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...But if I ever find that missing Titan, I'd hunt it down, tear it limb from limb, and mount its head in pride as we release the Huntsman! Then... we can finally go from being Titan Trappers to Titan Slayers!

Bill is a minor antagonistic character of The Owl House. He is a short, seemingly elderly witch and Titan Trapper who wants to kill the last remaining Titan, King.



Bill looks similar in height and appearance to King, at first. Under his mask, he has tan skin, wrinkled lips, and gray, spiky hair. He has yellow sclera, like King, and green pupils, but his left eye is without a pupil at all.


Bill disguises his face with a tan skull that has long, pointed horns and a black candle on top that has a blue flame. He wears a dark gray cowl over a cyan robe with yellow trim and a brown belt with a satchel attached to it. He also wears short navy-blue pantaloons.


Bill is eccentric, narcissistic, and highly invested in hunting down the last remaining Titan. He is also power-hungry, easily angered, and seemingly insane.


Bill claims to have battle scars older than Emperor Belos' reign over the Boiling Isles and claims to have seen the last living Titan before it disappeared. Supposedly, the Titan Bill encountered let out a massive roar that blew out his eardrums. As a Trapper, Bill serves the Grand Huntsman and needs to hunt down a Titan in order to release the Huntsman. In order to advertise his mission, he took a printmaking class and made a poster to hunt down the lost son of the Boiling Isles.

In "Edge of the World," Luz Noceda and Hooty meet Bill in hopes to have him and the Trappers join their fight against Emperor Belos. Bill agrees to help, but warns them that Belos is nothing compared to a living Titan. Luz would later reject Bill's aid, and the Trapper discovers that King is a young Titan by overhearing him say "weh".

With the last Titan found, Bill arranges a sacrificial ceremony to release the Grand Huntsman, only for it to be thwarted by Luz and Hooty. He is giddy at the prospect of unlimited power from the Collector, but loses his opportunity when the two and King escape and destroy the bridge between the Boiling Isles and Titan Trapper Island.


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Bill and Tarak are implied to have some sort of history, perhaps as friends, though Bill has little respect for Tarak and regards him more of an annoyance.


Like the rest of the Titan Trappers, Bill worships the Collector under the name "The Grand Huntsman", and aims to set them free.


Behind the scenes


Bill is voiced by Chris Houghton.[1] Houghton also voiced Cricket Green from Big City Greens, another Disney Television Animation produced series. He also co-created that show with his brother, Shane Houghton.


Bill debuted in "Edge of the World".


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