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Coven Guards are minor antagonists in The Owl House, and are members of the Emperor's Coven. They can often be seen patrolling the Boiling Isles, and can be found in police precincts and various government-operated facilities.


The Coven guards possess a humanoid appearance, a large rotund build, and blue eyes with black sclera and pupils. Their uniform consists of a gray long-sleeved shirt with brown gloves and a brown belt with a gold buckle, followed by black harem pants and brown boots. The Coven Guards wear dark gray pointed masks as opposed to the bird-like masks worn by the Coven Scouts. Their uniforms prominently feature golden triangle at the center, denoting their allegiance to Emperor Belos.

Each Coven Guard is usually armed with a sword that hangs off their belt. Though they can use various types of magic due to being part of the Emperor's Coven.


The Coven Guards work in government-operated facilities such as the Conformatorium or various Police Precincts as guards or as law enforcement. They can often be seen patrolling the Boiling Isles, keeping an eye out for criminals.

Coven guards can use magic and likely have access to all their magic as members of the Emperor's Coven.[1]


Behind the scenes


The Coven Guards are voiced by Arin Hanson. But in several episodes, other Coven Guards are by Zeno Robinson, Dana Terrace and Roger Craig Smith.


The Coven Guards made their debut in "A Lying Witch and a Warden."


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