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This page contains concepts or material that is not confirmed canon to The Owl House. It may contain canonical elements in the official timeline, but it is not developed in it.

Chibi Tiny Tales is a series of shorts produced by Disney Television Animation. It follows the surreal adventures of the characters from The Owl House in chibi format.

Each short is about a minute long, and is drawn in an Animesque "chibi" style. The shorts have little-to-no-spoken dialogue, with most of it represented through vocal effects like grunts, laughs, screams, yells, and occasional pictorial speech bubbles.

On May 17, 2022, the first short in this series for The Owl House was released.[1][2][3]

List of shorts

Title Release Synopsis
"The Bake Off!" May 17, 2022 When Eda and Lilith from The Owl House disagree over which spooky snack to bake, they soon find themselves in a creepy cooking competition that really takes the cake!




  • The series initially began with Big Hero 6: The Series, taking inspiration from the Karmi fan fiction segments. It was eventually expanded to include other popular Disney shows, with Amphibia, in particular, being the first.
  • Prior to The Owl House receiving its shorts in this format, King, in his Chibi Tiny Tales designs, makes a cameo in the story Scratch Haunts based on the Disney show The Ghost and Molly McGee, in which Scratch is on the loose haunting various Disney Channel characters. He knocks on the door of the Owl House and is greeted by King. He tries to scare him, but King wants nothing to do with Scratch and refuses to let him inside, throwing the door in his face.