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What's best for our family... is putting an end to all this!
—Alador to Odalia as he destroys the Abomatons around them, "Clouds on the Horizon"

Alador Blight is a supporting character of The Owl House. He is the former chief engineer of Blight Industries, the husband of Odalia Blight, and the father of Edric, Emira, and Amity Blight.

After realizing he was neglecting his children to the point of not realizing that Amity was in a relationship with Luz, Alador resolved to become a better father. Upon learning that the Day of Unity entailed the genocide of magickind, he discovered that Odalia was already entirely aware of this and colluded with Emperor Belos under the delusional belief that the Blights would be spared, leading him and Amity to disown her. He joined Amity's friend group, aiming to back Luz up in the head of the Titan, but was forced to stay behind due to the effects of the draining spell, leaving his current condition unknown.



Alador is a pale-skinned witch who has a disheveled look, unkempt hair with sideburns, hairy arms, and stubble. He has golden eyes and brown hair, like his younger daughter, Amity; he almost never smiles. Furthermore, he has the abomination symbol on his right arm, symbolizing his allegiance to the Abomination Coven.

When Amity was younger, Alador seemed to have a cleaner appearance, as his silhouette had backcombed hair and an extended goatee.

As a schoolboy, he kept his scruffy hair, but lacked any stubble.


Alador is dressed in a dark gray lab coat covered in stains from abomination projects, gray pants with black boots which are also stained, and he also wears golden goggles with purple lenses on his head.

As a teenager, he wore the Hexside student uniform with magenta sleeves and leggings as a member of the abomination track.


Alador is a clumsy, easily distracted scientist. If something catches his attention, it can be quite hard for others to get him to focus on anything else. He doesn't seem to be very talkative, as he only speaks when necessary. When asked questions by others, such as Luz, he is as direct and concise as possible. Alador mostly lets his wife take the lead in situations, helping her with whatever she tells him to do, but he does have a limit. This is shown when Odalia tried to go back on her deal with Amity, and Alador reminded her that their family always honors their deals, indicating he has a sense of integrity and honor.

He also seems to object to his wife's willingness to put others in danger for profit. This is shown when an injured Luz claims the abomination-powered robot has more than proven its strength to the spectators, and Alador tells his wife that Luz "has a point". Alador cares about Amity, as well as her progress, indicated by his smiling when Amity stood up to Odalia and almost destroyed the abomination he created. This is also shown when Amity helps him take down Warden Wrath together, making a proud expression.

Although he does love them, Alador does not pay his children much heed, much to their frustration. This deeply strained his relationship with Amity, who seeks to prove her worth to him and to understand him better, especially when she finally reaches the age to compete in the Bonesborough Brawl. Alador, believing that his daughter has a bright future and shouldn't "goof off" like he did at her age, refuses to let her go to the brawl and willingly goes along with the notion that she needs to compete in the tryouts for the Emperor's Coven instead, under the belief that joining it is her dream. When he finds out that she disobeyed him, Alador is disappointed and furious with her, even remarking that she should go beg the Emperor's Coven for the next opportunity to participate in the tryouts. However, Amity soon teaches him that she needs to make decisions without him and Odalia butting in, which he accepts.

Alador expresses shock when he learns that Amity no longer wants to join the Emperor's Coven, in addition to the fact that she is dating Luz, realizing that he hardly pays his children any attention because he is too focused on making Abomatons. Feeling regret for how he treated Amity, Alador begins to see her for who she wants to be, admitting that he likes her new hair color and resolving to speak with Odalia about attempting to dye her hair green again. Although Amity doesn't fully forgive him, she appreciates that he's trying to be better, saying that "it's a start".

After getting on a new start with Amity, Alador slowly resolves to pay more attention to his children and defy his wife's control. Tired and overworked by Odalia, he reflects on his marriage, feeling miserable and unaccomplished. Eventually, Odalia's intentions on keeping Amity, Luz, and their friends prisoner causes Alador to snap, and he finally stands up to Odalia, destroying the Blight Industries warehouse and disabling the rest of the Abomatons. He also quits his post at Blight Industries, showing that he is slowly developing and turning over a new leaf for the greater good. Alador also seems to have grown fond of Luz, inviting her to stay at Blight Manor anytime (although an illusion then reveals that Luz is actually Hunter, shocking him).


Early years and parenthood

Alador, Odalia, and Darius at Hexside.

Alador Blight was once a student of Hexside, enrolled in the abomination track; he was notably friends with both Odalia and Darius. During the Emperor's Coven tryout duel between Eda and Lilith Clawthorne, he, Odalia, and Darius were among the spectators in the crowd.[2] In his youth, he also participated in and won the Bonesborough Brawl prior to his induction to the Abomination Coven. His friendship with Darius also soured for currently unknown reasons, making the two bitter rivals.

Alador and Odalia forcing Amity to end her friendship with Willow.

At some point, he married Odalia and fathered three children: Emira, Edric, and Amity. When Amity was younger, he would cover her hands in mittens made out of abomination goo if she was cold, causing the family to call the youngest Blight "Mittens". Due to the high status of the Blight family, both Alador and Odalia disapproved of Amity's friendship with Willow Park and forced their daughter to disassociate with Willow.[3] Odalia also wished for Amity to join the Emperor's Coven, a dream that Alador simply went along with.

Unveiling the Abomaton

Alador is intrigued by Frewin's tail and tries to touch it.

During a private sale at Blight Industries, Odalia unveils one of Alador's greatest inventions, the Abomaton soldier. However, during a demonstration with Amity, the Abomaton is easily destroyed, and the investors leave, disappointed with the new product. Amity's performance during the Abomaton's demonstration prompts Odalia and Alador to storm into Principal Bump's office, but while Odalia lectures her daughter, Alador is more interested in Frewin's tail. When Alador is prompted to state the punishment of Luz, Willow, and Gus, he states that they need to be "executed," before correcting himself and saying "expelled."

Alador reminding Odalia that she made a deal with her daughter, and that a Blight always upholds their end of the deal.

In preparation for another Blight Industries presentation, Alador works on improving the Abomaton as well as a variety of other weapons. For the duration of the event, Alador and his wife watch as various abomination-based weapons are tested on Luz before Odalia reveals the Abomaton 2.0. The new and improved Abomaton proves to be more than a match for Luz, and while both she and Alador agree that the demonstration has proved its point, Odalia opts to keep going in hopes to have Luz eliminated. Alador continues to watch the demonstration in mild amusement as Amity swoops in to rescue Luz and makes a deal with her mother. Odalia has every intention of going back on her word, but Alador stops her, reminding her that a Blight always keeps their end of a deal. He also acknowledges that Amity can be powerful enough to be a Coven Head.

Alador and Odalia kneeling before the Golden Guard.

After the presentation ends, Alador is making a few adjustments to the Abomaton as Odalia reflects on the outcome of the expo when the Golden Guard walks. He comes with with the announcement that Emperor Belos will personally fund and purchase the entire Abomaton line. While it is seemingly great news for the Blights, the Golden Guard leaves a warning that the Emperor does not like citizens building private armies. Alador and Odalia would then continue to create Abomatons en masse for the Emperor.[4]

Understanding Amity

Alador telling Amity to not follow in his footsteps and to be better than him.

Unaware that his youngest daughter no longer wishes to join the Emperor's Coven, Alador denies Amity's request to go to the upcoming Bonesborough Brawl. Instead, he wishes for Amity to attend the Emperor's Coven tryouts and even prepares an Abomaton chaperone.

Alador fighting alongside Amity.

When Luz accidentally sets off the Abomaton's alarm, Alador realizes that Amity disobeyed him and interrupts the brawl, forcing her to forfeit. He attempts to take Amity back home, but she angrily runs off, frustrated at both her father and her girlfriend. Alador is then forced to battle the transformed Warden Wrath, and with the help of Amity, manages to restrain the Warden until Eda and Luz neutralize him with snow glyphs. After the battle, Alador speaks with Amity, and he realizes that she never wanted to join the Emperor's Coven out of her own free will. Finally getting onto common ground with her, Alador comments that he likes her hair color due to it looking like abominations. Amity, pleased with this, tells him to discuss Odalia's attempts to re-dye her hair with her, which he agrees to. He tries to pull her into a hug, but Amity refuses, opting to shake his hand instead.[5]

Preparing for the Day of Unity

Alador backing off after questioning his wife on the multiple Abomaton orders.

After recovery from the fire flu, Alador returns to discover half his team has been laid off and Odalia expecting him to put up the same results with half the workforce. When he notices that the Emperor's Coven has been ordering multiple Abomatons for the Day of Unity, he questions his wife about it, but she quickly brushes it aside and threatens divorce.

Alador, Amity, and her friends standing off against his wife as he chooses to leave her.

After spending the day binging potato chips, he sneaks away to a swingset, where King (in disguise as a Coven Scout) approaches him. Alador starts to think about his life and marriage to Odalia, delcaring that he will stand up to his wife and be a better father after the Day of Unity. However, King reveals the truth to him - the Day of Unity will be a mass genocide - and he is shocked at the revelation, even more so after learning Odalia knows and willingly helped Belos in exchange for a higher standing for their family. A fight breaks out; Alador is quickly overpowered. However, once Kikimora, who has come to pick up the last shipment of Abomatons, takes "Hunter" with her, he destroys the factory and quits, shocking his wife as she slips away. He offers to fly Amity and her friends to the head of the Titan, apologizing to Luz for the hardships he and Odalia put her through before supporting her and Amity's relationship. Upon touching her shoulder, however, Luz is revealed to be Hunter, and Gus states that Luz had him switch the appearances of both her and Hunter, making the group realize that Kikimora is taking Luz to Belos.[6]

Alador holding off the attacking Abomatons as his daughter and her friends escape.

As they fly towards the head of the Titan, Alador starts to fight with Hunter about flying the craft, and Willow and the palismen calm them by offering food. As he eats, Alador covers his daughter's hands in abomination matter to warm them like he did when she was younger. When the draining spell is activated, his and Hunter's sigils start to glow, concerning the both of them. Soon, Coven Guards swarm the ship due to it being reported as stolen by Odalia. They try to evad them to no success and are shot down. He, his daughter, Hunter, Willow, and Gus get out unharmed, however King hurts his head in the fall. Alador gives Amity a remote for the Abomatons and kisses her forehead before staying behind to hold off the attackers as the kids and King travel to the head.[7]


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Odalia Blight

This is too much, even for you.
—Alador chastising Odalia, "Clouds on the Horizon"

Alador usually takes a backseat to his wife’s business dealings and raising their children. Such as doing nothing as Odalia has Amity’s friends expelled from Hexside and watches as his Abomaton nearly kills Luz. However he does rarely stand up to her, such as forcing her to have Luz, Willow, and Gus reattached into Hexside and convincing her to have Amity keep her hair purple.

Alador with his wife.

A day before the Day of Unity, he expresses his skepticism on the day, but she convinces him to drop the topic. After learning of the draining spell, Alador is shocked that Odalia knew about it and is willingly going along with it. Enraged at his wife's complete disregard toward the witch race and the safety her own family and herself, Alador states that Odalia has gone too far and must be stopped. After a fight where he is at a disadvantage, Alador destroys the factory and quits Blight Industries, leaving Odalia with none of her family on her side.

Amity Blight

Alador starting to mend his relationship with his younger daughter.

While he is neglectful of his youngest child, Alador cares greatly for her in his own way. He convinces his wife to let her friends back into Hexside as he feels it makes her stronger, believing this strength can lead her to become a Coven Head.

When Amity wants to participate in the Bonesborough Brawl, Alador tells her to try out for the Emperor's Coven instead, as he feels he goofed off too much in his youth and wants his daughter to do better than him. Upon learning that she disobeyed him, Alador furiously tries to get Amity to come with him, but she refuses. After he reluctantly lets her help him subdue a mutated Warden Wrath, the father and daughter have a heart to heart, and Alador agrees to try harder and goes to hug her, but she shakes his hand instead, indicating a start to mending their relationship. In "Clouds on the Horizon", Alador vows to be a better father to her and the twins. He praises Amity after he frees her, Luz, and their friends from a forcefield, also helping to defend the kids from Odalia. As they travel to the head in "King's Tide", he covers Amity's hands in abomination matter to warm them. After being shot down, Alador holds off their attackers as the kids go to the head, bidding Amity farewell with a kiss on her forehead.

Emira and Edric Blight

While Alador's relationship with him two oldest children is mostly unknown, it can be assumed he does not spend much time with them. However shortly before the Day of Unity, he vows to spend more time with them.

Luz Noceda

Alador and Luz at the Blight Industries expo.

While he has had little interaction with Luz, Alador does not have the same ill will towards her as Odalia. During the Blight Industries expo, he seemed indifferent to her surviving the demonstration, only dully saying that "she has a point" to his wife. However, as time went on, Alador has grown to see her as his daughter's girlfriend. Upon learning of their relationship after stopping a mutated Warden Wrath, he responds in a surprised tone by saying "Edalyn's kid" to make sure he was thinking of the same person. After destroying the Blight Industries factory, he apologizes to who he thinks is her, welcoming her to Blight Manor anytime.

Darius Deamonne

In their school days, Alador and Darius were close, however the two have become rivals in their adult years. Alador would criticize a book written by his former classmate, showing his distain for Darius's accomplishments.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: As a witch, Alador is able to use magic. Like most witches, his connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart.
    • Abomination magic: Alador is an expert at creating abominations. Due to his expertise in the track, he is responsible for developing the abomination-based weapons of Blight Industries, such as the Abomaton. He is just as adept in using abominations for combat as he is at engineering them. Alador's eyes can also glow orchid if he is using high amounts of his magic, allowing him to perform spells without a spell circle, as shown when he fights Odalia.
      • Abomination transportation: Alador can use abomination matter to travel from place to place.
      • Abomination walls: Alador can create a wall out of abomination matter to impede enemies.
      • Abomination creation: Alador can create anything made out of abomination matter, such as mittens.
  • Engineering proficiency: As the former engineer of Blight Industries, Alador is able to construct and integrate machinery into his abominations.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name Alador means "destiny", "luck", and "surprising facts". The name also evokes diplomacy, correctness, and confidence. His name was first revealed in a charity stream hosted by Dana Terrace on September 16, 2020.[8]


Alador is voiced by Jim Pirri.


Initially mentioned in "Lost in Language", Alador made his first on-screen debut as a silhouette during a flashback in the episode "Understanding Willow". He also appeared as a child in the flashback from "Young Blood, Old Souls", albeit initially unconfirmed.[9]

Alador made his full-time appearance in the second season in the episode "Escaping Expulsion".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Ignacio de Anca
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Márcio Marconato
Germany German Andreas Thiele
Indonesia Indonesian Muhammad Guritno
Poland Polish Zbigniew Dziduch (Understanding Willow)
Marcin Mroziński (Escaping Expulsion)


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  • Alador's Penstagram account is "Alabomdor_1".[1]
  • As revealed in "Them's the Breaks, Kid", Alador and Darius were once friends, or at least got along better when they were students at Hexside. Their falling out most likely occurred sometime after the events of this flashback.
    • While the reason for Alador and Darius' falling out is unknown, it appears to be mutual, as seen in "Reaching Out" when Alador contemptuously destroys the book Darius had written.
  • Just like his youngest daughter, when Alador gets mad, his face fully turns red with anger, an expression that his wife hates.


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