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Angmar! I said you're on lookout duty. And if I catch you playing with any more bugs, I'll make you eat them! Okay?
—Bria to Angmar, "Through the Looking Glass Ruins"

Bria is a character of The Owl House, appearing in the episode "Through the Looking Glass Ruins" as an antagonist.


Bria is a short girl around Gus' height with a well-built frame, pale skin, short purple hair with mint green hair clips on each side of her head, copper eyes, and three freckles on each cheek. For attire, she wears the Glandus High uniform: it consists of a gray short-sleeved tunic with dark gray trims, brown gloves, and tattered shorts signifying her as a Construction track student. She also wears white socks with a mint green stripe around the shin and dark gray heeled boots. She carries a broadsword in a brown sheath.


Bria is very positive, but has a lot of layers. She likes adventures and going on quests. However, it is revealed that she is greedy, selfish, and abusive: this is shown through her making threats to her friends, leading the attempt to rob a graveyard for relics for either her own personal use, or to sell to the Emperor's Coven and supporting the 'rule by the strong' ideology at Glandus.


Bria is a student in Glandus High's construction track, and the leader of a group of students consisting of herself, Gavin, Angmar, and Mattholomule. When she and her group debut, they use their magics to stop a Slitherbeast from running over Braxas. Gus Porter is impressed by their abilities and goes up to talk with them, and the three Glandus students introduce themselves. Mattholomule then shows up with a map leading to the Galdorstones, power-enhancing relics that can greatly boost a witch's magical power, and at the suggestion of Luz, Bria allows Gus to join her group on the journey to the Looking Glass Ruins.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Like most witches, Bria's magic comes from a magic bile sac attached to her heart.
    • Construction Magic: Bria studies under the Glandus High Construction track and is able to create pillars and constructs using the earth.


Behind the scenes


Bria is voiced by Felicia Day. Day was announced as a guest star in the second season on May 17, 2021,[2] with her role as Bria being announced on June 21, 2021.[3]


Bria debuted in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Daiana Vecchio
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Isabella Guarnieri
Germany German Katharina Iacobescu
Indonesia Indonesian Jheni Rinjo
Poland Polish Magdalena Herman-Urbańska


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