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Basilisks are a species of serpentine demons from the Demon Realm that possess shape-shifting and magic-siphoning abilities.


Basilisks have semi-humanoid upper bodies, with their lower resembling a snake's tail. Similar to reptiles, they are covered in scales, have claws, serrated teeth, nictating membranes, and a wedge at the end of their tail, although they grow hair like mammals do, mainly on their heads and other parts of their body. They have exceptionally wide heads resembling a snake's and visible lips, but with webbed ears and glossy, frog-like eyes that are noted to have large black irises. A subspecies or breed of basilisk called Greater Basilisk exists, and while they seem to be larger than normal basilisks, no distinction between it and other basilisks is known.


Basilisks can drain the magic from witches and demons, a skill they are universally feared for (although they usually don't kill their victims). In addition, basilisks can transform themselves into humanoid creatures such as witches and humans as shape-shifters, but they need the magic that they withdraw from living creatures in order to transform back into their normal form when their magic reserves are exhausted. While basilisks can absorb the magic of spell circles, glyph magic is strangely harmful to them.


Basilisks were said to be dangerous creatures, due to their reputation for draining the magic out of living creatures on the Boiling Isles. According to Vee, however, while most basilisks are instinctively ravenous, they demonstrate the capacity to restrain their urge to feed.[1] They can also detect magic by scent.[2]

Long before the series, through unknown conditions, basilisks were rendered extinct, until the species was somehow revived by Emperor Belos.[1] They were held inside facilities operated by the Emperor's Coven. Five basilisks in confinement, numbered I, II, III, IV, and V, were experimented on, in order to find out through experimentation how they extract magic from other living beings. Eventually, however, at least III, IV, and V managed to escape and went into hiding.[1] A rogue basilisk known as a greater basilisk also appeared,[2] but its connections to the others are undefined.



  • In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be a serpent king, who can cause death with a single glance.
    • Incidentally, the greater basilisk is a variant of the basilisk found in fantasy tabletop card games such as Magic: The Gathering.
  • In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", one of the search suggestions in the crystal ball is "Hunting Basilisks".


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