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Well, after being handed the staff, I said "I wanna be a great witch! Or... uh, I don't know, I... wanna be an author like Mildred Featherwhyle!" But... she wouldn't move, until I admitted that... I don't know what I'm gonna be when I grow up, but... I wanna choose the path myself. And that was enough.
—Amity explains how she connected with Ghost to Luz, "For the Future"

Amity Blight is a major supporting character of The Owl House. She is a prodigious young witch who attends Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Although initially depicted as an antagonist, after bonding with Luz Amity reforms herself and reassesses her outlook on life, gaining the courage to stand up to her parents, regain her friendship with Willow, and become close friends with Luz, eventually becoming her girlfriend.

She is the youngest child of the divorced Alador and Odalia Blight and the younger sister of Edric and Emira Blight.



Amity is a thin, teenage witch with pale skin, bright golden eyes and pointed ears. Initially, she had chin-length hair dyed into two shades of aquamarine-green with brown hair, her natural hair color,[1] visible at the roots. She also originally had her hair into a small ponytail pulling the front hair out of her face, and with an undercut that is mostly covered but are visible at the temples.

Near the end of "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Amity decides to shorten her hair and dye it lavender, with brown hair visible on the undercut at her temples. After months of being stranded in the Human Realm, her hair has grown out to be shoulder-length, making the lavender color fade into a much lighter-purple with her brown roots visible at the top of her head.

Watching and Dreaming - 5580

Amity's epilogue design.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Amity's hair is worn up in a ponytail, held by three pointed magenta crystals, resembling her Grom Queen tiara. Her ponytail also includes bangs being the faded-lavender color they were in the Human Realm and her ponytail being a solid lavender, which exposes her brown undercut. She also has a tattoo of Flapjack on her left arm to match with the rest of her friends, and seemed to have inherited Odalia's curvier figure.


When attending school, Amity wears a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and boots. As part of the abomination track, her sleeves and leggings are a magenta color. The rest of her attire includes wearing triangle-shaped black earrings and black nail polish. In her debut appearance she had a star pin on her cowl, which showed that she was the top student. She also wears dark-gray heeled boots with a light gray top, and red and white socks underneath.[2][3]

When not attending school, Amity dresses in a black mid-sleeved dress with gray-trimming and a gray belt fastened around her waist, orchid tights underneath, and black, medium-heeled ankle boots with golden crescent moon buckles. Around her neck, she wears an amulet with an orchid gemstone; this later turns out to be an oracle charm Odalia uses to send her telepathic messages, which Amity destroys once she stood up to her.[4] Her tights become dark red in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins" and in "Eda's Requiem", she starts wearing a circular gold necklace inset with a round purple gem.

In "Reaching Out", with the use of Illusion stones given to her by her twin siblings, she dresses in a pair of magenta-framed sunglasses with pink lenses, golden dangle earrings, and a dark purple-and-black, abomination-style dress with white trim on the short puffed sleeves, a white collar, and four black buttons on the front. Along with this, Amity also wore a waist pack similar to her winter attire, and black high-heeled boots with purple heels and tiny, maroon ribbons placed on the center-front.

After being stranded in the human realm, Amity initially wore a white top under a purple jumper with dark purple trims and belt, brown boots, and a black hairband. By late October, she takes to wearing two other outfits: the first is a long-sleeved dusty pink shirt under a dark blue denim overall dress with two gold buttons at the straps, navy blue tights with small pale blue dots spread out across it, and high-heeled black ankle boots with two small gold buttons on the side of them. The second outfit is a purple blouse with a cat picture and the word "Boo" under it, a visible black undershirt, high-waisted faded jeans with torn knees, and brown heeled boots, underneath of which she wears purple socks with a red-violet triangle pattern. She also had pajamas borrowed from Luz, consisting of an admiral blue shirt with pea green sleeve trims, dark blue pajama shorts with green trims and a crescent moon on the left leg, and pale violet socks.

During Halloween, Amity dresses as Hecate from The Good Witch Azura, with her costume consisting of an off-the-shoulder, dark blue tunic-dress with gold trim and a white crescent moon pattern near the hem, a similarly-colored tank top and black tights underneath, white handless gloves with black stitching and heeled boots including golden soles and cuffs and dark blue toes. She also wore a white cap and a red wig with a golden tiara on it as part as her initial costume She continues wearing the costume when returning to the Demon Realm, minus the wig and cape. She sports pink nail polish as well.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Amity's outfit consists of black triangle dangle earrings, and a black-collared, dark gray button-up shirt with golden buttons on the front and on the rolled-up sleeves, as well as several spots of abomination goo on it. She also wore a set of brown gardening gloves, a lavender cross-body belt with a golden adjuster, a simpler brown belt with a golden rectangular buckle and with a round, dusty-purple flask on her hip, dark purple abomination-style pants, and black high-heeled boots with the same moon buckles her younger self had.


S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 2

Amity's initially arrogant and rude demeanor prior to meeting Luz.

Amity is described as a bright and competitive individual, with a passionate drive to succeed and rise to the best, both in school and in society. This could be seen in her dream to one day join the Emperor's Coven, which only accepted the most skilled of witches into its ranks. When she and Luz first met, however, Amity was shown to be very proud and arrogant, to the point of being boastful, haughty, and confrontational. As the "Top Student" at Hexside, Amity took pride in her status as the best student in the entire school and went as far as to use it as a bragging right often to get what she wanted. This caused her to look down on other students who weren't as successful as she was and often teased them for it, in which she would brag about her superiority while offering them half-hearted encouragement.

Additionally, Amity didn't take kindly to those who she felt were stealing her spotlight, and would spitefully attempt to get back at them in order to prove her superiority, as she twice attempted to do to with Luz. In line with her vindictiveness, Amity also showed a lack of responsibility and was unwilling to admit when she was at fault, instead directing blame onto others for her own mistakes. Like many witches on the Boiling Isles, Amity also initially held humans in low regard due to their inability to wield magic on their own.

S01E05 Covention (535)

A frustrated Amity blaming Luz for making her lose instead of acknowledging her own actions.

Eventually, however, Amity was shown to possess a much more sensitive side to her personality, which she kept hidden beneath her sense of superiority. This sensitivity was shown when her reputation was compromised, becoming extremely frustrated and deeply depressed whenever she failed to meet her own standards for success. Along with her hidden vulnerable side, Amity was also much kinder than she initially let on. This was first shown in "Covention", when she was genuinely impressed by Luz's commitment in becoming a witch, to the point of honorably unbinding the everlasting oath that would have prevented her from doing this, showing that she genuinely respects those who demonstrate hard work and determination.

In addition, Amity possesses a vehement hatred of cheating. This was demonstrated when she appalled and ashamed when Lilith had unknowingly caused her to cheat during her Witch's Duel with Luz at the Covention, showing that she wishes to succeed based on the validation of her tireless effort. Another prominent trait of Amity's kindness is her fondness for children. Though initially stern and cynical towards those her own age, Amity was extremely sweet and patient towards smaller children, with her enjoying reading to them as part of her job at the Bonesborough Library. Additionally, it was revealed in "Lost in Language" that like Luz, Amity is a fan of the Good Witch Azura book series, which served as an important factor in their eventual friendship.

In "Understanding Willow", it was revealed that Amity's negative traits were the result of the controlling influence of her parents, namely her emotionally abusive mother, Odalia. This included her seeming desire of joining the Emperor's Coven, which was, in truth, forced upon her by Odalia. When shown in her mother's presence, Amity's usual confidence and pride were replaced with a submissive and depressed demeanor, due to the deep fear she held of her mother's judgment. Her desperation to live up to her parents' expectations also caused her to conceal her softer traits, having been taught that showing such emotions were signs of weakness.

Odalia Blight and Amity S2 EP02

Because of her parents' controlling expectations, Amity was secretly lonely and miserable.

This suggests that much of Amity's haughty demeanor was, in truth, a facade to hide her emotional insecurities. In truth, after her parents forced her to cut ties with Willow, Amity was an extremely miserable and lonely individual, who took no pleasure in the company of the "friends" she usually hung out with, having only done so at her parents' command. As was revealed in her diary entries, this caused her to secretly yearn for true companionship, while also deeply regretting the meanness she showed towards others at school, both of which she attempted to hide in order to maintain the standards of strength demanded of her by her parents. In "For the Future", it is revealed that Amity's deepest desire during this time is to escape her parents' control and choose her own path in life. Ultimately, a leading factor in Amity's emotional development and maturity would be her friendship and eventual romance with Luz. Initially, Amity was very hostile and resentful of Luz, but, as time passed, she became increasingly touched by the constant kindness that Luz showed her. In "Lost in Language", after being saved by Luz from a corrupted Otabin, Amity came to realize that her initial misgivings about Luz were wrong and slowly began opening up to her, with the two forming a connection due to their mutual fondness of the Azura series. As her friendship with Luz grew, Amity gradually began to be kinder to others, while also slowly beginning to make amends with Willow, reconnecting with her older siblings and distancing herself from Boscha's group to the point of standing against them in defense of her newfound friends.

Wing It Like Witches 7

Unable to process her feelings, Amity became flustered whenever near Luz.

Eventually, as their friendship grew, Amity would develop a strong crush on Luz, being enamored by the human's unwavering kindness and empathetic nature. However, due to her lack of experience with romantic attractions, this crush would often manifest in the form of extreme nervousness, clumsiness, and spontaneous blushing when she found herself in Luz's presence. By the time of "Enchanting Grom Fright", her attraction for Luz had reached such a point that her deepest fear became being rejected by Luz. In "Escaping Expulsion", it was through her love for Luz that Amity would eventually find the courage to stand up to her parents. When Odalia attempted have Luz killed by the Abomaton 2.0 at the Blight Industries expo, Amity furiously came to her crush's defense and defied her mother's orders for the first time, showing impressive bravery and determination to not only protect Luz but also to exert her freedom from the controlling influence that she had long been subjected to. This courage was exemplified once again in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", where Amity began dying her hair purple instead of green, despite knowing her mother would be angered by this, further symbolizing her growing sense of independence.

Escaping Expulsion - 445

Amity found newfound confidence after standing up to her parents in defense of her friends.

Since standing up to her parents and becoming Luz's girlfriend, Amity's personality has significantly improved and matured. In contrast to her initial proud, irritable and cynical demeanor, Amity has since become much happier, friendly, patient, and humble, regularly smiling and no longer suppressing the better qualities that she previously kept hidden. In addition to her newfound friendliness, Amity has also become much wiser and forgiving. This was demonstrated in "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", when despite being tempted to use Luz's phone to discover what she had been hiding, Amity refused to violate her girlfriend's privacy and instead allowed Luz to inform her on her own terms. Her forgiveness even extends out to her enemies, as she was able to empathize with Hunter due to their similar insecurities and offered him a chance at redemption during their quest for Titan's Blood at Eclipse Lake. Additionally, Amity has abandoned her previous aspirations of joining the Emperor's Coven (and covens in general), recognizing that she only pursued this goal at the behest of her mother's ambitions rather than her own desires.

Eclipse Lake - 827

Amity is self-concious over her relationship with Luz as she reads her message.

Despite her newfound development, Amity still retains some of the insecurities she endured under her mother's yoke. After she and Luz first started dating, Amity was shown to be very fearful of Luz breaking up with her if she failed to secure the Titan's Blood for her from Eclipse Lake, which made her fall victim to Hunter's manipulations. These fears most likely stemmed from Odalia raising her to believe that love and appreciation can only be received by meeting others' expectations. Also, in "Labyrinth Runners", it is shown that Amity still possesses much guilt over her years of bullying Willow and desperately wishes to make up for her previous cruelty. This, however, caused her to act irrationally and become very overprotective of Willow during Adrian Graye's attack on Hexside, which not only served to hinder their attempts to escape Graye's coven scouts, but also unintentionally undermine and upset Willow rather than help her. Fortunately, in both instances, by accepting advice from her friends (King in the former and Willow in the latter) Amity was able to recognize her mistakes and worked hard to correct them, further showing how she has now come to listen and accept the advice of others and take responsibility for the errors she makes.

Clouds on the Horizon - 1406

Amity becomes enraged after her mother voiced disdain for her relationship with Luz.

Though now much warmer and friendly, Amity still possesses a fierce temper when provoked, and can be quite threatening to those who earn her wrath. This even extended to her mother Odalia, whom Amity became increasingly estranged with, to the point of attempting to attack her after she expressed her disgust at Amity dating Luz and later when it was revealed that was willingly aiding Emperor Belos' plans of genocide on the Day of Unity, which culminated in her fully cutting ties with her mother and finally freeing herself from her toxic influence.

Thanks to Them - 1585

Amity demonstrating her capacity for leadership to her friends in Luz's absence.

By the time of "Thanks to Them", Amity has since become increasingly carefree, cheerful and fun-loving, and developing a sense of optimism somewhat similar to Luz's. Among her friends, Amity is often shown as the most levelheaded, causing her to often assume a sort of leadership role among the group, trying very hard to get Luz out of her depression and not holding anything against her when Belos told everyone how she helped him achieve power, fully aware that Luz's kindness was taken advantage of. In addition, she maintains her willingness to forgive her enemies, having been able to empathize with Boscha's loneliness even after she betrayed them and later being the first among her friends after Luz to befriend the Collector after he aided them in the final battle against Belos, which also further demonstrated her soft spot for children. Despite this, she still maintains some of her competitive traits, though to a far smaller degree, as was demonstrated in her frustration to being unable to properly draw Glyphs during her lessons with Luz, and later quietly voicing her displeasure at not being the top student in her friends' Spanish lessons.

In the four years since Belos' defeat and cutting ties with her mother Odalia, Amity continues to maintain her warm-hearted and cheerful personality, having finally obtained the freedom and compassion she had always longed for, while also maintaining her relationship with Luz and restoring her damaged bonds with her father and former mentor Lilith. Additionally, she has come to develop an extremely adventurous side and becoming skilled in Abomination Engineering.


Early life

Understanding Willow - A739

Kid Amity and Willow hiding inside their fort to get away from their swimming class.

Amity Blight was born the third child and youngest daughter of Alador and Odalia Blight. As a member of the prestigious Blight family, her parents had high expectations of her, with Odalia wishing her to join the Emperor's Coven after graduating high school. Her life at home was far from ideal due to her father's neglectfulness, her mother's controlling parenting, and her elder siblings' pranks. Amity and Willow Park had a very close friendship as children, spending a lot of time together, something that did not please her parents as they considered Willow to be of a lower class than the family. When Amity invited Willow to her birthday party, her parents exploded and threatened Amity that if she didn't stop associating with Willow, they would make sure that Willow would never be able to attend Hexside. For Willow's good, Amity had no choice but to end their friendship and by demand of her parents "befriend" Boscha and Skara.[5]

Wing It Like Witches 12

Amity during her time as captain of the grudgby team.

As a teenager, Amity enrolled in Hexside's Abomination class, which promised great opportunities for the future, and become one of the most popular and intelligent students there. At some point, she was the captain of the Banshees but later stopped playing it after she caused an accident in which her teammates end up injured.[6] Everything she excelled at was the result of hard work and dedication, but in the process, she became incredibly competitive and acted more like a mean-spirited bully.

Meeting Luz

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 21

Amity trying to expose Luz as a false abomination.

One morning before a class where abominations would be evaluated, Amity appears to Willow bragging that she is the top student before heading off to class. To her horror, Willow manages to earn the top student star because her "abomination" stood out from the rest. She suspects her former friend's "abomination", and her suspicions are proven when she catches the "abomination" consuming a snack, but her disruptive behavior causes Professor Hermonculus to send her to Principal Bump's office. Amity reports his findings to the director, which prompts Bump to perform a dissection of Willow's abomination. When it is revealed that it is not actually an Abomination and is instead a human girl named Luz, both Bump and Amity work to prevent Willow and the human from escaping, but fail.[7] After the incident, Amity was not very fond of Luz, believing that the human gives witches in training a bad name.

S01E05 Covention - 56

Amity and Luz preparing to face off in a witches duel.

Finding Luz at the annual witch convention annoyed Amity a lot, and out of spite, she steps on King's cupcake, causing Luz to challenge her to a witch duel, where if Luz wins, Amity would have to admit that humans can be witches, but if Amity wins, Luz would have to admit that she is not a witch and can no longer pursue her dream of being one; Amity gladly accepts the challenge. With the help of her mentor, Lilith Clawthorne, Amity becomes skilled enough to defeat Luz, but the various traps set by Luz's mentor and Lilith's sister, Eda Clawthorne, mislead her. Although Luz and Eda are exposed for cheating, Amity realizes thanks to Eda that Lilith also cheated, humiliating her. Luz tries to apologize to Amity, but she angrily demands that she admit that she is not a witch, to which Luz admits that she is not one yet and that she is training and trying hard enough to be one, showing Amity her spell of light, and although she despises it at first, Amity admits that she has never seen anyone cast a spell like that. The two come to an understanding, and Amity releases Luz from the everlasting oath.[8]

Befriending Luz

S01E07 Lost in Language - 5

Amity reading Otabin to children in the library.

Despite being hardened after years of maintaining her perfect reputation, Amity has a softer side that the children at the Bonesborough Library get to see. The library also has a private study given to her by the master librarian Malphas and is one of the few places where she can get away from her tumultuous home life. Unfortunately for her, Luz would come into the library and discover Amity's kind side, and when Luz tries to befriend her, Amity refuses to associate with the human due to their past experiences. Things would get worse for her when her older siblings, Edric and Emira meet Luz while bringing Amity lunch at the library, eventually befriending the human. When the Blight twins and Luz sow chaos throughout the library, Amity reports them and has them expelled from there, and later hears that her siblings invite Luz to the library at night to read "a book they forgot to check out" and to see supposed events that would be unleashed during the Wailing Star. That same night, Luz and the twins sneak through the library in search of the "book", and in the process realize that the Wailing Star brings the books to life, causing chaos with it. The twins search for the supposed book in Amity's secret room, revealing to Luz that the "book" was Amity's diary, which they wanted to make public. Luz finds the diary before them and tries to hide it, but the twins end up realizing it and try to snatch it from her. Amity arrives and surprises the three, finding Luz with her diary in her hands and its pages scattered on the floor and she becomes furious. When she takes the diary from Luz, she leaves the place disappointed with Luz, because she thought she was different from her siblings.

Lost in Language (73)

Amity apologizing to Luz for not being the friendliest to her.

When Luz tries to apologize and explain things to her, both are surprised by a monstrous Otabin that the twins had created shortly before. The two rivals are forced to work together to escape the monster, and despite the danger of the situation, Amity couldn't help but be amused by Luz. She manages to save Luz from getting trapped in a book by giving her an eraser to "right a wrong". Before going their separate ways, Luz lets Amity borrow the fifth Azura book as a way to make amends, and tentatively form a friendship with her. Amity reluctantly accepts that she wasn't the friendliest with Luz.[9]

S01E12 Adventures in the Elements - 15

Amity warning Luz about Hexside's entrance exam.

Since the library incident, Amity's family life on her siblings' side improves, thanks to Edric and Emira striving to be better siblings. Upon meeting Luz to return Azura's fifth book, the human tells her that she is enrolling at Hexside, but Amity tells her about the school entrance exam. Later, when Luz and Eda go to the Knee to practice for the entrance exam, they find Amity and her siblings are training in the same place. When Luz accidentally enrages a slitherbeast, Amity tries to cast a fireball with her training wand but runs out of energy, causing her siblings and Eda to be captured. Worried about her human friend, she summons a magical cage to prevent Luz from harming herself. Luz manages to free herself with the help of a newly discovered Ice Glyph and, while distracting the slithering beast, Amity frees the captives from the beast by conjuring flames without her training wand. Now that Luz knows two spells, she is guaranteed a place in the same grade as Amity.[10]

Falling for Luz and reconciling with Willow

Amity luz firstday

Amity welcoming Luz to Hexside on her first day.

Shortly after befriending Luz and knowing her better, Amity would develop a crush on the human, and on the first day of the new semester, she tells herself that the fact that they both now go to the same school doesn't change anything.[11]

Understanding Willow - A338

Amity trying to stop Willow's memories from burning.

Meanwhile, Amity's past friendship with Willow is a particularly sore subject for her, and when she discovers a memory photo of her and Willow, she attempts to burn it, but accidentally burns all of Willow's memories in the process, and although she manages to save some, they too go up in flames by the embers. Luz takes her to the Owl House to consult Eda, who uses a spell to send them both to Willow's mindscape to find Willow's inner self. Meanwhile, the two begin arranging Willow's memories, but Amity actively avoids one particular memory that depicts her and Willow at a birthday party. As she continues to avoid the subject, a pink monster appears to haunt the two, with the monster revealing itself to be Inner Willow, who reveals to be burning all of Willow's memories where Amity is.

Understanding Willow 198

Amity reconciles with Inner Willow.

When Inner Willow catches Amity and is about to burn her, Amity is forced to see that memory she has been avoiding to show Inner Willow the truth: the day Odalia and Alador forced her to break ties with Willow. She admits that she can't take back the biting words and bullying but vows to stop Boscha and her friends from messing with Willow anymore. When Luz and Amity leave Willow's mind, Willow reveals remembering Amity's memory, and is open to the idea of reconciling with Amity, although they are still not quite friends. As they leave the Owl House, Amity lets go of the butterfly invitation to Skara's party, as a sign of a new self.[5]

Grom night and grudgby

Under the moonlight

Amity and Luz dance under the moonlight while fighting Grom.

With Grom approaching, Amity intends on asking out Luz to the dance, but is too nervous to give the note. To make matters worse, she is announced as the Grom Queen and will have to face Grometheus the Fear Bringer, unless someone decides to take her place. Luz willingly takes the place of her friend, and though Amity attempts to prepare Luz for the battle, they run out of time. Despite the pressure, Amity confides in Luz and admits to her crush that she admires her fearlessness. The battle between Luz and Grom initially starts out promising, but when the monster takes the form of Luz's mother, Camila, Amity and Eda are forced to follow after a cowering and emotional Luz. Amity manages to intervene before Eda could engage the monster, but Grom grabs her and reads her mind, taking the form of her worst fear, rejection. However, Luz offers to dance with her, and the two defeat Grom, and both Luz and Amity are crowned Grom Queens that year. Later, Luz asks Amity who she planned to ask to the Grom, but Amity tells her it's not important and throws away the piece of paper with the person's name, Luz.[12]

Wing it like witches 2

Amity, Willow, and Luz facing off against Boscha and her team in grudgby.

As grudgby season starts, Amity tells Boscha to stop picking on Willow. After Luz and her friends are bullied by Boscha all day, she speaks with Amity to see if she can get Boscha to stop picking on them. After Luz challenges Boscha to a game of grudgby, she initially rejects Luz's offer to join her team. Later, Amity explains how she was the grudgby captain before Boscha, but quit after a move she made hurt her teammates. After learning Luz forfeited the wager with Boscha, Amity agrees to play on Willow's team with Luz. As the game is tied, Luz goes to make the finishing move and Boscha injures Amity. After Boscha wins and both teams congratulate each other, Luz picks her up.[6]

Young Blood, Old Souls - 319

Amity watching Eda's petrifaction.

After the match, Amity's leg is placed in a cast and she is forced to miss the field trip to the Emperor's Castle, much to her annoyance.[2] Amity would end up watching Eda's petrification on a crystal ball.[3]

Standing up to her parents

Escaping Expulsion - 116

Amity forcing herself to let her friends be dragged out of school.

When helping her parents demonstrate their new product, the Abomaton, she pretends to be overpowered by it when a picture of herself, Gus, Willow, and Luz falls out of her sleeve and she destroys the Abomaton to save it, much to the anger of her mother and the investors of Blight Industries. The following day at school, she gives Luz a fairy pie when her mother calls the two of them, along with Willow and Gus, to the principal's office where her parents inform the group that Amity's friends have been expelled. Amity tries to protest, but her mother silences her and orders her to do more school work. She gives her friends an apologetic look as they are dragged out of school. Later, she apologizes to Luz for not standing up for them and Luz tries to convince her to talk to her parents, however, Amity rejects the offer.

Escaping Expulsion - 445

Amity threatening to destroy the Abomaton in front of the investors if her friends are not reinstated into Hexside.

Later that day, Amity arrives home to find a note saying her parents found someone else to help them with the expo and, after seeing an abomination with cat features, she realizes they mean Luz. Amity gathers Gus and Willow and the three sneak into the expo to save Luz. As Luz is about to be crushed, Amity controls the Abomaton and stands up to her parents, threatening to destroy the Abomaton in front of the investors if her friends are not reinstated to Hexside. Her mother agrees and Amity lets the Abomaton attack and the girls pretend to be knocked out. After the demonstration, she walks out with her friends.

Helping Luz

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 231

Amity agreeing to sneak Luz into the forbidden stacks.

While Amity is in the children's room of the Bonesborough Library, a girl takes her hair tie and Amity promises to read her whatever she wants the following day if she returns it. Soon, she sees Luz and her older siblings and, after the twins leave, Luz enlists her to help in finding Philip Wittebane's diary. Amity tells her the diary is likely in the ancient stacks and tells Luz she can get her in, but they must be stealthy or she could lose her job. Once inside, they spot Malphas, the head of the library, and hide. After Amity says he will feed them to the bookworms if they are caught, Luz says in her world it is another way of saying nerd and promises Amity to show it to her one day.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 535

Amity losing her job.

The girls find the diary, however, its pages were eaten by an Echo mouse. Upon seeing this, Luz shouts and Malphas finds them and fires Amity. Luz apologizes and Amity heads home. After speaking with her siblings about her changing feelings upon meeting Luz, Emira offers to re-dye her hair and Amity desires to change it from green to lilac. When the twins finish and tell her not to tell their mother they helped, Luz drops by and reveals she got Amity her job back.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 909

Amity kissing Luz on the cheek for the first time.

Luz is startled by her new hair and soon notices the echo mouse. She catches it and Amity explains what it is. After watching it project an entry, Luz says the echo mouse and her are going to be good friends. As thanks for getting her job back, Amity kisses Luz, surprising both girls. Amity heads back inside in a flustered state as Luz stands still in surprise before dropping to her knees.

Amity stays home as the rest of her class receive palismen. However, she receives her own, a cat named Ghost. Amity says she wants to be a great witch or an author, but Ghost does not move until she admits she does not know what she wants to do in her adult years, but wants to decide for herself. Amity and her siblings later watch King's message to his father.

Starting a relationship with Luz

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 767

Amity and Luz in the Tunnel of Love.

As Luz struggles with balancing building a portal and her crush on Amity, Hooty kidnaps Amity and puts her in the basement of the Owl House. Luz apologizes for the incident as Amity asks Luz to forget about the last time Luz was at Blight Manor. Soon, the floor gives way, and the girls fall down a shaft. They land on a pile of pillows and learn they are in a Tunnel of Love. They are put in a boat and sail through the tunnel. While Amity enjoys it, Luz panics thinking Amity hates it and destroys the ride, devastating Amity. Luz apologizes and Amity brushes off the idea of them being a couple. Soon, Hooty starts crying hysterically and unintentionally damages the grounds. After King and Eda explain that Hooty helped them, Luz, out of earshot of Amity. says he was trying to help her ask Amity out. As King and Eda subdue Hooty, the girls fall into a small pit and the two ask each other out. Later, they work on the portal together.

Eclipse Lake

Eclipse Lake - 118

Amity taking the key from Luz.

As Amity, Willow, and Gus are helping Eda, King, and Hooty fortify the Owl House and care for Luz while she is sick with the Common Mold. When Luz tried to eat the portal key, Amity took it from her and put it around her neck. Luz sends her a message from a communication device she gave Amity, but she is unable to understand it. Soon, the echo mouse projected an entry of where to find Titan's Blood, a key ingredient in crossing worlds. Eda and King desire to go to the location of the blood, Eclipse Lake, and Amity offers to go with them to prove to Luz that she is an awesome girlfriend. At The Knee, the three run into Hunter posing as a coven scout and take him captive.

Eclipse Lake - 281

Amity guarding Hunter.

As they venture into the veins of the Knee, Eda and King guess around with mining and unleash a bolt of energy that Amity subdues and Hunter chastises them for it. They later see what they think is blood, but Hunter says it is Fool's Blood and it explodes. After escaping, they see Kikimora and Eda and King break away to clear a path. Hunter sees Amity's communication device and interprets the messages as threats. Soon, they are close to being spotted and Hunter begs Amity to release him.

Eclipse Lake - 1002

Amity fighting Hunter.

She does and he subdues her before going to Eclipse Lake. Amity is found and thrown down a crevasse where Owlbert is holding up Eda and King. After making a deal with the Owl Beast, Eda takes on her harpy form and fends off the Emperor's Coven as Amity and King get the blood. However, when they arrive, they find the lake bone dry and Hunter digging his grave to avoid dealing with Belos over another failure. After he tells her the key has blood in it, Amity is surprised and talks about her difficulty understanding the communication device Luz gave her until King turns it sideways and she can understand it. After reading the messages and realizing they are compliments and warnings, Amity tells Hunter there are people out there who can truly care for him and offers to switch sides. However, Hunter notices the key and a fight breaks out.

Titan Blood on Amity´s Hand S2E9

Amity revealing she managed to save some of the Titan's Blood.

As Amity is about to best Hunter, he threatens Luz and she reluctantly hands over the key, albeit cracking it first. After Eda arrives to find her and King dejected, they return to the Owl House where Luz hugs Amity and calls her an awesome girlfriend. As Luz hugs King, Eda asks Amity how they should break the news on losing the key to Luz. In response, Amity shows Eda her bloodstained glove.

Coven Day Parade

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 109

Amity asking Luz about the portal.

As Luz is theorizing about what Belos looks like under his mask, Amity comes over and says she heard rumors he was scarred by wild magic and calls Luz and sweet potato in Spanish. After revealing she has been learning Spanish from a cookbook Gus gave her, Amity asks how Luz's work on the portal is going. Luz says she has not used it yet and leaves when Eda arrives, forgetting her phone that Amity picks up. Having doubts on Luz's not using the portal, Amity goes to Willow later and asks her what she should do, Willow gives her advice on the condition Amity braids her hair.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 1134

Amity asking Luz to be honest with her.

At the parade, she watches in annoyed disbelief as Luz abducts Kikimora and aids the two in Kikimora's disappearance. However, upon reaching the docks, Kikimora, after hearing she might get a promotion, attacks the girls and they nearly defeat her when Terra Snapdragon, head of the Plant Coven, arrives and takes Kikimora back to the parade. Amity tells Luz she has her phone and reveals she knows she is lying about not using it. Luz tells her the truth as they talk back to the parade.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 1225

Amity, Luz, and their companions upon hearing when the Day of Unity will take place.

At the parade, she and the residence watch as Belos reveals the Day of Unity is a month away and he removes his mask to reveal a moldy scar across his face. Amity and the others question what this means.

Looking for Mildred Featherwhyle

Any Sport in a Storm - 294

Amity and Luz thinking they found a way to the Human Realm.

During the Club Fair, Amity learns that the author of The Good Witch Azura books, Mildred Featherwhyle, is signing books in town. Luz is surprised as she believes Featherwhyle to be human while Amity says she is a witch. After comparing author's photos, they notice the picture in Amity's book has pointed ears while the picture in Luz's book has round ears. Upon seeing this, they believe the author can travel between worlds and they go off to meet her. As they go to the bookstore, they theorize if the author is someone they know. Upon reaching the bookstore, they are disheartened to learn the signing has been canceled. After questioning their next move, they see the author and chase her to a drainage pipe. When they catch her, they are shocked to discover she is Tinella Nosa and learn that Tibbles found a box of the books on the beach one day and has been trying to sell them, however, Amity was the only person buying the books. As they head back, Amity tries to cheer up a dejected Luz and they decide to turn their book club into a writing club. Upon seeing Willow, Gus, Viney, and Skara, the teenagers explain what they were up to and show Amity and Luz the photo taken earlier in the day with Hunter, shocking both girls.

Bonesborough Brawl

Reaching Out - 127

Amity telling her father she wants to complete in the Bonesborough Brawl.

As the Bonesborough Brawl approaches, Amity asks her father if she can complete, however, he refuses as her mother signed her up for tryouts for the Emperor's Coven. Amity insists she wants to fight, but her father wants her to do better than he did and gives her an Abomaton escort to make sure she goes to the tryouts. Angered, she goes to the Owl House to tell Luz about her desire to fight in the brawl and Luz agrees to help. After getting rid of her escort by mimicking her father's voice and ordering it to find an emerald dagger from the Night Market, Luz enlists her older sibling's help, much to her annoyance.

Reaching Out - 370

Amity getting ready for her first match in the Brawl.

The twins donate their concealment stones, albeit reluctantly on Edric's part, to disguise herself so that she can fight. Amity fights under the ring name "The Mighty Mittens" and goes well, however, she is surprised when Luz joins the brawl, making it to the finals with Emira healing her. Upon noticing that the Abomaton has returned, she asks Luz if she attacked it as her father puts multiple alarms in his works. Luz lies and says she did not. As she is about to face Warden Wrath, her father shows up and scolds Amity for ditching tryouts. When he says the alarms were triggered, Amity is hurt that Luz lied. As her father moves in to grab her, she angrily swats his hand away and takes an invisibility glyph from Luz before running off.

Reaching Out - 1040

Luz telling Amity about her father.

When Luz finds her by where they defeated Grometheus the Fear Bringer, she asks Luz why she has been acting strange all day and, to her shock and horror, Luz reveals it is the anniversary of her own father's death and she cannot perform their usual tradition of bringing flowers to his grave. Luz apologizes as a scream is heard in the distance. Amity rushes off and promises to help Luz fulfill her tradition.

Reaching Out - 1416

Amity after speaking with her father.

When Amity and Luz arrive at the arena, she sees her father fighting a mutated Warden Wrath and goes to help him, but he pushes her aside. She then returns to her father's side and the two subdue the warden as Luz and Eda revert him back to normal. Afterwards, Amity explains to her father that she does not want to join a coven anymore and criticizes him for not spending time with his children. He promises to speak with her mother and she accepts it before going to speak to Luz. She finds her girlfriend by the cliff from earlier growing flowers. Amity then makes a balloon out of abomination goo and they send the flowers flying into the sunset.

Resisting a coven

Labyrinth Runners - 351

Amity and Willow upon hearing the decree.

A few days before the Day of Unity, Amity is having lunch with Willow and Gus at Hexside. When Willow mentions she stopped by the Owl House to find it swarming with Coven Scouts, she interrupts to say it is alright Willow did not interfere as she was outnumbered, however, Willow continues and says she did not want to draw attention to herself. Soon, an assembly is called where the head of the Illusion Coven, Adrian Graye Vernworth, tells the students of the emperor's decree that all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity. Adrian claims to only be there to put temporary fake sigils on the students and brings up her brother to demonstrate. However, Gus realizes the brand is real and reveals the charade. In response, Adrian reveals he brought Coven Scouts with him and tries to forcibly brand Gus into the Abomination Coven when Gus creates a school-wide illusion and she and the other students and staff flee.

Labyrinth Runners - 1612

Amity and Willow taking out the captain.

As Amity and Willow are wandering through the illusion, Amity learns everyone is in the Healing Homeroom and the girls head there. However, whenever Willow tries to defend them, she beats Willow to it, annoying Willow. When they are cornered by scouts, the girls inadvertently cancel out each other's magic as Amity says she does not want to lose Willow as they have just started to be friends again. Willow then says she does not need protection as she fends off a scout. The girls are soon found by Bump, the illusions teacher, and her siblings and brought to the Healing Homeroom. Soon, Hunter is brought in by Viney and Skara and he informs them that Adrian has Gus. As everyone wants to trade Hunter for Gus, Hunter tries to convince everyone he is on their side and Willow vouches for him after he mentions a breathing technique she taught Gus. They then devise a plan to save Gus. Amity and the other staff and students fend off the scouts with ease with her and Willow even taking down the captain. She and the others take care of an Abomaton Adrian brought with him as Hunter helps Gus. Soon, Adrian and the scouts are defeated and she and the others listen as Hunter reveals the truth of the Day of Unity.

Day of Unity

Clouds on the Horizon - 822

Luz and Amity kiss.

After learning about the draining spell, Amity and the twins try to warn their parents about it, however, their mother catches them and grounds them, breaking Amity's communication device in the process. As she and her older siblings are locked in her room, Amity desperately tries to fix the communication device as the twins try to calm her down. After asking what Luz would do, Amity says what Luz would do and says she would not let the world end before they went on a real date. Unbeknownst to Amity, Luz has been listening in and after making her presence known the girls embrace and Luz promises to take her on a real date once all this is over. As Amity says she understands, she kisses Luz on the lips, both taken aback by it. After both girls get over the shock, Luz reveals she brought Willow, Gus, Hunter, and King with her. Amity and her siblings join them and head to their family's factory.

Clouds on the Horizon - 2048

Amity and her father upon learning of the switch.

After King and the twins break away, Gus uses illusions to disguise himself, her, Luz, Willow, and Hunter as scouts. They search the factory for her parents, but Kikimora recognizes them after she hears Hunter's voice. The five are placed in a force field by her mother. Enraged, Amity breaks free from her abomination restraints and forms it into a spiked gauntlet to punch the barrier. After it breaks, her father arrives having learned of the draining spell from King, however, everyone is shocked to learn her mother already knows about the spell and does not care. A fight breaks out and Kikimora takes Hunter. Amity angrily disowns her mother as her father destroys the factory and their inventory. Her mother leaves and she, her father, Luz, Gus, Willow, and King head to the airship Kikimora took to the factory. As her father apologizes to Luz for his previous behavior, she is revealed to be Hunter. Gus then says Luz has him make herself and Hunter take on each other's appearances before the fighting. Amity and the others then realize Luz wanted to take on Belos alone.

King's Tide (186)

Amity realizing where her childhood nickname comes from.

As they fly to the head, Amity, her father, Hunter, and Gus start to argue. Soon, the palismen offer them food and they take a break. When her hands become cold, her father covers them in abomination goo to warm them up. After she mentions he used to do this when she was younger, she realizes that that is where her nickname came from. As they get close to the head, a ship approaches them claiming their ship is stolen. After realizing her mother reported it as stolen, Amity and her friends fight off the scouts, however, they are unsuccessful and are shot down.

King's Tide (1368)

Amity forced to leave her father behind.

After crashing, her father holds off attacking Abomatons as Amity and her friends go on, albeit with Amity crying out for her father. After checking on Eda and the coven heads, they go to help Luz fight a mutated Belos. Despite their efforts, the group is easily out matched and, as the emperor is about to deliver the final blow, the Collector arrives and easily defeats Belos. As she and her friends are approached by the Collector, King arrives and convinces him to stop the draining spell.

King's Tide (2541)

Amity and the others arriving at Luz's house.

After stopping the draining spell, the Collector insists they play "owl house" as he begins to deconstruct the skull. Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter run to a portal leading to the Human Realm. She calls for Luz to join them, but Luz insists she stay behind to deal with the Collector. However, King insists he handle this alone and blasts Luz and the others through the portal. After landing in the Human Realm, Luz runs over to get back to help King, but the portal closes. As the five are stranded in the Human Realm, Luz takes Amity and others to her house.

Time on Earth

Thanks to Them - 260

Amity and Willow after destroying the alarm clock.

Camila welcomes Amity and the others into her home and invites them to stay as long as they need as she listens to their tale. Amity and Willow are placed with Vee and Luz in Luz's room while Gus and Hunter are placed in the basement. As Vee shows her and Willow an alarm clock, the witches misunderstand and destroy the clock, thinking it is a dangerous weapon. Sad they get ready for bed, Amity undoes Willow's braids.

Thanks to Them - 673

Amity dancing with Luz in the rain during one of their dates in the Human Realm.

The following morning, Amity and the others start working on a portal. However they spend months on the attempt with all tries ending in failure and Luz blames herself. Within these months, Amity helps Luz come out as bisexual to her mother and reveals that the two are dating, much to Camila's joy. Luz helps her and the others adapt to the Human Realm and show them the joys of her home. During this time, Amity and Luz would go on dates.

Thanks to Them - 937

Amity and her friends finding a clue to get home.

Shortly before Halloween, she, Willow, Gus, Vee, and Hunter are practicing Spanish in the Old House when Camila says she is going to pick up Luz from school. After Camila leaves, Amity suggests they can do more to get back home, with the others misinterpreting this as needing to help out more around the Noceda House. After Amity gives a speech on the five looking for a way back without Luz, Amity trips in a hole Flapjack made and they find a map with pictures that the group decides to decipher. That night, she wakes up as Luz gets out of bed and notices that she dropped a flier for the Gravesfield Halloween Festival.

Thanks to Them - 1926

Amity and the others after hours of searching with no leads.

The following day, she, Willow, Vee, and Gus disguise themselves as humans head into town, with Hunter staying due to him cosplaying as a character from Cosmic Frontier. She briefly flirts with him before leaving. The group search around Gravesfield to no success. After searching a magic shop, the town library, and confronting a giraffe at the zoo. After finding nothing after hours of searching, Vee reluctantly takes the group to the Gravesfield Historical Society. After being welcomed by Vee's friend Masha, they tell the group that their map is a rebus and explain how it works.

Thanks to Them - 2067

Amity, Willow, and Gus decipher the rebus.

After Masha gets a call and goes to answer it, the four look around. As they explore the exhibits, she, Willow, and Gus realize the rebus is leading to Titan's Blood. After Vee says the three must have been friends for years, they reveal they only grew close as a group in the past few months. After the four take a picture in front of an old map, Vee realizes it matches the rebus and they decide to tell Luz during the Halloween festival. That night, as they are getting their costumes ready, Amity suggests Luz and her dress as Azura and Hecate respectively.

Thanks to Them - 2916

Amity and her friends listening to the "legend" of the Wittebane brothers.

At the Halloween festival, Amity and her friends enjoy the attractions and, after going on the haunted hayride, are surprised to hear the legend of the Wittebane brothers. After the ride, Amity notices that Hunter and Luz are missing and after they fail to find them, she notices the rebus is missing. After Camila and Vee arrive, they track Luz's phone to a partially flooded graveyard.

Thanks to Them - 3783

Amity, Willow, and Gus attempting to subdue Belos as he possesses Hunter.

Upon finding the two, they find Luz fighting Hunter, who is possessed by Belos. After Belos reveals Luz helped him find the Collector, he attacks Amity and the others. However, she, Willow, and Gus fly towards him and restrain Belos as Vee tries to drain his magic. However, they are quickly defeated and, after Luz and Flapjack try to free Hunter, Luz is thrown into the water but Amity creates tendrils of mud to break her fall and they watch in horror as Belos attempts to crush Flapjack. Fortunately, Hunter regains control and releases a severely injured Flapjack and throws the blood into the water. However, Belos goes after it and they lose consciousness.

Thanks to Them - 4478

Amity returning to the Demon Realm.

After Belos leaves Hunter's body and returns to the Demon Realm, the group worries about Hunter. They watch as Flapjack sacrifices himself and they, with the exception of Vee, return to the Demon Realm. Before she enters, she and the others say they do not hold Luz accountable for everything that happened. She kisses Luz on the cheek before entering.

Return to the Demon Realm

For the Future - 624

Amity happily controlling abomination goo.

After Amity, Camila, Gus, Willow, and Hunter return to the Demon Realm, they notice Luz is missing and she pulls Luz through the portal just as it closes. As they walk, Amity notices some stray abomination goo and happily controls it. When they see the skull and the ground around it covered in pink mist, Camila panics and puts herself in front of the minds to protect them. However, they tell her the skill is normal but the mist is not and they continue on.

For the Future - 1031

Amity consoling Luz for being bummed out at her palisman not hatching.

After making their way to the Owl House, she walks along a hallway in the upper levels and finds a picture of Eda, King, Luz, and Hooty wearing matching sweaters. She goes to Eda's soon to find Luz in Eda's nest with her palisman egg. As Luz says she wants to be a witch and help her friends - but doing one messes with the other, Amity tells her how she first bonded with Ghost by being honest about her intentions and wants. As Amity says they will find Eda and King, Hunter says he saw them flying into town.

For the Future - 1431

Amity and the others watching the Collector turning Terra into a puppet.

She flies with Camila as they go to Bonesborough. When they land, they find the town abandoned, and narrowly avoid a wave of sparkles that comes their way. When it passes, multiple puppets of the town's residence appear. Soon, "Eda" appears in her owl beast form and the puppets run. They watch as the Collector and King arrive and "save" the citizens. Soon it is revealed that "Eda" was actually Terra Snapdragon, who is then turned into a puppet after angering the Collector. As the Collector and King fly off, the pair head for the Archive House. After deciding they should go to the Archive House, the group is spotted by Skara, Barcus, and Mattholomule.

For the Future - 1931

Amity reunited with her elder siblings.

As they walk, Skara and Mattholomule fill them in on everything that has happened since the Day of Unity. Upon arriving at Hexside, Amity and the others are shocked to find it in a state of anarchy. After Amity reunites with her siblings, she is shocked to learn that Boscha has taken control of the school. They try to get her to help them get to the Head but, after listening to her adviser Miki, Boscha rejects their offer and throws them out. In a last ditch attempt, Luz suggests they go to the photo lab, which Mattholomule has hidden, to extract a memory of Belos creating a teleportation glyph. After Hunter reacts negatively to a photo Willow shows him of himself and Flapjack, Willow leaves and Hunter and Gus go after her. Soon, Boscha arrives with Sleeping Nettle and knocks Amity and the others out as Miki reveals herself as Kikimora.

For the Future - 3302

Amity and Mattholomule react to Boscha's proposal.

The four wake up in the Detention Pit and Kikimora attacks. After Camila fumbles with an ice glyph, she and Mattholomule get separated from Luz and Camila. As the pair walk, they run into Boscha, who begs Amity to be friends with her again. As Amity and Mattholomule listen to Boscha's proposal in confusion and disbelief, they walk off in disgust. However, Boscha tries to restrain Amity, but Mattholomule frees her and uses an illusion to shave him and Amity take on each other's appearance. After it wears off, Amity says that they can still save her friends if she helps them. Boscha agrees and the three, along with the rest of the students of Hexside, confront Kikimora.

For the Future - 4507

Amity and Luz joke about Eda, King, and Hooty's potential reactions upon seeing Stringbean.

As Boscha, Mattholomule, and the other students take on Kikimora, Amity helps Willow, Gus, and Luz in drawing the teleportation glyph. They finish just as Kikimora is about to blast them. They teleport to the Head and they briefly celebrate their success. Luz introduces Amity and the others to her palisman, Stringbean, and they watch as Stringbean and the other palismen play together. She jokes with Luz that Hooty, King, and Eda will love Stringbean but try to eat her. Unbeknownst to them, the Collector and Belos, possessing the body of Raine Whispers, watch them from afar.

The final battle

Watching and Dreaming - 703

Amity and the others after being collected.

Suddenly, the platform they are on begins to shake and she, Camila, Hunter, Gus, and Willow are separated from Luz and turned into puppets. Amity, Hunter, Willow, and Gus' puppets are used to torment Luz in a dream, manipulated into blaming her for everything. However, a slip up on puppet Amity's part alerts Luz, and Luz is able to briefly snap them out of it before they are turned into puppets again and brought back to the Archive House.

Watching and Dreaming - 1870

Amity and the others in the Archives.

After being placed in the Archives, Amity manages to move and creates a light glyph to free herself and the others. They look around to find everyone they know as puppets. After Luz sacrifices herself, they watch as Camila returns to normal. As Belos possesses the Titan, she and the others try and fail to utilize their magic as they are exhausted and Camila gives them a pep talk.

Watching and Dreaming - 3629

Amity using a plant glyph to save puppet Cat.

After Luz is resurrected and fights Belos with King and Eda, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter use glyphs drawn by Camila to save the puppets. As the Archive House starts to fall, they watch in amazement as the Collector helps hold it in place.

Watching and Dreaming - 4574

Amity reunites with her father as her mother watches the pair in annoyance.

When Belos is defeated, she and the others thank the Collector for helping and they work with him to revert the citizens of the Boiling Isles back to normal, and, when reunited with him again, Amity happily hugs her father while ignoring the nearby Odalia, who watches in disgust. Sometime later, the Collector takes her, Lilith, and Camila to the Owl House, where Amity is able to reunite with Luz as the two share a heartfelt kiss, before joyfully watching her and Camila's reunion, and, soon after, uncomfortably, Lilith and Hooty's as Luz pulls her and Camila into an affectionate hug. While Luz steps outside with Stringbean, Amity remains in the Owl House with the others, affectionately speaking and playing with the Collector.


Watching and Dreaming - 5211

Amity delivering a book to the library.

Shortly following the final battle with Belos, Amity and her family severed all ties with Odalia, with Alador retaining custody of her and twins following their divorce.[13] Over the four years after, Amity would continue her relationship with Luz, with the two often visiting each other in both the Human and Demon Realms thanks to the Collector's creation of a new portal door. During one of their dates in the Human Realm, the duo would witness an awkward encounter between Hooty and the barista of Robin's Roast Cafe, with Amity, in contrast to Luz, finding it amusing. In addition, Amity would also restore her student-mentor relationship with Lilith, though to a much more genuine and affectionate degree than before.

Watching and Dreaming - 5711

Amity and Luz holding hands as they watch the Collector's light show together.

By the time of the fourth year since Belos' defeat, Amity has since become proficient in Abomination engineering, utilizing her skills in helping Lilith's renovations to the Bonesborough Library. On the Day of Luz's belated quinceañera, Amity meets up with Willow and Hunter at the library while dropping off construction supplies and a book on the titans and collectors for Lilith, with her jumping into her mentor's arms as they twirl affectionately with each other. Soon after, she goes with Willow, Hunter, and Lilith to her father's research facility where she happily greets him and her sister before heading over to the Owl House with the others to finish readying for Luz's surprise quinceañera. That night, after setting up at the Owl House, she and everyone surprise Luz at the party, with Amity giving Luz a kiss on the cheek upon her arrival. During the celebrations, Amity joins everyone in joyfully watching the Collector's light show, with her and Luz holding hands before waving goodbye to the star child before he departs.


Alador and Odalia Blight

Understanding Willow 194

Alador and Odalia pressuring Amity to cut ties with Willow.

As hinted in "Understanding Willow", Amity has a stormy relationship with her parents. The Blights consider themselves the most affluent family on the Boiling Isles and only associate with such, thus they resented their daughter's lack of disdain towards those without power and not sharing such a mentality to the point of blackmailing it onto her. During Amity's childhood, her parents forced Amity to cut ties with Willow because they didn't consider her to be a strong witchling, instead choosing friends from prestigious families for her. They even threatened to ruin Willow's chance to go to Hexside if Amity continued her friendship. By that attitude, they also expect her to be the top student, hang out with witchlings from influential families, and join the Emperor's Coven for the sake of their social standing and not for any benefit.

The result of this emotional pressure caused Amity to retreat into herself, believing that she couldn't have a say in her own life if she wanted to please her parents. Nevertheless, Odalia seems to care about Amity to a degree, since she makes lunches for Amity and has her siblings give them to her when she forgets.

Escaping Expulsion - 013-8

Odalia demanding Amity to perform well in their private sale event.

In "Escaping Expulsion" Amity's parents force her to take part in a demonstration of Blight Industries' latest abomination tech in order to make up for her grades slipping. It is also shown that Odalia uses oracle magic to communicate with Amity telepathically through the necklace worn around her neck, controlling her and threatening her to do good. After realizing that her friends are the reason why her grades are slipping, her parents force Principal Bump to expel Luz, Willow, and Gus from Hexside the next day. Amity tries to speak out against it, but stands down when Odalia uses her necklace to threaten her, showing how much she fears her. Later, when Amity steps in to save Luz from the Abomaton 2.0, Odalia tries to use the necklace to get her to stop, but Amity crushes it in her hand, showing that she's done being intimidated by her mother.

She then explains how much Luz, Willow, and Gus mean to her as friends and threatens to tear the Abomaton apart in front of the company's investors unless Odalia lets them back into Hexside, to which she reluctantly obliges.

Reaching Out - 1284

Amity and her father working together to hold Warden Wrath down.

In "Reaching Out", Amity becomes excited when the Bonesborough Brawl comes up, since she's finally old enough to compete and sees it as a way to connect with her father since he's a former champion. However, Alador tells her that the Emperor's Coven is holding tryouts that night and that her mother already signed her up, with him also having an abomaton make sure that she gets there. When Amity still insists on competing, Alador tells her that he goofed off in his youth and that she shouldn't waste her time on the Brawl. Afterwards, when visiting the Owl House and Luz decides to help her compete, Amity makes a point that her father can't find out that she's skipping tryouts until she wins the championship belt. Later, when Alador arrives at the Brawl to withdraw Amity from the final match. he reveals that he found out after Luz messed with the alarm on the abomaton and he followed the signal.

When he then tells Amity that they're leaving and that Amity will be going to the next tryout, Amity becomes furious with him for not listening to her, as well as Luz for lying about messing with the abomaton, before grabbing an invisibility glyph and running off. Later, when Warden Wrath is on a rampage due to a botched blabber serum, Amity tries to help, but Alador drops her off to the side, causing Amity and her sibling to become even more upset with him. After Luz arrives to help out, Amity once again steps in, this time standing her ground so her father can't object. While holding Wrath in place, Alador looks at his daughter, proud of how strong she's become. Afterwards, the two talk and Alador is surprised to learn that Amity doesn't want to join the Emperor's Coven anymore, with him noting that it's been her dream.

Amity says that it was actually her mom's dream and that he just went along with it. She then says that he doesn't talk to her or her siblings anymore, even mentioning that he likely didn't know she was dating Luz, saying that he's too busy making abomatons for the Emperor, and Odalia's too busy trying to dye her hair green. Alador admits he likes Amity's new hair, saying it's abomination-colored. Amity says he's the first one to notice that, and asks him to talk to her mom about it. Alador agrees and attempts to hug her, but Amity shakes his hand instead and says it's a start.

Amity and Odalia estrangement (S2E20)

An imprisoned Amity becomes enraged at her unimpressed mother for her greedy and apathetic nature.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", Amity along with the twins try to warn their parents about the draining spell after being told about it by Hunter. While the twins remain skeptical about Odalia listening, Amity believes that Alador might listen after seeing his uncertainty about the level of security for the Day of Unity. However, not long after, Odalia catches her children hiding and grounds them, even breaking Amity's game device after she tries to send a message to Luz. Later, when Amity, Luz, Willow, Gus, and Hunter get caught sneaking around Blight Industries, Odalia has them trapped inside an energy barrier with their hands restrained by abomination goo. Amity angrily tries to tell her about Belos being a witch hunter, only for Odalia to dismiss her daughter as being dramatic.

After Odalia hushes Luz for speaking out, Amity furiously tells her not to talk to her girlfriend like that. Odalia responds by telling her that she'll find her daughter a new girlfriend who's not on any wanted poster. This causes Amity to go into a fit of rage, turning her abomination restraints into a spiked gauntlet and starting to punch the energy field, with Odalia simply commenting that Amity's just embarrassing herself due to it having no effect.

Clouds on the Horizon - 1880

Amity hatefully disowning Odalia after learning her true evil nature.

Soon after, the energy field disappears after Alador arrives and deactivates it. Alador, after talking with a disguised King, tries to tell Odalia that their abomatons are being used to help Belos wipe out everyone on the Isles with a draining spell, only for him to become outraged once her unfazed expression indicates that she already knew. After Odalia talks about not caring what Belos does with their products and keeping Belos' favor in order to live like royalty, Alador turns the abomatons on her and a fight ensues. Once Odalia turns the abomatons on the group, Amity furiously tells her that she's never speaking to her again. Odalia dismissively says that she's doing what's best for the family, only for Alador to knock out and power down the abomatons. After Odalia becomes furious that Alador is destroying their life's work, he tells her that he quits, with Odalia retreating while saying that she's been meaning to find a more competent business partner. Afterwards, Alador volunteers to pilot the airship so that the group can rescue Hunter, and apologizes to Luz for Odalia's behavior, telling her that she's always welcome in their home. However, it's then revealed that it was actually Hunter being disguised using an illusion cast by Gus, and that Luz was actually taken by Kikimora to Belos.

In "King's Tide", the group starts to become stressed and at each other's throats on their way to rescue Luz. After the palismen bring their attention to a crate filled with food, they decide to calm down and focus their energy on rescuing Luz instead of fighting each other. During their snack break, Alador notices Amity's hands getting cold, and summons some abomination goo to cover them. Amity remembers the feeling from when she was younger, only to realize that it's likely where her nickname "Mittens" originated from. Later, when the draining spell starts to take effect, Alador starts fighting off some abomatons before giving Amity the remote to shut them down before she and the others go to the head of the Titan.

In "Thanks to Them", during her time being stranded in the Human Realm, it is shown that Amity no longer considers Odalia as part of her family, as demonstrated when she placed a drawing of her family inside the Old House, with Odalia noticeably absent. In "Watching and Dreaming", Amity reunited with her father, upon seeing him again she instantly ran and hugged him while ignoring Odalia. Amity was also seen hugging him in the epilogue, suggesting their relationship in the following four years had gotten better.

Edric and Emira Blight

For the Future - 1933

Amity hugging her siblings after they finally reunited.

Edric and Emira are Amity's older siblings. Due to their contrasting personalities, Amity is often embarrassed, annoyed, or angered by her siblings' mischievous antics; she finds it unfair that her parents are less punishing on her siblings than herself, despite how hard she works to be proper and orderly. Amity would often lecture Emira and Edric and tell them to go away, even reporting them to the principal for being late to class.

After their attempt at pranking their younger sister nearly killed her, Edric and Emira started acting nice and protective towards Amity as seen in "Adventures in the Elements" while also playing harmless pranks on her. Amity appears to be unimpressed with their attempts at reconciliation, but she is shown to care about her siblings, who assist her in learning a new spell, and she rushes to save them from the slitherbeast when it captures them. Edric and Emira praise her after she learns to create fire without a wand, albeit lightly teasing her in the process, much to her satisfaction and irritation.

In "Escaping Expulsion", Edric and Emira give cloaks to Amity, Gus, and Willow so they can sneak into the Blight Industries presentation in order to save Luz, even at risk of getting in trouble with their mother. While Amity is grateful that her siblings went out of their way to do this, she soon becomes annoyed when Edric puts stickers on their backs and throws them back at him.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", the twins seem to be aware of Amity's crush on Luz, leaving the two alone together when they start blushing. Later, after Amity arrives back at Blight Manor, she confides in Emira, while Emira brushes her hair, about how confusing Luz's arrival has made everything, and how she is feeling and thinking things that she never has before. Emira questions why she is making it sound like a bad thing, as Amity wasn't happy before. Afterwards, when Emira helps dye Amity's hair lilac instead of the usual green, Edric comments that their mom will likely freak out, while Emira tells her that it looks fine, but also asks that Amity not mention that she helped her dye it. Shortly afterward, when Luz arrives at Blight Manor in order to tell Amity that she got her job at the library back, they can be seen watching the two of them, with Edric noting Amity's bold move of giving Luz a kiss on the cheek.

In "Reaching Out", Amity initially shows some annoyance when the twins decide to help her compete in the Bonesborough Brawl. But she still accepts, with them even lending her their concealment stones so that she can use them for a disguise while competing. Throughout the competition, Emira also helps heal Amity between matches. Later, when Warden Wrath is on a rampage due to a botched blabber serum, the twins side with Amity after Alador tries to keep her from helping out.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", the twins and Amity try to warn their parents about the draining spell after being told about it by Hunter. After they are caught and grounded by Odalia, the twins notice how worried Amity is becoming while trying to fix the gaming device so she can get a message out to Luz. Emira, in an effort to cheer her up, then asks what Luz would say at that moment, with Amity responding with some words of encouragement. While Amity is talking, they notice Luz standing by the balcony and decide to give the two some privacy. Later, after Amity, Luz, Willow, Gus, and Hunter get caught by Odalia sneaking around Blight Industries, Amity shows great concern for the twins after they get captured.

Amity would not see the twins again until "For the Future", when she eventually comes to Hexside with her friends to hide from the Collector and his spies. Emira is the first one to see Amity and the duo happily hug each other, with Edric coming a while later, still in full body cast. He later explains that after Amity and Alador left the factory, he set off to find them, but was cornered by one of the Collector's spies. Emira then mentions that Edric fell into a well while he was running away, hence why he is badly injured. Feeling touched, Amity and her siblings proceed to have a group hug together.

Luz Noceda

Luz, I know things are scary, and I don't know what the future holds. But it would be so cool if you were a part of that. But no more hiding, okay?
—Amity comforted Luz before returning to the Demon Realm, "Thanks to Them"
S01E05 Covention (653)

Luz showing Amity a light glyph she just made.

Amity and Luz have a complicated relationship that progresses over the series. Amity originally encounters Luz when she poses as Willow's abomination, stealing her "top student" title. Suspicious of Luz, Amity attempts to expose her to the point of convincing Principal Bump to dissect her. Since then, the two were almost always at odds due to Amity's snobbish behavior, despite Luz's attempts to make amends. Like many witches, Amity underestimates humans, believing they are incapable of performing magic until Luz shows her an alternative method of spell casting. It is shown in "Lost in Language" that Amity had been trying to figure Luz out, whether she was a poser, a nerd, or at worst, a bully. After Luz apologizes for reading her diary and lets her borrow her fifth Azura book, Amity seems to acknowledge her attitude towards Luz beforehand and at least promises to think on her behavior. In "Adventures in the Elements", she and Luz become good friends as they team together to save Eda and the twins from the slitherbeast, however, she sternly berates Luz for causing the situation and traps her in a pink cage so she doesn't get hurt. She is shocked when she later escapes, but together, they deal with the slitherbeast and free Eda, Edric, and Emira. Amity is happy that she and Luz might be going to Hexside together after all, and blushes when Luz brings up the prospect of a book club, asking for it to be a secret.

In "The First Day", Amity has found a fondness for Luz, as she was the first to welcome her on her first day of attending Hexside. She even gave Luz a high five, showing she's opened up to her. Later, she questions if things will be the same now that they attend the same school together.

In the episode "Understanding Willow", a more irrational side of Amity is shown as she tries to cover up the fact that she and Willow were ever friends, but accidentally ends up almost erasing all of Willow's memories. With Luz's help, Amity corrects her mistake and is able to start being friends with Willow again. Throughout the ordeal, Luz affirms that she is helping her, and Amity greatly appreciates both the help and emotional support. Twice, Amity blushes when around Luz, the second time while being hugged, hinting that she had already started to develop a crush on her.

Enchanting Grom Fright - 1432

Luz and Amity about to fight Grom.

In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity expresses to Luz her anxiousness about being selected as Grom Queen, stating that whoever is selected has to defeat Grometheus the Fear Bringer, a monster sealed away beneath Hexside that feeds off of the fear of everyone in the Boiling Isles. Amity says that her worst fear is too embarrassing and doesn't want it to get out. Later, when Luz decides to take Amity's place as Grom Queen, Amity, along with Edric and Emira, helps train her to face Grom by having her face her fears beforehand. At the dance, Amity expresses her gratitude towards Luz taking her place, stating that she admires Luz's bravery, unlike herself, who wasn't brave enough to do what Luz was about to do. Later, when Grom (in the form of Luz's mother) corners Luz by a cliff, Amity steps in, apologizing to her for putting her in that situation. When Grom gets a hold of Amity, it transforms into a humanoid form and takes a piece of paper that she had with her, ripping it in half. Luz picks up one of the halves and sees that it is a note that Amity was going to use to ask someone to the dance, showing that Amity's greatest fear is being rejected. Luz then offers to go to the dance with her since they are friends. They then defeat Grom through a series of spells cast through a dance routine. Afterwards, Luz asks Amity about the note, but Amity tells Luz that "it's not important" and throws the other half of the note. The half tossed aside shows that the note was meant for Luz, revealing that Amity has a crush on her.

In "Wing it Like Witches", Amity's feelings for Luz seem to have grown deeper since Grom, as she becomes very nervous and flustered. When Luz asks Amity if she wants to help her defeat Boscha at grudgby, Amity panics, picturing Luz and her on the same team, and in cute uniforms sweating, causing her entire face to turn dark pink and for her to run off. Later, when Luz is willing to accept defeat to Boscha, Amity convinces Willow and Gus to back her up, admitting that she loves how stupid Luz can be and thinks that her reliance on her friends is sweet (though she attempts to go back on her admissions in embarrassment, to the suspicion of Willow and the confusion of Gus). Later, Amity joins Luz and Willow in a grudgby match against Boscha; she then openly dismisses the latter's opinion that she destroyed her social life and remarks that she has in fact made it better. During the game, Amity injures her leg, and gets incredibly flustered by Luz's offer to carry her, followed by her actually doing so; in the end, she visits the Owl House after getting medical attention and is welcomed by Luz, Willow, Gus, Eda, King, and Hooty.

In "Escaping Expulsion", it is shown that Amity keeps the picture of her, Luz, Willow, and Gus at Grom with her, showing how fond she has become of them, and she tears apart the Abomaton before it can step on the photo. The next day, Amity is shown to be less nervous around Luz compared to their previous interactions, but she is still seen blushing when she gives Luz a fairy pie she made as a gift to welcome her back after the petrification incident. When Alador and Odalia force Principal Bump to expel Luz, Willow, and Gus, Amity tries to speak out against it, but is forced to stand down by her mother. Later, Amity bumps into Luz outside of Hexside, apologizing for not speaking up against her parents. While Luz understands Amity's fear of her mom, she still asks her to take her to Odalia so that they can work out a deal to get back into Hexside. However, Amity doesn't have the courage to stand up to her mother, and leaves Luz alone. When Amity returns home and realizes that Odalia is making Luz help out with the demonstration of Blight Industries' new abomination products, she immediately asks Willow and Gus for help, and they go to the demonstration to save Luz. When Amity sees Luz going up against the Abomaton 2.0, she hurries to her rescue. Just as the Abomaton is about to finish Luz off, Amity steps in to protect her, telling it to stay away from "my Luz". She holds down the Abomaton, ignoring her mother's orders, crushing her necklace with her hand. After asking Luz if she's okay, An angered Amity finally stands up to her parents, telling them how much Luz, Willow, and Gus mean to her. Luz and Amity then team up back-to-back, momentarily blushing at being so close to each other. Angered, Amity then threatens to tear the Abomaton apart unless Odalia agrees to let her friends back into Hexside. Odalia reluctantly agrees, and Amity and Luz pretend to get knocked out when the Abomaton strikes them with a giant, hollow hammer, allowing the presentation to conclude.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", when Luz goes to the library in order to do research on making a new portal to the Human Realm, Amity helps her get into the Forbidden Stacks in order to find Philip Wittebane's diary. Although Luz is hesitant to do so since it would be risking Amity's job at the library, Amity still insists on moving forward, especially after Luz brings up the idea of showing her around the Human Realm. Later, after the two of them get caught by Malphas, who fires Amity. She is visibly upset, admits that everything has changed since Luz came to the Boiling Isles and that being around Luz makes her do stupid things and that she wishes that it didn't. When she sees that Luz is just as upset while admitting that she does stupid things around Amity as well, Amity heads back home. Later, when Luz arrives at Blight Manor to tell Amity that she got her job back, Amity is shown to be touched by the gesture and tells Luz — who was holding the Echo Mouse that ate the diary — that she always has a way of sneaking into people's hearts. She then gives Luz a kiss on the cheek before pulling back, realizing what she just did. While Luz looks stunned, Amity becomes flustered and bids Luz farewell before going back inside, repeatedly asking herself why she just did that. In "Hunting Palismen", it is revealed that Amity had stayed home from school in order to avoid Luz.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 988

Amity and Luz nervously holding hands after becoming a couple.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Luz finds Amity in the basement of the Owl House after being kidnapped by Hooty. Amity, not wanting to risk her friendship with Luz, asks if they can forget about the Kiss at Blight Manor. Upon finding themselves in the Tunnel of Love that Hooty had set up for them, Amity believes that Luz did it for her and starts blushing. However, when Luz starts destroying the tunnel out of embarrassment, Amity becomes upset, believing that it meant that Luz wasn't interested in her. Afterwards, when Luz admits that the whole thing was stupid, Amity sadly believes that she meant that the idea of them dating was stupid. Later, when Eda and King manage to get an upset Hooty away long enough for the two of them to be alone, Luz tells Amity that she had been wanting the perfect situation to ask Amity something and that Amity would be too cool for the Tunnel of Love. Amity, realizing that it wasn't Luz trying to reject her, admits that she's not as cool as Luz thinks. Luz then tells Amity that even though her life is hectic at the moment, and she doesn't know what the future might hold, she thinks it'll be cool if Amity was part of her future. Luz then builds up the courage to say the next thing, but Amity gets too excited and asks her out first. Luz is slightly disappointed that she built up the courage for nothing, prompting Amity to awkwardly allow her to speak. Luz then asks her out, which Amity happily accepts. Unsure what to do then, they hold hands, and comment on how scary the situation still feels.

In "Eclipse Lake", Amity tries to prove that she's an "awesome girlfriend" by taking care of Luz after she becomes sick with the Common Mold. She is especially worried since, while the illness is normally harmless, they have no idea how it will affect a human like Luz. When Eda and King set off for Eclipse Lake in order to obtain Titan's Blood for the portal, Amity immediately volunteers to go as well, still wanting to prove herself to Luz. Later, after Amity, Eda, and King capture the Golden Guard, Amity becomes protective after Hunter starts to make a threat about what would happen if he ever sees Luz again. Later, when Luz sends messages to Amity on a game device that consists of a series of symbols, Amity becomes worried when Hunter interprets the messages to mean that if Amity returns without the Titan's Blood, then she and Luz are through. When Amity rebuts this by saying that she's an "awesome girlfriend", Hunter asks if Luz herself has actually said that, causing Amity to become even more worried. Later, when King turns the game device on its side to show that Luz was using the symbols as letters, the messages show how much Luz cares about Amity and her concern regarding Amity's safety on the mission, much to Amity's relief. Afterwards, when Amity and Hunter are fighting over the portal key, Amity regretfully hands the key over — but not before breaking it so that she would catch some Titan's Blood on her glove — after Hunter threatens to go after it later since the Emperor's Coven knows where the Owl House is, which would likely put Luz in danger. Later, when Amity, Eda, and King return to the Owl House, Amity is immediately greeted by Luz, who is relieved that her "awesome girlfriend" is okay, with Amity sharing the same sentiment.

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", it is revealed that Amity had been using a Spanish cookbook that she had gotten from Gus to try and learn Spanish for Luz, even referring to Luz as her "batata", which is Spanish for "sweet potato". However, she becomes suspicious when Luz avoids her, Willow, and Gus' questions about the attempt to make a portal to the Human Realm, as well as when she sees that there's a video on Luz's phone after Luz accidentally leaves it behind at school. However, when explaining the situation to Willow, she mentions that while she could watch the video to get answers, she doesn't want to invade Luz's privacy. Later, when Luz pretends to kidnap Kikimora during the parade, Amity recognizes Luz's plan right away from book five of the Good Witch Azura series, and rescues them from Terra Snapdragon, not wanting Luz to be sent to the Conformatorium again. Once Kikimora double-crosses them later, Luz and Amity fight her off together, combining their magic for a series of combination attacks, until Terra interrupts the fight. Afterwards, Amity calmly asks Luz about the video, saying that while she hadn't watched it, she was able to work out that Luz was able to make a portal and that the reunion with her mom didn't go well. Amity then tells Luz that while she's fine taking things one day at a time, she can't help if she doesn't know what's going on, and after some encouragement from Amity, Luz opens up to her about what happened. Later, after Belos gives his speech, Amity becomes worried and starts asking Luz about what's coming. Luz tells her that while she's not sure, they'll take it one day at a time.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", Amity becomes excited upon hearing that the author of the Good Witch Azura series, Mildred Featherwhyle, is doing a book signing in town, and goes to tell Luz. However, Luz is skeptical at first, believing that Mildred is a human. When she and Amity compare the pictures of Mildred in their respective books and notice the differences, they start to wonder if Mildred can travel between realms, and excitedly go into town to get answers. On the way, the two discuss theories as to who Mildred really is and how she's able to travel between realms, with Luz being hopeful that she can find a way back to the Human Realm. When they arrive at the bookstore, they become disappointed when the event gets canceled. However, when they spot a hooded figure that they think is Mildred, they chase after them in order to get answers. After a long chase, the figure is revealed to be Tinella Nosa in disguise, and it was part of a scam set up by Tibbles which involved trying to sell the books by having Mattholomule edit the author's photo so that she would look like a witch. However, the scam fell through when it turned out that Amity was the only customer buying the books. While the two are initially disappointed, Amity later says that she had fun coming up with their own theories, and Luz decides to have their Azura Book Club also be a writing club.

Reaching Out - 1072

Luz telling Amity about her father who has passed away.

In "Reaching Out", a frustrated Amity goes to the Owl House after a talk with her dad, due to her wanting to compete in the Bonesborough Brawl instead of going to coven tryouts. When Luz decides to help by encouraging her to compete in the brawl, Amity is initially surprised, but ultimately decides to compete. Later, when Luz decides to enter the brawl as well, telling Amity and her siblings that it would be a good way to help by eliminating more contestants so that Amity would have a better chance of winning, Amity asks if she's alright, having heard from Eda that it's a special day for her. However, Luz just brushes it off, saying that she wants to support her. Later, when the abomaton returns from an errand Amity sent it on, she asks Luz if she touched it, mentioning that her dad filled it with alarms, with Luz telling her that she didn't. Later, when Alador arrives and reveals that the alarm on the abomaton had been set off, Luz starts acting nervous when Amity becomes worried upon finding out that she had lied to her and had been acting weird all day. Amity then runs off after getting upset at both her father and Luz. Amity heads for the Grom tree, with Luz finding her soon after. Amity vents to Luz about how much the brawl meant to her and how complicated it got when Luz entered, noting her strange behavior all day. When Amity asks if it has something to do with the human realm, Luz reveals that it's the anniversary of the day her dad died. Luz tries brushing it off, saying that it's no excuse for how she acted and that it happened a while ago. However, Amity is shocked that she was hiding something so important, which Luz notices and immediately breaks the facade. Luz talks about how her dad would bring flowers for her and her mom on their birthdays, and that after he passed, she and her mom would pick flowers for each other instead, followed by visiting her dad's grave, and spending the day together. She then notes that it is the first year she's not with her mom and admits to being jealous or needing a distraction when Amity mentioned the problems with her dad. Luz apologizes, with Amity having a heartbroken expression on her face. Immediately after, they hear some screaming in the distance. Amity starts to run towards it, but Luz finds herself unable to move and tells Amity she'll catch up. Before running off, Amity, now determined to cheer Luz up, says she'll help her pick some flowers and they can do something there. Afterwards, Luz, now determined to stop a rampaging Warden Wrath, thanks Amity for listening and tells her that she looks forward to picking flowers with her. Later, Amity finds Luz on a cliff picking flowers. She asks her if she had found any good ones, to which she replies that she hasn't, and Amity attempts to conjure up some with a plant glyph drawn in the ground, which doesn't work. Luz explains to her how to make it fulfill what the user wants, drawing a proper one on the ground and summoning much prettier flowers. Amity then forms a balloon with abomination goo, and Luz ties the flowers around the string, letting them fly away with the balloon in the wind. Amity wonders if they'll reach the Human Realm, and while Luz is doubtful, she remarks that it's something nice to think about. In "Labyrinth Runners", Amity is telling Willow and Gus about the rushed texts that Luz sent, some referring to the events of "Hollow Mind", and saying to now "scare him away", with 'him' being Hunter. Gus asks what all the additional hearts are for, and Amity replies that they are just for her.

Luz and Amity kiss

Amity kissing Luz on the lips for the first time.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", after Amity and the twins get caught sneaking around Blight Industries by their mom, she sends a message to Luz saying that she's been grounded and that she needs her to come right away. However, Odalia breaks the game device, breaking off any means of contact with Luz. Later in her room, Amity desperately tries to repair the device so she can get a message out to Luz, becoming increasingly worried with the Day of Unity fast approaching and no one listening to them about the incoming danger. When Emira asks what Luz would say to her right then, Amity starts gaining back her resolve by noting the words of encouragement Luz would probably use as well as her determination to not let the world end before the two of them can go on a proper date. Amity then hears Luz's voice coming from the balcony, and turns to see her and that she heard everything, while also agreeing that she would probably say everything that was just mentioned.

The two happily embrace after having spent so much time apart under the circumstances at the time, with Luz promising to take Amity out on a real date afterward. This leads to the two sharing their first kiss on the lips, with Amity getting flustered about initiating it while Luz gets flustered that her reaction was "oh, crikey". Afterwards, Amity expresses her worry about her parents not knowing about the draining spell, with Luz assuring her that she, along with King, Willow, Gus, and Hunter, will help warn them. She later becomes enraged with Odalia for hushing Luz as well as telling her that she can get a new girlfriend that's not on any wanted posters. Afterwards, when the group prepares to rescue "Hunter" after being taken by Kikimora, Amity immediately starts worrying when it's revealed that the "Luz" that was with them was actually Hunter disguised using an illusion by Gus, and that the real Luz is being taken to Belos.

In "King's Tide", Amity is shown to become increasingly worried about Luz while the group is on the airship, contributing to everyone becoming stressed and at each other's throats. Later, when the group starts running to the portal door as the Collector starts destroying the Head of the Titan, Amity tearfully asks Luz to stay with them, worried that she won't make it if she tries to go back for Eda and the others. Not too long after, Amity, Luz, Willow, Gus, and Hunter are pushed through the portal by King's sonic shout.

While at the Human Realm, Luz created a video to come out to Camila, and introduces Amity as her girlfriend to Camila, to which her mum happily accepts. In the few months while staying at the Human Realm, Luz fulfills her promise and takes Amity out on several dates, as seen in photos inside Willow's scrapbook. Later, Amity goes back to the Demon Realm along with Luz, Camila, Willow, Gus, and Hunter in order to defeat Belos.

Once back at the Demon Realm, the sextet go to the Owl House and stay there temporarily. Amity finds a dejected Luz who wonders why her palisman egg isn't hatching, and after being asked, she proceeds to tell Luz about how she connected with her palisman, Ghost. Amity, Luz, and the rest are later brought back to Hexside by Mattholomule, Skara, and Barcus. At one point, Amity questions Luz hopefully if they will be together to figure everything out. Feeling guilty, Luz tries to tell Amity about her plan to stay in the Human Realm forever, but is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Kikimora before she can do so. When Stringbean hatched, Amity was seen being happy for Luz.

Watching and Dreaming - 4797

Amity and Luz sharing their second kiss upon reuniting after Belos' defeat.

Not long after this, during the group’s final confrontations against the Collector and Belos, Amity remained deeply protective of Luz and attempted to guard her before being collected alongside their friends. Following this, Amity was sadly controlled into attacking Luz inside the Collector’s dream world, while being forced to angrily blame her beloved girlfriend for all the misfortunes that had befallen the Boiling Isles and its people, much to the latter’s distress. Fortunately, Amity was soon snapped out of her puppet trance, which was implied to have been because of her own willpower and refusal to hurt Luz, and tearfully encouraged her not to give up before handing her a light glyph to help her escape the dream world.

Soon after, when she and the others were restored to their original forms, Amity became deeply worried for Luz during her final struggle against Belos, being driven to the point of tears out of fear that something terrible had happened to her, before being comforted by Camila, who reassured her that Luz would be fine. This faith in her girlfriend would be validated when the two girls, to their mutual relief in each other’s safety, were joyfully reunited at the Owl House following Belos’ final defeat, during which they shared an affectionate hug, before sharing a passionate kiss once more as they celebrated the end of Belos’ tyranny for good.

Over the following four years, Amity and Luz have continued their relationship, having gone on numerous dates in both the Human and Demon Realms. Additionally, Amity also attended and helped organize her girlfriend's belated "King-ceañera" in honor of everything Luz had done for her and the everyone else on the Boiling Isles, with two standing side by side during the celebrations.


For the Future - 1018

Ghost rubbing her head against Amity's face.

Ghost is Amity's palisman in the form of a white cat, whom she acquired sometime prior to "Eclipse Lake". Like most witches with their palismen, Amity possesses a very close bond with Ghost, being very affectionate and playful towards her. Much like that of an owner of a regular cat, Amity will often express her fondness for Ghost by affectionately scratching under her chin or petting her down the back. Ghost, in turn, is extremely loyal to Amity, always willing to help her in her tasks and aid her in battle. Amity has also been shown to have no issue with Ghost occasionally riding on her shoulders or hiding under her clothing when needing to keep out of sight. In addition, Ghost also serves as an important source of comfort for Amity during tense or stressing situations, being one of the few individuals capable of soothing Amity's anger and helping her calm down when she's upset.

In "For the Future", Amity reveals that she connected with Ghost after finally stating her deepest wish: to be able to choose the path herself when she grows up.

Willow Park

Labyrinth Runners - 1626

Amity and Willow after taking down the coven scouts in "Labyrinth Runners".

Willow was formerly Amity's friend until Amity stopped hanging out with her when she received her witch powers before her. Due to this strained relationship, Amity would often mock Willow and leave her seething in anger. This relationship strained even further when Willow was revealed to have cheated in abomination class.

In "Understanding Willow", Amity accidentally erases some of Willow's memories when she tries to burn a picture of the day she severed her friendship with Willow. Eda then sends her and Luz into Willow's mind in order to repair the damage. Later, Inner Willow tries to destroy Amity for damaging the memories and for hurting Willow in the first place. She then shows Amity and Luz what happened the day Amity let her go as a friend, while also noting that she let her new friends pick on Willow after that. Amity then reveals that the reason she ended their friendship was that her parents made her do it in favor of those from affluent families. She was against the idea, stating that the other kids were mean, to which her parents threatened to ruin Willow's future by never allowing her into Hexside unless Amity broke their friendship herself. She tells Inner Willow that she was always good enough and that while she can't take back what she did, she would stop her other friends from picking on Willow. After this, Inner Willow allows Amity and Luz to fix the rest of the memories, and Eda brings them back. Willow tells Amity that she remembers what Amity did that day as well as what she did to her memories. She says that while they still aren't friends, she is willing to try if Amity is too.

In "Wing it Like Witches", Amity stands up for Willow when Boscha starts picking on her at school. By the end of the episode, she all but renounces her former ties with Boscha and stands openly committed to her restored friendship with Willow, declaring that she "made [her social life] better". When Amity visits the Owl House after getting her injured leg bandaged, Willow greets her warmly with everybody else. Willow, along with Gus, later helps Amity rescue Luz in "Escaping Expulsion".

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", Amity decides to visit Willow in order to ask for advice. While there's initially some awkwardness shown between them, Amity opens up to her about how she thinks that Luz is keeping something from her about the portal, and how she's feeling conflicted between wanting to watch the video on Luz's phone in order to learn the truth and wanting to respect Luz's privacy. When Willow offers to give her advice in exchange for Amity braiding her hair, Amity expresses how glad she is that the two of them can actually start to be friends again.

In "Labyrinth Runners", Amity is shown to still be getting used to being friends with Willow again, wanting to make up for not protecting her over the years. However, she seems to be unaware of just how strong Willow has become, resulting in her unintentionally coming off as condescending, such as when Willow didn't want to capture a coven scout at the Owl House at the risk of bringing more attention to Luz and Eda, with Amity initially believing it was because she wouldn't be able to go up against one. Another instance happens later in the illusion that Gus casts over Hexside; when a scout attempts to use a sneak attack on Willow, she handles them without issue, but Amity calls it a lucky shot. This comes to a boiling point when both their attempts to stop the Guard Captain cancel each other out, with Willow becoming frustrated with Amity's constant attempts to protect her. When Amity tells Willow that she's doing it because she just got her back as a friend, Willow says that she wants Amity to see her for who she really is.

Amity seems to take this to heart, as when Bump and the other students prepare to rescue Gus, Amity assures them that Willow should have no problem taking care of the guards, with Willow shown to be appreciative of her trust and allowing Amity to help her. During the fight, the two are shown working together to take on the Guard Captain as well as an abomaton.

Gus Porter

Escaping Expulsion - Gus and Amity

Amity and Gus coming to inform Willow that Luz is in trouble.

Gus and Amity used to be enemies, but after Willow patched things up with Amity, he doesn't consider her a rival anymore. There's not much interaction between the two, but as of "Wing it Like Witches", the two are now friends. Gus and Willow later help Amity rescue Luz in "Escaping Expulsion" and listen to her instructions while helping Luz in "Eclipse Lake".

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", it's revealed that Gus gave Amity a Spanish cookbook so that she could try and learn Spanish for Luz.

Eda Clawthorne

Eclipse Lake - 104

Amity getting frustrated at Eda's nonchalant attitude about Luz's sickness.

Amity and Eda do not interact much, but Amity is well aware of how eccentric Eda can be, such as in "Adventures in the Elements", when Amity notes her methods of training Luz during their time at the Knee. However, she is also aware of how skilled Eda is as well, as seen when she and her siblings allow Eda to demonstrate the sleeping spell on the slitherbeast.

In "Understanding Willow", Eda is rather blunt when mentioning that messing with Willow's memories was irresponsible and a blatant disregard for Willow's safety, with Amity shown feeling guilty about the whole affair.

In "Enchanting Grom Fright", after Grom escapes and starts chasing after Luz, Amity and Eda share a look, knowing that they have to protect Luz no matter what.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", upon finding out that Luz wanted to ask Amity out, Eda helps by getting an upset Hooty away long enough for the two of them to talk, showing her support for their relationship.

In "Eclipse Lake", Amity is concerned when Eda doesn't take Luz getting sick with the Common Mold as seriously, with Eda getting annoyed at Amity's constant efforts to try and prove herself for Luz, referring to her as "Bossy Boots" or just "Boots". While searching for Eclipse Lake at the Knee, Amity seems to be indifferent to Eda and King's antics for the most part, but decides to take matters into her own hands while they are planning an overly elaborate distraction. Later, when Amity gets thrown down a ravine by a scout captain, Eda saves her by grabbing her collar, stopping her fall. After escaping, Eda also buys Amity and King time to get to Eclipse Lake by fighting the scout captain solo. After Amity is forced to hand over the portal key to Hunter, Eda heads back home with her and King, thinking the day has been a disaster; however, Amity shows her the Titan Blood on her glove, revealing that she broke the key and absorbed some of the leaked blood with her glove.

Lilith Clawthorne

Lilith and Amity S3 EP03

Lilith and Amity hugging upon seeing each other in "Watching and Dreaming", showing they have finally buried the hatchet.

Lilith was Amity's teacher and mentor. Although she looks up to and obeys Lilith, their relationship is not that close, as they view each other as tools to obtain their own goals. When she found out that Lilith used her to cheat, Amity was shocked that she gave her an advantage in the duel against Luz without her knowledge, thus making it look like she cheated and put her future of being in the Emperor's Coven at risk. Due to this, Amity has lost her respect for Lilith.[14]

After seeing Lilith's puppet in the archives, Amity is surprised to see her. Four years after defeating Belos, the two have mended their relationship, hugging upon seeing each other. According to Dana in a livestream, the duo are working together on the museum along with Hooty to show Flora up, who is still rivals with Lilith.


For the Future - 3321

Boscha refusing to let Amity walk away by hugging her tight.

Boscha is Amity's former "friend", who assisted in her bullying Luz, Gus, and Willow.

In "Understanding Willow", it is revealed that Amity was only friends with Boscha because their parents are acquaintances, with a young Amity declaring she never liked Boscha from the start.

In "Wing It Like Witches", she decides to cut ties with Boscha and side with Luz and Willow. Because of this, Boscha believes she has gone soft. After Amity stands with Luz and Willow against her in a grudgby game, Boscha tells her "[she's] just destroyed her social life". However, Amity rebuffs this, claiming instead that she's made it better, suggesting that she's decided she's better off with Luz and Willow and without Boscha.

The duo did not have any other direct interactions with each other until "For the Future", when it is revealed that Boscha has become the student body president of Hexside amid the chaos, and is being advised by "Miki", who is really Kikimora in disguise. When Kikimora attempts to fire her cannon at Luz later, Amity tries to talk some sense into Boscha, telling her this is too much, even for her, but Boscha turns around and walks away. Later, when Amity and Mattholomule try to find their way out of the Detention Pit, Boscha stops them in their tracks and confronts Amity. She then kneels before Amity and begs her to come back, saying that all the others are gone, but that she and Amity can still rule Hexside together. Disgusted, Amity rejects this and walks away, but Boscha then hugs her from behind, trying to stop her from leaving. Mattholomule then distracts Boscha and runs away with Amity; Boscha manages to catch up and grabs Amity, who turns out to be Mattholomule in disguise using Illusion tricks. The real Amity then shows up behind Boscha, and tells her she cannot be who she wants to be, begging Boscha to save her teammates together instead. Boscha eventually relents, and works with others from Hexside to try and stop Kikimora.


Understanding Willow 1

Skara handing out her birthday invites to Boscha and Amity.

Skara is another "friend" of Amity. Skara seems to be fond of Amity and is somewhat nicer than Boscha despite the feeling not being mutual. When Skara asked Amity about her history with Willow in "Understanding Willow", Amity threatened to end her friendship with both her and Boscha if they kept pressing the issue, suggesting she simply doesn't care about them. It is later revealed that, like Boscha, Skara is only friends with Amity because their parents work with each other, and Amity never really liked her from the beginning. While not explicitly shown, it could be assumed that she severed her relationship with Skara after cutting ties with Boscha, but both do not appear to be enemies. As Skara was last seen attending Luz's belated quinceañera in the epilogue, this could suggest they're all on friendly terms.


Eclipse Lake - 834

King rotating Amity's device 90° clockwise so that she can understand Luz's messages.

The first time Amity met King during "Covention", she acted coldly towards him, likely because of her disdain towards Luz, who King was friends with. This is best shown when she purposefully steps on his cupcake, while playing it off as an accident. While they haven't had much interaction since then, it is possible that King had moved past it by the time Amity starts befriending Luz, as he doesn't show any signs of hostility towards her regarding the event.

In "Eclipse Lake", King notes the change in Amity's nature compared to her first meeting with Luz when she nearly had Principal Bump dissect Luz. During the journey to Eclipse Lake, he, like Eda, is shown to be annoyed by Amity's constant attempts to prove herself to Luz. Later, when Amity is shown worrying about the messages that Luz had been sending her that day, King turns the game device on its side to show Amity that the messages aren't as threatening as she and Hunter had made them out to be. Later, upon returning to the Owl House, King becomes jealous of Amity when Luz hugs her first, calling her a swindler and a thief, but later regrets this when Luz hugs him.


Eclipse Lake - 065

Amity giving Hooty orders to clean up the glass shards.

Like most guests and residents of the Owl House, Amity finds Hooty annoying, going as far as threatening to destroy him if he ever talked to her again. Sure enough, Hooty disregarded the threat and Amity kept her word, prompting her to viciously beat him up badly enough to have him wear an eye patch. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", after Hooty kidnaps Amity and brings her to the basement of the Owl House, Amity seems to be more confused about the situation than upset with Hooty himself, as well as flustered since it's her first interaction with Luz since the kiss at Blight Manor.

In "Eclipse Lake", they seem to be on better terms as Amity checks in on his progress on upgrading the house's defenses, while showing no signs of hostility towards him. Although the two of them are much more amicable than before, Amity is still unnerved by him, shown when she cringed upon seeing Hooty hugging Lilith shortly after their reunion.


Hunter and Amity S2 EP09

Amity stopping Hunter from grabbing the portal key in "Eclipse Lake".

Amity initially held Hunter with great suspicion and animosity. She first meets Hunter when she, Eda, and King travel to the Knee to find the Titan's Blood at Eclipse Lake. Upon Eda pointing out that he's the Golden Guard, Amity notes how scrawny he is, much to Hunter's annoyance. Still, she has Hunter under tied up in abomination goo and under constant surveillance while on their way to the lake, not trusting him, as well as acting hostile when Hunter starts to threaten to harm Luz the next time he sees her. When Hunter suggests that he and Amity split the Titan's Blood, Amity shoots down the idea, telling him that they aren't a team. Shortly after, when Amity gets some messages from Luz on her game device, Hunter interprets the messages to mean that if Amity doesn't return with the blood, she and Luz are through. While Amity initially rebuts the interpretation by claiming to be an "awesome girlfriend", it starts to get to her when Hunter asks if Luz herself ever actually said that, as well as when he points out that they both have a lot to prove for themselves and cannot afford to fail, because there is nothing worse than disappointing the people close to them.

Later, when Kikimora starts to catch up to them, Hunter pleads with Amity to let him go so that he doesn't get caught. Amity reluctantly does so, but is then tripped up by Hunter, who then goes after the Titan's Blood for himself. Later, when Amity and King find Hunter at Eclipse Lake in a state of despair due to the lake being dried up, Amity tells him that he was right about them having so much in common. She grew up thinking everything was an opportunity to justify existing. But now, she has seen there are people out there who will not make oneself feel worthless, and all he has to do is let himself meet them. However, when Hunter sees the portal key around Amity's neck, he immediately tries to attack her in order to get the key, which has Titan's Blood inside of it. After an intense fight, they come to a standstill, with Hunter telling Amity that even if she escapes with the key, the Emperor's Coven still knows where to find her and Luz. Realizing that this would put Luz in danger, Amity reluctantly hands the key over to Hunter, asking that he stay away from Luz. But not before breaking the key so that she could absorb some of the blood inside with her glove. Satisfied, Hunter leaves with the key, thanking Amity for cooperating.

In "Labyrinth Runners", while they have no direct interaction, Amity, like the other students and staff, was likely initially skeptical of Hunter being at Hexside after Adrian Graye and the Emperor's Coven came to the school in order to forcefully brand the students with coven sigils. However, after Willow vouches for him upon hearing about the breathing technique Gus taught him, Amity doesn't object to him helping to save Gus and take back the school. Later, Amity, like the others, starts to become worried when Hunter starts to tell them the truth about the Day of Unity. At this point and beyond, Amity shows no signs of hostility towards Hunter.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", the two work alongside Luz, King, Willow, and Gus to try and warn the Blight parents about the draining spell. When 'Hunter' (really Luz in disguise) was taken by Kikimora, Amity was seen to be saddened that he was captured. She also aided Willow in her fast attempt to rescue him and even acknowledged to Alador that they will all go after him.

In "Thanks to Them", it is implied their relationship had improved as not only did they spend months together in the human realm, but both of them acknowledge each other by their first names. Amity was also worried about Hunter's well being after Belos was done possessing him.

Camila Noceda

Thanks to Them - 380

Camila hugging Amity with Luz.

Amity learned about Camila through Luz's occasional reminiscing of the times she and her mother shared together prior to coming to the Isles. While not knowing much about Camila, Amity recognized how much Camila meant to Luz and sought to understand more about her. In "Follies at the Coven's Day Parade", Amity asked Luz to share what happened between her and her mother. In "Reaching Out", Amity sympathized with Luz and Camila mending their relationship in a similar vein to mending her relationship with Alador. Amity has also implied that she wished to introduce herself to Camila eventually.

In "King's Tide", Luz finally introduced Amity to Camila, with the latter taking her in along with Willow, Gus, and Hunter during their time trapped in the Human Realm following the Collector's conquest of the Isles. During this time, Amity developed a friendly relationship with Camila as she sheltered and cared for the young witches inside the Noceda residence. It was also during this time that Luz and Amity revealed their relationship to Camila, who was overjoyed and fully supportive of it, happily embracing both in a warm hug immediately after hearing the news. Like with the others and Vee, Camila serves as a mother figure for Amity, especially following her bitter disownment of her actual mother, and is forever thankful for all the kindness and care she has shown them.

Emperor Belos

Amity vs Belos (King's Tide)

Amity fighting Belos in the Titan's Skull.

Like most witches on the Boiling Isles, Amity initially held Belos in high regard in his role as emperor of the Isles, with it originally having been her goal to serve him within the ranks of the Emperor's Coven. After befriending Luz, however, Amity's admiration for Belos began to waver as she became more independent from her parents' control. During the announcement of Eda's petrification, Amity was visibly shocked by the Emperor's decree, though she was unable to do anything due to her leg injury at the time. After she and Luz started dating, Amity's respect for Belos had declined to the point where she no longer wished to join his coven, having only wanted to initially because her mother had been pressuring her into doing so. In addition, Amity also became willing to defy Belos' will by fighting against members of the Emperor's Coven, first at Eclipse Lake and later at Hexside, showing that she had come to see him as an enemy. Despite this, she remained deeply weary of Belos due to his power and authority, and was very fearful when it became apparent he was planning something sinister for the Day of Unity.

After learning from Hunter of the Emperor's true nature as a witch hunter, along with his plans of genocide on the Day of Unity, Amity came to deeply despise Belos and was determined to defeat him. This led to her joining the resistance's efforts to thwart his plans, with Amity twice fighting alongside her friends against Belos, first in the Titan's Skull and months later in the Human Realm, though Belos was able to overpower them in both encounters. Despite this, Amity remained undeterred in her determination to defeat Belos and joined her friends in following him back to the Demon Realm to stop him once and for all, and visibly disgusted when Belos tried to bring Amity and the rest of her friends against Luz by telling them how she naively helped him achieve power. Though she did not participate in the final battle against him, Amity was relieved when Belos was finally defeated, and celebrated alongside her friends following the battle.

The Collector

Watching and Dreaming - 4248

Amity compassionately offering her hand in assistance to the Collector.

Amity first encountered the Collector on the Day of Unity while she and her friends were fighting Emperor Belos. Though the Collector saved them from being finished off by Belos, Amity deeply feared their godlike powers and seemingly malevolent nature, and came to regard them as an extremely dangerous enemy after they took control of the Isles and forced her and her friends to flee to the Human Realm. Following this, Amity became determined to end the threat that he posed and liberate the Isles from his control, joining her friends in attempting to defeat him and Belos upon their return to the Demon Realm, though this lead to them being easily captured and turned into puppets by the Collector when they tried to confront him. During this time, Amity was controlled by the Collector into tormenting and attacking Luz in the nightmare vision that he had placed her in, though she was eventually able to break free and restore herself along with the others.

Despite this cruel act, as well as all the harm they caused to both her home and loved ones, Amity's opinion of the Collector changed during the final battle against Belos. When the Archives start to collapse after Belos possessed the Titan's corpse, she is pleasantly surprised when she spots the Collector helping them and keeping the building from falling. Following Belos' defeat, Amity was the first among the group after Luz to show the Collector compassion and forgiveness when she offered the child assistance after he had collapsed from exhaustion, which left them deeply touched. Since then, Amity and the Collector have become good friends with each other. In line with her fondness for children, Amity has been shown to be doting towards the star child, treating him with compassion and patience, as shown during their conversation at the Owl House, with the Collector proudly showing off François to her shortly after King had gifted it to him. Over the next four years, the two remain on good terms, with Amity being among those watching the Collector's light show in celebration at Luz's belated quinceañera.


Amity met Vee when she, Luz, Willow, Gus, and Hunter were sent to the Human Realm through the portal after King sent them there in order to protect them from the Collector. During her time in the Human Realm, Amity hung out and spent time together with Vee along with the rest of the group. Later, Amity saved Vee from Belos.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Amity is highly skilled in magic and is recognized as being top of her class. Like all witches, her magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Abomination Magic: Amity is on the abomination track at Hexside where she has demonstrated high-level skills in the creation and control of abominations. In "Wing It Like Witches", Amity can cause giant hands made from Abomination clay to sprout from the ground and do her bidding.
      • Abomination Construct: Amity can shape abomination goo into any form she desires, such as a skateboard, fist gauntlet, or a rope.
    • Fire Magic: As of "Adventures in the Elements", Amity has learned to generate fireballs after training on the Knee. Initially, she needed a training wand to create fireballs but she has since learned to cast the spell on her own.
    • Disintegration Spell: Amity uses her magic to rip her drawing with Malingale into shreds in "Adventures in the Elements".
    • Barrier Cage: Amity can create a tall, circular cage that causes mild pain when touched.
    • Mystical projection: As shown in "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity can use magic to display images and historic events. The events shown will be presented in a style similar to medieval artwork.
    • Plant Magic: As shown in a flashback in "Wing It Like Witches", Amity can create the "Thorn Vault", a plant spell from the Azura book turned movie: The Field of Deadly Fates.
    • Disguised Voice: In "Reaching Out", it is shown that Amity can use her magic to disguise her voice to sound like her father's. However, her voice can still be heard underneath.
    • Earth Magic: When stranded in the Human Realm, Amity is shown utilizing earth—particularly mud—in place of Abomination goo.
  • Glyph Magic: While on Earth, Amity learned how to draw glyphs from Luz with little success and used them before then.
    • Invisibility: After learning Luz lied about messing with her Abomiton chaperone in "Reaching Out", Amity takes an invisibility glyph from Luz and runs away.
    • Plant Glyph: Also in "Reaching Out", Amity tried to create a flower with a vine glyph, but failed to draw it properly. In "Watching and Dreaming", she used the glyph multiple times to save Cat and to hold the Archive House together.
  • Grudgby: "Wing It Like Witches" reveals that Amity used to be the captain of Hexside's grudgby team.
  • Drawing: Amity tends to do secret drawings and conceals them in books, such as drawing herself with a Good Witch Azura character and a cartoon of herself in "Adventures in the Elements".
  • Dancing: While fighting Grom, Amity successfully performs a perfectly choreographed dance routine with Luz, additionally demonstrating a very strong capacity to improvise as this was not something that she had likely rehearsed before.
  • Baking: It is implied Amity knows how to bake, as evidenced by her gifting Luz a homemade fairy pie in "Escaping Expulsion".
  • Skateboarding: As shown in "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", Amity demonstrates proficiency in using a skateboard made from Abomination goo as a getaway device.
  • Engineering: After Belos is defeated, Amity becomes proficient in Abomination engineering.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name Amity is derived from the Old French word amitie. It also has its roots in Latin, meaning "friendship". Her surname, Blight, on the other hand, originates from the 16th century it is a word used to refer to something which causes frustration or destruction, originating as a term in botany for certain types of plant diseases or t can denote inflammation to the skin.


Amity is voiced by Mae Whitman.


Amity debuted in the episode, "I Was a Teenage Abomination".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Martina Panno
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Flora Paulita
Bulgaria Bulgarian Nadya Polyakova (Надя Полякова) She is also the voice actress for Gus and Lilith in Bulgarian.
Czech Republic Czech Anežka Saicová
Germany German Malika Bayerwaltes
Denmark Danish Sofie Topp-Duus
Spain Spanish Alicia Valadés
France French Fanny Dreiss
Hungary Hungarian Gulás Fanni
Indonesia Indonesian Apriliana Suci Ariesta
Israel Hebrew Noa Kashpitzki (נועה קשפיצקי)
Italy Italian Lucrezia Marricchi
Japan Japanese Mikoto Nakai (中井 美琴)
South Korea Korean Won Esther (원에스더)
Netherlands Dutch Dominique de Bont
Norway Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Poland Polish Joanna Derengowska
Portugal Portuguese Adriana Moniz
Romania Romanian Cătălina Chirțan
Sweden Swedish Emelie Clausen
Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)
Turkey Turkish Melissa Melis Toklu


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  • Amity's Penstagram account is "WITCHCHICK128".[15]
    • The numbers 128 may be a reference to Dana Terrace's birthday, December 8th.
  • When flustered or angry, Amity's face tends to turn almost entirely red.
    • Amity shares this tendency with her father, Alador. Odalia acknowledges that this is a somewhat common occurrence for him.[16]
  • Amity tends to clutch the hem of her dress whenever she feels highly uncomfortable or embarrassed.[12][17][18]
  • In "Understanding Willow", it is shown that Amity's natural hair is brown.
    • This information was first revealed by Dana Terrace in a Reddit AMA, wherein Terrace stated that Amity shares her natural hair color with her father, but her mother forces her to dye it green because she likes her children "color-coordinated".[1] This was verified in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".
  • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity is revealed to be attracted to women, as in the same episode she is revealed to have a crush on Luz.[19][20]
    • In a Reddit AMA hosted by Dana, she confirmed that Amity is "intended to be a lesbian".[21]
    • Dana also revealed that Luz is Amity's first crush.[22]
  • During the series' early development, Amity had a different hairstyle which was reused for the unnamed cheerleader character seen in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" and "Thanks to Them".[23]
  • Amity is the only member of the Hexsquad to not replace her main casual outfit in "Clouds on the Horizon", thus making her the member who wears said outfit in Season 3 outside of photographs.

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