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Amity Blight is a supporting character of The Owl House. She is a prodigious young witch who attends Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Although she was originally depicted as an antagonist, Amity has shown lighter shades to her nature after bonding with Luz.



Amity is skinny, with pale skin, chin-length hair with a ponytail pulling the front hair out of her face, and bright golden eyes. Like most witches, she has pointy ears. Amity's hair is two-toned, comprised of shades of aquamarine with brown hair—her natural hair color[1]—visible at the roots.


When attending school, Amity wears a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and boots. As part of the Abomination track, her sleeves and leggings are a greyish-pink color. The rest of her attire includes wearing triangle-shaped black earrings and black nail polish. She has a star pin on her cowl, which shows that she is the Top Student. She wears dark grey, heeled boots, with a light grey top.

When not attending school, Amity dresses in a black short sleeve dress with orchid leggings and black point shoes with golden crescent moon buckles. Around her neck, she wears an amulet with an orchid gemstone.


Amity is described as bright and competitive. She attends magic school along with Willow, Gus, and (later) Luz, and is a part of the Abomination track. As the "Top Student" at Hexside, Amity is proud of her status as the best student in the entire school and goes as far as to use it as a bragging right. She looks down on other students who are not as successful as she is and teases them, as expressed greatly in her treatment of Willow in "I Was a Teenage Abomination". She does not take kindly to those who steal her spotlight and is somewhat the teacher's pet, seeing as how Principal Bump regards highly of her.

However, she does have a sensitive side when her reputation is compromised. Her reasons for being the way she is is because she wants to someday become a member of the Emperor's Coven, who only handpick the best of the best. In addition to enjoying reading to children at the Bonesborough Library as shown in "Lost in Language", further proof of Amity being kinder than she lets on are her accepting of Luz for being finally admitted it to Hexside and still cherished her friendship with Willow deep inside, despite being forced to sever it long ago for the sake of protecting the latter's future as a student of Hexside from her parents in "The First Day" and "Understanding Willow" respectively. The latter episode showed not only the extent of her selflessness but also the desire to make amends with her former best friend and disagreement with her parents' disdain towards the weak. She keeps this softer side concealed so as to not demonstrate weakness.

Although she appears standoffish, Amity has a sense of honor and integrity, as she was shocked and embarrassed that her mentor, Lilith Clawthorne, made her cheat with a magic boost in her duel with Luz without Amity's knowledge and, since Eda did the same for Luz, who apologized to Amity. Amity called off the forever-oath she cast on Luz to allow her to continue her training to become a witch. This shows that for all her flaws, Amity wants to succeed based on her own effort and merit, and not rely on cheating or deception to do so.


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Luz Noceda

Luz and Amity in Covention

Amity and Luz have a complicated relationship. Amity originally encounters Luz when she poses as Willow's abomination, stealing her "top student" title. Suspicious of Luz, Amity attempts to expose her to the point of convincing Principal Bump to dissect her. Since then, the two were almost always at odds due to Amity's snobbish behavior, despite Luz's attempts to make amends. Like many witches, Amity underestimates humans, believing they are incapable of performing magic until Luz shows her an alternative method of spell casting. It is shown in "Lost in Language" that Amity had been trying to figure Luz out, whether she was a poser, a nerd, or at worst, a bully. After Luz apologizes for reading her diary and lets her borrow her fifth Azura book, Amity seems to acknowledge her attitude towards Luz beforehand and at least promises to think on her behavior. In "Adventures in the Elements", she and Luz become good friends as they team together to save Eda and the twins from the Slitherbeast, however, she sternly scolds Luz for causing the situation and traps her in a pink cage so she doesn't get hurt. She is shocked when she later escapes, but together, they deal with the Slitherbeast and free Eda, Edric, and Emira. Amity is happy that she and Luz might be going to Hexside together after all, and blushes when Luz brings up the prospect of a book club, asking for it to be a secret.

In "The First Day", Amity has found a fondness for Luz ,as she was the first to welcome her on her first day of attending Hexside. She even gave Luz a high five, showing she's opened up to her. Later, she questions if things will be the same now that they attend the same school together.

In the episode "Understanding Willow" a more irrational side of Amity is shown as she tries to cover up the fact that she and Willow were ever friends, but accidentally ends up almost erasing all of Willow's memories. With Luz's help, Amity corrects her mistake and is able to start being friends with Willow again, Throughout the ordeal, Luz affirms that is helping her, and Amity greatly appreciates both the help and emotional support. Twice, Amity blushes when around Luz, the second time while being hugged, hinting that she had already started to develop a crush on her.

In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity expresses to Luz her anxiousness about being selected as Grom Queen, stating that whoever is selected has to defeat Grometheus the Fear Bringer, a monster sealed away beneath Hexside that feeds off of the fear of everyone in the Boiling Isles. Amity says that her worst fear is too embarrassing and doesn't want it to get out. Later, when Luz decides to take Amity's place as Grom Queen, Amity, along with Edric and Emira, helps train her to face Grom by having her face her fears beforehand. At the dance, Amity expresses her gratitude towards Luz taking her place, stating that she admires Luz's bravery, unlike herself, who wasn't brave enough to do what Luz was about to do. Later, when Grom (in the form of Luz's mother) corners Luz by a cliff, Amity steps in, apologizing to her for putting her in that situation. When Grom gets a hold of Amity, it transforms into a humanoid form and takes a piece of paper that she had with her, ripping it in half. Luz picks up one of the halves and sees that it is a note that Amity was going to use to ask someone to the dance, showing that Amity's greatest fear is being rejected. Luz then offers to go to the dance with her since they are friends. They then defeat Grom through a series of spells cast through a dance routine. Afterward, Luz asks Amity about the note, but Amity tells Luz that "it's not important" and throws the other half of the note. The half tossed aside shows that the note was meant for Luz, revealing that Amity has a crush on her.

In "Wing it Like Witches", Amity's feelings for Luz seem to have grown deeper since Grom, as she becomes very nervous and flustered. When Luz asks Amity if she wants to help her defeat Boscha at Grudgby, Amity panics, picturing Luz and her on the same team, and in cute uniforms sweating, causing her entire face to turn dark pink and for her to run off. Later, when Luz is willing to accept defeat to Boscha, Amity convinces Willow and Gus to back her up, admitting that she loves how stupid Luz can be and thinks that her reliance on her friends is sweet (though she attempts to go back on her admissions in embarrassment, to the suspicion of Willow and the confusion of Gus). Later, Amity joins and Luz and Willow in a Grudgby match against Boscha; she then openly dismisses the latter's opinion that she destroyed her social life and remarks that she has in fact made it better. During the game, Amity injures her leg, and gets incredibly flustered by Luz's offer to carry her, followed by her actually doing so; in the end, she visits the Owl House after getting medical attention and is welcomed by Luz, Willow, and Gus.

In "Escaping Expulsion", it is shown that Amity keeps the picture of her, Luz, Willow, and Gus at Grom with her, showing how fond she has become of them, and she tears apart the Abomiton before it can step on the photo. The next day, Amity is shown to be less nervous around Luz compared to their previous interactions, but she is still seen blushing when she gives Luz a fairy pie she made as a gift to welcome her back after the petrification incident. She tries to speak out against Luz and her friends being expelled, but is forced to stand down by her mother. Later, Amity bumps into Luz outside of Hexside, apologizing for not speaking up against her parents. While Luz understands Amity's fear of her mom, she still asks her to take her to Odalia so that they can work out a deal to get back into Hexside. However, Amity doesn't have the courage to stand up to her mother, and leaves Luz alone. When Amity returns home and realizes that Odalia is making Luz help out with the demonstration of Blight Industries' new abomination products, she immediately asks Willow and Gus for help and they go to the demonstration to save Luz. When Amity sees Luz going up against the Abomiton 2.0, she hurries to her rescue. Just as the Abomiton is about to finish Luz off, Amity steps in to protect her, telling it to stay away from "my Luz." She holds down the Abomiton, ignoring her mother's orders, crushing her necklace with her hand. After asking Luz if she's okay, Amity finally stands up to her parents, telling them how much Luz, Willow, and Gus mean to her. Luz and Amity then team up back to back, momentarily blushing at being so close to each other. Amity then threatens to tear the Abomiton apart unless Odalia agrees to let her friends back into Hexside. Odalia reluctantly agrees, and Amity and Luz pretend to get knocked out when the Abomiton strikes them with a giant, hollow hammer, allowing the presentation to conclude.

Willow Park

Willow was formerly Amity's friend until Amity stopped hanging out with her when she received her witch powers before her. Due to this strained relationship, Amity would often mock Willow and leave her seething in anger. This relationship strained even further when Willow was revealed to have cheated in abomination class.

In "Understanding Willow", Amity accidentally erased some of Willow's memories when she tries to burn a picture of the day she severed her friendship with Willow. Eda then sends her and Luz into Willow's mind in order to repair the damage. Later, Inner Willow tries to destroy Amity for damaging the memories and for hurting Willow in the first place. She then shows Amity and Luz what happened the day Amity let her go as a friend, while also noting that she let her new friends pick on Willow after that. Amity then reveals that the reason she ended their friendship was that her parents made her do it in favor of those from affluent families. She was against the idea, stating that the other kids were mean, to which her parents threatened to ruin Willow's future by never allowing her into Hexside unless Amity broke their friendship herself. She tells Inner Willow that she was always good enough and that while she can't take back what she did, she would stop her other friends from picking on Willow. After this, Inner Willow allowed Amity and Luz to fix the rest of the memories, and Eda brings them back. Willow tells Amity that she remembers what Amity did that day as well as what she did to her memories. She says that while they still aren't friends, she is willing to try if Amity is too.

In "Wing it Like Witches", Amity stands up for Willow when Boscha starts picking on her at school. By the end of the episode, she all but renounces her former ties with Boscha and stands openly committed to her restored friendship with Willow, declaring that she "made [her social life] better". When Amity visits the Owl House after getting her injured leg bandaged, Willow greets her warmly with everybody else. Willow, along with Gus, later helps Amity rescue Luz in "Escaping Expulsion".

Alador and Odalia Blight

Amity with her parents

As hinted in "Understanding Willow", Amity has a stormy relationship with her parents. The Blights consider themselves the most affluent family on the Boiling Isles and only associate with such, thus they resented their daughter's lack of disdain towards those without power and not sharing such a mentality to the point of blackmailing it onto her. During Amity's childhood, her parents forced Amity to cut ties with Willow because they didn't consider her to be a strong witchling, instead choosing friends from prestigious families for her. They even threatened to ruin Willow's chance to go to Hexside if Amity continued her friendship. By that attitude, they also expect her to be the top student, hang out with witchlings from influential families, and join the Emperor's Coven for the sake of their social standing and not for any benefit. The result of this emotional pressure caused Amity to retreat into herself, believing that she couldn't have a say in her own life if she wanted to please her parents.

Odalia seems to care about her to a degree since she makes lunches for Amity and has her siblings give them to her when she forgets. Even so, Amity's diary entry in "Lost in Language" where she unintentionally addressed one of her teachers as her mom once indicated that whatever affection she gave to her daughter was not enough, and that Amity wished her parents would love her for who she is instead of defining her by their social standing.

In "Escaping Expulsion" Amity's parents force her to take part in a demonstration of Blight Industries' latest abomination tech in order to make up for her grades slipping. It is also shown that Odalia uses oracle magic to communicate with Amity telepathically through the necklace worn around her neck, controlling her and threatening her to do good. The next day, when her parents force Principal Bump to expel Luz, Willow, and Gus from Hexside, Amity tries to speak out against it, but stands down when Odalia uses her necklace to threaten her, showing how much she fears her. Later, when Amity steps in to save Luz from the Abomiton 2.0, Odalia tries to use the necklace to get her to stop, but Amity crushes it in her hand, showing that she's done being intimidated by her mother. She then explains how much Luz, Willow, and Gus mean to her as friends and threatens to tear the Abomiton apart in front of the company's investors unless Odalia lets them back into Hexside.

Edric and Emira Blight

Amity and her siblings.

Edric and Emira are Amity's older siblings. Due to their contrasting personalities, Amity is often embarrassed, annoyed, or angered by her siblings' mischievous antics; she finds it unfair that her parents are less punishing on her siblings than herself, despite how hard she works to be proper and orderly. Amity would often lecture Emira and Edric and tell them to go away, even reporting them to the principal for being late to class.

After their attempt at pranking their younger sister nearly killed her, Edric and Emira started acting nice and protective towards Amity as seen in "Adventures in the Elements" while also playing harmless pranks on her. Amity appears to be unimpressed with their attempts at reconciliation, but she is shown to care about her siblings, who assist her in learning a new spell, and she rushes to save them from the Slitherbeast when it captures them. Edric and Emira praise her after she learns to create fire without a wand, albeit lightly teasing her in the process, much to her satisfaction and irritation.

In "Escaping Expulsion," Edric and Emira give cloaks to Amity, Gus, and Willow so they can sneak into the Blight Industries presentation in order to save Luz, even at risk of getting in trouble with their mother. While Amity is grateful that her siblings went out of their way to do this, she soon becomes annoyed when Edric puts stickers on their backs and throws them back at him.

Gus Porter

Gus and Amity used to be enemies, but after Willow patched things up with Amity, he doesn't consider her a rival anymore. There's not much interaction between the two, but as of "Wing it Like Witches", the two are now friends. Gus and Willow later help Amtity rescue Luz in "Escaping Expulsion."

Lilith Clawthorne

Lilith was Amity's teacher and mentor. Although she looks up to and obeys Lilith, their relationship is not that close, as they view each other as tools to obtain their own goals. When she found out that Lilith used her to cheat, Amity was shocked that she gave her an advantage in the duel against Luz without her knowledge, thus making it look like she cheated and put her future of being in the Emperor's Coven at risk. Due to this, Amity has lost her respect for Lilith.[2]


Amity with Boscha

Boscha is Amity's former "friend" that helped her bully Luz, Gus, and Willow.

In "Understanding Willow", it is revealed that Amity is only friends with Boscha because their parents are acquaintances, with a young Amity declaring she never liked Boscha from the start.

In "Wing It Like Witches," she decides to cut ties with Boscha and side with Luz and Willow. Because of this, Boscha believes she has gone soft. After Amity stands with Luz and Willow against her in a Grudgby game, Boscha tells her "[she's] just destroyed her social life." However, Amity rebuffs this, claiming instead that she's made it better, suggesting that she's decided she's better off with Luz and Willow and without Boscha.


Skara is another "friend" of Amity. Skara seems to be fond of Amity and is somewhat nicer than Boscha despite the feeling not being mutual. When Skara asked Amity about her history with Willow in "Understanding Willow", she threatened to end her friendship with both her and Boscha if they kept pressing the issue, suggesting she simply doesn't care about them. It is later revealed that, like Boscha, Skara is only friends with Amity because their parents work with each other, and Amity never really liked her from the beginning. While not explicitly shown, it could be assumed that she severed her relationship with Skara after cutting ties with Boscha, but both do not appear to be enemies.


Like most guests and residents of the Owl House, Amity finds Hooty annoying, going as far as threatening to destroy him if he ever talked to her again. Sure enough, Hooty disregarded the threat and Amity kept her word, beating him up badly enough to have him wear an eye patch.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Amity is highly skilled in magic and is recognized as being top of her class. Like all witches, her magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Abomination Magic: Amity is on the abomination track at Hexside where she has demonstrated high-level skills in the creation and control of abominations. In "Wing It Like Witches", Amity can cause giant hands made from Abomination clay to sprout from the ground and do her bidding.
    • Fire Magic: As of "Adventures in the Elements", Amity has learned to generate fireballs after training on the Knee. Initially, she needed a training wand to create fireballs but she has since learned to cast the spell on her own.
    • Disintegration Spell: Amity uses her magic to rip her drawing with Malingale into shreds in "Adventures in the Elements".
    • Barrier Cage: Amity can create a tall, circular cage that causes mild pain when touched.
    • Mystical projection: As shown in "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity can use magic to display images and historic events. The events shown will be presented in a style similar to medieval artwork.
    • Plant Magic: As shown in a flashback in "Wing It Like Witches", Amity can create the "Thorn Vault", a plant spell from the Azura book turned movie: The Field of Deadly Fates.
  • Grudgby: "Wing It Like Witches" reveals that Amity used to be the captain of Hexside's Grudgby team.
  • Drawing: Amity tends to do secret drawings and conceals them in books, such as drawing herself with a Good Witch Azura character and a cartoon of herself in "Adventures in the Elements".
  • Dancing: While fighting Grom, Amity successfully performs a perfectly choreographed dance routine with Luz, additionally demonstrating a very strong capacity to improvise as this was not something that she had likely rehearsed before.


Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

The name Amity has its roots in Latin, meaning "friendship", which could represent her budding relationship with Luz, and Willow before her. Her surname, Blight, on the other hand, is a disease or fungi that cause it in plants, which most likely relates to the formerly troubled relationship between Amity and Willow. It could also refer to her complicated relationship with her parents.


Amity is voiced by Mae Whitman.


Amity debuted in the episode, "I Was a Teenage Abomination".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Martina Panno
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Flora Paulita
Germany German Malika Bayerwaltes
Denmark Danish Sofie Topp-Duus
Spain Spanish Alicia Valadés
France French Fanny Dreiss
Indonesia Indonesian Apriliana Suci Ariesta
Japan Japanese Mikoto Nakai (中井 美琴)
South Korea Korean Won Esther (원에스더)
Poland Polish Joanna Derengowska
Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)


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  • Amity's Penstagram account is WITCHCHICK128.[3]
    • The numbers on her Penstagram account, 128, may be a reference to Dana Terrace's birthday, December 8.
  • Amity is left-handed.
  • Whenever she gets mad, her face turns red with anger, and then relieves herself, then at times, she says that she almost passed out; this same thing happens whenever she gets flustered in Luz's presence.
  • Amity has similar traits to Diana Cavendish from the anime series, Little Witch Academia. Both are top students in witchcraft, strongly admired by teachers and classmates alike, and often clash with the main protagonist. Like Diana, who is a fan of Shiny Chariot like Akko Kagari, Amity is a fan of Azura like Luz. However, Diana views Akko as her friend while Amity has a crush on Luz.
  • In "Understanding Willow", Amity's parents are shown for the first time, albeit obscured, and it is shown they were emotionally abusive.
    • In the same episode, it is shown that Amity's hair was originally brown.
  • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity is revealed to be attracted to women, as in the same episode she is revealed to have a crush on Luz, marking her as Disney's first explicitly LGBTQ+ animated recurring character.[4][5]
    • In a Reddit AMA hosted by Dana, she confirmed that Amity is "intended to be a lesbian".[6]
    • Luz is Amity's first crush.[7]


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