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Eda: "Kid, lay off the details. I haven't even had my cup of apple blood yet."
Luz: "...You mean apple juice?"
Eda: "No."
—Eda and Luz, "Witches Before Wizards"

Apple Blood is a beverage existing on the Boiling Isles. It comes in both hard and soft varieties.[1]


Apple blood is a translucent red liquid with a density similar to that of juice.

As for its container, harder varieties seem to come in large, green glass jugs, while the soft kind is sold in small juice boxes. On both varieties, beneath the name of the product, an image of an apple with a drop of blood running down the front is often shown, possibly a brand logo.


The hard version of the drink made its debut in "Witches Before Wizards".

The soft variety made its debut in "I Was a Teenage Abomination", where Willow can be seen drinking it while sitting at a lunch table with Luz and Gus.

In "Them's the Breaks, Kid", it is revealed that a young Raine Whispers introduced Eda to apple blood after offering to swap drinks with her for her "ghoul-aid."

In "Separate Tides", Eda attempts to move a glass jug containing the drink using magic, but accidentally explodes it instead, splattering it on herself and the rest of the room. In the same episode, Eda mentions that she had to give up on drinking Apple Blood in order to afford something Luz can eat.

In "Echoes of the Past", Luz recalls that Eda once trapped herself on the roof of the Owl House after drinking too much apple blood, forcing Luz to help her down.

In "Keeping up A-fear-ances", Luz and Gwendolyn formulate a plan to lure Eda out of the house using signs promising a nearby trove of specially aged Apple Blood.

In "Thanks to Them", when trying to find out better things for Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter to eat in the Human Realm, Camila recalls Gus's mention of apple blood being obtained from an "apple butcher" on the Boiling Isles, but figures she'll have to resort to using red food coloring to recreate it.



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Apple Blood Cider (Requiem Cafe)
  • "Apple Blood Cider" was one of the featured drinks from the Requiem Cafe x Owl House crossover. It was a spiced cranberry apple cider.