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Braxas is a young boy who has recurred in multiple episodes of the series. He is among the group of kids who attends storytime with Amity Blight at the Bonesborough Library.[1] He is Warden Wrath's son[2] and a member of Hexside's Baby Class.


He is a short child with red skin and seems to be roughly preschool-age (as far as his race is concerned, that is). He has no facial parts besides a mouth with teeth showing. His teeth appear to resemble those of vampires, having regular human-like front and bottom middle teeth, and then fangs on the outside. He wears an outfit similar to that of students at Hexside, except his hood is up and pointed at the end.


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Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Martin Schülke
Poland Polish Jacek Król


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