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"Eda's Requiem" is the seventh episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the twenty-sixth episode overall.

It premiered on July 24, 2021.


A special witch from Eda's past enlists her in a rebellion against the Emperor.[1]


In the Owl House, Eda is inside her room checking a list of things that Luz and King need. She then starts to laugh at herself, realizing how much she has changed, admiring a picture of her, Luz and King from Grom. She then hears Luz and King doing some exercise, and Eda looks out their window to hear what they are talking about. Luz asks King about what he is going to do when he meets his father, and he begins to say that he will leave and ugly cry. This surprises Eda, and her closing her window gets the attention of King and Luz. King then tells Luz he isn't ready to tell Eda because he isn't sure how she'll react, not knowing that she is feeling disappointed, believing that Luz and King want to move on with their lives and leave her behind. Just as she is about to put the picture into her chest box, Eda discovers her old mandolin, and decides to distract herself by playing it. As she is playing the lute, things around her start to float, and Eda thinks her magic has returned. Unfortunately, due to her magic still being cursed, every item begins to shrivel up and corrode, much to Eda's disappointment.

As Luz and King are practicing flying on Owlbert, Eda hears the news of the induction ceremony of the new Bard Coven leader, Raine Whispers. Raine gets stage fright during the ceremony, and runs off stage out of embarrassment after mixing up their words, prompting Eda to note the irony of the head Bard having stage fright. Luz and King then return, after King threw up in Luz's bag. Eda asks why they are so interested in flying all of a sudden, wondering if Luz has decided to stay in the Boiling Isles. Luz explains that once she had finally gotten the Echo Mouse accustomed to her, Hooty had eaten him alive. She manages to get the mouse back, but he will not share any more diary secrets due to being in shock, so she's passing the time by training for the upcoming Gland Prix, where students from Hexside, Glandus, and St. Epiderm race to win glory, honor, and fame. Winners also get an interview with the Boiling Isles News, so Luz and King are entering the competition so King can get on camera to send a message to his father. King also says he has something important to tell Eda, but she tells him to inform her later, as she is too afraid to hear it.

While drinking her sorrows away on apple blood at Grimgrub's Pub, Eda witnesses a Coven Guard and Coven Scout apprehend a wild witch. She tries to stop them, and punches the Coven Guard after he insulted her by calling her a powerless witch. Just as he is about to attack her, a small group of rebel witches in bat masks use their bard music to rescue the covenless witch by causing the Coven Guard and Coven Scout to walk away involuntarily. The group introduces themselves as the Bards Against the Throne, aka the BATs, and their job is to protest against the Emperor's rule to the public. However, the two coven guards call in reinforcements and surround them (they also fetched earmuffs to nullify the Bard magic's effect on them). However, Eda helps them escape through the sewers. She is impressed by their courage and wants to join them. Their leader declines her request, but Eda reveals that she knows who they are by calling out their name - Raine Whispers.

Eda helping the BATs escape.

Raine is embarrassed that Eda would call them out in front of their crew like that and explains to the BATs that Eda is an old friend of theirs. The BATs unmask themselves, revealing themselves to be Katya, a witch Eda and Luz rescued prior, and two other witches named Derwin and Amber. Amber isn't sure about Eda joining them, but Raine explains that it was Eda who inspired them to form the BATs. Raine reminds Eda of the time they ditched a performance to hang out with her, during which Eda told them that they can't run away from their fears forever, and they could "give them a whap in the face". Raine then explains that these words inspired them after they became a teacher for the Bard Coven, where they discovered how Belos recruited people through force. They then decided to rise up through the ranks so they could dismantle the system from the inside, and so they could find likeminded people to form the BATs. The group then run off when they hear someone coming, during which Raine asks Eda to help them if she wants to.

While Luz and King are practicing for the Gland Prix, Luz reminds Eda that King still wants to talk to her, but she blows it off again as she secretly goes out on a raid, although she tells Luz she'll be there to watch the race. At the meeting, after Eda gives them maps of Bonesborough, Raine tells the group that Belos wants wild witches in a coven before the Day of Unity, as he's stealing magic for some unknown reason. Right now, they are focusing on helping those he has captured. With Eda's help and insight, they rescue more wild witches from the Emperor's guards and guide them outside Bonesborough, as Belos has less reach outside cities. By morning, they return to their hideout, exhausted, but proud to have helped a lot of people. While the others rest, Eda and Raine catch up on each other's lives. Eda is impressed by Raine becoming a Coven Head despite their stage fright, to which Raine boasts that they're just that good. Raine asks if she still does any bard spells, to which Eda reminds them that the curse messes with her magic, which is why she stopped performing. However, Raine convinces her to play, so she plays the song Raine taught her - Raine's Rhapsody. But like before, her performance causes everything around her to shrivel and die, which interests Raine. Eda jokes that, with this side effect, the song is more like Eda's Requiem now, and she departs.

The next day, the Gland Prix begins. King once again tries to tell Eda something, but Eda tells him to tell her once he wins the race. Perry Porter then welcomes everyone to the race, and explains the course. The contestants will be flying down the right arm to the Cubital Valley, using speed, cunning, and magic to race to the checkpoint and back to the finish line. The first one to reach the finish will be declared the winner, get their name etched on the Cup of Ephemeral Glory, and receive an on-camera interview seen by everyone watching across the Isles. Soon after the race begins, Raine calls for Eda's help, saying that the BATs got a tip about another raid. When they reach the spot, they realize that they have fallen into a trap. Coven leaders Darius and Eberwolf capture Raine's followers and send them to the Conformatorium, much to Katya's dismay. However, they know Eda and Raine are still out there and start searching for them.

Eda and Raine manage to hide from them using an invisibility spell while tricking the coven leaders into following a trail created by Eda's animated boots. Raine then confesses that Belos' plans are a lot more dangerous than they let on, and that he is preparing some big spell for the Day of Unity, but he cannot do it without every head witch. Raine suggests they take out Darius and Eberwolf using Eda's cursed magic. Darius and Eberwolf soon discover that they have been following Eda's boots, which kick mud onto Darius' clothes, and the two return in a rage. Darius turns into a raging abomination monster while Eberwolf goes feral and summons a giant ratworm.

Together, Eda and Raine perform Eda's Requiem and cause everything and everyone around them to shrivel and die, even themselves. Eda is prepared to make the sacrifice, but after Raine sees the picture of her with Luz and King, realizing she has a family, they stop her. Eda tells Raine it does not matter because they have real families to return to. However, they convince her not to abandon them so quickly and that she should confront her fears, just like Eda told them years ago. Despite what the future may hold, Luz and King still need her more than she realizes. As for stopping Belos, Raine hopes to find another way. Suddenly, they are captured by Darius and Eberwolf, but Eda manages to escape while Raine holds them off. Darius is surprised that Raine is the traitor, and declares that they'll pay for ruining his cloak, and also their betrayal. Despite not wanting to leave them, she returns to the Gland Prix.

Eda arrives just in time to witness Luz and King cross the finish line, but it is quickly revealed they came in fifth place, much to Eda's surprise. Luz explains that during the race, they were on the verge of winning, as they passed all the other witches and made it to first place. Unfortunately, just as they were close to winning, King's motion sickness got the better of him, and he threw up again, causing them to crash. Due to their race ranking, Luz and King won't be getting the on-camera interview. King is disappointed and wants to throw his pre-written message into the garbage, but Eda convinces him otherwise. She gets King to stream his message to his father on Penstagram, letting everyone on the Isles hear his message, including a mysterious character who somewhat resembles King. Then at the end of the message, he announces that he is legally changing his name to King Clawthorne, which was what he had been wanting to tell Eda the whole time. Eda is so touched by this she bursts into tears, and so does Luz.

As for Raine, they have been captured by Darius and Eberwolf. As the two are distracted by King's message and Eda and Luz crying, Raine manages to escape, but they are quickly captured by Kikimora and her Abomatons, which Darius voices his disdain over. They are prepared to face petrification, but Kikimora has other plans for them. Emperor Belos needs them alive and well, as it'll be too much of a hassle to replace them. Kikimora, revealing her other eye, proceeds to ensnare Raine using their coven mark, then puts them in a deep slumber.


Additional voices

Non-speaking cameo


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) El requiém de Eda Eda's Requiem
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) O Réquiem da Eda Eda's Requiem
Taiwan Mandarin 伊丹安魂曲 Eda's Requiem
Germany German Magische Klänge Magical sounds
Denmark Danish Idas rekviem Eda's Requiem
Egypt Arabic ترتيلة إيدا Eda's Hymn
Spain Spanish El réquiem de Eda Eda's Requiem
France French Le requiem d'Eda Eda's Requiem
Indonesia Indonesian Misa Eda Eda's Mass
Israel Hebrew תפילת האשכבה של אידה Eda's funeral prayer
Malaysia Malay Lagu Untuk Eda Song for Eda
Netherlands Dutch Eda's Requiem
Norway Norwegian Edas rekviem Eda's Requiem
Portugal Portuguese O Requiem da Eda Eda's Requiem
Poland Polish Requiem dla Idy Requiem for Eda
Romania Romanian Recviemul Edei Eda's Requiem
Sweden Swedish Edas rekviem Eda's Requiem
Turkey Turkish Eda'nın Ağıtı Eda's Lament


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  • This episode marks the debut of Disney's first non-binary character, Raine Whispers.
  • Eda references the rise of digital streaming when she tells King that people don't use crystal balls anymore.
  • This is the first episode where Willow, Gus, and Amity appear, but don't speak.
  • The secret message for this episode is found on the banner of the covens in the BATs headquarters. Decoded, it translates to "No."

Revelations and significant events

  • Eda has a picture of her, Luz, and King at Grom.
  • Eda can play the mandolin.
  • Eda can still use Bard magic, but her curse causes the Bard magic to have a highly deleterious effect on things and people around her (especially if they're highly magical, such as Darius' abomination form or Eberwolf's summoned mount) and also on herself.
  • The prisoner who liked to write fanfiction in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" reappears in this episode. Her name is revealed to be Katya, and she is a Bard.
  • There are a few revelations about Eda's mysterious friend, who was alluded to in "Wing It Like Witches".
    • Their name is Raine Whispers.
    • They are non-binary.
    • They are the Bard Coven leader.
    • They are the leader of a secret rebel group called the Bards Against the Throne, aka the BATs.
  • Belos has less control over the areas outside the cities.
  • All witch's staffs are capable of flying, regardless of whether the palisman is a flying animal or not.
  • The Abomination and Beast Keeping Coven leaders are named Darius and Eberwolf.
  • The previous Bard Coven Leader was named Scooter Crane before Raine took over.
  • Eda's and Eberwolf's usernames on Penstagram are "BADGIRLCOVEN" and "RAISEDBYDIREWOLVES" respectively.
  • King adopts the Clawthorne name.
  • An unknown character that looks very similar to King appears in this episode.
  • The colors of Kikimora's right eye are the reverse of her left with red sclera and yellow iris.
  • The brands/tattoos witches receive when joining a coven can be used to subdue them, encasing them in branch-like tendrils that cover their entire body and place them in a form of stasis.
  • Kikimora can cast spells with the fingers of the hand on her head (She cast a spell that activated Raine's Bard Coven sigil, putting them into some kind of suspended animation).


  • Eda's picture of her with Luz and King is taken from "Enchanting Grom Fright". The events of this episode are also indirectly mentioned.
  • Students and faculty from St. Epiderm appear in this episode. St. Epiderm was first mentioned in "The First Day".
  • Luz wears the same outfit she wore in "Wing It Like Witches" during her grudgby match with Boscha to the Gland Prix.
  • King wears the same waist pouch he wore in "Really Small Problems".
  • Prior to Raine's debut, the first mention of the Bard Coven Head was in "The First Day," which depicted a different witch on the Bard Coven banner. It is revealed in this episode that the former Head Witch of the Bard Coven was Scooter Crane, who retired and was subsequently succeeded by Raine.
  • While it was first seen in the opening theme in the previous episode, Amity is shown wearing her new necklace.


  • Guardians of Ga'Hoole - When Hooty is talking with Luz, he calls himself a guardian of Ga'Hoot and responds with "Ga'Hoot," referencing the book series by Kathryn Lasky.
  • The Dark Knight - In hopes of convincing the BATs to let her join them, Eda refers to herself as "an agent of chaos", which is how the Joker referred to himself in the movie while talking to a recently-disfigured Harvey Dent.
  • Rage Against the Machine - The Bards Against the Throne are somewhat reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine; they are both groups of musicians that espouse anti-authoritarian political views.
  • How to Train Your Dragon - When Luz and King are first practicing riding together, it resembles the famous test drive scene from the first film.
  • Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School - Eberwolf resembles Winnie, the Wolfman's daughter, from this Scooby-Doo movie.


  • When Eda opens the box in her room to put the Grom photo inside, the photo has a border. A while later, the photo appears as a borderless photo before Eda puts it inside her hair.
  • Bumper Robinson is credited as Principal Bump despite him not having any lines in the episode.
  • While King and Luz are explaining the Gland Prix, King's tail disappears for a brief moment.
  • In some versions of the subtitles, the BATs (Bards Against the Throne) are misspelled as the BATTs.



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