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Demons are a type of creature that inhabit the aptly-named Demon Realm.

They live on the Boiling Isles, and are usually identified as anything that is not a witch or a human. Notable examples of demons are Vee, Hooty, and the Bat Queen.


Demons come in many shapes and forms, though most share a similarity with known mythological entities or animals. Despite there being many demons of various shapes and sizes, all demons can be placed in one of three categories: Bug, Biped, and Beast.

  • Bug: Bug-type demons possess characteristics that are commonly associated with real-world bugs such as worms, insects, arachnids, etc. and communicate naturally through dance. For a demon outside this category, dance communication is very difficult and can lead to unwanted insults. According to Hooty, bug-type demons can also use magic, but only to a limited extent. Examples from this category include:
  • Biped: Biped demons, as their name suggests, walk on two legs and, like witches, have a magical sac of bile attached to their heart through which they can use magic. They are the most humanoid of the demon types, and may have pointed ears like witches do. Examples of demons that fall under this category include:
  • Beast: Beast demons are mostly animal-like in appearance and behavior, but according to Hooty, only a blood sample can unequivocally confirm whether a demon belongs to this category. Examples from this category include:

Due to the limited number of categories, demon classification is very broad. As little information is provided on general demon biology, and with the tendency of a demon's appearance to overlap with that of other creatures, many demons fall into a group by a primary trait, even if said biology is more prevalent than their own demon types, e.g. Hooty is a worm-type Bug Demon because of his overall worm-like physiology, not for his resemblance to an owl. Additionally, the classification does not seem to apply to demons of unique origin and species. For example, The Bat Queen, who is identified as a demon,[1] despite her being created as a palisman. Due to this ambiguity, it is currently unknown what determines a creature as a demon, or if there are criteria to speak of.

According to Hooty, the ancestors of demons arose from the muck of a decomposing Titan. On the Boiling Isles, demons, depending on whether they are non-sentient or sapient, act as the Isles' fauna and demographic, respectively. Demons are not known to have a civilization that is separate from that formed by Emperor Belos, and purportedly had no formal governance during the Savage Ages; after which, they were introduced and unified under Belos's monarchy system. King, the only known living Titan, initially believed himself to be a demon was, in reality, a fabrication of his own mind as a result of his early upbringing under Eda, as was his alleged status as "King of Demons".[2]

Demons, frequently Beast types, may be either captured by Animal Control for disrupting the lives of ordinary citizens, or by Demon Hunters looking for valuable and vicious monsters to sell.

Although Hexside is a school for both magic and demonics, there has been little info on what "Demonics" actually is.

Known Demons







  • In many cultures and folklore, a "demon" refers to a supernatural entity or spirit. Although its name is derived from the Greco-Roman word for "daemon", or spirit, "demon" has traditionally meant a wicked personification of malevolence, especially in Abrahamic religions; others, such as Egyptian and Hindu mythology, interpreted demons as frighteningly powerful beings either good or bad. In later antiquity and Medieval occultism, demons were portrayed as a combination of these traits: they were destructive spirits like in Abrahamic religion, but similar to their Greco-Roman counterparts, their morality was not constant, and they used their magic to assist whoever summoned them. Likewise, demons in The Owl House are a supernatural creature associated with magic.
  • According to King and Hooty, giraffes are Beast-type demons. This is also added by the fact that Eda claims giraffes were once a part of the Boiling Isles' inhabitants, but were banished to Earth for being "a bunch of freaks."
  • King's knowledge about demons and in his demon encyclopedia in "The Intruder" appears to have mistakes. For example, King describes demons as being "grim tricksters of the twilight". However, most demons seen on the isles appear to just be ordinary townsfolk, implying his description is inaccurate. One notable example describes the Snaggleback as a giant ferocious monster who wanders the boiling rain as it feeds on boiled tourists, but in reality, the Snaggleback is small and friendly and prefers to get out of the rain. This may be due to his original belief that he was a demon and attributed them with traits he perceived.
  • There may be other types of demon, either related or descended from the aforementioned three classes. For instance, Hooty has been referred to as a "house demon" by the Demon Hunter from "Hooty's Moving Hassle" and Lilith in "Agony of a Witch".
    • A folder marked "Hybrids" on the demonology board in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" implies the existence of hybrid demons, albeit it is not clear if this refers to hybrids between demon classes or with non-demon species.
    • The spider teacher from Hexside is classified as a Bug type demon with a "hybrid" note next to it, making her the only known hybrid demon in the series so far.
  • The Owl Beast is suggested to be a demon that embodies a curse. King identified Eda's cursed form as a demon.
    • Additionally, in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", while the Owl Beast is categorized with other beast type demons, a small note with "???" can be found next to it, suggesting that Hooty isn't too sure about its type.
  • While Hooty has confirmed that bug demons and biped demons can use magic, it's not known exactly whether beast demons can do the same. In a flashback from "Yesterday's Lie", however, Vee absorbs magic from some rats. The same rats appear on Hooty's demonology board, confirming that they are beast type demons.

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