I'm Eda the Owl Lady. The most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles.

Edalyn Clawthorne ("Eda" for short) is the deuteragonist of The Owl House. She is a rebellious witch with a bounty on her head rewarding one trillion snails for her capture.

After inadvertently bringing a human girl named Luz to the Boiling Isles, Eda agrees to help her learn witchcraft and becomes her mentor.


Eda is a tall, slender woman in her thirties with ivory skin, pointy ears, maroon lips, and golden eyes. Her untamed hair is thick and long and layered with two tones of gray though it was once bright orange in her youth. She has a single golden fang, orange claw-like nails, and an oval amber gem on her sternum.

She wears a sleeveless two-tone maroon dress with a ripped-like hem design and gray leggings. Her jewelry consists of two orange spherical earrings and an amber spherical ring. For footwear, she wears maroon high-heeled boots. Her nightwear consists of a plum sweater with amber cuffs, a stained, long, violet nightgown, and light yellow bunny slippers.

When she was around Luz’s age she has bright orange hair, and wore a basic Hexside School uniform of the Potionists track.


A confident and sassy witch, Eda is described as "rebellious", with Luz describing her as “very foxy for her age.“ Her vast skills and aptitude in witchcraft give her a brash streak, as she proudly declares herself the powerful Owl Lady and is openly defiant of the authorities, going as far as to knock a guard unconscious with the Owl Staff and fly off to avoid getting caught. Unlike her sister, Eda is vehemently anti-authoritarian, having little to no respect for laws and authority in general. She refuses to join any of the covens because she views them as crooked and for the limitations they place on magic. She is also not a fan of the education system for similar reasons, bemoaning their reliance on "blind obedience" and "pointless busywork".


Eda is known as the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles. But due to her rebellious nature, she is pretty much an outcast/criminal who has a great number of enemies - some of which who are business rivals or ex-boyfriends. She is the sort of teacher that would not only throw someone into the deep water but also set the entire lake on fire.

Eda makes a living selling human treasures at the markets, and sometimes homemade elixirs and potions. She also happens to be a collector, as she keeps most of her human treasures at home. However, she lacks any knowledge and experience on the stuff she sells or keeps. For example, she refers a TV set as a "black shadow box that reflects only sadness" and mistakes batteries, paperclips, deodorants, and buttons for human candy.

She has been known to have occasional short-lived boyfriends. Many monsters and demons will use any methods necessary to capture her so they can ask her out on a date. Eda always turns them down and in return, her ex's will either try to insist or kill her. She even has the same issues as business rivals.

She is known as "The Owl Lady" due to having been cursed to become a giant and feral owl-like creature, though she managed to counter this with an elixir that prevents her from transforming. Due to having been cursed when she was young, she hardly recalls the circumstances that led her to become cursed, as well as who cursed her. For unknown reasons, she kept her curse a secret from her roommate, King.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Eda is extraordinarily skilled in witchcraft, proclaiming herself to be the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles. As such, she has enough expertise that she is qualified enough to educate others on the subject. Since Eda never joined a coven, there is no seal limiting her to only one type of magic allowing her to perform all forms of magic. Like all witches, her connection to magic comes from a sack of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Fire Magic: Eda can summon flames with the snap of her fingers. She can produce fire in all forms, from lighting candles simultaneously in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" to conjuring streams of flame in "Witches Before Wizards". Eda can also grasp balls of fire, as seen on her wanted poster and "Covention".
    • Water Magic: Eda can summon water from the palm of her hand.
    • Earth Magic: Eda can summon pillars of the earth to protect herself from attack and trap opponents. The tops of the pillars have owl faces similar to Hooty and are large enough to swallow enemies whole.
    • Light Magic: Eda can create small orbs of light.
    • Mystical projection: Eda can draw a spell circle to project imagery and visions through.
    • Magic platform: By slamming the Owl Staff on the ground, Eda can conjure a magical platform for others to travel on.
    • Portal creation: Eda can create a pair of short-range portals one at a time, and whatever enters the first portal will exit out the second portal.
    • Force field generation: She can create and maintain force fields powerful enough to withstand boiling rain and scorching heat.
    • Magic trap creation: Eda can conjure landmines that do elemental damage, ranging from bursts of flame to gusts of wind and even dirt spikes.
    • Body Swapping: Eda can move her consciousness and the consciousness of others between bodies. She cannot perform magic while in another person's body and must use her staff to undo the spell.
    • Abomination Magic: According to Incident #3421 in her school record, Eda created an army of abominations for a food fight, before she lost control of them.
  • Staff proficiency: Eda's staff helps focus her magic and serves as her main mode of transportation. Owlbert, the staff's palisman, can come to life and detach himself, which Eda mainly uses for retrieving items from the human realm.
  • Limb autonomy: Eda's body can fall apart, but the separated parts remain active and within Eda's control. Eda can also reattach her body parts without ill effect, making her immune to dismemberment.
  • Invulnerability: Eda has survived things that would seriously injure or kill a normal person. So far, she has survived decapitation from Warden Wrath without dying, then later took a direct blast of fire from Lilith without being burned.
  • Dimensional Storage: Eda occasionally uses her hair to store items, usually books and scrolls.
  • Cursed form: According to Eda, she was cursed when she was younger and doesn’t remember why or how it happened. As a consequence, she must regularly consume a golden elixir to keep it at bay. Whenever Eda doesn’t take her elixir, she transforms into a giant, scary owl-demon, hence her nickname, ”The Owl Lady”. In this form, she has a feral mind and can quickly climb and punch through walls, but is sensitive to bright lights and retains her fascination with shiny objects. However the transformation isn't immediate. While partially transformed Eda will respond to command. Additionally, she cannot perform magic while in this form. Any living thing she consumes in her cursed form will be regurgitated in a giant owl pellet when she returns to normal. As of "Escape of the Palisman" Eda's elixir has become less effective on her curse.


Luz Noceda:


Luz and Eda in I Was a Teenage Abomination

Luz is Eda's apprentice. Eda took an interest in Luz purely for her human background. However, since she has been living with her, she has grown to accept her as part of her circle. Eda found it amusing that someone like Luz would not only look up to her, but also openly want to learn from her. In "Witches Before Wizards", Eda did not seem to hold any interest in teaching Luz about magic and only wanted to have her around to help with chores and make deliveries. Eda can also get annoyed whenever Luz continuously begs her to do something she does not want to do, but she has begrudgingly given in to Luz's persistence before. It is soon revealed that there is a point to Eda's distance when in "The Intruder" she reveals her curse to her. While Eda takes advantage and occasionally pokes fun at Luz, she does care about her as she feels that she has a responsibility to look after her "student". She begins to take her job as a teacher seriously and wants Luz to be proud of her. In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", it's revealed that Eda did not want Luz to go to Hexside School because she wanted to protect her; she did not agree with how they teach magic. However, because Luz still wanted to go to Hexside, she decided to make amends with Principal Bump so Luz could be enrolled.



Eda and King in A Lying Witch and a Warden

Eda considers King her "roommate" in the Owl House. They share an unusual friendship with the origin of their first meeting currently unknown. Much like with Luz, Eda seems to garner responsibility for King's well being and genuinely cares for him like a child or pet and is shown holding him much like an infant. However, the two share friendly banter with one another on a regular basis. Eda tends to "look down" on King, both figuratively and literally, and sometimes questions his personal knowledge. They speak to each other as equals though and Eda enjoys King's company, possibly because without him, and Luz for that matter, she would otherwise be lonely.



Eda and Lilith in Covention

Lilith is Eda's sister. The two are fierce rivals in both magical prowess and personality, with Eda being rebellious and carefree while Lilith is strict and law-abiding, to the point of being embarrassed by Eda's "childish" behavior. Though at first, she seems to be everything her sister is not, Lilith is also not above cheating in competitions only because she knew Eda would do the same. Despite their differences and being under orders to capture her, Lilith genuinely cares for her sister and wishes to help deal with her curse.


Owlbert is Eda's palisman. Eda made Owlbert from the branch of an ancient tree, and both are really close to each other to the point where Eda affirms they are bonded for life. Due to being a palisman and having a good and caring relationship, Owlbert is really loyal to Eda.

Warden Wrath:


Warden Wrath was introduced in A Lying Witch and a Warden. He has a one-sided crush on Eda, despite the fact he was supposed to arrest her. Unfortunately, Eda doesn't feel the same way.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Thailand Thai Aesanee Samranthananun (เอษะณีย์ สำราญธนนันท์)
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Karin Zavala


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  • Eda makes a cameo on a wanted poster in Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.
  • Eda shares many similarities, and is most likely based on, the legend of "La Lechuza". In Mexican folklore, La Lechuza is a woman by day, but an owl by night. In some legends, Lechuza was a witch who had sold her soul to live forever. In other versions, Lechuza was a woman who lost her child and was cursed to be an owl. Based on the various tellings, Lechuza would either simply curse someone who gazed eyes at her or would snatch away or even kill children who came near her.
  • It is unknown yet if Eda can fly in her cursed owl form, however she does show some strong evidence she can as she has a big muscular chest for powering her wings, and in episode Escape of the Palisman you can see for a second that Eda jumps into the air and stretches her wings to fly before getting caught in the net by the bounty Hunters. However, more evidence needs to be given to know for sure. 
  • It is implied that Eda is in her 30s, as she owns a coffee mug that reads "30 & Flirty."
    • Incident #3421 has Eda and Lilith attending Hexside together so their ages should be close to one another.
  • According to Lilith, in Once Upon a Swap, Eda once dreamed of joining the Emperor's Coven.


This is the Boiling Isles. Every myth you humans have is caused by a little of our world leaking into yours.

—"Eda", A Lying Witch and a Warden

I'm Eda, the Owl Lady. The most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles.

—"Eda", A Lying Witch and a Warden

Look at us, Luz. King and I don't have much in this world. We only have each other. So if that dumb crown is important to him, it's important to me. And beside, us weirdos have to stick together, you know?

—"Eda", A Lying Witch and a Warden

Now I'm coming at you with a blast of fire. What do you do?


Oh, you guys talking about bad girls?

—"Eda", Witches Before Wizards

Never befriend a man in sandals. And always measure twice, cut once.

—"Eda", Witches Before Wizards

Being a witch doesn't happen overnight.

—"Eda", Witches Before Wizards

Look, kid, everyone wants to believe they're "chosen". But if we all waited around for a prophecy to make us special, we'd die waiting. And that's why you need to choose yourself.

—"Eda", Witches Before Wizards


—"Eda", I Was a Teenage Abomination

When I was younger, I was cursed. I don't know exactly how it happened, all I know is that if I don't take my elixir, well, that's why people call me the Owl Lady. No one likes having a curse, but if you take the right steps, it's manageable.

—"Eda", The Intruder

Watch closely, Luz. When you join a coven, all your other magic is sealed away. From now on, that kid will only be able to make illusions. Since I never joined a coven, I can do every kind of magic. That's why I'm the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles.

—"Eda", Covention

What? I don't know. And who's a true witch? These suckers? According to them, that means being in a coven, but I never joined one and I'm better than all of them combined. You gotta be your own witch.

—"Eda", Covention


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