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Cat[1] is a female witch that attends Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the Healing track. She is also part of Boscha's friend group.


Cat has dark skin and brown wavy hair with a side bang, and like all witches, she has pointed ears. She wears squared glasses with black frames over her brown eyes and has red lipstick on her lower lip. She wears the regular Hexside uniform with blue sleeves and leggings and black clog-styled shoes.


Cat appeared as one of the four girls trying to animate a stuffed animal in Amity's house during the Moonlight Conjuring.[2]

She is seen going out with the pufferfish student during Grom.[3]

Cat is seen with Boscha's girl posse and later on expressing concern when Boscha actively tries to harm Luz. It was here she also shows her respect for Luz and Willow, as shown where she congratulated Luz for playing grudgby for the first time and offered Willow a spot on the grudgby team.[4]


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Her name and design are based on the storyboard artist, Catherine Harman-Mitchell.[1]


Cat is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


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