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Yi yi. Mama is I, and I is the Bat Queen.
—Bat Queen, "Lost in Language"

The Bat Queen is a character of The Owl House. She is the wealthiest demon on the Boiling Isles who was once a staff's palisman until she was broken and discarded. Now she serves as a protector to other palismen who have been broken and abandoned.


The Bat Queen's body consists of a human head with wings and legs connected to it. Her "face" has long dark hair, black lips, and red eyes. As her name suggests, she has the traits of a large bat, such as fangs and talons.


The Bat Queen carries herself in a way you would expect from a Dracula-esque vampire. She acts cold towards the entire cast, except towards her three children, and the palismen of whom she provides refuge for. She is shown to have a strong sentiment to these palismen, and is quite protective of them.

She expressed great love and gratitude when Eda came up with Palisman Adoption Day. She helped the Hexside students match up with their perfect person, happy to give the palismen a second chance at a home.


The Bat Queen once belonged to a giant, as the palisman of his "Grand Staff". She explained that she had been broken and discarded at the hands of the giant. Thousands of years later, she cannot remember all of the details of her past and shows interest in investigating her past further.

Currently, the Bat Queen lives in a cave with her three children and all the other forgotten palismen, the forest wherein serves as a sanctuary for the palismen.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Bat Physiology: Due to her bat-like physiology, the Bat Queen is able to do many things that a bat can, such as flying and hanging upside-down.
  • Telepathy: The Bat Queen is able to communicate with Owlbert, Flapjack and other palismen telepathically. This power likely stems from her being a palisman herself.[2]
  • Enhanced Strength: The Bat Queen is strong enough to uproot a tree with just one shove of her foot.
  • Storage Compartment: By regurgitating, the Bat Queen is able to remove any items she stored in her body.
  • Magic Webs: The Bat Queen is able to magically create web-like bindings from the ceiling, floors, and walls. She uses this to restrain unwanted guests in her cave, the victims of her trials or even palismen she does not wish to let go from her protection.


Behind the Scenes


The Bat Queen is voiced by and physically modeled after Isabella Rossellini.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Angélica Vargas
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Fátima Noya
Germany German Madeleine Stolze
Hungary Hungarian Tünde Törtei
Indonesia Indonesian Edah Nuraidah
Poland Polish Joanna Węgrzynowska-Cybińska
Portugal Portuguese Paula Fonseca


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The interlocks on the Bat Queen's feet.

  • She has three children, two of whom were "born" from the largest offspring via regurgitation.
    • She left them in the care of Eda without talking to her on one occasion. This is probably because she knows how Eda treats her palisman and trusts her for it.
  • Her palisman status was foreshadowed at the end of "Lost in Language"; while departing, her feet are shown to have interlocks.
    • In that same episode the Bat Queen is shown with an interlock on each foot, but in her following appearance, only her right foot possesses an interlock.
  • She was mentioned to be "well off", implying that she is very rich in snails.
  • She is the second palisman to be introduced in the show, the first being the Owl Staff, aka Owlbert.
    • She is currently the only palisman introduced that is able to speak, as other palismen either remain silent or don't communicate via talking.
    • She is also the only known palisman to have offspring.
  • The Bat Queen is the second character in the series to be identified as being both a sentient object and a demon, the first being Hooty who is a house demon.
  • Most of the Bat Queen's cave is covered in the Bat Queen's webbing which might imply that she had trapped people (or palismen) in it from trials.


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