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The Bonesborough Library is a public library located in Bonesborough, directly in front of Thistle Street.[1] It is where a meet-and-greet was held for King and his novel, Ruler's Reach.[2]

The Forbidden Stacks section in the library held the diary of Philip Wittebane, a human who came to the Boiling Isles hundreds of years ago.[3]

Places of Interest

  • Front Desk: A large desk operated by a librarian. People who wish to return books must stop by this desk and meet with a glasses-wearing librarian.[1]
  • Demon Decimal Cabinets: A series of demonic file cabinets containing files of books classified by the Demon Decimal System. Feeding them or making them sneeze will cause the cabinets to spit out their contents; this is against the rules.[1]
  • References: A section of the library dedicated to research. It has various crystal balls that allow visitors to watch helpful tutorials or humorous internet videos (provided the internet service is good).[1]
  • Kid's Corner: A small section of the library dedicated to children's activities. It is located near the Necronomicon section, the manga section, and the encyclopspedias. Amity Blight can often be found here reading books for children.[1][3]
  • Fiction and Non-fiction Sections: A pair of sections dedicated to the various fictional works and non-fiction literature of the Boiling Isles, respectively. Modifying the signs of these sections will cause the librarian Gary to suffer an existential crisis.[1][3]
  • Amity's Hideout: A secret study hidden behind the romance section. This is Amity's personal study where she spends time away from her family. It was given to her by the Master Librarian, Malphas.[1]
  • Forbidden Stacks: A restricted section of the library containing old books, including Philip Wittebane's diary. It is a place filled with echo mice, and the only person allowed to access it is Master Librarian Malphas. Those who enter risk getting fed to the bookworms or fired from the library staff.[3]

Notable Staff

  • Master Librarian Malphas
  • Gary
  • Unnamed librarian with glasses
  • Amity Blight



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  • Amity has a secret hideout inside the library hidden behind the romance section.
  • One of the books in the library resembles the journals from Gravity Falls, most likely Journal 3.
  • Books in this library can come to life during a specific time.[1]
  • According to a photo on the desk of the librarian, Eda's library card has been revoked. She also has a very big tab at the library.


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