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The Banshees are the official Grudgby team at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics and are represented by the colors blue and yellow. As the name implies and later confirmed, the Banshees are an all-female sports team. Much like the rest of their school, the Banshees are fierce competitors against the rival sports team from Glandus High.


The Banshees' name is first seen on a large banner inside the Hexside cafeteria while Luz was pretending to be an abomination and having lunch with Willow and Gus.[1] The Banshees name appears once more on a banner that reads "Home of the Banshees", this time just above the bleachers at Hexside's sports field. The banner is present just as Gus is giving Luz a tour of the sports field just before Skara is grabbed by a griffin.[2]

The team is comprised of Boscha (acting as team leader), Skara, Amelia, and Cat. Amity Blight had been team captain sometime before Boscha, but soon resigned after feeling guilty for having injured her teammates due to her competitiveness during one of their games against Glandus High. In "Wing It Like Witches", the Banshees are shown to have existed for a few good decades, with one of its previous rosters having included Edalyn Clawthorne as the youngest member in its history, and just as notably Eda's older sister Lilith, then acting as captain.[3]



  • Banshees are a subset of creatures hailing from Irish folklore and its precursor Celtic religious practices. Banshees were thought to be a type of female spirits, or fairies, that acted as Grim Reapers for whoever was approaching their death, and in some cases to those unfortunate to have crossed paths with them. Banshees resembled disheveled gray women with glowing green or blue eyes who lamented the passing of family members, while other interpretations made these fairies notable do to their unearthly shrieks which announced the death of someone in the nearest human settlement. Leaving offerings to the banshees was one method of preventing them from clamming their next human soul to take to the underworld. As with many other creatures presented in The Owl House, banshees are a fairly recognizable creature in Western popular media, more often than not acting as antagonists.



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