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You are talented. You are a star. You may be hated, so long as you are feared. Most important of all, you are a winner.
—Boscha to herself, "Wing It Like Witches"

Boscha (pronounced Bosh-uh) is a recurring antagonist of The Owl House. She is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the potions track.



Boscha has a slender figure with pink skin, gray-blue eyes, and mid-back length violet hair tied back in a bun. Like most witches on the Boiling Isles, she has pointy ears. She also has an extra third eye on her forehead, making her a triclops.


When attending school, Boscha wears a dark gray tunic with a dark gray cowl. She wears dark gray, heeled boots with a light gray top. As part of the potions track, her sleeves and leggings are yellow. In "Once Upon a Swap", she wears red and white boots with bat wings which allow her to fly.


Boscha is a rude and impudent witch, unafraid to insult and/or humiliate those she looks down upon with hardly any regret, especially Luz and Willow. Her major role in "Wing It Like Witches" shows her mean and rude personality more clearly, as she is shown being interested in bullying weaker and weirder witches, like Willow, Gus, and Luz. She is also very controlling, often ordering her friends around and acting as a self-appointed ringleader.

She is obsessed with Penstagram, often using it to chat with people in her friend group, or to poke fun at somebody else; she even called it more important than a Moonlight Conjuring.

Despite her unpleasant attitude towards others, she does appear to have some respect for her friends. As seen in "Understanding Willow", she immediately stops romantically questioning about a cute ghost upon Amity's intervention. She also seems to have a soft side, as shown in her positive reaction and blushing to receiving her palisman, Maya, in "Hunting Palismen".


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Boscha and Skara as children.

Boscha is one of Amity's oldest "friends" thanks to her parents' connections with the Blights, with her mother being Odalia Blight's oldest rival.[1] Due to the Blight parents' distaste for Willow Park, they forced Amity to be friends with Boscha and Skara.

On the night of the Moonlight Conjuring, Boscha is walking to Blight Manor to host a conjuring with Amity and her friends, soon interrupted by her mother, whom she is clearly annoyed with for calling her. Suddenly, she is startled by the sight of an upright, two-legged animated Owl House, which has been animated by Luz, Willow, and Gus, and she runs off. After arriving at Blight Manor for the Moonlight Conjuring, Boscha, Amity, and their friends attempt to make an object come to life with the moon's power, but are unsuccessful. Bored, they go on Penstagram, where Boscha and Amity become shocked by the sight of the animated Owl House making the rounds on social media.

Later, Boscha and her posse are drawn to Eda's Human Collectibles stand thanks to Luz's sign, and while she tries to be kind to her, Boscha only ends up mocking Luz, unamused by her. She takes an interest in buying King, calling him adorable and taking a selfie with him, much to his disgust. However, she and the posse are driven off when Eda offers them human junk. After Eda uses the body swap spell, King (swapped in Luz's body) encounters the shack of Boscha and her friends, who are on Penstagram. Boscha, believing that "Luz" wants to join her posse, denies this notion and sends "her" away. Upon finding out that "Luz" has been leading her posse and causing mischief around Bonesborough, Boscha is furious and challenges "her" to a ratworm race around Dead Man's Curve. King accepts, but due to his pride, he fails to see where he is going and instead crashes into the posse's shack, destroying it. Enraged, Boscha and her posse chase King around Bonesborough, where he eventually joins with Luz and Eda, who are facing their own separate conflicts with Lilith, the police, Dottie, and Roselle. Eda is quick to undo the effects of the body swap and performs the spell again on their enemies, swapping them in each other's bodies.


Amity Blight

Although Amity is part of Boscha's posse, she isn't friends with her by choice. Amity's parents chose Boscha to be her friend since they have a close tie with her own parents. Amity does her best to keep Boscha from bullying Willow, though she tries to keep up with appearances. Some time after "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity appears to be slowly cutting ties with Boscha, fully distancing herself after the grudgby game in "Wing It Like Witches". Because of this, Boscha thinks Amity's gone soft and even comments that she ruined her social life.

Willow Park

Boscha has been seen to pick on Willow due to her feelings that Willow is threatening her status. In "Wing It Like Witches", she goes to the point of following Willow and her friends around all day by mocking them, and going as far as threatening them to use them as "targets" for her grudgby practice.

Luz Noceda

Boscha has a disdain toward Luz for being human, not liking any of her antics or the way she has been enrolled into Hexside. Boscha goes on to torment Luz in "Wing It Like Witches", and fed up with the bullying and Willow being scrutinized, Luz challenges her to a grudgby match. Boscha accepts, and throughout the rest of the episode, she has no regard for Luz's safety, almost killing her with her grugdby skills. However, Boscha does admit that she is a good friend very briefly, hinting that she may like Luz or some of her qualities to a degree.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Like most witches, Boscha's magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Potions: As Boscha is in the potion track, it can be inferred that she has skills in making potions.
    • Transformation magic: In "Understanding Willow", she used a magic circle to change her nails into tentacles, fire, and claws.
    • Levitation: In "Wing It Like Witches", Boscha can levitate objects with ease, as shown when she raises Willow's satchel and many grudgby balls.
    • Fire magic: In "Wing It Like Witches", she proves herself to be very capable when she throws countless fireballs at Luz without any effort.
  • Grudgby skill: Boscha is the current captain of the school's grudgby team, and as such is an extremely highly-skilled player with a whole room full of medals and trophies. She also seems to be very into the game, as during the season, she is said to only speak in "grudgby terms".
  • Ratworm racing skill: Boscha is seen being competent at ratworm racing and challenges Luz (actually King) to a race, which she wins.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Boscha is likely a feminized version of Hieronymus Bosch. Bosch was a Flemish painter of the Northern Renaissance, remembered for the surreal, nightmarish presentation of biblical themes in his paintings. Notably, Bosch serves as a major influence for the series' art design.[2] It may also invoke the Hebrew bosheth, which translates to shame.


Boscha is voiced by Eden Riegel.


Boscha debuted in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", but she made cameos before in "I Was a Teenage Abomination" and in "Covention".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Azul Botticher
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Gabriela Milani
Czech Republic Czech Adéla Nováková
Germany German Anna Ewelina
Denmark Danish Silja Okking
Spain Spanish Jara Luna
France French Esther Afflalo
Hungary Hungarian Csifó Dorina
Indonesia Indonesian Leni Marlina
South Korea Korean Kim Bona (김보나)
Norway Norwegian Gulla Martine Lia Nordmoen
Poland Polish Anna Szpaczyńska
Portugal Portuguese Sandra de Castro
Romania Romanian Andra Gogan


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Initial storyboards depicting Boscha in the abomination track.

The horned student taking Boscha's place in the aired episode.

  • Initial storyboards for "I Was a Teenage Abomination" shows that Boscha was initially in the abomination track, but was later swapped out for a horned student when the episode aired.
  • Her third eye, located on her forehead, can blink both the normal way and sideways.
  • She was a fan of Ruler's Reach - a book written by King, along with Skara and Amelia.[3]
  • Boscha plays on the Hexside grudgby team, the Banshees.
    • She is the captain of the team as well, having succeeded Amity when she left.
  • Boscha is the second Disney cartoon character to have three eyes after Tom Lucitor from Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
  • Her eyebrows have a tendency to disappear and reappear. This is possibly an artistic choice on the part of the animators, as it usually happens based on her emotional state.
  • According to Willow in "Really Small Problems", Boscha owns a pet pixie, and when it escaped from its cage, it led to the pixie infestation that caused school to be canceled in the episode.


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