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"Eda's Cursed Brush" is the second animated short of the The Owl House short series, Owl Pellets. It premiered on April 11, 2020.


Luz teaches Eda how to make fine art out of anything! But when Luz uses Eda's cursed pencil, things go awry!


Luz pastes a drawing of her, Eda, and King on the fridge door. Eda asks Luz what did she use to draw that, and she replies that it's a common misconception that the tool is an important part of the drawing process. As long as one has mastered the basics, they can use anything to make a drawing.

As she speaks, she takes out lipstick from Eda's hair and draws Owlbert on her hand, uses a bottle of mustard to draw the Bat Queen and her kids on a piece of bread; and draws a skateboarding cat on a paper using a chalk. Luz then puts on a mitt and flips over a pancake in a pan, with a drawing of Azura on it. Luz goes on to say that with practice and study, one can make fine art out of anything. Eda replies that she's only asking Luz what she used because she left a cursed pencil lying around nearby.

Right then, both Eda and Luz notice the figures drawn in the picture of the fridge door gone. Apparently, they were drawn using the cursed pencil and came to life. Drawn Luz starts cackling and runs around lifting up a knife; drawn Eda throws the pancake into a blender then turns it on; and drawn King breaks the wall by throwing a skull through it. Luz sheepishly says that perhaps it does matter what tool one uses to draw, while Eda says that she will go get the paper shredder. Luz then narrowly avoids the knife thrown by drawn Luz as it hits the wall above her.


Non-speaking cameo

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Germany German Edas verfluchter Pinsel Eda's cursed brush
Netherlands Dutch Eda's vervloekte borstel Eda's cursed brush


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  • This is the only "Owl Pellets" short that Eda appears in.
  • The YouTube compilation shows this as the fourth short.


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