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"Coven Lovin Soap Opera" is the fifth and final animated short of the The Owl House short series, Owl Pellets. It premiered on May 2, 2020.


Luz watches her favorite romantic soap opera "Bleeding Hearts"

and King slowly becomes addicted!


Luz is sitting on the couch while King is switching through TV channels on the orb television. They come across one showing an epic romance show called "Bleeding Hearts". King groans and walks away, but Luz becomes intrigued and starts watching it.

In the show, the bride Arabella is bombarded by two suitors who desire to marry her; one being a rich witch and the other being an egg-man villager. The rich witch asks Arabella to marry him; saying that by doing so, their family will become the most powerful witches in the land. He also flaunts about his wealth. Right then, the poor villager runs in, and asks Arabella to marry him instead; saying that he may be just a lowly stable boy, but their future could be sunny side up. As soon as he finishes, Arabella's mother suddenly comes in on a ward bed. She tells Arabella that she must know one final thing, but dies before she can say what it is. Arabella becomes distressed and starts crying, screaming for her mother. The rich witch puts on a sad expression, and says that he can cry diamonds. The poor villager, on the other hand, cries eggs.

Luz finds the show boring and changes the channel. King instantly jumps onto the orb, demanding to know what happens next. Luz quickly switches back to the channel, but the show has already ended. King becomes angry and throws the orb through the roof, and Luz consoles him by beginning to tell him about fanfiction. King becomes intrigued and asks her to go on. The scene then fades to black, and the short concludes.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Germany German Coven Lovin Seifenoper Coven Lovin Soap Opera
Netherlands Dutch Coven Lovin Soap Opera


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