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Listen. Emperor Belos has been lying to everyone. The Day of Unity isn't about the Titan or magic. It's much scarier than that.

The Day of Unity is a key event of The Owl House. It was Emperor Belos' end goal, destroying the Boiling Isles.[1] The Day of Unity was said to bring "paradise" by Belos, making many witches and demons believe it to be true without knowing the event's true intentions.

Due to the Collector being freed and him stopping the eclipse, the Day of Unity did not succeed.[2]


The Day of Unity was an event instigated by a human witch hunter, Philip Wittebane, with the objective of destroying all witches and demons on the Boiling Isles and returning to the Human Realm. In order for the plans to succeed, Philip required a portal to the Human Realm and all witches and demons on the Boiling Isles to be in a coven. He also required all nine Coven Heads to be alive[3] to serve as conduits for a mass draining spell. This event would occur on a solar eclipse, when the tide was at its lowest and the moon obscured the sun.

Under the guise of Emperor Belos, Philip claimed that the Day of Unity involved the unification of the Human and Demon Realms, creating a supposed utopia free of wild magic where only the worthy should receive this utopia, and he described the Day of Unity as a good event. At that time, everyone would journey to the head of the Boiling Isles, and those who were worthy should inherit the aforementioned "utopia."

Few were aware of the true purpose of the Day of Unity, though a select few witches had uncovered the Emperor's machinations. Organizations founded by these select few, like the Bards Against the Throne, and later, Covens Against the Throne, had dedicated themselves to preventing the Day of Unity. Eventually, Luz Noceda and Hunter discovered the true intentions behind the Day of Unity, attempted to warn everyone, and joined the CATs, though they were too late to spread the truth far enough to stop Philip.



Philip Wittebane summons the Collector.

The origins of the Day of Unity can be traced back to the Deadwardian Era. After successfully obtaining a mirror that allowed him to commune with the Collector, Phillip made a pinky promise with the magical entity, learning magic and the draining spell in exchange for the Collector's freedom.

Belos showcasing the nine covens that he designates as the "healing light".

One of the biggest parts of the Day of Unity was the implementation of sigils and brands that restricts the use of magic and serve as a means to drain said magic. Philip, under the guise of the witch Belos, preached to the people of the Boiling Isles, saying that wild magic angered the Titan and proposing the separation of magic into nine distinct covens based on the hues of the "healing light." The implementation of the coven system and the demonization of wild magic ensured that many witches willingly got branded, not knowing that the marks would cause their demise. Though the plans were proceeding slower than anticipated, Belos patiently waited for centuries until the time was right, spreading lies and propaganda about a promised utopia free of wild magic.

The Day of Unity is first mentioned in "Young Blood, Old Souls" when the Emperor broke his promise with Lilith. He claimed that it was the will of the Titan to have all wild witches dealt with before the Day of Unity. In the same episode, it is revealed that the Emperor also requires the portal, and although he manages to obtain it from Luz, the teenage human destroys the portal with the help of her fire glyphs. However, the destruction of the portal is merely a setback and the Emperor is able to salvage the remains to construct another one. All that remained was to obtain the incredibly scarce Titan's Blood to power the portal.

With the solar eclipse fast approaching, Belos begins to ramp up his efforts for the Day of Unity by cracking down on covenless witches and even ordering brands for high school students against their will. Around this time, the rebel group Covens Against the Throne began to formulate a plan to taint the draining spell by using Eda's curse. Unbeknownst to them, Belos is aware of the the CATs' plan and prepared countermeasures.

The beginning and the end

The Day of Unity begins in the episode "King's Tide," and the event starts off with great excitement as Belos prepares to wipe out all wild magic. The Emperor ties a few loose ends by betraying the Collector and prepping the portal for one last activation. As the draining spell begins and horrified witches discover the truth of the Day of Unity, Philip has seemingly succeeded in his plans, but he too gets branded by Luz Noceda, and the draining spell begins to sap him as well. Ultimately, Philip is unable stop the draining spell, and to make matters worse, the Collector easily turns the raging Emperor into a goo stain on the wall. The draining spell is stopped by the Collector, who simply moved the moon with a flick of a finger, ending centuries of careful planning.



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