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Where am I? Did I die? Am I in the bad place?

The Demon Realm[1] is the central location of The Owl House. It is a terrifying dimension inhabited by demonic creatures and monsters. The series follows one location in the Demon Realm called the Boiling Isles, the home of Eda Clawthorne, King, and later, Luz Noceda.[2]

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  • The Demon Realm is intrinsically connected to the Human Realm through a substance called Titan's Blood, which sometimes causes leaks between the two realms and allowing entities to cross over.[5]
    • The byproducts of these leaks inspired the folklores, myths, and legends of Earth from pieces of the Demon Realm finding their way into the Human Realm.
    • Items such as books from The Good Witch Azura franchise[6][7] and the digestive contents of trash slugs also make it to the Demon Realm from Earth.[8]
    • Giraffes originally lived in the Demon Realm until being exiled to the Human Realm.[2]
    • As humans that arrive in the Demon Realm are extremely rare, there is a lack of knowledge about them in the Demon Realm, but as for as-yet-unknown reasons, there exists prejudice against them.
    • The portal serves as a transportable bridge between realms through Titan Blood, but while it can be used anywhere in the Demon Realm, it apparently opens a fixed location in the Human Realm, specifically in Connecticut.
  • Hair dye exists in this realm, for Lilith Clawthorne, Willow Park, and Amity Blight use it.[9][10]


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