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Let the blood of your enemies give you strength!
—Braxas, "For the Future"

Braxas is a recurring character in The Owl House. He is among the kids who attend Storytime with Amity Blight at the Bonesborough Library.[1] He is Warden Wrath's son[2] and a member of Hexside's Baby Class.


He is a short child with red skin and seems to be roughly preschool-age (as far as his race is concerned, that is). He has no facial parts besides a mouth with yellow tinted teeth showing. His teeth appear to resemble those of vampires, having regular human-like front and bottom middle teeth, and then fangs on the outside. He wears an outfit similar to that of students at Hexside, except his hood is up and pointed at the end.

Following the Day of Unity and the restructuring of New Hexside, Braxas wears a replica of his father's clothing, complete with a face mask.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Braxas has grown and wears braces with green and purple bands. He now wears the standard uniform with blue sleeves and orange leggings.


S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - Braxus3

Braxas reciting runes with his class.

Braxas is seen attending class at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, learning runes with the rest of his class. A few days later, he is at the Bonesborough Library for story time, he hugs Amity Blight goodbye before leaving.

He is seen at the playground where King brings Eda in her owl beast form to take control of the equipment. After King writes Ruler's Reach, Braxas becomes a fan of his work. When Luz Noceda starts Hexside, his class walks by the detention room. Braxas attends the carnival when it comes to Bonesborough.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 076

Braxas thanking Angmar for saving him.

Braxas is saved by Bria, Gavin, and Angmar when a Slitherbeast escapes from Demon Hunters. He is seen attending the Club Fair.

During the Day of Unity, Braxas is hidden by his father Warden Wrath, to keep him safe.[3] Following the catastrophe, Braxas's father is turned into a puppet, and he vows to avenge him, practicing fighting techniques with the other kindergartners.

Four years after Belos is defeated, Braxas is seen with the clothing of the healing and beast keeping tracks. He is given a palisman by Hunter.


  • Magic: As a biped demon, Braxas can use magic via a sac of magic bile attached to his heart.
    • Beast Keeping Magic: As he is in the Beast Keeping track, Braxas is capable of magically caring for and taming beasts.
    • Healing Magic: As he is in the Healing track, Braxas is capable of casting spells to heal himself and others.


Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Martin Schülke
Poland Polish Jacek Król


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  • Despite his young age, Braxas has an extremely deep, demonic-sounding voice.
  • In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", it is revealed that Warden Wrath is his father.
    • This was hinted at through Braxas's design, as they both have immense mouths full of sharp teeth in place of faces.
    • In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", it is revealed that Warden Wrath is a biped demon. This also means that Braxas is a demon.
  • Braxas is the second student at Hexside to study Healing and Beast Keeping, the other being Viney.
  • When Sarah-Nicole Robles was asked if she thinks Warden Wrath and Braxas should've attended Luz's belated "Kingceanera" in "Watching and Dreaming", she said that they had to have been there popping through or something.[citation needed]


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