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The Blight family is a family of wealthy and powerful witches in Boiling Isles. The family consists of the parents, Alador and Odalia Blight, and their three children, Edric, Emira, and Amity Blight. They are series regulars in The Owl House.


The Blights have a high-standing on the Isles, and as such, take their status very seriously. The witch family only wants to associate with wealthy, powerful witches for the sake of maintaining their reputation. This, in turn, results in them holding lower-class families and those without power with contempt. Such mindset was displayed in "Understanding Willow", as not only the reason Alador and Odalia ruined Amity and Willow's friendship in the past, but also why they resented the former for not sharing the same elitist mindset, forcing her to perform with high standards in order to get Amity into the Emperor's Coven. Despite this, Amity and Willow begin to reconcile after they understood one another's issues in "Understanding Willow".

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