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Crystal balls are a type of magical object used widely by witches and demons throughout the Boiling Isles. It serves many functions, but is used primarily for watching TV programs, making video calls, and accessing the internet. Other variants of this object are used in oracle magic, able to be utilized for summoning ghostly beings and spirits to foretell the user's future or assist them in battle.


The crystal ball is a translucent glass sphere with a base on which it stands. When not in use, the crystal ball can either appear blue, gray, or purple. Crystal balls' bases, if they have them at all, can vary. The bases of the balls belonging to Hexside's oracle track are bronze and have no buttons. Some balls used to broadcast television are dark beige with yellow trim, with a red button and two arrow buttons, presumably used as control buttons when using the ball.

In addition, some crystal balls, particularly the ones used for broadcasting purposes, are accompanied by a gray remote control, which has two up and down arrows for changing the channels, a yellow button with seemingly the same function, a small red button and a large blue light near the bottom, as well as a small sensor light on top.


A crystal ball is first seen in "Covention", where it appears on the Scrying Coven's stand.

In "Lost in Language", residents of Bonesborough can be seen using crystal balls to watch videos from the internet in the Bonesborough Library. In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Luz uses a crystal ball in the library to search up information about the first human who came to the Boiling Isles.

In "The First Day", Principal Bump can be seen watching a TV news program on a crystal ball on his office desk. Other examples of crystal balls being used as television can be seen in "Young Blood, Old Souls", "Eda's Requiem", and the "Coven Lovin Soap Opera" short.

Also in "The First Day", the moon girl from the Oracle track uses a crystal ball in a duel with Willow, where a ghostly being appears from it to assist her in the fight. Later, when Luz takes the same crystal ball from its stand, the ghostly being appears, predicting that she will get in trouble soon, which turns out to be true.

In "Really Small Problems", Luz makes a video call with Willow and Gus while doing homework. At 8 A.M., an alarm clock goes off, reminding her it's time to go to school.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", the Emperor's Coven made an announcement of Eda's petrification through crystal balls.

In "Eda's Requiem", a large crystal ball can be seen at the Gland Prix event location, where it is used to broadcast the competition live.

In "Yesterday's Lie", a crystal ball can be found on a metal rack in Jacob's office in the Gravesfield Historical Society, although it is unclear if it's taken from the Demon Realm.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou", a guard captain uses a crystal ball to contact Raine Whispers. Eda later uses the same ball to contact them.



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