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Hey, hey. This job is all we have right now. So, I wanna see happy faces. Okay?
—Animal Control Leader, "Escape of the Palisman"

Animal Control (previously a group of eight Demon Hunters) are a group of three humanoids who are tasked with capturing and containing rampaging demonic beasts. They are all skilled in magic used for capturing animals.


According to Eda, they are dangerous nomads who capture and sell the most powerful beasts. Later, the group successfully capture the animated Owl House, with the leader intending to sell Hooty to restaurants as "exotic meat". One of the members, Tom, pushes Luz, Willow, and Gus off a cliff, but they manage to get back up and defeat the hunters with the help of Willow's plant magic.[1]

The group is later forced to get jobs as animal control officers. They hunt Eda in her Owl Beast form after parents call to complain, only to let her escape with King's help.[2]

The leader is seen trying to capture a Slitherbeast, but it manages to break free from his ropes and knocks him down.[3]

Later, the female member is arrested for refusing to join a coven, but she is freed by the BATs.[4]

They also organized the annual Bonesborough Brawl, with the leader serving as the commentator and the others working as security.[5]

Behind the scenes


The leader is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, while Tom is voiced by Fred Tatasciore. The purple-haired female member is voiced by Eden Riegel in "Escape of the Palisman" and Grey DeLisle in following appearances.


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  • Tom has always wanted to toss children off cliffs since he was a boy.
  • The leader of the group is deemed "accomplished" and "noteworthy" by Gus, and is on the list of individuals he considers interviewing in "Understanding Willow".
  • In "Eda's Requiem", the female member is revealed to be coven-less as she was in the process of being arrested for not joining a coven, although whether her associates are likewise coven-less remains unknown.


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