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Well, the next twenty-four hours are going to be rough. But everyone knows their part, and I'm confident we'll succeed. Because...we are...the Covens Against the Throne! AKA The CATs!

The Covens Against the Throne, also known and abbreviated as the CATs, was a resistance group made up of witches, a Titan, a demon, and a human plotting to take down Emperor Belos and stop the Day of Unity. They seem to have formed from the Bards Against the Throne.


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Unlike its predecessor organization, the CATs are not limited to one type of magic, with three of its members being Head Witches of other covens, two Emperor's Coven defectors, three BAT members, and the inhabitants of the Owl House. As of "O Titan, Where Art Thou", the CATs lack any special uniform.


When the Bards Against the Throne were captured, Darius was secretly "saving" Raine Whispers, in their own words. At some point after their capture, they formed a new group with the original members along with Eberwolf.[1]

They attempted to enter Emperor Belos' mind, but this plan was thwarted by Hunter. They were forced to go to the Owl House and give Eda the necessary supplies to get Hunter and Luz out of the Emperor's mind.[2]

When Eda Clawthorne and Luz Noceda were captured after stealing Francois and the shoebox purportedly containing Eda's longest toenails (which was just a ruse to throw off anyone rifling through her belongings, as it actually contained the chunk of palistrom wood Eda and King stole for Luz from the Bonesborough Garden Club) back from Police Precinct 128, the CATs intercepted the prisoner transport carts with them in and managed to retrieve Lilith Clawthorne, Steve, King, and Hooty as well.[3]

The group then travels to the head, where their plan to stop the Day of Unity begins. Eda takes Raine's place as Bard Coven Head so she can corrupt the draining spell's magic with her curse. She also receives a Bard Coven sigil and a concealment stone to disguise herself as Raine.[4]



  • Darius harbors a comedic distaste for the organization's name and acronym.


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