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Bo[1] is a minor character in The Owl House. She is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the healing track.



Bo has pale cream skin, dark brown eyes, five freckles across her nose, and brown shoulder-length hair with some strands lying in front of her pointy ears. In the epilogue, her hair has grown longer down her back.


As a member of the healing track, she has blue sleeves and blue leggings. The remainder of her uniform is identical to that of all other Hexside students, though the high-heeled boots she wears are of a unique design.

When hiding out at Hexside, Bo had bandages wrapped around her forehead and red war paint on her face. Her uniform hasn't changed, but she now wears spiked red bracelets and kneepads.

In the epilogue, Bo wears a green tunic over a long-sleeved deep green shirt, white pants, orange-trimmed black gloves, and knee-length black heeled boots, the left of which holds a buckled orange band.


Bo is first seen when Willow sneaks Luz into Hexside, where she is walking on a top level of the school.[2]

She attends the covention, both staffing the "Incidental Coven" stand behind Eileen and when entering the giant Emperor's Coven stand.[3]

While attending a meeting of the Human Appreciation Society, she and the other members are fascinated by the artifacts brought in by Mattholomule and is excited when meeting Luz. Later, she could be seen mentoring Skara teaching her how to turn fireballs into snow.[4]

At a book fair, Bo laughs while shoving past Luz to get Jon De Plume's autograph, causing King to comment on "basement dwellers" in disgust. She and Eileen were later seen at the Reviewnicorn.[5] A few days later, Bo attends a class with many other students who believed that King was their new substitute teacher.[6]

Bo was seen attending Grom and posed for some pictures with Boscha and her friends before Mattholomule photo-bombed them.[7]

She was later seen at the library while Luz was doing research.[8]

A few days before the Day of Unity, Bo attends an assembly where Adrian Graye Vernworth, Head Witch of the Illusion Coven, announces a decree that all young witches must be placed in a coven before the day. However, Adrian says that he is only going to place temporary fake sigils on the students and prepares to give one to Edric. Gus sees through the illusion and dispels it, revealing that the branding is real. As Adrian reveals the Coven Scouts and attempts to brand Gus, the latter casts a school-wide, labyrinth-like illusion, allowing Boscha and the other students to escape.

Bo, along with most of the students and faculty, stays at Hexside to avoid the Draining Spell during the Day of Unity. However, despite the range, the adults still suffer the spell's effects. She, Viney, and other students help out the affected adults, Though the Draining Spell is stopped, The Collector sends floating stars that turn Principal Bump and all the teachers, along with a few other students, into puppets.

Several months later, as she is treating Edric for broken bones when he receives word his younger sister has returned, Bo is dragged behind him by a bandage, stunned by the ordeal as Edric hobbles towards Amity.

After Belos is defeated, she greets Bump, Cat, and Amelia, and returns to Hexside.

Four years later, Bo is part of a team searching for a way to remove Coven Sigils with healing Magic. Eventually, they succeed.



S01E09 Something Ventured, Someone Framed - 41

Bo and Skara practicing magic together.

Skara and Bo appear to be friends, as seen in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed" when they are helping each other with fire and ice magic in the cafeteria. Skara then comments that "friendship is the real magic".


  • Magic: As a witch, Bo can utilize magic through the bile sac attached to her heart.
    • Healing Magic: Bo is able to utilize healing magic.
    • Elemental Magic: Bo is skilled in elemental magic, being able to turn fire into snow.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

The character's name and appearance were inspired by Bosook "Bo" Coburn, a storyboard artist and director for The Owl House.[9]

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Poland Polish Paulina Sacharczuk


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