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Bonesborough is the largest town found on the Boiling Isles. It is the neighboring town to the Owl House, where a variety of creatures live.


Bonesborough is a dense, medieval-style town surrounded by bone mountains and forests, with two large green arms looming over it. The houses are made of wood and stone, and can be up to four-stories high; some houses are built on the side of a cliff or on the green arms. Some houses also have monster-like architecture, donning a scary appearance with either bones, eyes, teeth, hands or a mixture. Many stone pathways intersect the narrow walls of the town. Bonesborough's more notable buildings have a gothic appearance, being made of stone and the windows are made of stained glass.

Places of interest

  • The Market Place: The city's main center of commerce and trade. Eda runs a stand here and sells objects found in the human world. This open air market contains the following establishments:
    • Kitty Café (Roselle and Dottie, proprietors)
    • Mr. Elixir (Morton, proprietor)
    • Knife Sharpener
    • Just Skulls 2 (est 1215)
    • Human Collectibles (Eda, proprietor)
    • Mystery Bags
    • Li'l Blob's Big Blobs
    • The Dollhouse
    • Snack Shack
    • Teeth Emporium
    • Teleport Scrolls
    • Harmony Crystals
    • Giant Poison Berries
    • Aberrant Meat
    • Ill Fortune
    • Arms and Armo
    • Blessed Rocks
    • Cursed Paintings
    • Sacrifices
    • Necro Mincer
    • Gourdbeast Eggs
    • Misfortune Teller
    • Self Storage
    • Curiosities (formerly Atrocities)
    • Grimgrub's Pub
    • Axe Me Anythin'
    • Fangs 'n' Thangs
    • Sentient Teeth
    • Bones Appetit
    • The Book Nook.
    • Skin N' Linen
  • Covention Center: Once a year, a covention is held here to introduce new witches to all the different covens. It also hosts other events too, such as Alchemists Anonymous. Unlike most convention centers, it has an arena primarily used for witch duels.
  • Mr. Elixir: A potion stand owned by Morton. It is Eda's main supplier for her elixir.
  • Grimgrub's Pub: The town's local pub which sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, complete with mounted trophies of various creatures.
  • Night Market: An after-hours market that sells illicit items. A tip-off from Morton brings Eda and King here for more elixir. Tibbles runs a stand here, which is accidentally destroyed by a possessed Hooty.
  • Bonesborough Library: The city's local library. It is pretty much like any average library, except that its books are enchanted and can levitate. Amity Blight volunteers here and even has a hiding place behind one of the bookshelves. On the night of the Wailing Star, items and characters in the books can come to life and affect the physical world.
  • Cathedral: A massive cathedral-like building sits in the center of the city.
  • The Slayground: A typical playground for the children in the city. In addition to monster-themed equipment, it has a sandbox with purple tentacles emerging from it. King brings a half-cursed Eda here to reclaim his "throne" (the playground slide), only for Eda to disobey him and eat the slide instead.
  • Dead Man's Curve: A dangerous stone road high above the town.
  • Police Precinct 128: The police station of Bonesborough, run by the Emperor's Coven and local guards to hold prisoners before they are sent to the Conformatorium. Luz (in Eda's body) is brought here to answer for Eda's crimes. Lilith arrives to convince her sister to join her once again, but Luz manages to blast a hole in the wall and regroups with Eda and King.
  • Witch Arena: Witch Arena is a gathering place located on the highest point of the Boiling Isles known as the Knee. Set within the ruins of a castle, groups meet here for rituals and social functions. Luz and Amity come here to learn new spells with the help of Eda, Edric and Emira.
  • Blight Manor: The home of the Blight family.
  • Bonesborough Brawl Arena: Fight-club style open-air arena, used for the eponymous annual event.




  • The name "Bonesborough" is actually a play on words using the name of "Jonesborough", a small town in Washington County, Tennessee, and "bones", as it is surrounded by bones. The suffix "borough" comes from a term for self-governed towns surrounded by walls or forts, making Bonesborough literally "a town surrounded by bones".
  • Based on the address given in "Escaping Expulsion", Bonesborough is located on the Titan's right arm.
  • The Owl House, home of Eda, King, and currently Luz is a small cottage located on the cliffs outside Bonesborough.
  • The numbers on the Police Precinct, 128, may be a reference to Dana Terrace's birthday, December 8.