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"Covention" is the fifth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the fifth episode overall.

It premiered on February 7, 2020.


Luz's lesson about witch covens goes awry when she finds herself thrust into a witch’s duel.


Luz, Eda and King are in the market, selling human treasures, only to realize there are no customers and no other market stalls around. They soon find out why when Willow and Gus show up with a poster for the Annual Covention at the Convention Center where witches get to see all types of covens before they get placed into one. There is also going to be a mystery guest attending. Luz thinks it looks exciting and asks Eda if they can go, but she says no. Eda considers covens as a way depriving everyone of their magical independence for a "crooked system". Luz again urges Eda to go, but she firmly stands her ground. However, she reluctantly gives in when Luz and King torment her with reading aloud the "flowery and awful" tales of The Good Witch Azura.

Since Eda is a wanted criminal, she has to wear a cowl to keep a low profile. At the covention, there are all sorts of covens that witches can join. Luz learns from Eda that she never joined a coven because witches have their magic restricted to the specific coven they join. Since she is covenless, she can do every kind of magic. They eventually stumble upon the Emperor's Coven, which happens to be the most popular. Witches who join this coven become elite forces handpicked to help usher in a new age of controlled magic. Unlike the other covens, members of the Emperor's Coven have access to all forms of magic. However, only the best can ascend to these ranks.

During the covention, Eda discovers that the mystery guest is none other than her sister, Lilith, who happens to be leader of the Emperor's Coven. She despises everything her sister stands for, and after a while of watching her go on about her goal of enforcing the Emperor's will, Eda decides to go home.

Exiting the theatre, Luz bumps into Amity. She tries to be friendly and apologize for what happened before at Hexside, but Amity gives her the cold shoulder. She blames Luz for getting her into trouble with Principal Bump. She even tells Luz that humans cannot be witches, and bullies King by squashing his cupcake. This makes Luz so angry that she challenges Amity to a Witch's Duel, which the latter gladly accepts. If Luz wins, Amity must apologize to King, and concede that humans can be witches. But if Amity wins, Luz not only has to tell the covention that she is not a witch, but she has to stop training forever. The two seal their agreement with an everlasting oath, and promise to meet back inside the theatre in one hour. Soon, Luz begins having doubts about her duel against Amity.

Meanwhile, Eda crosses paths with her sister, and a conflicting reunion arises. Lilith does not hesitate to criticize Eda's life choices of being covenless and a fugitive, while she is mentoring the next generation of powerful witches. Eda tells Lilith about her own student, Luz, and bets that she is better than Lilith's students. Just then, a worried Luz shows up to inform Eda about her challenge with Amity, and she does not know what to do. Since Amity is one of Lilith's top students, Lilith sees this as an opportunity to prove how much of a failure her sister is.

Since Eda hasn't taught Luz many spells, she improvises with a cunning plan. Gathered in the Emperor's Coven theatre, it is time for the Witch's Duel between Luz and Amity. To help Luz, Eda had secretly placed magic traps all over the arena. All she has to do is get Amity to step on them, and it will look like Luz is performing magic.

The Witch's Duel begins. Amity summons an enormous Abomination (the size of which even surprises Amity) to attack Luz. Luz runs and cowers, but with Eda's traps she stands a fighting chance. All goes well and no one, except Amity, suspects a thing until King accidentally gives away a trap when he falls into the arena. Luz and Eda have been exposed cheating, but it later turns out so have Lilith and Amity. Lilith secretly placed a power glyph from the Construction Coven on the back of Amity's neck without her knowledge, boosting her powers. Amity is distraught that her reputation is once again ruined, and that her mentor didn't believe in her own talent. She runs away while Luz chases after her.

Eda goes on childishly mocking Lilith for cheating, enraging Lilith. She finally snaps and challenges Eda to an intense Witch's Duel. Both witches are equally matched as they cast aggressive spells that causes everyone to flee the theatre. Despite everything Eda throws at Lilith, she beats her. Lilith prepares to finish her off, only for Eda to plea for mercy. She goes on telling her how much worse the curse on her has become, and is afraid she will not be able to handle it for long. She says she just wanted to see her sister for possibly the last time. Lilith is touched by this, and admits she is delighted to see her after so many years. However, the whole thing is an act to distract Lilith and buy Eda enough time to escape.

Meanwhile, Luz finds Amity sulking in the corner, wanting to be left alone. Luz tries to apologize, but Amity does not want to hear it. She's worked hard and longed all her life to have a future in the Emperor's Coven, only to be made a fool because of Luz. She demands her to confess that she is not a witch, which she does. But then Luz casts the Light Spell, showing her that she, too, is training hard to become one. Amity scoffs, saying that a child could cast a Light Spell, yet she is still amazed as she's never seen it cast that way before. Luz explains that since she cannot do magic naturally, she had to improvise. After reaching an understanding with her, Amity calls off the blinding circle to let her continue learning magic.

Luz reunites with Eda and King. On the way out, Luz asks Eda if she will ever become a true witch. Eda cannot say for sure, but tells her that she has got to be her own witch just like her. Meanwhile, Lilith receives a call from Kikimora, Emperor Belos' assistant. She is unimpressed with her actions at the covention, and reminds her that she needs to focus in order to receive her reward. Lilith promises that she will.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) El gran aquelarre The Big Coven
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Clãvenção Clanvention
Taiwan Mandarin 女巫大會 Witch convention
Germany German Hexenzirkel Coven
Denmark Danish Cirkelmesse Circle fair
Egypt Arabic مؤتمر السحرة Witchers' Conference
Spain Spanish La Brujiferia The Witchfair
Finland Finnish Noitamessut Witch Fair
France French Convention Convention
Indonesia Indonesian Pameran Exhibition
Israel Hebrew איגוד מבשפות Association of Witches
Japan Japanese 魔法団の大会 Magic Party Tournament
South Korea Korean 동아리 박람회 Club Convention
Malaysia Malay Covention Covention
Netherlands Dutch Heksenbeurs Witch fair
Norway Norwegian Sirkelmessen Circular fair
Portugal Portuguese Convenção Convention
Poland Polish Kowencja Convention
Sweden Swedish Häxmässa Witch fair
Turkey Turkish Cadı Meclisi Witch Council


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  • Eda and King are seen entering the Human Realm for the first time in the series, albeit briefly.
  • In addition to the nine main covens and the Emperor's Coven the following lesser covens had a presence at the covention: Succulent Coven, Pottery Coven, Cat Coven, Stylist Coven, Flower Coven, Menders Coven, Artist Coven, Big Dog Coven, Small Cat Coven, Tiniest Cat Coven, Grumpy Coven, Debate Coven, History Coven, Cantrip Coven, Fashion Coven, Meditation Coven, Carnivorous Plant Coven, Chef's Coven, Scrying Coven, Prose Coven, Bakers Coven, Oculus Coven, Reaction Coven, Incidental Coven.
  • When Lilith signs autographs for students, the fifth code is revealed on the green book. It gets cracked into "N-OW" and translated into "Now".
  • The episode completed production on September 6, 2019.[3]
  • This is the first episode to not feature the Owl House itself.
    • This is also the first episode where Hooty doesn't appear at all, making Luz, Eda, and King the only characters who have appeared in every episode of the series so far.

Revelations and significant events

  • This episode reveals that Eda has a sister named Lilith.
  • Eda reveals that, despite her reputation as a petty thief, the majority of her supposed crime was deciding to never join a coven.
  • Lilith wants Eda to be a part of the Emperor's Coven.



  • Cinnabon - The snack stand behind Luz and Lilith is a play on the real-life food and brand.
  • Dragon Ball - The pose Tiny Nose makes alongside the blazing effects that appear behind her during the scene wherein Amity’s Abomination throws its own head at the Baker’s Coven is a reference to Goku going Super Saiyan in the Dragon Ball franchise.


  • At the corner Amity sits in before Luz finds her and comes up to talk her, the length of the wall behind her changes multiple times between shots.
    • When Luz first finds Amity, there is a wall behind her. When Amity starts walking away, the wall disappears and is now a wide open space with exhibition stands.


  • In the Southeast Asia broadcast, "Hot dang" is cut in English audio track. "These suckers?" and “Welcome to my level!” were also cut.

Memorable quotes

You think it's so easy to be a witch. I have been working my whole life to get to the top! You lost! You cheated! Say it! Say you're not a witch!
—Amity Blight
I'm not a witch. But I'm training hard to be one.
Humans have no magical ability. But I doubt that'll stop you.
—Amity Blight
You were defeated, don't get heated, get yer stank face treated!
Your days are numbered, Edalyn!
But I will know in my heart! Even if I win now, I lose.



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