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I had a hard time growing up. I was afraid you would too. My biggest mistake was trying to protect you, by changing this beautiful Good Witch into something she wasn't.
—Camila to Luz, "For the Future"

Camila Noceda[1] is a supporting character in The Owl House. She is a veterinarian, the widow of Manny Noceda, and the mother of Luz Noceda.



Camila, similar to Luz, is a Dominican-American woman with tan skin, a medium body frame, and brown eyes, as well as brown eyebrows. She originally wore her hair in a bun with two bangs tufted outward but as time went by, she had cut her hair short, and wore it more jagged, similar in appearance to Luz. As months went by, her hair has grown out, become curlier and a streak of gray has appeared on the side. While at work, she keeps it in a ponytail.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Camila's hair is shown to have kept the same style but gained more gray streaks.


When at work as a vet, Camila wears a set of cyan scrubs with darker, blue-rimmed sleeves, white shoes, glasses with red and black frames, and blue earrings. From "Yesterday's Lie" onward, her civilian attire is shown as a green overshirt, dark blue capri-style jeans, pink sneakers, and black earrings. In "King's Tide", she is seen wearing light pink earrings.

As of "Thanks to Them", when not wearing her scrubs, she wears an orange and red sweater, a gold necklace, a badge shaped like a heart with the rainbow pride flag, large, blue earrings, blue jeans, two-tone brown boots, and glasses with golden-yellow frames. At the end of the episode, she switches to a brown flannel shirt over a black shirt with a pumpkin symbol on it while keeping her jeans and boots.

When traveling through the Demon Realm, she wears her flannel shirt at a sash which doubles as a makeshift holster for her bat.

In the epilogue to "Watching and Dreaming”, her glasses now have thick brown and black frames, and she wears dangling green earrings, a necklace with a lavender gem matching the jacket she wears with a white shirt underneath, khakis, and maroon heels with dark brownish-green sections.


Camila is a very caring and protective mother who deeply loves her daughter, Luz, and always has her best interest at heart, trying her best to be there for her and to support her with good intentions in mind. Despite this, she can sometimes have difficulty understanding Luz due to her daughter's quirks. Prior to Luz's arrival on the Boiling Isles, Camila was shown to be a very patient yet grounded parent and was often worried when Luz's fixations with fantasy often got her ostracized from her peers.

Despite this, Camila, in truth, loves Luz's eccentricities and sense of creativity, with her actions having not been to hamper these traits, but to teach her to hide them in the hopes that doing so would allow her to finally fit in with other kids (actions she would later regret). When Vee was masquerading as Luz, Camila was shown to be deeply saddened when it seemed that her time at camp had removed her creative personality and interests, while later showing relief when she joyfully mistook the real Luz's confession about the Demon Realm as an imaginative game. This shows that Camila values Luz's quirkiness and simply wants to ensure her daughter's happiness, but not at the expense of everything that makes her unique.

Camila is also an extremely kind and compassionate individual. Befitting her profession as a veterinarian, she possesses a strong fondness for animals and won't tolerate any kind of cruelty shown to them. As shown in "Keeping up A-fear-ances", Camila also has a tendency of crying while watching animal documentaries, finding them to be very moving. A key aspect of her compassion is her strong sense of acceptance and understanding. Much like Luz, Camila tends to see the best in others, judging them based on their character rather than their differences or because of societal norms. This level of acceptance has also made Camila very forgiving, as she bore no ill-will towards Vee for having taken her daughter's identity for months, instead recognizing that she was simply a scared child looking for a place to belong and took her in without hesitation after her true identity was revealed.

Though initially frightened upon learning of the existence of witches and demons, Camila, like Luz, harbors no prejudice towards the magical beings of the Boiling Isles, recognizing them as people as opposed to the monsters that other humans, such as Jacob Hopkins and Emperor Belos, have envisioned them to be. During their time trapped in the Human Realm, Camila immediately accepted Luz's friends from the Isles into her home, regardless of their species, sheltering and caring for them in a similar, motherly manner to how Eda did for Luz in the Demon Realm, while also being overjoyed upon learning of Luz's relationship with Amity. Because of her high level of acceptance, Camila is easily upset by the bigotry of more prejudicial humans and holds such individuals in thorough contempt. Despite this, she is generally uncomfortable with the more macabre traits of the Boiling Isles, though she will (unconvincingly) attempt to hide this in order to not offend others.

Camila has also shown an impressive level of bravery and boldness, willing to fight for what she believes to be right, whether it be against other humans like Jacob or supernatural entities like Belos. Though kind and patient, Camila possesses a fearsome temper whenever those she cares about are insulted or threatened, not hesitating to stand up for them and come to their aid when needed. This was exemplified when she unhesitatingly defended Luz whenever she was bad-mouthed by other parents and by her furiously attacking Jacob after he imprisoned and attempted to dissect Vee.

Another trait Camila shares with Luz is that she is terrible at telling lies. Much like Luz, when Camila attempts to lie or feign ignorance she becomes visibly very nervous and will generally deliver rushed, unconvincing remarks. Camila herself seems to be aware of this flaw, noting that she simply "lacks the imagination" for it.

Though she attempts to hide it, Camila is secretly burdened with regrets and insecurities regarding the struggles of her family and the tragic events of her childhood. The years of bullying and ostracism she suffered in high school because of her "nerdy' fondness for science fiction, particularly Cosmic Frontier, not only caused her to suppress these interests in order to better fit in with her peers, but also made her extremely fearful of the same thing happening to Luz due to the similarities her daughter shared with her younger self. Ultimately, it was these fears that made Camila reluctantly give into the pressure of sending Luz away to Reality Check Camp, solemnly believing that suppressing her more eccentric traits and having her act more "normal" was the only way that she could protect her daughter from the same hardships she was forced to endure. In addition, Camila is also regretful of having moved to Gravesfield, having recognized that doing so not only failed to save her husband as she had hoped, but also unintentionally resulted in Luz enduring years of rejection and ostracism from others who were repulsed by her eccentric behavior.

After learning of Luz's time in the Demon Realm and seeing how much she had matured and prospered there, with friends who supported her, Camila admitted her mistakes to her daughter and sought to make up for them by providing Luz the emotional support she desperately needed. In doing so, Camila showed much wisdom and consideration regarding the needs of her daughter and how to best help her through her newfound struggles. When she realized what upholding her promise to stay in the Human Realm for good would do to Luz mentally, Camila wasted no time in stopping her from telling her friends her decision and even decided to join them in returning to the Demon Realm to face Belos and the Collector. In addition, during this time, it was through Camila's renewed sense of understanding and unconditional acceptance for her daughter's authentic self that not only significantly helped heal Luz's deteriorating mental health, but also allowed her to finally connect with and give life to her palisman, Stringbean.

Over the four years since Belos' defeat, Camila has come to happily accept and embrace Luz's place on the Boiling Isles, to the point of fully supporting her daughter's decision of moving there for college. Additionally, since opening up to her daughter, Camila has also come to re-embrace her childhood interests and hobbies, no longer hiding them out of shame as she once did.


Early life[]

Thanks to Them - 1351

Camila gushing over Luz finding a shedded snakeskin.

During her teenage years, Camila possessed a deep admiration for science-fiction and stories of space exploration. This led to her developing an extreme interest in the Cosmic Frontier franchise, buying several pieces of merchandise from the show, including DVDs and posters. Unfortunately, however, her fondness for the franchise during her high school years made her unable to fit in with other kids, who looked down upon her "nerdy" interests and frequently bullied her. The frequent bullying she received resulted in Camila sadly abandoning her interest in the Cosmic Frontier to better fit in and leaving her with physiological scars into adulthood. Sometime after graduating from high school, Camila would go on to spend three years of her life serving energy drinks as part of a pyramid scheme, something she would come to regret later in her life.

Thanks to Them - 1385

Camila furiously listening as two parents openly insult Luz during her school performance.

At least 14 years before the start of the series, Camila married Manny, unintentionally scheduling a wisdom tooth operation the day before their wedding. They would go on to have one child together, Luz Noceda. Unfortunately, however, Manny suffered from an unknown condition or illness that caused his health to degrade over time. This prompted the couple to move with their daughter to the town of Gravesfield, Connecticut, where Camila became employed as a veterinarian, so that Manny could receive better treatment at a more adequate hospital, although she would question the move years later. Sadly, their efforts were in vain, as Camila was widowed while Luz was still young after Manny died from his condition, leaving both heartbroken from their loss. Every year since then, she and Luz would remember him by picking flowers together before visiting his grave.[2]

As a single parent, Camila loved her daughter very much, but due to Luz's eccentric personality, raising her was not without its hiccups. While Camila adored Luz's creativity, it caused her to be ostracized by other children. Many parents also expressed disgust at Luz's behavior, regularly criticizing her. This enraged Camila, who would always sternly defend her daughter against the judgements of the other adults in Gravesfield. She even once unknowingly badmouthed her daughter's principal in traffic.

As time passed, however, Camila, despite still loving Luz's creativity, began to worry about her eccentric personality as it resulted in her utter lack of friends, as well as her failing grades and occasionally getting into trouble at school. This led to repeated visits to the principal's office. During one such visit, Camila was encouraged by the school's superintendent to consider sending Luz to Reality Check Summer Camp, a camp meant to teach kids how to conform to societal norms, in hopes of stemming her behavior. Though she was reluctant to go along with this suggestion, Camila was convinced by the superintendent to deeply consider it, due to her fears of Luz enduring the same kind of struggling that she herself had to go through in high school.

Luz at Summer Camp[]

The Owl House S01E01 - A Lying Witch and a Warden 76

Camila sending her daughter to camp.

After Luz got in trouble for her book report involving snakes and firecrackers, Camila attended a meeting with the school's superintendent, whereupon she was pressured into sending her daughter to Reality Check Summer Camp to handle her behavior. Afterwards, while Luz is waiting at the bus stop, Camila says goodbye to her before she leaves for work. Unbeknownst to Camila, she doesn't end up going to camp and is spirited away to the Demon Realm, where she decides to stay in for the summer. After finding her "daughter" next to an abandoned house, Camila reveals that she has the day off and drives "Luz" to summer camp, unaware that "Luz" is actually a basilisk named Vee in disguise.

That night, Camila sends Luz a text message asking if she's enjoying the camp. Luz replies vaguely, stating that she's liking the place so far.[3]

Spending time with "Luz"[]

Camila Texting

Camila texting Luz, unaware she is in an alternate dimension.

Camila later reappears, texting Luz and sending pictures of her at their favorite after-school lunch shop, saying that she loves her. Afraid of lying, Luz keeps replying with emojis to avoid directly messaging her. Later that night, Camila texts again, and this time, she receives a full response from her daughter. She soon wraps up the conversation, saying that she loved receiving Luz's letters, which the latter assumes are her texts. Camila then falls asleep, her nightstand abundant with letters supposedly addressed to her from Luz.[4]

Following summer camp, Vee continues to masquerade as Luz and takes her place at home, with Camila remaining oblivious. One night, Camila cries as she watches an animal documentary, being offered a box of tissues by Vee imitating Luz as she thanks her.[5]

Yesterday's Lie - 235

Camila talking to who she believes to be her daughter.

One morning, after arriving home from work, Camila finds "Luz" outside the house holding a box with a number of her belongings relating to her fantasy loving interests. After questioning her about it, Camila becomes saddened upon seeing her "daughter" place the items by the trash, being dismayed at how it seems that her experiences at Camp have drastically altered her personality. Later, through the In Between Realm, Camila finally gets to speak with the real Luz, who tells her the truth about where she has been, and that Camila has been living with an impostor of her. Initially, she doesn't believe this, thinking that it is simply a part of some game Luz is playing. She then goes to the Gravesfield Historical Society museum and asks Jacob to show her his captured demon, to which he obliges after getting a verbal agreement. Camila soon realizes that the frightened young demon, Vee, is a real being after recognizing some characteristics on her body. Jacob attempts to dissect Vee, but Camila strikes him with her chancla and saves her, offering to take her under her wing for as long as she needs it.

Yesterday's Lie - 1089

Camila begging Luz to return and stay with her.

Camila is distraught upon finding out that Luz is trapped in the Demon Realm but is impressed at how much she has grown and changed as a person. She then becomes extremely upset upon learning that Luz decided to stay in the Demon Realm, even believing that she chose to stay there to get away from her. Dejected, she then makes her promise to stay with her once she finds a way to get back to the Human Realm.[6]

A few weeks later, on the anniversary of her husband Manny's death, she thinks about a tradition she used to share with Luz where they would go pick flowers and then leave them on Manny's grave. Since Luz isn't there, she places a flower in a vase and stares up at the night sky, not knowing that Luz is doing the same.

Reuniting with Luz and Learning of Belos[]

King's Tide (2534)

Camila upon her daughter's return to the Human Realm.

One rainy night, a little over a month after learning about the Demon Realm, Camila is cooking soup when she hears a knock on the door and is surprised to see Luz along with four strange people she hadn't seen before as Luz greets her tearfully.[7] Camila is kind towards Luz's friends and listens to their story. She puts two cots in Luz's room for Willow and Amity to sleep in and puts Gus and Hunter in the basement. After checking in on her guests, she tells Luz that she is not angry with her for leaving and is relieved she is home.

Thanks to Them - 364

Camila overjoyed to learn of Luz's bisexuality and her relationship with Amity.

During the next few months, Camila adapts to the extra people in her house and is accepting when Luz comes out as bisexual and dating Amity. She does what she can to keep her guests comfortable and even thinks of ways to prepare dishes they are familiar with.

Thanks to Them - 1316

Camila listing possible foods her guests might enjoy.

In October, she has gotten used to five extra children to care for and is shocked when Gus and Hunter find her Cosmic Frontier things. On Halloween, she drives Luz, Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter to the Halloween festival before returning to help Vee hand out candy. After Vee falls asleep, she finds Luz's video diaries and is shocked when, in the last one, Luz says she is going to stay in Gravesfield once she finds a way back to the Demon Realm.

Luz and Camila in front of portal

Camila and Luz entering the Demon Realm.

Camila drives Vee to the festival and finds Amity, Willow, and Gus, who tell her they lost track of Luz and Hunter. They find the two in a partially flooded graveyard and she sees Hunter get possessed by Belos. After Belos crushes Flapjack, she and the others watch as Hunter, who partially regained control, throws the Titan's Blood into the water and he jumps in after it. Camila pulls Hunter out and watches as Belos leaves Hunter and opens a portal to the Demon Realm. She is shocked upon realizing what her daughter was up against and tells Vee to call an ambulance. She watches an injured Flapjack sacrifice himself to save Hunter and, when he awakens, helps him up. When Luz announces she is staying in the Human Realm, Camila interrupts saying she will join them. Vee decides to stay behind and take her place as Camila and Luz follow the others into the Demon Realm.[8]

Time in the Demon Realm[]

For the Future - 657

Camila upon seeing the Titan Skull for the first time.

As Camila and the others emerge in the Boiling Isles, she is impressed with the scenery until she spots the Titan Skull and a field of pink fog. She guards the teenagers from harm until they inform her the skull is normal, but not the pink fog. Camila tries to hide her unease at the fact that her daughter has been living on a carcass, but Luz sees through it and says she still plans on returning to Gravesfield.

For the Future - 863

Camila speaking with Gus and Willow.

They reach The Owl House to find it covered in graffiti and enter. As Hunter scouts the perimeter and Amity talks to Luz upstairs, she speaks with Willow and Gus in the kitchen about Luz making a bad decision and trying to change her daughter's mind. The teenagers tell her about a time when Gus failed a project and Willow forgot to chain up her abomination homework. However, Gus starts to cry when thinking about his father as Willow comforts him. Gus leaves and she asks Willow if she is alright, Willow lies and says she is fine as the girl walks away and plants grow where she stepped.

For the Future - 1431

Camila and the others watching the Collector turning Terra into a puppet.

When Hunter shouts to the others that he has seen Eda and King on a shooting star heading into town, they head to Bonesborough where Camila is disturbed to find a mass of flesh and eyes growing on a lamppost. They avoid a wave of sparkles as residents of Bonesborough are revealed to have been turned into puppets and begin to run from the Owl Beast. Soon the Collector arrives and "stops" the owl beast, really Terra Snapdragon pretending to be Eda to avoid being turned into a puppet. However, she angers him and gets turned into a puppet. The Collector and King leave, with Camila gushing over King from a distance, and take the puppets with them. As the group decides to go after them, they are approached by Skara, Barcus, and Mattholomule and taken to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics where the children of Bonesborough have been hiding from the Collector's spies.

For the Future - 1947

Camila and the others at Hexside.

Upon arriving at the school, Camila is concerned by the state of anarchy that the school has fallen under. After the kids greet their classmates, they are brought before Boscha, who has taken control of the school and refuses to do anything to improve it. After Luz fails to convince Boscha to take on the Collector, Mattholomule takes her and the others to the photo lab after Luz thinks she remembers the teleportation glyph sequence Philip used. As Willow plucks memories from Luz, she starts to see what the kids have been through. Willow leaves upon unintentionally upsetting Hunter and she and Gus go after her, followed by Kikimora cornering everyone else when Camila smells something odd. Luz recognizes it as Sleeping Nettle, which Boscha brewed a potion from and knocks the Nocedas, Amity, and Mattholomule out before the duo places them in the Detention Pit. They wake up to find Kikimora, who has been manipulating Boscha to recreate the Boiling Isles in her own image, trying to kill them. Camila and Luz get separated from Amity and Mattholomule as Kikimora goes after the mother and daughter.

For the Future - 3705

Camila telling Luz about the mistakes she made in the past.

They hide using an invisibility glyph and Luz laments how she keeps messing up and Camila reveals many of her own mistakes, including not defending Luz enough. As Luz realizes she just wants to be understood, her palisman hatches, taking the form of a glowing orb and signals Kikimora to their location. The others find them and they fend off Kikimora. The students of Hexside arrive and distract Kikimora as Camila and the teenagers draw the glyph and get away just in time.

For the Future - 4475

Camila gushing over the palismen.

They make it to the Head and Camila congratulates the kids on their effort and compliments Hunter on his new found abilities as Luz's palisman takes a physical form and her daughter introduces the pailsman as Stringbean. She plays with the palismen as, unbeknownst to her and the others, the Collector watches them.[9]

Watching and Dreaming - 1874

Camila as a puppet.

Suddenly, the platform they are on begins to shake as Hunter, Gus, Willow, Camila and Amity are separated from Luz, drawn into the Archive House and turned into puppets. After Amity manages to draw a light glyph that turns herself, Willow, Hunter, and Gus back to normal, they find Camila hung up by strings like the rest. Before they can reach her, the Archive is briefly filled with particles of light left over from Luz's sacrifice, and the Camila puppet responds by shedding tears. After Gus turns her back to normal, Camila asks where Luz is but gets no reply. As the Archive shakes as a result of Belos possessing the titan, Amity finds that she cannot utilize their magic, which Camila attributes to the kids being exhausted. She gives them a pep talk, saying that the missing Luz "is a Noceda. You know what that means? It means she's way too stubborn to let any of this get her down". After wiping away her own tears, she suggests a way they can help without their magic.

Watching and Dreaming - 3650

Camila drawing glyphs for the teenagers to use.

While a resurrected Luz fights Belos with King and Eda, Camila draws glyphs for the teenagers to use as they save the puppets. As the Archive House starts to fall, they watch in amazement as the Collector helps hold it in place. When Belos is defeated, she and the others thank the Collector for helping and they work with him to revert the citizens of the Boiling Isles back to normal.

Watching and Dreaming - 4834

Camila hugging Eda and King upon meeting them.

After finishing, the Collector takes Camila, Lilith, and Amity to The Owl House. Camila reunites with her daughter and meets Eda and King, whom she immediately pulls into a big hug. Afterwards, she speaks with Lilith and Hooty.


Watching and Dreaming - 5611

Camila, slightly uncomfortable with the presentation of the quinceañera, congratulates the others on their hard work.

Four years after Belos is defeated, as Luz is getting ready to attend college in the Demon Realm, Camila talks with her daughter and is surprised that the latter has decided to major in everything even without her glyphs. After she and Vee lead Luz through the portal, they surprise the 18-year-old with a belated quinceañera, and although Camila is concerned about how the party was prepared, she only tells everyone "great work". Together, they watch as the Collector puts on a light show.[10]


Luz Noceda[]

Camila at school play

Camila showing her fondness over one of Luz's creative quirks.

Luz is Camila's daughter, who she loves very much and wants the best for her. She admits she loves Luz's sense of creativity but fears her love of fantasy is holding her back from having a social life. After she gets into trouble at school, Camila decides to send Luz to Reality Check Summer Camp, as she felt it would protect her from what Camila herself suffered for her nerdy interests.

In "Yesterday's Lie", when she learns the truth about where Luz has been for the summer, she becomes very sad and terrified for her well-being, and her fears are only exacerbated when she learns Luz chose to stay in the Demon Realm, believing she hated living with her despite Luz stressing that it was not because of anything she did. Before Luz is pulled back to the Demon Realm, Camila asks her daughter to stay when she returns home, promising to do things differently. After confronting her mother, Luz becomes noticeably distraught, believing her mother wants her to abandon her life in the Demon Realm in favor of life with her.

Camila and Luz S1 EP01

Camila trying to convince Luz that the summer camp will be a fun place.

Camila would finally reunite with Luz at the end of "King's Tide" after she and her friends escape the Demon Realm, to which she immediately embraced her daughter at the beginning of "Thanks to Them". Following her introduction to Luz's friends and learning that her daughter was not only bisexual, but in a relationship with Amity, happily embraces their decision to be together and offers the four children a place to stay until they can find a way back home.

As revealed in a dream, Camila was very supportive of her daughter's bizarre behavior and stood up for her when others talked bad about her, but it wasn't until she was called to the principal's office following Luz's book report at the beginning of the series that she was offered the pamphlet for Reality Check Summer Camp as a means to help Luz seemingly cope with the loss of her father, to which she ended up being pressured into accepting out of fear that Luz would be bullied similar to how she herself was bullied as a child. When they have a chance to talk alone, Camila admits that she was never angry at Luz, understanding why Luz felt disconnected from the Human Realm (despite not yet acknowledging her part in it), but the important thing was that she was home now.

For the Future - 3779

Camila comforting Luz in the Demon Realm following their heart-felt talk with one another.

During the Haunted Hayride, Camila watches videos of Luz growing up and realizes that Luz's actions at school that lead to her suggesting she go to summer camp were an attempt to convince her she was okay, and after she watches Luz saying she intends to stay in the Human Realm permanently to make up for her mistakes, she instead offers she accompany her daughter to the Demon Realm and help her defeat Belos and the Collector for good.

After accompanying Luz to the Boiling Isles, Camila tries to change Luz's mind about staying in the Human Realm permanently, first by trying to approve of the land despite being somewhat uncomfortable by it, before asking Willow and Gus for advice on what to say to her. When she gets a chance to finally talk to her one-on-one, she tells her daughter that making mistakes is part of life, counting off her own mistakes as proof. The biggest, she felt in her opinion, was not standing up for her and trying to change her into someone different out of fear that she would be bullied for her interests like she herself was as a child. Her words reach Luz and end up helping hatch her Palisman egg, as Luz realized all she really wanted was to be understood.


Camila and Vee S2 EP10

Camila telling Vee she has a place to stay for as long as she needs.

After Luz went to the Demon Realm, the young basilisk Vee snuck into the Human Realm and assumed Luz's appearance, living with Camila ever since due to her kindness. Camila was completely unaware of Vee's true identity until "Yesterday's Lie" when she was captured by Jacob Hopkins, but even after learning of her true identity, she still calls her a strong girl, and offers her a place to stay at her home.

After Luz returned home, Camila was overjoyed by the new human form Vee assumed. When she decided to join Luz and the others in the Demon Realm and Vee decided to stay behind and take her place to keep up appearances, Camila hugged her goodbye.

Jacob Hopkins[]

Yesterday's Lie - 803

Jacob looking at Camila suspiciously after learning that she somehow knows about his capture of Vee.

Camila is disgusted by Jacob illegally setting traps and cameras at the old house near her home and trying to dissect Vee, even threatening to call the police on him if he failed to stay away from her, her family, and her private property. Jacob protests and tries to stop her, thinking of himself as the "good guy" in the situation, Camila rebuts by saying "A lot of bad guys say that", and then proceeds to beat him up with a chancla from her brown bag. She then ties Jacob up and locks him in the cage he previously trapped Vee in, leaving him like that, as she leaves with Vee and goes home.


Thanks to Them - 2240

Camila and Hunter greeting each other.

In their first encounter, Camila was kind towards Hunter and accepted him as a guest. After setting him and Gus up in the basement, Hunter kneeled and thanked her for sheltering him and the others, much to Camila's disturbance. During Hunter's time in her home, she taught him how to sew. After Hunter, possessed by Belos, threw himself into deep water, she dived in after him and pulled him out. After Hunter regained consciousness, she slowly helped him up and asked if he was okay.

After seeing him teleport, she congratulates him on his newfound powers and playfully references Cosmic Frontier, much to his and Gus' joy.

Amity Blight[]

Thanks to Them - 040

Camila accepting a cup of tea Amity brewed for her.

Camila is kind towards Amity, sheltering her and the others for months after they became stranded in the Human Realm. After Luz came out as bisexual and revealed her relationship with Amity, Camila was supportive of Amity dating her daughter.

After joining the kids in the Demon Realm, Camila rides with Amity on her flying staff after Hunter sees Eda and King, showing a level of trust she has with her daughter's girlfriend despite not being fond of flying that way.

Gus Porter[]

Thanks to Them - 025

Camila silently thanking Gus for helping her with the dishes.

Despite only knowing Gus for a few months, Camila cares for him. She is thankful for him and the others for helping Luz. She even helped him, and the other Boiling Isles residents get human clothes to help them blend in. However, Camila is not a fan of his cooking, as she forced herself to eat the mustard ravioli that Gus had prepared on one occasion. Camila was also surprised when Gus and Hunter found her Cosmic Frontier things in the basement, poorly hiding her shock after learning of it.

After arriving in the Demon Realm, she seeks his and Willow's advice on how to convince Luz she is making a hasty decision. After escaping Kikimora, she playfully references Cosmic Frontier, much to his and Hunter's joy.

Willow Park[]

Thanks to Them - 661

Camila giving Willow a camera.

After Willow and her friends become stranded in the Human Realm, Camila welcomes her and the others into her home. She treated Willow kindly and even gave her a camera that started her interest in photography in the Human Realm. After Amity said they can do more to get back home. Willow and the others misinterpret it as helping out more around the Noceda House as she suggests fixing up the garden as thanks to Camila for housing them, showing that Willow returns her feelings of gratitude.

After arriving in the Demon Realm, Camila notices how Willow is hiding her stress and asks if she is alright. Despite Willow's insistence that she is alright, Camila seems to suspect that she is hiding something.

Eda Clawthorne[]

Eda introducing Camila to Apple Blood

Camila being introduced to apple blood by Eda.

Camila first learned about Eda, her daughter's mentor and caretaker in the Demon Realm, following Luz's return to the Human Realm. However, the two would not meet until shortly following Belos' final defeat. Though Eda was initially nervous at finally meeting her student's mother, Camila was instantly accepting of her and King, and showed her appreciation towards them by pulling them and Luz into a warm hug.

Since then, Camila and Eda have become close friends. At some point in the ensuing four years, Eda would come to introduce Camila to apple blood, the former's favorite beverage. Later, during Luz's eighteenth birthday, Camila and Eda worked on and celebrated together at her belated quinceañera.

Emperor Belos[]

Thanks to Them - 4144

Camila upon seeing Belos for the first time.

Belos is the most hated enemy of Camila's daughter, whom she first learned about following Luz's return from the Demon Realm alongside her Hexside friends. After learning about his many atrocities upon the Boiling Isles and his numerous attempted murders of both Luz and her friends, which left her daughter with a scar on her left eyebrow, Camila came to thoroughly despise Belos. Like her daughter, Camila wholeheartedly rejects and is disgusted by the ancient witch hunter's racist beliefs regarding the witches and demons of the isles, and considers him to be a monstrous individual for his attempts at genocide upon them.

Months later, Camila would later encounter Belos herself when she witnessed Luz and her friends battling him as he possessed Hunter at the Gravesfield cemetery. Though she and Belos didn't interact directly, Camila was horrified by both his cruel maiming of Flapjack and by his true monstrous form, leaving her shocked that her daughter had spent months fighting such a horrid entity. After witnessing this and understanding what Luz and the others were truly up against, Camila fervently decided to join them in their return to the Demon Realm, determined to help them stop Belos once and for all.


Behind the scenes[]


Camila is voiced by Elizabeth Grullon.


Camila debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Malena Duchovny(1st voice)
Natalia Pupato (2nd voice)
Duchovny voices her in all season 1 and in season 2 in episode "Keeping up A-fear-ances". Pupato voices her from "Yesterday's Lie" onwards.
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Júlia Ribas
Taiwan Chinese Yang Shih-Ying (楊詩穎)
Czech Republic Czech Anna Brousková
Germany German Alisa Palmer-Stoll
Spain Spanish Yolanda Mateos
France French Sophie Landresse
Greece Greek Melina Katsakouli (Μελίνα Κατσακούλη)
Indonesia Indonesian Lady Carmelita Novita
Italy Italian Claudia Carlone
Norway Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Poland Polish Bożena Furczyk (except Keeping up A-fear-ances)
Anna Szymańczyk (Keeping up A-fear-ances)
Portugal Portuguese Suzana Farrajota
Romania Romanian Bianca Popescu
Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)
Turkey Turkish Ece Bozçalı


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  • Her name appeared as "Camilia" in the end credits of the first season due to a spelling error that was unable to be changed since it was caught too late.[1] This was fixed in season 2.
  • Animal documentaries tend to make Camila cry.
  • Camila's usage of the chancla is a famous stereotypical form of discipline used by Latina matriarchs to discipline misbehaved children, but also a form of self-defense of Latina women against threats.
  • During the "Be Gay Do Witchcraft Charity Drawathon!" charity stream, an audio recording of Sarah-Nicole Robles in character as Luz revealed Camila is lactose intolerant, like Luz.[11]
  • As revealed in "For the Future":
    • Camila sold energy drinks for a pyramid scheme for three years.
    • She once got road rage and badmouthed the driver without knowing it was Luz's new principal.
    • Camila scheduled a wisdom tooth surgery the day before she and Manny got married.
  • In Season 3, Camila has a badge displaying a rainbow-colored heart (the colors of the Rainbow Pride Flag) showing that she is an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, coming from supporting her daughter.
  • For the first two seasons, Camila has black eyebrows but character renders of her design show them to be the same shade of brown as her hair. This change was later applied in Season 3.
    • The change is most noticable in the beginning of "Thanks to Them", when her eyebrows turn brown the first scene she appears in after the reused footage from "King's Tide" ends.


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