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Amelia[1] is a minor character in The Owl House. She is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the plant track.

After the Day of Unity, she is turned into a puppet by the Collector's spies and locked away in the Archive House. She is later rescued and returned to normal.



Amelia is a humanoid witch with pointed ears, green eyes, short light green hair, a warm fair complexion, and a pointed chin and nose.


She wears the Hexside uniform with a dark gray cowl and sash clasped together while wearing green sleeves and tights to designate her plant track status. She wears open-top black slip-on shoes, but in "Once Upon a Swap", she is seen wearing big red and white boots capable of flight.

When playing grudgby, Amelia sports a dull green t-shirt, navy-blue chest armor with orange trims on the collar and arms, white shoulder spikes, fang-like appendages and a bright green gem in the center, navy-blue and white shorts, white socks under navy-blue and orange spiked shoes, and forest green fingerless gloves and kneepads.


Amelia is initially seen at the Covention looking around at various booths, appearing to take an interest in some kind of "Pick" coven as well as the Cantrip Coven.[2]

She attends Amity's Moonlight Conjuring along with Boscha, Skara, and Cat; however, the group was unable to animate the doll they had wished to conduct the ritual on before morning.[3]

She is briefly seen in the Treasure Shack hanging out with Boscha, Skara, and an unnamed oracle student. She is later seen walking out of the Treasure Shack after she and Skara are called "impressionable youths" by King.[4]

Later, they go flying together using the red shoes and Amelia is seen sabotaging a sign by changing the caption on it from "SELF STORAGE" to "ELF RAGE", prompting the enthusiasm of an elf nearby.[4]

Later, Amelia is seen in the plant track homeroom with Willow. She is seen filling out a chart and is ambushed from behind by a giant plant attempting to eat her. Willow tickles the plant, causing it to regurgitate her and she gives Willow a thumbs-up as a way of thanking her.[5]

Amelia is seen at the book fair talking to Cat. Later, she and Skara form a "people chair" for Jon De Plume. She also has a spoken line about waiting for the release "Ruler's Reach 2" and states that she plans to trash it for the rest of her life if it disappoints her in any way.[6]

During an attack on Hexside, Amelia is temporarily stripped of her magic by the Inspector until Luz Noceda, Viney, Barcus, and Jerbo intervene and defeat the basilisk returning her to normal.[7]

Amelia is revealed to a member of the Banshees back when Amity was on the team. She and Boscha are revealed to still be a part of the team, with Cat replacing Amity.[8] At the end of "Wing It Like Witches", Amelia (among others) shows respect and supports Willow, despite her losing the grudgby game.

She is seen attending a class field trip to the Emperor's Castle.[9]

Amelia is seen talking to Skara at Hexside on Coven Day.[10] Almost a month later, a few days before the Day of Unity, she is shocked upon hearing the decree that she and the other students are required to be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity when Adrian Graye Vernworth informs the school. However, he claims to only be there to put fake sigils on the students, but Gus reveals it to be a trick. After Adrian reveals that he brought coven scouts with him, the head witch attempts to brand Gus, but the boy creates a school-wide illusion and she and the others escape.[11]

She and the majority of students and staff camp out at Hexside after learning about the Draining Spell from Hunter. After the Draining Spell is stopped and the Collector is released, Amelia snuck out alongside Boscha and Cat to defend Hexside from the Collector's spies. However, they are powerless to stop them, and both Amelia and Cat sacrifice themselves to save Boscha, turning into puppets in the process. As a puppet, Amelia is forced to play out a background role during King and the Collector's game of "Owl House".

Months later, after Belos is defeated, Amelia is returned to normal and goes to Hexside with Bump and Cat where Boscha tearfully greets them.


Luz Noceda

Wing It Like Witches - A1659

Amelia and Luz high-fiving each other during their Grudgby match.

Initially, Amelia and her friends were mean towards Luz at Boscha beckoning, seemingly looking down on her due to her lower status and the fact that she was human. During this time, Amelia, alongside Cat, would aid Boscha in bullying Luz, Willow, and Gus. In “Wing it Like Witches”, however, Amelia's feelings towards Luz would change for the better during the Banshees Grudgby match with her, Willow, and Amity. Prior to the game, like Skara and Cat, Amelia was shown to be shocked when Luz agreed to take Willow's place as Boscha's target practice, seemingly being impressed by Luz's bravery and loyalty to Willow. Though she and her friends did nothing to assist Luz, Amelia was visibly horrified when Boscha relentlessly attacked her, showing that despite initially picking on Luz, Amelia didn't wish any real harm to come upon her and recognized that Boscha had taken things too far.

Soon after, Luz and Amelia would play against one another during the Grudgby match between Boscha's and Willow's teams. During the game, despite being on opposing sides, Luz complimented Amelia when she scored for her team, to the point of offering a high five in congratulation. Though initially confused by the gesture, Amelia was appreciative towards it and happily returned the high five, showing that she was touched by Luz's kindness in spite of her previous meanness towards the latter. After the game concluded, even though Amelia and her teammates won, instead of belittling her and Willow as Boscha expected, Amelia was among her teammates who complimented Luz and Willow and expressed the fun they shared in playing with them. Since then, Amelia has developed a growing respect for Luz and no longer aids Boscha in bullying her, seemingly considering her to be a friend.


Foreign voice actors

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Poland Polish Magdalena Herman-Urbańska


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  • In all of her speaking appearances, Amelia's voice is pitched differently; "Once Upon a Swap" had her speak in a high-pitched voice, in "Sense and Insensitivity", she sounds similar to Boscha, and in "Wing It Like Witches" her pitch is lower and a bit raspy.


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