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The Conformatorium. A place for those considered unsuitable for society.
—Eda Clawthorne, "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

The Conformatorium is a prison facility located on the Boiling Isles and operated under the imperial authority of the Emperor's Coven. It serves as a place of incarceration for those who do not conform to the norms of society, possibly due to Belos' want for control over the Boiling Isles. It is presided over by Warden Wrath and staffed by imperial guards, such as Coven Guards and Coven Scouts. In addition to prisoners, the Conformatorium is also used to store contraband materials behind a barrier penetrable only by humans.


Eda Clawthorne took Luz Noceda to the conformatorium to retrieve King's crown. Luz meets the inmates and feels bad because she can relate to them. She regroups with Eda and King to get the crown. After retrieving the crown, they are caught by Warden Wrath. Eda fights him and tells Luz and King to leave. Luz instead frees all of the prisoners and helps Eda defeat Wrath.

As the Day of Unity began, Wild Witches were rounded up and being taken to the Conformatorium.





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