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Batric is a minor character of The Owl House. Batric is a bat that belongs to Edric Blight.


Batric is a bat-shaped creature with a beige body and brown claws. The inside of its ears are purple, and it also has dark purple wings. In addition, it also wears a small purple collar, and has one indigo-colored eye.


Edric managed to catch a wild bat on the Knee during Amity's training in hopes to eat it, however, both his sisters prevented him from doing so. Later, Batric becomes Edric's pet, and he tries to get it to sing, but it refuses to do so.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name "Batric" is a combination of the word "bat" and the name "Edric". It is also similar to the name “Patrick”.


Batric debuted in "Adventures in the Elements", but was not named until "Reaching Out".


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