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You befriended them? And then you disobeyed me to protect them? [...] I'm impressed. I had you all wrong. You're what, sixteen? It's about time you made connections outside the castle.

Darius Deamonne[1] is a character of The Owl House. He is one of the nine Coven Heads, being the leader of the Abomination Coven. Darius is also secretly a member of the Covens Against the Throne, a group formed by Raine Whispers to stop Emperor Belos' plans of the "Day of Unity".



Darius is a tall, muscular man with dark brown skin, bright green eyes, and abomination-like hair. He has an amorphous hair bun with an abomination's eye, and similarly amorphous sideburns and a goatee. Using abomination magic, Darius can change his form to become a large abomination with multiple eyes with black scleras and lime green pupils all over his body. He has an abomination sigil on his arm.

In his youth, Darius' hair was a dark gray-brown and was not yet developed into its current abomination form.


He wears a black chest plate with a gold collar, purple studs and pointed shoulders, light purple pants, white mid-length gloves, and white-heeled boots with violet toes. He also wears a magenta side cape with violet details at the edges.

In "Hunting Palismen", he wore a white cape with the Abomination Coven sigil on the neck over his current outfit.

During his time at Hexside, Darius wore the typical gray Hexside uniform with a gold pin and a darker gray cowl, belt, and boots. His sleeves and leggings were orchid, signifying his enrollment into the abomination track.


Darius is very posh and takes pride in his appearance. He hates getting dirty to the point where he would care more about someone getting him dirty than any actual crimes they may have committed. He is also rather rude, even towards his allies, as shown when he called Eberwolf "mutt" after they crawled over him.

He is highly critical of Abomatons and thinks Alador Blight is a hack, despite the latter being in his coven, a sentiment Alador returns in kind.

However, he also has a softer side. While he is prideful of his position, he is also one to appreciate those who make friends and don't dedicate their entire lives to their job, as he believed Hunter did. After realizing Hunter wasn't as he thought he was, he was willing to keep Flapjack a secret from the Emperor, as well as provide a scroll for the boy to allow him access to social media. He was also willing to take unwilling recruits back home instead of to coven training after they were scouted.

Unlike most of the other Coven Heads, Darius is not easily tricked and/or delusional, as he never quite believed Belos' claims about the success and prosperity promised by the Day of Unity, prompting him to try to discover more about it, eventually leading him to ally himself with Eberwolf and Raine.

According to Dana Terrace, his priorities are "to help people and to care for those that he loves."[2]


Darius (far left) depicted on the Abomination Coven banner.

Darius is a graduate of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics and a former classmate to his rival, Alador Blight; he attended Hexside around the same time as Eda Clawthorne.[3] He was also present on the day Eda forfeited her Emperor's Coven tryout match with Lilith Clawthorne,[4] in addition to the day Alador won the Bonesborough Brawl.[5] At some point in the past, Darius was mentored by the previous Golden Guard.[6]

Questioning the Day of Unity

As Head Witch of the Abomination Coven, Darius is an integral part to Emperor Belos' plans and is tasked with inducting members into the Abomination Coven.[7] However, he is wary of the Day of Unity and later finds out that the newly-appointed Head Bard, Raine Whispers, shared his sentiments. In order to ally with them, Darius and Head Beast Keeper Eberwolf set up a ruse to capture the Bards Against the Throne with the intention of secretly teaming up with the BATs.

Darius and Eberwolf searching for the Bards Against the Throne.

The two Head Witches manage to capture three of the five BATs, but miss Raine, forcing them to continue their search. Much to Darius' dismay, the search gets much dirtier when a pair of magically animated boots kick some mud on him. As his patience grows thin, Darius uses his magic to transform into an abomination-like form as he continues his search while Eberwolf assumes a more bestial form and summons a ratworm. At first, they get stopped by the decaying effects of Raine's bard magic and Eda's curse, but after Raine stops Eda from continuing their duet, the two Head Witches manage to capture the Head Bard. While Darius and Eberwolf are distracted, Raine escapes, but gets captured yet again by Kikimora and the Abomaton 2.0. Darius expresses his disapproval of Abomatons in general and tells Kikimora to inform Alador that he's a "hack".[8]

Darius later reveals to Raine that their capture was merely an elaborate ruse, even helping them avoid imprisonment. He, Eberwolf, and Raine continued to plan against the Emperor, all while fulfilling their duties as Coven Heads in order to avoid suspicion.

Changing opinions on Hunter

Darius telling Hunter that he must earn the sigil of the Golden Guard.

After Belos cannot make it to a meeting of the Coven Heads, Darius and the other Head Witches walk out, despite the protests of Hunter. As Hunter tries to get him to stay, Darius simply brushes him off and takes his cloak, telling the teenager to earning it by finding new recruits for the Emperor's Coven. As he is relaxing on his day off, Hunter tells the irritated Darius that he found potential recruits, causing him to send Coven Scouts to Hexside.

Darius complementing Hunter on finally acting his own age.

Darius arrives at the police precinct and takes Willow, Gus, Skara, and Viney with him. As he flies, Hunter ambushes him to free the teenagers and stops Darius from harming them, allowing the Hexside students to walk free. After he scolds Hunter, Darius congratulates the boy on gaining a rebellious streak, repairs his cape, and gives him a Penstagram account so he can communicate with other children around his age.[6]

Preparing for the Day of Unity

Darius, Raine, and Eberwolf attempting to infiltrate Belos' mind.

As the Day of Unity draws near, Darius gains knowledge that the the day is actually going to hold a draining spell that will kill all magickind. He shares this information with Raine.[3] As he, Raine, and Eberwolf try to infiltrate Belos' mind, Hunter finds them, unaware of the identities of the three, and he attempts to arrest them. However, Luz interrupts him, causing the two to accidentally send themselves into Belos' mindscape instead. Darius, Eberwolf, and Raine then go to the Owl House and secretly deliver ingredients to Eda so she can get Luz and Hunter to safety.[9]

Darius and the CATs planning how to stop the Day of Unity.

After Eda and Luz are arrested, Darius, Eberwolf, and the BATs free them and take them to their headquarters after meeting up with Lilith, Hooty, King, and Steve.[10] They form a plan to have Eda masquerade as Raine, who is positioned between him and Eberwolf, and for Eda branded with a Bard Coven sigil so that her curse can disrupt the Day of Unity. Upon learning that Luz wants to free the Blight siblings, Darius assigns Hunter to help her.[11]

Darius and the other Head Witches suffer the effects of the Draining Spell.

When they arrive, Belos places "Raine" between Terra Snapdragon and Adrian Graye Vernworth; the latter dispels the illusion and a brief fight breaks out, with Darius, Eda, Raine, and Eberwolf fighting a losing battle against the other Coven Heads. When Eberwolf is threatened by the head of the Healing Coven, Hettie Cutburn, Darius is forced to stop fighting. They are held in place until the draining spell activates, causing the Head Witches to be drained of their magic and life essence. Hunter and his companions arrive, and he desperately shakes at Darius, but he doesn't wake. However, Darius and every witch with a sigil is soon saved when the Collector stops the eclipse and the draining spell with a flick of his finger.[12]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: As a witch, Darius is able to use magic. Like most witches, his connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart. Having earned the rank of coven leader, he is undoubtedly very powerful.
    • Abomination magic: As the leader of the Abomination Coven, Darius can cast spells that allow him to create and control abominations.
      • Abomination teleportation: Darius can transport other people to faraway places, such as the Conformatorium, using abomination slime. He can also use abomination slime to teleport himself over short distances.
      • Abomination constructs: Darius can use abomination slime to create solid constructs, such as spikes and swords.
      • Abomination exoskeleton: Darius can encase himself (either his whole body or just parts of it) in abomination matter, which assumes Darius' shape in an abomination-like form that greatly increases his size and strength.
      • Remote communication: He can use small abomination golems to deliver messages on paper and apparently also relay sound and visuals back to him.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name Darius is a male given name. Etymologically, it is the English-language transliteration of the Persian name Dariush, meaning "he possess" or "rich and kingly". The name also has another meaning: "He who holds firm to good".

His surname, Deamonne, is French.[13]


Darius is voiced by Keston John.


Darius could be seen on the Abomination Coven banner in "The First Day" and in Lilith's flashback from "Young Blood, Old Souls" before making his first on-screen appearance in "Hunting Palismen", albeit unnamed at the time. He was properly introduced and named in "Eda's Requiem".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Adrián Wowczuk
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Rafael Rossato
Germany German Christopher Kussin
Indonesia Indonesian Bambang Riyanto
Poland Polish Łukasz Talik
Portugal Portuguese Luís Barros


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