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Amelia[1] is a character in The Owl House. She is student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the Plant Track.



Amelia is a humanoid witch with pointed ears, green eyes and cropped green hair.


She wears the Hexside uniform with a gray skirt and a black sash clasped together while wearing green sleeves and tights to designate her track status. She wears modest open-top black slip-ons, but in "Once Upon a Swap", she is seen wearing big red and white shoes capable of flight.


Amelia is initially seen at the Covention looking around at various booths, appearing to take an interest in some kind of "Pick" coven as well as the Cantrip Coven.[2]

In "Hooty's Moving Hassle" she is seen attending Amity's Moonlight Conjuring along with Boscha, Skara and Cat, however the group were unable to animate the doll they had wished to conduct the ritual on before morning. [3]

In "Once Upon a Swap", she is briefly seen in the Treasure Shack hanging out with Boscha and Skara. She is later seen walking out of the Treasure Shack after she and Skara are called "impressionable youths" by King.[4]

Later, they go flying together using the red shoes and Amelia is seen sabotaging a sign by changing the caption on it from SELF STORAGE to ELF RAGE, prompting the enthusiasm of an elf nearby.[4]

Later, Amelia is seen in the Plant track homeroom with Willow. She is seen filling out a chart and is ambushed from behind by a giant plant in an attempt to eat her. Willow tickles the plant, causing it to regurgitate her and she gives Willow a thumbs-up as a way of thanking her.[5]

Amelia is later seen at the book fair talking to Cat. Later, she and Skara form a "people chair" for Jon De Plume. She also has a spoken line about waiting for the release "Ruler's Reach 2" and states that she plans to trash it for the rest of her life if it disappoints her in any way.[6]

During an attack on Hexside, Amelia is stripped of her magic by the Inspector.[7]

Amelia is revealed to a member of the Banshees back when Amity was on the team. She and Boscha are revealed to still be apart of the team, with Cat replacing Amity.[8]

In "Agony of a Witch" she is seen attending a class field trip to the Emperor's Castle. [9]


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Poland Polish Magdalena Herman-Urbańska


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  • In "Once Upon a Swap", Amelia had a high-pitched voice. When she is heard speaking in "Sense and Insensitivity", her voice pitch is changed so she sounds similar to Boscha.


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