Beast. Before succumbing to the curse, she gives Luz her last words and sends Owlbert to save Luz.

Eda, now transformed into the Owl Beast, is captured by Lilith. Lilith captures Owlbert as well and says to Luz "Go back to your world. This one's ours." Luz returns to the Owl House, where she is then happily greeted by Hooty and King, the latter asking what happened to Eda. Luz then collapses to her knees and bursts into tears, with both Hooty and King comforting her, as the episode ends with "To be continued...".


Additional voices

Non-speaking cameo

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) La agonía de una bruja The agony of a witch
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) A Dor de Uma Bruxa The Pain of a Witch
Taiwan Mandarin 女巫受難記 Suffering of a Witch
Germany German Der heilende Hut The Healing Hat
Egypt Arabic صراع السحرة Witch's Clash
France French La douleur d'une sorcière The pain of a witch
Indonesia Indonesian Penderitaan Ahli Sihir Witch's Suffering
Israel Hebrew צערה של מכשפה A witch's grief
Italy Italian Agonia di una strega Agony of a witch
Japan Japanese 魔女の苦しみ Witch's suffering
South Korea Korean 마녀의 고통 A Witch's Pain
Malaysia Malay Kedukaan Seorang Perempuan Sihir Grief of a Witch
Netherlands Dutch Lijdensweg van een heks Agony of a witch
Portugal Portuguese A Agonia de uma Bruxa The Agony of a Witch
Poland Polish Agonia Wiedźmy Agony of a Witch
Romania Romanian Agonia Unei Vrajitoare The Agony of a Witch
Russia Russian Агония Agony
Turkey Turkish Cadı Izdırabı Witch Suffering


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  • The Green Thumb Gauntlet found in Witch's Apprentice appears in this episode.
  • In Eda's flashback to her childhood room, there is a code on one of the books. This is the eighteenth code word, which is "of ".
  • This is the first appearance of Emperor Belos and the Golden Guard (the latter as a non-speaking cameo).
  • This episode has a different credits sequence from the first seventeen episodes, with it featuring the Emperor's Castle in the background and the music removed.
  • This is the last episode to feature Eda's design from "A Lying Witch and a Warden" to this episode.
  • This is the last episode to feature the Season 1 opening.
  • This is the first episode to end on a cliffhanger.

Revelations and significant events

  • Eda has needed to drink more elixir and use less magic to hold the curse at bay. This is why Eda hasn't turned into the Owl Beast from the elixir weakening.
  • Emperor Belos seems to have an unknown health condition, which he uses palismans to quell.
  • The one who cursed Eda is revealed to be her sister, Lilith.


  • Eda finally explains to Luz and King that the elixir has been losing its effect since "Escape of the Palisman".
  • Amity still has her cast on from "Wing It Like Witches".
  • This episode is roughly one month after "Covention" since it is around the time when Lilith promised to capture Eda.
  • Eda's visions from the past few episodes are revealed to be the memory of Lilith sneaking into Eda's room at night to curse Eda.


  • David Bowie - One of the pictures in Eda's room was of a witch closely resembling this artist.
  • Prince - Another picture in Eda's room was of a witch closely resembling this artist.
  • Madonna - Another picture in Eda's room was of a witch closely resembling this artist.
  • Portal - King popping out of the cake announcing, "The cake is me", references the catchphrase from Portal, "The cake is a lie".
  • Cats - Another picture in Eda's room was of a pair of eyes, closely resembling the poster for the musical. The word "Cats" is replaced with the word "Rats".
  • Betty Crockers/Pillsbury - The cake mix King uses to make the cake has three fairy characters with "Insta Mix" on the box.
  • Miss Peregrine series - The way Belos absorbs the energy from the palisman is the same as how Ambrose addicts take ambrose into their bodies.


  • Although Bump speaks in this episode, his voice actor is not listed in the credits.
  • King doesn't have a shadow as he walks over to Luz, even though Luz is clearly shown with a shadow in the same light.
  • Eda's gem goes back and forth between being fully orange, and then half orange and half dark, like it should be.
  • In one shot, the healing hat is tinted blue rather than purple.


  • In Southeast Asia, "bonehead" and "you coward" were cut.

Memorable quotes

You're always your best self.
All right, kid. Listen to me. I'm going away, and I don't know if I can bounce back this time. Watch over King. Remember to feed Hooty. And Luz, thank you for being in my life.
Maybe it is the curse, but then how pathetic are you? That you can't best me at my worst!



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