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Hoot house. Hooty hooting.
—Hooty answering an incoming phone call, "Once Upon a Swap"

A crow phone is an object used for communication by some inhabitants of the Demon Realm.

One of the phones can be sent by the caller to the person they intend to reach in order for them to pick up the phone, and it will caw as a ringtone until the intended receiver answers it. Crow phones can also be used in a similar manner to that of walkie-talkies.


The phone's overall appearance is akin to that of a crow. Its beak and feet are usually orange, but one with a black beak and feet can be found in Eda's house on a telephone-esque perch. Its belly consists of a telephone keypad which can be used for dialing purposes.


The crow phone made its first appearance in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", where Boscha can be seen talking to her mother using the phone. After she's done, she releases the phone and lets it fly away.

In "Once Upon a Swap", King (swapped with Luz's body) decides to prank the residents of Bonesborough at the market by calling the Owl House, letting Hooty answer the phone. He then throws his phone into a gramophone's horn on top of a stall, letting Hooty's amplified voice annoy everyone nearby.

In "Escaping Expulsion", Willow and Gus are expelled from Hexside, along with Luz, by Principal Bump. Disappointed at this, their parents sent crow phones to find them and tell them that they’re both grounded. The phones then pick up Willow and Gus and fly away, bringing them back home.

In "Keeping up A-fear-ances", Gwendolyn is seen talking to someone on a crow phone. When asked by Luz, she tells her that the tome she currently owns is only the first volume of a series. Therefore, she is trading in a few of her more meager family heirlooms to get the rest, by putting them in a small pouch and letting the phone take them back to Master Wortlop.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", when Hunter is secretly scouting the Emerald Entrails Flyer Derby team as potential Emperor's Coven recruits, he dials on one crow phone to send another to Darius. The other crow phone flies in on the Coven Head while he is relaxing, prompting an annoyed Darius to ask Hunter how he got his number.

In "Edge of the World", Bill calls Tarak on his crow phone in order to notify him that King is actually the last remaining titan, and that the ceremony to sacrifice him to The Collector must be initiated.



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