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Eberwolf the Huntsman[1] is a character of The Owl House. He is one of the nine Coven Heads, being the leader of the Beast Keeping Coven. Eberwolf is also secretly a member of the Covens Against the Throne, a resistance group formed by Raine Whispers to stop Emperor Belos' plans for the Day of Unity.



Eberwolf is a child-sized bestial humanoid. He has a wild mane of auburn hair tied in a big, fluffy ponytail using a yellow, frayed band. His body is covered with orange fur, with some unkempt spots on his cheeks and elbows. His eyes have yellow sclerae with magenta irises and slit pupils, and he has two pointed ears similar in shape to a cat's. Eberwolf has the ability to make himself look even more beast-like with larger claws, tusks, and fangs.


Eberwolf wears a sage-green sleeveless shirt, a dull brown loincloth in the likeness of a hand or paw with light gray claws, and a pair of dark brown boots with gray soles. He also wears a pair of spiked yellow arm bracers.

In "Hunting Palismen", he wore a white cape with the Beast Keeping Coven sigil on the neck over his current outfit.


Eberwolf has an animalistic personality; he is very energetic and easy-going, yet vicious when he needs to be. He also has somewhat of a mischievous streak (e.g. listening to Eda's stream from the Gland Prix, and even increasing the volume just to annoy his colleague Darius, when he was supposed to help him interrogate and/or torture Raine). Eberwolf is also rebellious and easily annoyed, going feral when he needs to protect his friends, especially Darius.


Eberwolf (far left) depicted on the Beast Keeping Coven banner.

Eberwolf, as Head Witch of the Beast Keeping Coven, is an integral part to Emperor Belos' Day of Unity and is tasked with inducting members into the Beast Keeping Coven.[2] He is present when Raine Whispers was inducted as the new Bard Coven Head. Like Darius, Eberwolf is also skeptical of the Emperor's plans, and when it is revealed that Head Bard Raine Whispers shares their sentiments, both Eberwolf and Darius set up a ruse to capture the Bards Against the Throne with the intention of secretly joining them.

The two Head Witches manage to capture three of the five BATs, but missed Raine, forcing them to continue their search. Much to Darius' dismay, the search gets much dirtier when a pair of magically animated boots kick some mud on him. As his patience grows thin, Darius uses his magic to transform into an abomination-like form as he continues his search, while Eberwolf assumes a more bestial form and summons a ratworm. At first, they get stopped by the decaying effects of Raine's bard magic and Eda's curse, but after Raine stops Eda from continuing their duet, the two Head Witches manage to capture the Head Bard. With Raine captured, Eberwolf passes the time by watching a Penstagram stream, and when asked by Darius to turn it off and help him handle Raine, he simply increases the volume, much to his ire. While Darius and Eberwolf are distracted, Raine escapes, but gets captured yet again by Kikimora and the Abomaton 2.0.[3]

After joining the BATs, Eberwolf, Darius, and Raine attempt to use a spell to enter the Emperor's mindscape, but they are interrupted by Hunter. Hunter and Luz accidentally enter the mindscape themselves, causing them to discover the truth about Belos' intentions. The rogue Coven Heads later find the Owl House locked down, learn what has happened, and secretly help Eda get Luz and Hunter out through a teleportation potion concealed in flowers.

Later, Eberwolf and Darius work with Eda, Raine, the BATs, Lilith, and Steve at a secret hideout in Latissa, planning a way to stop the Day of Unity. When Luz is brought to the hideout, Eberwolf chews off her shackles, and she is welcomed into the new name of the group - the Covens Against the Throne.

A day before the Day of Unity, Eberwolf joins the team meeting discussing their plan of action to foil Belos' plans. When Raine builds morale with the team by giving a speech ending with the team acronym, the CATs, Eberwolf jumps in the air waving his arms joyfully, seeming to enjoy watching Darius be annoyed by the acronym.

The group forms a plan to have Eda masquerade as Raine, who is positioned between them and Darius; Eda being branded with a Bard Coven sigil so that her curse could disrupt the Day of Unity. When they arrive, Belos places "Raine" between Terra and Adrian, the latter of which dispels the illusion, and this causes a fight to break out, with Eda, Raine, and Darius fighting a losing battle against the other Coven Heads. Eberwolf summons flesh-eating fleas that overwhelm Mason, but he is soon threatened by Hettie, which forces Darius to stand down. Ultimately, the Coven Heads and Belos stop the rebellion, allowing for the Day of Unity to continue and the nine Coven Heads to be drained of their magic. Eventually, Hunter and his friends arrive to check on the weakened heads while on the way to help Luz fight Belos. Eberwolf, along with the rest of the Coven Heads, is soon saved when the Collector stops the draining spell.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Eberwolf is able to use magic. Like all witches and biped demons, his connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to their heart. Having earned the rank of coven leader, he is undoubtedly very powerful.
    • Beast Keeping magic: As the leader of the Beast Keeping Coven, Eberwolf can cast spells that allow him to summon and control the animals and demons of the Boiling Isles. He can also enhance hus own beastly attributes, granting himself enhanced vision and longer, sharper claws, fangs, and tusks.
      • Tracking spell: Eberwolf can cast a spell on himself to increase his tracking capabilities. With the spell cast, Eberwolf was able to find hidden footprints that were invisible to the naked eye and make said footprints visible to others.
      • Beast summoning: While pursuing Raine and Eda, Eberwolf summoned a ratworm to ride on. In "King's Tide", Eberwolf summons flesh-eating fleas to attack Mason.
  • Burrowing: While trapping the BATs, Eberwolf hid underground by burrowing.
  • Strong fangs: His fangs can break through metal chains by biting them, as he did to free Luz from shackles in "O Titan, Where Art Thou".


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Eberwolf appears to be a combination of "eber" and "wolf". The word "eber" is the German word for "boar", and is a short form of the various Germanic personal names. This could possibly allude to Eberwolf's ability to grow tusks, similar to a boar. Eber is alternatively a Jewish name that means "one that passes" in Hebrew, and occasionally, "anger".


Eberwolf is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


Eberwolf could be seen on the Beast Keeping Coven banner in "The First Day" before making his onscreen debut in "Hunting Palismen", alongside the other Coven Heads. He was properly named in the following episode, "Eda's Requiem".


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  • In "Eda's Requiem", Eberwolf's Penstagram name is "RAISEDBYDIREWOLVES".
  • While Eberwolf's gender is not directly stated, Dana and the crew primarily refer to Eberwolf with he/him pronouns.[4]


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