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Coven Scouts are recurring antagonists of The Owl House. They are members of the Emperor's Coven, often seen patrolling the Boiling Isles or participating in various missions led by one of their superiors, the Guard Captains.


The Coven Scout uniform of the Emperor's Coven consists of a dark gray, long-sleeved jerkin with a brown belt around it at the waist, accompanied by black harem pants and pointed brown boots, as well as gloves of the same color. On their heads, members wear a white cowl with a pointed hood which shadows their lower face. The scouts' upper faces are obscured by light gray bird-esque masks with large round eyeholes, which protrude outward in the center into a beak-like point. The scouts' body builds and physical features often vary, as they consist of witches and demons of varying body types. Traits such as horns remain visible from under their hoods, and tails may be visible through the uniform.

Coven Scouts may be armed with many kinds of weapons, but are mostly seen with spears.


Like Coven Guards, Coven Scouts can often be seen in various government-operated facilities, such as the Conformatorium, various Police Precincts as guards (such as Police Precinct 128), or as law enforcement officers. However, unlike their Guard peers, Coven Scouts can also be seen outside of cities and often participate in missions assigned by their superiors, such as raids or recruitments.

As part of preparation for the Day of Unity, Coven Scouts raided the Owl House and confiscated everything inside; some items were later stolen back by Luz and Eda. When the Draining Spell began taking effect during the Day of Unity, some of the Coven Scouts try to flee the area after realizing its true effect, only to be blocked by Abomatons. They are last seen being drained until The Collector stops the spell.

Sometime during the Collector's reign, a group of Coven Scouts were seen camping in some ruins. After Belos was finally defeated, the remaining scouts decided to help rebuild the Isles.


Behind the scenes[]


Coven Scouts make their first appearance in "Covention".


  • The masks of coven scouts highly resemble those of plague doctors.
  • So far, the only Coven Scouts with a name are Steve, Severine, and Tom.
  • The spell circles of Coven Scouts are white.
  • Despite making their first debut in "Covention", their official name is not confirmed until "Eclipse Lake", twenty-three episodes after their first appearance.
  • Coven Scouts appear to take orders from the heads of the main nine covens.

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