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Clover is a minor character in The Owl House. She is the palisman of Willow Park. Abandoned by her original owner, Clover was taken in by the Bat Queen before eventually bonding with Willow during the palisman adoption event.


Clover has the appearance of a large bee with a golden-yellow body, pale yellow fur around the neck, and a wide brown stripe around the abdomen. She has translucent blue wings, black eyes with yellow sclera, a gray beak-like nose, and a pale-yellow stinger. Her staff is light brown.


When the Students of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics are reviving their palismen, Clover is paired with Willow after Willow states she wants to be strong and wise to protect her friends.

She aids Willow and the others in fortifying The Owl House when Luz gets the Common Mold.

During the Club Fair, Willow uses her in a game of Flyer Derby against Professor Hermonculus and four of his Abomination students. Afterwards, she and the other palismen of the Emerald Entrails are placed in a cage by Darius Deamonne and freed when his air ship crashes.

A few days before the Day of Unity, Willow uses her to fend off an Abomaton Adrian Graye Vernworth brought to Hexside.

As Willow, Amity, Alador, Gus, and Hunter take an air ship to the Head, Clover leads the other palismen in giving their owners food after they start arguing. After Coven Scouts attack their ship, Willow flies on her to fend off their attackers. She also helps Willow save Hunter from falling and flies Willow to save Luz when she and the others get close.

After Willow and the others are stranded in the Human Realm, Clover and the other palisman help in trying to create a working portal together. After Emperor Belos possesses Hunter, she, Willow, and Amity subdue Belos temporarily. After a portal in opened, she goes back to the Demon Realm. Shortly afterward, she and Emmiline Bailey Marcostimo followed Hunter, as he scouted out the perimeter of the Owl House. When Hunter sees Eda and King flying into Bonesborough, Clover transforms into a staff and flies Willow and Hunter into town. Later, Clover and the other palismen welcome and play with Stringbean after she hatches.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Attachment and Detachment: Clover has the ability to attach onto a staff as a palisman and detach to move around like a conscious entity.
  • Flight: Due to her wings, Clover has the ability to fly when off her staff.


Behind the scenes[]


Clover debuted in "Hunting Palismen".


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