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Mija, your fantasy world is holding you back. Do you have any friends? Real ones, not imagined, or drawn, or reptilian?

Camila Noceda[1] is a supporting character in The Owl House. She is the widow of Mr. Noceda and mother of Luz Noceda, and she works as a veterinarian.



Camila, similar to Luz, has tan skin and a medium body frame. Her eyes are similar to her daughter's, but are more brown. She originally wore her hair up in a bun with two bangs tufted outward. Currently, she has cut her hair short, and it is more jagged, similar in appearance to Luz.


Previously, Camila wore a cyan shirt and leggings with darker blue-rimmed sleeves, black glasses with a red top, and blue earrings. In "Yesterday's Lie", she now wears a green trench coat, jeans, and black earrings.


Camila is a caring and protective mother, having shown she cares for Luz deeply, and she frequently worries over her. She can sometimes have difficulty understanding Luz due to her daughter's quirks; however, she still tries her best to be there for Luz and to help her with good intentions in mind.

She is also a kind and compassionate individual, as shown by her willingness to help Vee and care for her for as long as she needs it. Camila also shows a level of bravery and boldness, and she is willing to fight for what she believes to be right, as shown when she confronted Jacob.



At least fourteen years before the start of the series, Camila married an unnamed husband and mothered one child, Luz Noceda; however, she was widowed while Luz was still young. Every year, she and Luz would remember the late Mr. Noceda by bringing him flowers.[2] As a single parent, Camila loves her daughter very much, but due to Luz's eccentric personality, raising her was not without its hiccups.

Sending Luz to camp

Camila attends a meeting with Luz at the principal's office after she got in trouble for her book report involving snakes and firecrackers. Camila, albeit supporting her daughter, decides to send Luz to Reality Check Summer Camp to handle her behavior. She really doesn't want to go, but tries to do it for her mother. Afterward, while Luz is waiting at the bus stop, Camila says goodbye to her before she leaves for work. Unbeknownst to Camila, she doesn't end up going to camp and is spirited away to a magical realm, where she decides the stay in for the summer. That night, Camila sends Luz a text message asking if she's enjoying the camp. Luz replies vaguely, stating that she's liking the place so far.[3]

Spending time with "Luz"

Camila later reappears, texting Luz and sending pictures of her at their favorite after-school lunch shop, saying that she loves her. Luz, afraid of lying, keeps replying with emojis to avoid directly messaging her. Later that night, Camila texts again, and this time, she receives a full response from her daughter. She soon wraps up the conversation, saying that she loved receiving Luz's letters, which the latter assumes are her texts. Camila then falls asleep, her nightstand abundant with letters supposedly addressed to her from Luz.[4]

Following summer camp, Camila cries as she watches an animal documentary, being offered a box of tissues by an impostor of Luz as she thanks her.[5]

Later, through the In Between Realm, Camila finally gets to speak with Luz, who tells her the truth about where she has been and that Camila has been living with an impostor of her. Initially, she doesn't believe this, thinking that it is simply a part of some game Luz is playing. She then goes to the Gravesfield Historical Society museum and asks Jacob to show her his captured demon, to which he obliges after getting a verbal agreement. Camila soon realizes that the frightened young demon, Vee, is a real being after recognizing some characteristics on her body. Jacob attempts to dissect Vee, but Camila strikes him with her chancla and saves her, offering to take her under her wing for as long as she needs it.

Camila is distraught upon finding out that Luz is trapped in the Demon Realm, but is impressed at how much she has grown and changed as a person. She then becomes extremely upset upon learning that Luz decided to stay in the Demon Realm, even believing that she chose to stay there to get away from her. She then makes her promise to stay with her once she finds a way to get back to the Human Realm.[6]


Luz Noceda

Camila trying to convince Luz that the summer camp will be a good place.

Luz is Camila's daughter, who she loves very much and wants the best for her. She admits she loves Luz's sense of creativity but fears her love of fantasy is holding her back from having a social life. After she gets into trouble at school, Camila decides to send Luz to Reality Check Summer Camp, as she felt it would help separate the world of fantasy from reality.

In "Yesterday's Lie", when she learns the truth about where Luz has been for the summer, she becomes very sad and scared about her wellbeing, and her fears are only exacerbated when she learns Luz chose to stay in the Demon Realm, believing she hated living with her despite Luz stressing that it was not because of anything she did. Before Luz is pulled back to the Demon Realm, Camila asks her daughter to stay when she returns home, promising to do things differently. After confronting her mother, Luz becomes noticeably distraught, believing her mother wants her to abandon her life in the Demon Realm in favor of life with her.


Camila telling Vee she has a place to stay for as long as she needs.

After Luz went to the Demon Realm, the young basilisk Vee snuck into the Human Realm and assumed Luz's appearance, living with Camila ever since due to her kindness. Camila was completely unaware of Vee's true identity until "Yesterday's Lie" when she was captured by Jacob Hopkins, but even after learning of her true identity, she still calls her a strong girl, and offers her a place to stay at her home.

Jacob Hopkins

Camila about to beat up Jacob with her chancla.

Camila is disgusted by Jacob illegally setting traps and cameras near her home and trying to dissect Vee, even threatening to call the police on him if he didn't stay away from her, her family, and her private property. Jacob protests and tries to stop her, thinking he is the "good guy" in the situation, Camila rebuts by saying "A lot of bad guys say that," and then proceeds to beat him up with a chancla from her brown bag. She then ties him up and locks him in the cage he previously trapped Vee in.


Behind the scenes


Camila is voiced by Elizabeth Grullon.


Camila debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Malena Duchovny
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Júlia Ribas
Taiwan Chinese Yang Shih-Ying (楊詩穎)
Germany German Alisa Palmer-Stoll
France French Sophie Landresse
Greece Greek Melina Katsakouli (Μελίνα Κατσακούλη)
Indonesia Indonesian Lady Carmelita Novita
Italy Italian Claudia Carlone
Norway Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Poland Polish Bożena Furczyk (Season 1)
Portugal Portuguese Suzana Farrajota
Romania Romanian Bianca Popescu
Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)
Turkey Turkish Ece Bozçalı


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  • Her name appeared as "Camilia" in the end credits of the first season, due to a spelling error that was unable to change since it was caught too late.[1] This was fixed in season 2.
  • Animal documentaries tend to make Camila cry.
  • Camila's green chancla is a reference to a form of discipline in which a parent hits their child with a chancla in order to correct misbehavior.
  • During the "Be Gay Do Witchcraft Charity Drawathon!" charity stream, an audio recording of Sarah-Nicole Robles in character as Luz revealed Camila is lactose intolerant, like Luz.[7]


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