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Cat[1] is a minor character in The Owl House. She is a witch attending Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the healing track. Notably, she is a member of Boscha's friend group, as well as the Banshees.


Cat has dark skin and brown wavy hair with a side bang, and like all witches, she has pointed ears. She wears squared glasses with black frames over her brown eyes and has red lipstick on her lower lip. She wears the regular Hexside uniform with blue sleeves and leggings that show she is on the healing track, and black clog-styled shoes.

Her Grudgby uniform consists of a purple t-shirt, navy-blue chest armor with orange trims on the collar and arms, white shoulder spikes, fang-like appendages and a bright purple gem in the center, navy-blue and white shorts, white socks under navy-blue and orange spiked shoes, and dark purple fingerless gloves and kneepads.


S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (538)

Cat at Amity's Moonlight Conjuring.

Cat is first seen at Hexside when Willow Park sneaks in Luz Noceda to pose as her abomination.[2] Later, she is seen flying on a broom at the Covention.[3] Cat was one of the four girls trying and failing to animate a stuffed animal in Amity's house during the Moonlight Conjuring.[4]

She is seen attending the Book Fair with Amelia[5] and going out with the spike-headed student during Grom.[6]

Wing It Like Witches - A1561

Cat and the Banshees preparing to face off against Willow's grudgby team.

Cat is seen with Boscha's posse and later on plays on Boscha's grudgby team along with Amelia against Willow, Amity, and Luz. As the game progresses, she begins expressing concern when Boscha actively tries to harm Luz in the game. It was here she also shows her respect for Luz and Willow, as shown where she congratulated Luz for playing grudgby for the first time and offered Willow a spot on the grudgby team.[7]

Shortly before the Day of Unity, Cat is with the other students when Adrian Graye Vernworth announces a decree that all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity, but she flees with the other students. She heals Willow's injuries while hiding out with everyone in the Healing Homeroom.[8]

For the Future - 1652

Cat and Amelia transformed into puppets.

Cat and the majority of students and staff camp out at Hexside after learning about the Draining Spell. After the Draining Spell is stopped and the Collector is released, she stood alongside Boscha and Amelia in defending Hexside from the Collector's spies. However, they are powerless to stop them, and both Cat and Amelia sacrifice themselves to save Boscha but are turned into puppets in the process. As a puppet, Cat is forced to play out a background role during King and the Collector's game of "Owl House".

Months later, after Belos is defeated, Cat is returned to normal and goes to Hexside with Bump and Amelia where Boscha tearfully greets them.


  • Magic: Cat can use magic due to the bile sack attached to her heart.
    • Healing Magic: As she is a student in the healing track, Cat is able to use healing magic.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

Her name and design are based on the storyboard artist, Catherine Harman-Mitchell.[1]


Cat is voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also voices Katya, Masha, Usurper, Roselle, and several other characters in the show.


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  • Cat is the only one of Boscha's friends who didn't make their first Season 2 appearance in the episode "Escaping Expulsion".
  • The only occasion of Cat speaking in the series is in the episode "Wing It Like Witches", when she offers Willow a position in the Banshees.


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