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The Convention Center is a building in Bonesborough where various events and meetings are held at.


From the outside, the building appears to be rather large and has an arched roof.


The interior of the building consists of a large, empty space. This is where various exhibitions are usually being held at. Going further into the building, there is a round auditorium where various events are being held at.


Thirty years prior to the event of the main storyline, due to her tendency of getting into trouble in school, Principal Faust threatens to expel Eda Clawthorne from Hexside, and she pleads with him not to do so. To give her a chance, Faust sent her to participate in the Instructing Future Witches of Tomorrow (IFWOT) event held here along with Vice Principal Bump, and informs her that unless she brings back a blue ribbon, she will be kicked out of school. During the event, Eda meets a bard student from St. Epiderm called Raine Whispers, and they hit if off right away. The duo then work together as a team and manage to complete all the activities while also giving the instructors a good impression. At the closing ceremony, Terra Snapdragon decides that the activities weren't challenging enough, and proceeds to carry out another one where the players are separated into two groups and have to fight against each other. Despite being on opposite teams, Eda stops her teammates from capturing Raine, and the duo proceeds to dance together and draws a large spell circle to attack Terra. Terra manages to block the attack, but part of her hair becomes singed. Instead of getting mad, she starts laughing instead, as she admires the duo's feisty attitude. However, Terra still decides to not give out blue ribbons to any participants, much to everyone's disappointment.[1]

In the present, Eda takes in a human named Luz Noceda as her apprentice after she accidentally stumbles through her portal into the Boiling Isles.[2] One day, while helping her out at her stand, Luz's friends, Willow and Gus run up to her and inform her about the annual Covention which is being held at the convention. At Luz's insistence, Eda reluctantly goes to the event along with them. While there, Luz learns about the various types of covens, and that once someone joined a coven, their other magic will be sealed away forever. Eda then joins Luz, Willow and Gus in the auditorium to watch a presentation from the Emperor's Coven, and is surprised to see her sister, Lilith there. After the presentation has concluded, Luz accidentally bumps into Amity Blight outside, much to Amity's annoyance. When she purposefully steps on King's cupcake, Luz becomes angry and challenges her to an impromptu Witch's Duel. Amity accepts the challenge and shakes her hand, creating an everlasting oath where if she loses, she can never do magic again. Luz soon realizes that she can't actually win the fight and runs up to Eda to ask for help, and she decides to assist Luz by cheating in the duel, despite her protest. During the duel, Amity and Lilith find out that Luz and Eda are cheating, and Lilith declares that they have lost. However, Eda then finds out about a powerful Construction Coven glyph pasted on Amity's nape, and shows it to everyone. Feeling embarrassed, Amity runs away from the auditorium, with Luz chasing after her. Later, she finds Amity sitting against a wall, and proceeds to have a heartfelt talk with her. Before walking away, Amity grabs Luz's wrist and removes the everlasting oath. Meanwhile, back at the auditorium, Eda and Lilith proceed to have a duel with each other. Lilith almost wins, but before she can finish Eda off, she puts on a pitiful face and tells Lilith that she's only there to see her one last time. While she is distracted, Eda throws a packet of snacks at her face, and then escapes from the auditorium. After finding Luz and King, they all proceed to leave the convention center.[3]

Some time later, when King decides to write a story along with Luz, he changes the entire script and scraps off Luz's ideas when she temporarily leaves the room. Unhappy with that, Luz quits and tells King to write his own story. King later signs a contract with Piniet and manages to publish his story with his help. His work is an instant hit. However, King soon realizes that he can't write a good story without rebelling against Luz's gushy fantasy slop, and asks her for help, telling her just that. Angered by King's words, Luz refuses to help and leaves. Piniet overhears the conversation between them and decides to kidnap Luz. Later, the launch event of the second book is held at the convention center. King confesses to Piniet that he can't write a good book without Luz, so he proceeds to lock him and Luz up in a shrinking box, telling them to come up with a book within a limited time or they will be crushed into cubes. To save themselves, Luz and King come up with a plan. They draw a light glyph in their draft and tells Piniet to come and read it. When he asks them about the glyph, Luz slaps on it, temporarily blinding Piniet with the bright flash. Meanwhile, King snatches the contract from Piniet's pocket, and Luz tears it up, successfully freeing themselves from the shrinking box. However, his bodyguards block their path to the exit, and before Piniet can finish them off with an axe, Tinella Nosa comes barging into the room. After reading her script, Piniet decides that he will be publishing her work instead, and lets Luz and King go.[4]



  • Based on "Them's the Breaks, Kid", it is known that the building is at least thirty years old.
    • From the same episode, it is shown that the building used to be a lot more smaller, but has since been expanded.


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