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[The episode starts with an Abomaton plugging a tube in the portal, which transfers energy to it and powers it. Belos walks over and touches the broken portal key slung around his neck. The Collector appears.]

The Collector: Heh, heh, heh, you nervous? You haven't been home in how many hundreds of years? What if it's all changed? What if you changed? You've gotten so used to eating Palismen you can barely keep your human shape anymore!

[Belos's arm morphs into goo and strikes directly where the Collector is, then he retracts it, shaking.]

The Collector: I can't wait to get out of this prison! There are so many games I want to play. If we need a third player, we can make another Grimwalker!

Belos: No, not until I've dealt with this one.

The Collector: [Impatient.] Just free me already! [Whining.] You promised!

Belos: The Draining Spell must work first, like you promised.

The Collector: [Glares jokingly at Belos.] You need to have more faith in pinky swears.

Belos: Don't worry, Collector, your patience will be rewarded. [He walks out and it is revealed they are at the Titan's head.] The Day of Unity is about to begin.

-THEME SONG, but with only the title screen and no music-

[Scene cuts over to Blight Industries. Odalia is signing off on a delivery, while Kikimora is in the pilot seat of a landed airship with Coven Scouts and Abomatons on board."]

Odalia: I was devastated to hear of your demotion, Kikimora.

Kikimora: Please stop talking to me.

Odalia: Personally, I liked you more than that turncloak Golden Guard. Ugh, if only there was a way to show Belos your true worth.

Kikimora: [Mockingly.] If only there was a way to show Belos- mmm, let's get out of here.

[Kikimora's ship leaves Blight Industries. The Blight twins and Amity are then shown hiding behind a pile of trash to watch Odalia from a distance.]

Emira: [Whispering.] She won't believe you!

Edric: Even if she did, she won't care.

Amity: Someone has to tell Mom about the Draining Spell. Or else she and Dad are helping Belos hurt people.

[As she sees Alador approaching, Amity gasps and pulls the twins down out of sight. The three then crawl to the side of the trash pile to watch Odalia and Alador.]

Odalia: I've got that little gremlin on the hook! She'll be the perfect test subject for our new product.

Alador: Don't you think it's odd that they need this much security for the Day of Unity? Perhaps we should reconsider this deal.

Odalia: Blights always uphold their end of the deal, dear. Or should I reconsider ours? [Grabs necklace, causing it to start glowing.] It might be time for the kids to play a more active role in Blight Industries. I could start the paperwork right now.

[Alador is silent with a conflicted expression on his face. As Odalia releases her necklace, Alador turns and walks away, with Odalia following behind.]

Amity: Hey, guys, Dad might listen! [She finds the two have gone missing, and peeks above the trash pile.] Guys?

[Odalia's shadow suddenly looms in front of her and Amity turns to face her. The twins are held captive by an Abomaton and Odalia is looking angry.]

Odalia: Hiding behind trash, Amity? To think my children are so painfully predictable in their deceit! You're. Grounded.

(Amity can only glare at her in response. Scene transitions backs to CATs headquarters. Luz pulls out her little game device and tries to decipher Amity's messages.]

Eda: [Looking at Amity's message.] What kind of language is that?

Luz: The language of love, Eda. But it's unfinished. It just says grounded, come quick, then nothing.

King: Special delivery! Ta-da! [He places down a box of Coven Scout disguises.]

Lilith: Disguises, Yes! A new milestone of malfeasance in my new life of crime.

Hooty: [Angrily.] This is just a trick to get me to wear clothes, well it won't work!

King: Anything else I can do? Grab some tea? Defeat some baddies? Create sentient life? I am a Titan- [Eda covers his mouth.]

Eda: Totally frightened? [Chuckles and snorts.] Yeah, me too, pal. [Whispers to King.] I know you wanna help, but you gotta keep this stuff a secret between us five for now. You may be a Titan, but you're still a little guy. [King looks disappointed.]

[Darius walks towards them.]

Darius: Alright, let's get this briefing over with. [Everyone gathers at the table.]

Raine: Okay. We have twenty-four hours until the Day of Unity begins and Belos activates the Draining Spell.

Darius: And everyone in the Boiling Isles is taken out in one fell swoop. [He knocks over some battle planning figurines.]

Raine: Well, not everyone. The spell targets those with Coven Sigils, using the nine types of magic as ingredients for the spell itself. It's channeled through each of the Coven Heads during the duration of the eclipse.

Lilith: So, what's the plan? Do we hide one of you?

Raine: We can't count on that after my stunt with the BATs.

Darius: Belos made sure we all have replacements. We can't stop the draining spell, but we can corrupt it. That's where the Owl Lady comes in. [Gestures towards Eda.]

Eda: [Confused.] Huh?

Darius: [Groans in annoyance.] The curse, Eda. [She flashes back to when she and Raine played their song.]

Eda: That's right! My curse warps magic. Huh, did quite a number on you two if I remember correctly. [Points and switches repeatedly between Darius and Eberwolf.]

Darius: You remember incorrectly! I was completely unfazed.

[Eberwolf suddenly pops out beside him and hisses, scaring him. He then draws a spell circle.]

Darius: Eda would have to sneak into the tower, and here's how. [He summons miniature abomination clones of himself, Eberwolf, and two abominations.] I'll control a pair of abominations to release Eberwolf's flesh-eating beetles into the crowd. [An abomination clone does so, and once the crowd sees it, they start to scream.] It will create a distraction so big, [Clones of Eda, Darius and Eberwolf pass through the crowd.] we can get Eda up with the coven heads. The spell will halt once it comes in contact with the curse, and the day will be saved! No problem.

[Goo then splatters everyone. Luz, Eda, King, Hooty and Lilith (she covers her eyes) are horrified and shocked, while the rest glare angrily at Darius, except Eberwolf.]

Darius: What? Only a few people would get eaten. Even then, just the small ones.

Raine: [Wipes off the goo on their hair.] If we must do this, the safest bet is to have Eda tap into the spell, by taking someone's place as Coven Head. My place. Sigil, [Shows their coven sigil.] and all.

[Eda is shocked; so are Luz, Lilith and King.]

Darius: As Head Bard, you'll also be flanked by me and Eber, where we can keep an eye on the others.

Lilith: [Stands up.] Why are we acting like Edalyn's the only one with a curse here? Please, let me do this, as a-- [She gets cut off by Eda.]

Eda: No. You haven't had your curse that long. You don't know how it would react. But I do. [Stands up proudly.] And how can I say no to sticking it to Belos one final time? Not only that, but I've got the Raine Whispers watching out for me. [Raine smiles.]

Katya: Heck yes, Owl Lady! [Everyone stands up and cheers.]

[Cut to outside the headquarters. Luz and King are on the balcony watching the ships float past them. Luz (now with her hair in a short ponytail) looks at Amity's message again then sadly looks off to the distance. King is about to comfort her when Eda interrupts them.]

Eda: There you are. Look what I got! [She hands Luz her newly-carved palisman, an egg.] The coat's finally dry. I thought you'd carve something cute, like a tarantula. Why an egg?

Luz: I got to decide what my future looked like when I chose to be a witch, and I want them to have that option too. Until then, I'm willing to wait.

Eda: [Pats Luz's head.] Try to play them music sometime. They can hear you.

Luz: [Holds up her palisman.] I love you already. [Kisses it.]

Eda: [Sighs.] Can you believe I gotta pretend to be a Coven Head?

Luz: Eda, are you sure you want to do this?

Eda: Well, of course I don't. You know, even before the curse I couldn't stand covens. Only a select few can learn about different types of magic. It made no sense. But.. if it's the only way to stop this, then I'm gonna do it.

[She sees Luz looking sadly at Amity's message again and smiles.]

Eda: But as exciting as saving the world sounds, it's not nearly as romantic as going on a rescue mission to save your girlfriend.

Luz: [Becomes surprised.] I never said I was gonna--

Eda: [Teasing.] Ooh, but you wanna. It's written all over your face.

Luz: Of course I want to, but I also wanna be there for you.

Eda: Hey, us adults can handle ourselves. [Jokingly.] Tell bossy boots I said, "Yo."

King: [Grabs Eda's hair.] Stop talking like that. This isn't goodbye! I command it!

Eda: We'll see each other after the Day of Unity.

Luz: If we succeed...

Eda: When we succeed. We have the advantage, after all. We've got King the Titan [Holds up King, who stands up triumphantly.] and Luz the Human on our side. Legends in the making!

Luz: Don't forget Eda the Owl Lady.

King: Already a legend, and the most horrifying one of them all!

[Eda suddenly tickles his tummy and everyone laughs. They all hug.]

Eda: So, you two protect each other, and we'll be back together before you know it. [Raine arrives.]

Raine: Eda, let's get moving.

[Eda and King walk inside as Raine holds the door open. Before Luz can step in, she grabs Raine's sleeve and looks up at them with a grave expression on her face.]

Luz: Promise you'll protect her.

Raine: [Winks and smiles.] Promise. [The two then walk inside.] Well, the next 24 hours are going to be rough. But everyone knows their part, and I'm confident we'll succeed. Because we are... the Covens Against the Throne.

Darius: [Quickly.] Wait, can we please not make this our battle cry?

Raine: AKA... the CATs! [Everyone hisses as Darius facepalms in annoyance.]

Darius: Oh, Titan, help us. [Everyone laughs.]

King: I'll... do my best.

[Scene then cuts to the flying ships. Darius and Eberwolf are surrounded by Abomatons on their ship, and after seeing Raine and Eda on theirs, they nod. The latter two look towards the distance, determined. Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest, Luz, King and Katya are flying on the latter's palisman. They stop at a random section of the forest and Katya drops Luz and King off.]

Luz: Why are we stopping?

Katya: [Pushes her and King off her palisman.] To meet your security escort. Darius insisted. See ya! [Flies off, chuckling.]

Luz: What? I don't need a security escort!

Willow: Did you hear that, Gus?

Gus: [Jokingly.] Yeah, I know, I guess we'll just have to go home.

[Luz turns around to find the two talking and sporting new outfits.]

Gus: Well, it's been fun. [Willow laughs.] See you around, Luz the Human.

Luz: [Chuckles and starts tearing up.] Wait. Wait, wait, wait! [Hugs the two.] Of course I want you around! I'm so happy! ...And confused? I thought you were all hiding after what happened at Hexside.

Hunter: They were, [Luz looks towards the side, surprised.] but then they heard Darius ordered me to protect you. [Walks towards the group.]

Gus: More like he begged us to come because he's terrified of getting recognized. [Hunter glares at him.]

Luz: Hunter, are you really up for this? You must be dealing with a lot after learning--

Hunter: [Quickly.] That Belos is evil? [Laughs nervously.] Don't worry, I'm A-OK! [He and Gus do their handshake, which leaves Luz confused.]

Luz: What the...

Willow: [Pats her shoulder.] This is what happens when you go missing for a week. [Walks towards them.]

[Hunter sheepishly backs up and turns around with Luz.]

Hunter: [Whispering.] Don't you dare... mention that thing around them.

Luz: What thing? That you're a Grimwalker?

Hunter: Shh! [Puts up a finger to silence her.] Listen, I don't know if I'm a witch, or a human. All I know is that I'm a copy of someone Belos made... disappear.

Luz: [Looks back towards the others.] I don't know what you three went through, but they seem to like you.

Hunter: So I shouldn't worry how they'd react, right? If that's the case, have you told them about helping Philip?

[Luz becomes mortified.]

Hunter: Yeah, I overheard everything. Don't tell them. Please. [Luz nods slowly.]

[Cut to outside Blight Manor. The group arrives and start thinking of a plan to sneak in. Luz steps forward, but Gus stops her and uses his magic amplifier to scan any unseen illusions. Through the illusion, they see a Coven Scout spinning an illusion circle. Willow immediately steps forward and cracks her knuckles as Gus and Luz look at her and nod. Luz throws a plant glyph at the Coven Scout, which hits and restrains him and as the others run past.]

Hunter: [While running.] Sorry, man!

[The group reaches the front of the manor, but an Abomaton suddenly appears behind them, shooting abomination goo. Luz attempts to run away but is restrained by the Abomaton.]

King: Luz!

[The Abomaton slowly advances on them and is about to sound its alarm when Hunter slices its head off with his staff. Willow then restrains its arms and legs with vines as the Abomaton gets dragged down into the ground. Afterward, she helps Luz get up and the group finally reaches Amity's window, where she is pacing. Luz smiles and blushes at this. She then uses a plant glyph to create flowering vines that get her up to the balcony. Luz adjusts her hair and prepares to enter.]

Amity: [From inside.] I can't believe Mom broke it!

[Cut to inside of her room. Amity's cat-like game device is now shown broken and she is desperately attempting to fix it with a screwdriver. Edric and Emira are sitting behind her on her bed, the former now lying down.]

Amity: [Desperately.] I'm gonna fix it, and I'm gonna get a message out to Luz. I-I'm gonna do something!

Edric: We already tried burning down the factory! [Sits up.] That's what got us grounded too.

[Amity walks over towards the twins.]

Amity: If Mom would just... hear us out!

Emira: We can shout as loud as we want, but money always shouts louder.

Amity: Dad would listen. I know he would. [Voice breaking.] The world is ending, no one'll listen to us... and I just-- [Tearily.] I just wanna know that Luz is safe! [Starts crying.]

Emira: What do you think Luz would say to you right now?

Amity: Probably something dorky, but also sweet. [Wipes away her tears and smiles.] Like how I shouldn't give up and that anything is possible. Or she'd say that I might be scared now but to not let that stop me, because-- because every problem has a solution. [Emira notices Luz by the window and points it out to Edric; the twins smile and leave the room.] And everything's been so crazy, we've barely been able to spend time together. And I am not letting the world end before we go on a real date!

Luz: Whoa, you're right! [Amity gasps and looks over to see Luz standing in the open, vine-covered window.] I would say all that.

Amity: [Tears up, runs towards Luz.] Luz!

Luz: [Runs towards Amity.] Sweet potato!

[The two run toward each other and laugh as Luz grabs Amity, spinning her around before they both hug.]

Luz: I'm gonna take you out when this is all over, Amity, I promise. No monsters, no mysteries, no deadly duels, it's going to be the most mundane, slice-of-life date ever. And it'll be awesome.

Amity: I know!

[Much to Luz's surprise, Amity kisses her on the lips. Afterwards, the two are completely flustered.]

Luz: [Flustered, in an Australian accent.] Oh. Crikey.

Amity: I can't believe I just did that.

Luz: I can't believe I just said that! Oh, crikey. How did I even think that? Come on, Luz, be cool next time.

Amity: [Expression falls.] Luz, I don't think my parents know what they're helping Belos accomplish. Will you help me tell them about the draining spell?

Luz: Of course. That's why we're here!

Amity: [Confused.] We?

[The two look over the balcony to find King, Willow, Gus and Hunter. Luz and Amity look at each other and smile.]

[Cut back to the flying ships. Steve holds up a glowing blue stone and scans Raine with it. Raine then sees a feather floating by and grabs it, looking over to see Eda with curse feathers on her shoulder drinking an elixir. Once finished, Eda hands the empty bottle to Lilith and Hooty, who walk away. Eda brushes off some remaining feathers and solemnly looks over the edge of the ship, while Raine walks up and joins her.]

Eda: Hey, I know that face. [Lightly punches Raine's shoulder.] I've got it all under control, Rainstorm. Jealous I may be a better Coven Head than you? [Laughs.] I'll try not to impress everyone too much.

Raine: Are you really willing to get a sigil? Even if your curse heals, you'll never be able to practice wild magic again.

Eda: [She hesitates, then smiles.] Eh, my curse isn't going anywhere. I can tell it's always gonna be a pain in my feathers. But if I can do this to help, why would I refuse?

Steve: We're almost there! [Eda and Raine turn towards him as he approaches.] Here's your Cloaking Stone, Eda. It'll keep you hidden under an illusion. [Hands Eda the stone.] But it won't change your voice, so try not to say much.

[Eda activates the stone. A blue smoke briefly engulfs her before she transforms into an exact duplication of Raine. She looks down at her arms, surprised. Raine and disguised-Eda turn to face each other.]

Raine: This works a little too well.

Eda: I wonder...

[Eda grabs "her" head and detaches it, holding it up. Raine looks horrified.]

Eda: Ha! It works!

Raine: [Laughs.] Oh, weird.

[Eda puts her head back on and changes back to her normal appearance.]

Steve: It's time. You ready? [A Bard Coven sigil appears on his glove, ready to brand.]

Eda: Oh. [To Raine.] Isn't it cool we get one last adventure together?

[Eda holds out her arm for Steve and closes her eyes. The camera zooms in on Raine, who wears a nervous expression. Scene then changes to Blight Industries, where Kikimora is once again arriving on an airship.]

Kikimora: Mrs. Blight. I hope this last shipment will be swift.

[Kikimora and three Coven Scouts enter the factory with Odalia. Meanwhile, Luz, King, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter pop out of a bush in the background. Gus nods and casts an illusion to give all of them (except King) Coven Scout disguises, and they walk out of the bush to follow the others. However, Luz stops King before he can join them.]

Luz: Stay here, King. It's safer. If anyone asks, [She puts a scout mask on him.] you're guarding the perimeter.

King: But-

[King reaches out to Luz, but she runs off. King looks down and sighs in disappointment. He sits down on the ground. Suddenly, darkness surrounds him, and he hears the Collector's voice.]

The Collector: He's my friend, right?

King: Wha-?

The Collector: He wouldn't lie. He wouldn't. He wouldn't!

King: Who is that? Hello?

The Collector: We spent hundreds of years playing his game. [Angrily.] I want to play a new game.

[King clutches his head and stands up, making the voice and darkness disappear. He walks away, but ends up stepping on an empty bag of chips. Peeking through the bushes next to it, he sees a trail of more chip bags and gasps.]

[Cut to inside Blight Industries' factory. A large object, which Kikimora and Odalia approach, is covered by a sheet with a spotlight shining on it.]

Kikimora: For the last time, I'm not interested in your dumb gadgets.

Odalia: You might want to reconsider. [Removes sheet.] Introducing the Abomatron. It's 700 snorsepower, has two fairy-powered jet packs, and comes in several shades of lilac.

[Kikimora gasps with sparkling eyes. Odalia lifts her up to the Abomatron's pilot seat.]

Odalia: I outfitted this one specially for you.

Kikimora: [Maniacal laughter.] I'm taller than everyone!

[Kikimora tries out the controls, making the Abomatron punch and kick. Luz, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter watch this nearby. Amity nudges Luz's arm and points to a door in the back of the room.]

Amity: That's my dad's workroom.

[The Hexside group run off to the workroom door. Luz peers through the door's window.]

Luz: It looks empty. And really sad.

[Inside the room, a rat with a similar appearance to Alador grabs a cracker and scurries away. Odalia suddenly walks up behind the group with her hands on her hips.]

Odalia: Ahem. These rooms are off-limits.

Hunter: [To Luz.] Follow my lead. Mrs. Blight! [He and Luz salute, but Luz smacks her mask and shakes out her arm in pain.] Kikimora told us of your products. Such inventions would be invaluable assets to the Emperor's Coven.

Luz: Yeah, and we are all about invaluable assets.

Gus: Can't get enough of 'em.

Willow: I'm an asset gal myself.

Hunter: [Shoves Gus away.] I apologize for the trouble. We'll return to our duties.

[As they try to walk away, the Abomatron blocks their path.]

Kikimora: I thought I recognized that annoying voice.

[They gasp and try to run towards the main exit, but are blocked by an Abomaton and Coven Scout.]

Coven Scout: [Cracks knuckles.] Sorry, man.

[Gus trips over a pipe, accidentally dissipating the group's Coven Scout disguise illusions. Now revealed, they turn around to see Odalia and Kikimora staring at them with equally stern faces.]

[Scene cuts once again to the CATs, whose airships have finally landed. Eda and Raine turn at the sound of a Coven Scout's voice; nearby, a scout and Abomaton are dragging a blue-haired witch away.]

Coven Scout: Over here! We found another wild witch.

Wild witch: No. No!

[The witch is thrown into a jail wagon with three other witches, and the carriage door is slammed behind them.]

Coven Scout: Send 'em to the Conformatorium.

[Eda and Raine look on in dismay, then Eda growls. Meanwhile, on a hill outside Blight Industries, Alador and King are both sitting on a swing set. Alador holds out an open bag of chips for King.]

Alador: [Exasperated groan.] And was that the last of it? [Angrily eats chips.] Of course not. While I was recovering from the fire flu, she fired half my team and expected us to continue working at the same time. Did I mention I haven't had a weekend off in five years? [Sneezes, releasing a burst of fire.] Oh, sorry. Fire flu side effects. I-- I don't mean to vent. I- I should let you return to your duties.

King: The Emperor's Coven, uh, requires I take a meal break, so, uh-- no worries?

Alador: Sounds like I joined the wrong coven. [Chuckles.] This is a big night. I- [Rips up the empty bag.] I should feel... accomplished, but... none of this feels right. Do you have kids, Mr. Scout?

King: Oh, uh, no. I'm probably not the right person to give dad advice. You know, never really met mine.

[Alador is surprised at this, then sadly looks down at the ground as a breeze passes by. King swings back and forth a little.]

Alador: I'm gonna spend more time with my kids, get to know them. Things are gonna change after the Day of Unity.

King: Oh, boy. Yeah, let's just say there's not gonna be an "after" to the Day of Unity.

[Alador stares at him in shock.]

[Outside Blight Industries, the Hexside group have been trapped inside a glowing pink dome with their hands restrained by abomination goo and three Abomatons guarding the outside of the dome. All of the group look angry. Odalia paces nearby.]

Kikimora: Odalia, is my airship ready?

Odalia: Just about. [Smugly.] And I found two adorable little scoundrels trying to steal it. [Abomatrons are carrying off Edric and Emira.] But they'll be dealt with.

Amity: Edric! Emira!

Odalia: Don't worry, they'll just be grounded. With maximum security.

Amity: Don't you get it? You're helping a witch hunter destroy everything.

Odalia: Really, Mittens, I am tired of all this drama. Sneaking around in little disguises, convincing the twins to act out, are you trying to make me look bad?

Luz: She's trying to help people.

Odalia: Hush, brat.

Amity: [Furious.] Don't you talk to my girlfriend like that!

Odalia: Girlfriend? Oh, no, no. That won't do. We'll find you a new girlfriend. Someone who's not on wanted posters everywhere.

[Drawing a spell circle, Odalia summons a wanted poster of Luz and then rips it in half. Amity growls in rage, and the abomination goo around her hands starts to bubble. She lets out a yell and frees her hands, then forms the goo into a spiked gauntlet and punches the dome with all her might. The dome is completely unaffected.]

Odalia: Ugh. Really, you're embarrassing yourself.

[Amity continues punching. Behind her, Hunter turns around to find Kikimora in the Abomatron just outside the dome.]

Kikimora: I always knew you were rotten to the core. Belos will probably snap you in two after I hand you over. Maybe he'll make me the new Golden Guard.

[Hunter grimaces in fear, while Luz runs up to defend him.]

Luz: Leave him alone!

Kikimora: I'm surprised you're even here, human. Aren't all your friends at the Day of Unity? [Luz gasps.] Oh, that's right. The Emperor has eyes everywhere. And they're all pointed at the Owl Lady. [Evil laughter.]

[Kikimora walks off, while Luz looks down in thought, then with determination. She leans towards Gus and whispers to him.]

Luz: Okay, here's the plan...

[Gus gasps at her plan but hesitantly nods. Next to them, Amity is still punching the dome. All of a sudden, it bursts and disappears.]

Odalia: What?

[Hunter and Willow are relieved to see the goo around their hands disappear along with the bubble.]

Amity: How did I do that? Was it the power of believing in myself?

Alador: No, it was the power of science. [He and King appear from the door; Alador is holding a device that presumably controls the bubble.] But you almost had it, sweetie. Odalia, the Emperor is planning to wipe out everyone with a Draining Spell, and our Abomatons are helping him do it.

[Odalia looks unfazed.]

Alador: [Angrily.] You already knew?

Odalia: What he does with our products is none of our business. What is my business, is keeping our family ahead of the rest. You're welcome, everyone.

[Alador's face turns bright red in rage.]

Odalia: Ugh, there you go making that face. This is why I don't tell you things. [Delighted.] With the Emperor's favor, we'll live like royalty in the new world. Crowns and everything.

Alador: This is too much, even for you.

[Alador flips a switch and controls the Abomatons to surround Odalia. In response, Odalia clutches her necklace and summons a large spirit. It grapples with an abomination summoned by Alador, then lets more spirits out of its mouth that snatch the control device away from him, bringing it to Odalia. The spirits retreat back into her necklace.]

Kikimora: [Frustrated.] I don't have time for this.

[Kikimora puts up a defensive dome around her pilot seat and launches into the air. Before she crashes down, Luz bursts forward (in a manner similar to Hunter) and shields Willow from the impact, while the others run. Hunter is knocked to the ground by the force of the impact. He faces up toward Kikimora and blows a raspberry at her, but is grabbed by the Abomatron. With Hunter unable to break free, Kikimora rushes toward the door of the factory. She bursts through the entrance while King and Alador duck out of the way and everyone else follows her inside.]

Amity: Agh!

[Amity makes two spell circles around her hands and slams them onto the ground, creating a flood of abomination goo that traps the Abomatron in place. Willow uses her plant magic to rise up behind Kikimora in a large swirl of vines. She launches vines toward the Abomatron, but sees Hunter trapped in its grasp and redirects the vines at the last second, landing on the ground. Kikimora then aims the Abomatron's gun-arm at Willow. Before Kikimora can shoot, Gus uses illusion magic to completely darken her surroundings. She looks around and blindly shoots abomination goo everywhere; she ends up shooting part of the ceiling, which crumbles down onto everyone and dispels the darkness illusion.]

Kikimora: I don't need all you cretins, but this one is mine!

[Kikimora raises up Hunter, who looks unamused. She then uses the Abomatron's jet pack to blast into the air out of the hole in the ceiling, taking Hunter with her.]

Alador: [Overjoyed.] Ha! The jet pack actually works! Ha... [Dismayed.] Oh, the jet pack actually works.

[Several Abomatons surround the group. Odalia closes in on them from the entrance.]

Odalia: Well, since we finished with that little mess, let's get back to business, shall we?

Amity: [Enraged.] You! I am never speaking to you again.

Odalia: You'll thank me when you're a literal princess, princess. It's what's best for the family.

[Amity, furious, creates spell circles and prepares to attack, but is stopped by Alador putting a hand on her shoulder. He walks toward Odalia.]

Alador: What's best for the family... is putting an end to all this.

[Alador's eyes begin glowing purple, and he summons two large fists out of abomination goo. He uses these to punch the Abomatons and knock them to the ground, while also bursting through some of the factory's pipes.]

Odalia: [Desperately.] No, wait!

[Odalia rushes toward a knocked-over Abomaton, dropping the control device. Alador picks it up and powers down all of the Abomatons.]

Odalia: [Kneeling over an Abomaton.] Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You're destroying our life's work! [Stands up.] But I won't let you destroy it any further.

[She summons a spirit from her necklace, but is met by the sight of Alador, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Luz all ready to fight back.]

Alador: This work is finished. Also, I quit.

Odalia: [Reluctantly retracts spirit.] Fine. I've been meaning to find a more competent business partner anyway. And you won't be getting your severance package.

[Odalia walks into a cloud of smoke and leaves while glaring back at Alador.]

Alador: Oh, Titan. That was terrifying.

[Willow runs out toward Kikimora's ship.]

Amity: Willow, wait!

[The others follow her on board. Willow and Amity pull levers and push buttons on the ship's dashboard, but to no avail.]

Willow: Come on, stupid thing, we have to follow them!

Amity: Dad, [Points towards the Abomaton control device.] can you use that thing to shut down the Abomatons at the Head?

Alador: [Resigned.] You're going to go rescue your friend. [Both parties stare at each other for a second, then Alador nods and smiles.] You'll need a pilot.

[Amity smiles back.]

Alador: And Luz, I apologize for Odalia. You are always welcome at our home.

[Alador puts a hand on Luz's shoulder while Amity approaches her happily, but Luz looks distressed. Suddenly, "Luz" dispels an illusion to reveal she was actually Hunter. Alador and Amity both retreat in shock.]

Alador: I'm confused.

Amity: [Afraid.] What's going on?

Hunter: [Remorseful.] I'm sorry. It happened so fast. I didn't even realize what was going on... until she was gone.

Gus: [Exhausted, he releases his illusion spell.] She... she wanted to protect you. And Eda.

Willow: Then that means...

Amity: She's being taken to Belos.

[In the air, Kikimora is using her Abomatron as a ship with "Hunter" trapped inside a pink bubble. Luz dispels her illusion as well, bracing herself for upcoming conflict as she is flown off toward the castle.]

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