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Look, kid, everyone wants to believe they're "chosen". But if we all waited around for a prophecy to make us special, we'd die waiting. And that's why you need to choose yourself.

Edalyn "Eda" Clawthorne is the deuteragonist of The Owl House. She is Luz's mentor and King's adoptive mother. She ran away from home as a teen after being cursed by her older sister Lilith, a curse which causes her to turn into the owl beast. Eda eventually became the most-wanted criminal and the most powerful wild witch on the Boiling Isles until her curse ended up entirely incapacitating her magical ability.

During the Day of Unity, whilst attempting to save King from the Collector, she lost control of her curse and attacked, resulting in the Collector holding her captive in the Archive House. Eventually, she, Luz, and King convince the Collector what true friendship is, but not long after, Emperor Belos corrupts the Isles in an attempt to destroy it. After a grueling battle, they manage to defeat Belos and end his reign of terror. During the series epilogue, Eda becomes the Headmaster of the newly established University of Wild Magic.



Eda is a tall woman in her mid-to-late 40s,[2] with ivory skin and a somewhat slender figure that forms into wide hips, typically when wearing her red dresses. She has pointed ears, orange claw-like nails, thin maroon lips, golden eyes and long, thick and layered hair colored in a few tones of gray. She also has a removable golden fang and an oval-shaped amber gem on her sternum, which helped indicate when the curse was getting worse.

In her youth, her hair was colored in a shade of bright orange, her natural hair color. In "Wing It Like Witches", it is stated by Lilith that Eda's curse affects her hair, implying it would naturally be the same orange as when she was an adolescent if she were not under the spell.

When body-swapped into King's body in "Once Upon a Swap", she mostly resembles King physically, except with her gold eyes and white sclera in place of his, gray eyeshadow on her eyelids and around her eyes, visible eyelashes with black eyeliner, as well as her gold tooth in place of King's right fang.

As of "Young Blood, Old Souls", during which the curse becomes split between her and her sister, her left eye becomes silver and she now has a white streak on the left side of her hair. Her right eye also becomes a dulled shade of gold. The oval gem on her sternum is now black, indicating her lack of magic.

In her Owl Beast form, she resembles a large, owl-like monster with black eyes, grayish yellow sharp teeth and gray hair protruding from long, pointed ears. Her body is covered in dark teal fur, and she has two dark gray wings and black feet that resemble that of a bird of prey's.

After coming more to terms with the curse in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", she can take on a harpy-like form of the Owl Beast. In this form, she has long dark gray hair with a light gray streak on the top of her hair, yellow eyes with black sclera, and tufts of hair that come out of her elongated ears. She has gray owl-like wings that protrude from her back, and her now two-toned maroon dress appears to be a part of her body, partially covering her face. Her torso, shoulders, arms and hands are covered in dull spikes protruding from where the sleeves of her dress would be. Her feet are covered in light gray fur with dark gray talons like an owl. Her hands are monstrous-looking, with small yellow claws. In "Eclipse Lake", she learns how to change into her harpy form at will.

In "King's Tide", her right arm was removed and allowed to disintegrate by Raine in order to protect her from the combined effects of her curse and the Draining Spell.

After the Collector comes to power, she cuts her hair, the new hairstyle resembling how it was when she met King. She also keeps her amputated-arm bandaged up and has cuts on her chin and forehead.

After witnessing Luz's "death" in "Watching and Dreaming", Eda takes on an enraged state similar to her Owl Beast form. Eda goes feral, similar to her Owl Beast form but larger; her eyes and mouth turn into a fiery orange color with a bright glow, her tail grows longer, her fangs turn longer and sharper and she gains three pairs of wings instead of one.

In the epilogue to "Watching and Dreaming", Eda's hair has since grown back and is kept in a large bubble braid. Additionally, she has replaced her missing right arm with a gold hook.


Eda initially wore spherical orange earrings, a sleeveless, two-toned maroon dress with a ripped hem design, gray-brown tights underneath, and a pair of maroon high-heeled ankle boots, with darker-colored toes and heels. She also accessorizes with a gold spherical ring on the finger of her left hand, until she gave it to Lilith.

Her nightwear consists of a stained dust-periwinkle nightgown under a plum sweater with amber cuffs, and stained light yellow bunny slippers.

In "Wing It Like Witches", Eda removes her ring and gives it to Lilith after their grudgby match, to give to Emperor Belos so she does not return empty-handed.

Starting from "Keeping up A-fear-ances", she wears a longer, three-toned maroon dress with mid-length sleeves and a ripped hem, with lighter-gray tights. Her boots are now dark gray, and she no longer wears her earrings.

In her youth, she wore a Hexside School uniform for the potions track with yellow sleeves and leggings, black flats, a gray tunic with a black belt, and a black cowl with a golden button.

"Echoes of the Past" shows flashbacks to Eda eight years before the first episode takes place. Her hair is orange and short, albeit still thick and messy, and she has two gray streaks in her hair. She wears the same outfit from the first season and doesn't use lipstick.

As a young adult in "Eda's Requiem", she was seen wearing a red dress with ripped sleeves, a ripped maroon hem, and the same earrings and the red boots from her first outfit. She had her hair up in a ponytail with a red band, and at this point, she had started to develop gray hair, as two small streaks can be seen up near her forehead.

As of "For the Future", Eda has switched to a red vest over a mid-sleeved maroon shirt with two black buttons, baggy purplish-gray pants with a big gray patch sewn onto the right thigh, a brown holster on her waist, and calf-length, red-violet heeled boots.

In the epilogue, Eda now wears a two-toned red coat closed by two gray clasps, a golden plate with her gem placed on the center, baggy black pants, and calf-high, dark gray medium-heeled boots with decorated gray-and-gold colored cuffs. She accessorizes with a two-toned gray scarf that has the Titan symbol on it, and Raine's earring on her left ear.


The Owl House S01E01 - A Lying Witch and a Warden 202

As a rebel and an anti-authoritian, Eda would do anything to avoid the law enforcements like the Coven Guards.

Confident and sassy, Eda is best described as rebellious, with Luz calling her "surprisingly foxy for her age". Her vast skills and aptitude in witchcraft give her a brash streak, as she proudly declares her power and is openly defiant of authorities, going as far as knocking a guard unconscious and flying off to avoid getting caught.

Unlike her sister Lilith, Eda is vehemently anti-authoritarian, having little to no respect for laws and authority in general. She refuses to join any of the covens because she views them as crooked for the limitations they place on magic. She is also not a fan of the educational system for similar reasons, bemoaning its reliance on "blind obedience" and "pointless busywork".

Eda is described as the sort of teacher that would not only throw someone into the deep end, but also set the entire body of water on fire. Eda has an odd view of how a good apprentice should act; she is very proud of Luz for getting her face on a "wanted" poster for the first time, reacting the same way when Luz convinces her to teach new spells by appealing to her vanity.

Agony of a Witch - 1387

Eda would do anything to protect her loved ones like saving Luz from Lilith, showing her motherly instincts.

While Eda tends to act immature for her age, and mischievous at times, it's shown that she has a caring side to her and she is willing to protect the people she holds most dear, such as when she protects Luz multiple times, being close to a mother figure for her, as well as swallowing her pride when she realizes that she's being unreasonable and that Luz is miserable not being around her new friends and only having a limited palette with learning about magic, and enrolling her in Hexside. She also deeply cares about Lilith despite them both being on different sides of the law. It also seems she is afraid of losing her friends, and as such tries to ignore the idea of them leaving.

Eda was also shown to be very forgiving, shown when she decided to forgive Lilith for cursing her and even letting her live in the Owl House after seeing how sorry she was and how she willingly shared the curse with her to make amends, although she doesn't miss the opportunity to remind her sister about what she's done through some playful banter, adding to her guilt.

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 882

Eda will do anything for what's best for Luz out of concern for her safety and well-being.

She is also very protective of her family and loved ones, but in her desire to keep them out of harm's way, Eda tends to drive people away, either to protect them from her curse or anything else, like she did with Raine and her parents; such distance lasted for years. She tried doing the same with Luz, wanting her to run away from the Boiling Isles to protect her from Belos' looming threat, and her insistence caused a fight between them, which strained their relationship for a little while.

For all the distance she tries to keep sometimes, Eda always means well, and has shown much patience and forgiveness. When Luz was briefly killed by Belos, despite going through a fit of rage in her grief, she gently pushed the Collector away from her, not wanting to take her anger out on the child and showing she didn't blame them for anything, wanting to focus her rage on the real cause of it.


Childhood and relationship with Raine Whispers[]

S01E13 The First Day - Eda young

Eda as a Hexside potions student.

Edalyn Clawthorne was born as the youngest daughter of Gwendolyn and Dell Clawthorne. She had a very close, but competitive relationship with her older sister, Lilith Clawthorne, to the point where she wanted to join the prestigious Emperor's Coven together.[4] Eda was also star player on the Banshees.[5] Despite being one of the most troublesome students in Hexside's history and causing multiple incidents at the school,[6] Eda was a hard-working witch who wanted to study every magic track[7] and was powerful enough to surpass her older, more diligent sister.[4]

When threatened with expulsion by Principal Faust, Eda did not want to be separated from her sister, and was forced to win a blue ribbon from IFWOT program. Should she fail, she would be expelled from Hexside and unable to participate in the Emperor's Coven tryouts. There, Eda met a St. Epiderm bard student named Raine Whispers, who helped her pass the various challenges. The exam proctor, Terra Snapdragon, was unimpressed with the challenges of IFWOT and added one final challenge, a game of Covens and Wilds. Raine was assigned as a "Wild Witch" while Eda was a "Coven Witch", forcing the two to be on opposing sides. Raine lasted the longest of the Wild Witches, and when they got cornered, Eda betrayed her teammates, leaving the two friends to face off against each other. However, instead of attacking each other, Raine and Eda cooperated to launch an attack on the proctor instead. Unexpectedly, Terra was amused by their behavior, but she gave out no ribbons to the students. However, she also promised to put in a good word for both Eda and Bump, allowing them to remain at Hexside. Once Raine transferred to Hexside, Eda would become very close to them, and the two became romantic partners at an undisclosed point.[8]

Tryouts and curse[]

Keeping Up A-fear-ances - Eda eavesdropping

Eda eavesdrops on her mother talking about her curse.

By the time of the Emperor's Coven tryouts, the gap in power between the Clawthorne sisters and the limited spots for a chance to be in the Emperor's Coven caused Lilith to discreetly curse Eda in order to win the Emperor's Coven tryouts; however, on the day of the match, Eda willingly forfeited, refusing to fight her sister. Declaring that covens were not "her style", Eda reminded her sister to not forget her when she becomes famous. However, much to her and Lilith's horror, Eda's curse manifested shortly after she started walking away, and she transformed into the Owl Beast. The audience watching the tryouts were shocked, and they threw rocks at the transformed Eda, chasing her away.[4] The monstrous owl form would later define Eda as "The Owl Lady".[9] At some point during her teenage years, Eda's transformation was unintentionally triggered by a party popper her father used, and the subsequent tussle between the beast and her father would injure Dell.[10] Eda told her mother and a healer about the curse, but all the healer could do was give her a gem that would help her keep track of the beast's energy. Shortly after receiving the gem, Eda eavesdropped on a conversation between her mother and the healer; she overheard that the curse was currently incurable and that her now-enraged mother was willing to take more extreme measures to rid the curse. Shocked by her mother's words, Eda fled her room and tripped over a portal to the human realm, which she promptly used to escape her worried mother.[11] Eda does manage to counter her curse with elixirs, though it is merely a temporary measure. Eda would not find out who cursed her until a few decades passed.

Criminal life[]

Eda's Requiem promotional image

Eda using bard magic while talking to Raine Whispers.

At some point in her young adult years, while Raine was skipping a performance due to their stage fright, Eda advised her partner that they couldn't run from their problems forever and added that it would be better to "give them a whap in the face".[12] However, Eda had a penchant for hiding her problems and often claimed that she was fine despite the contrary. Because of this, Raine reluctantly made the announcement that they were joining the Bard Coven and told Eda that they should see other people. The breakup caused Eda to become stressed and the curse began to take effect.[10] Despite this, Eda still pushed Raine away when they asked about it, and refused to let them help her. Although they have broken up, Raine kept Eda's advice close to their heart during their time in the Bard Coven.[12]

S02E03 Echoes of the Past - Young Eda ambushed

Eda on the mysterious island.

While on the run from the Emperor's Coven, Eda came across an unknown island and went inside the castle to shelter herself from the boiling rains. Inside, she found a recently-hatched King stacking rocks and mistook him for some kind of dog. However, she was attacked by Jean-Luc, prompting Eda to take the hatchling and flee. Though Jean-Luc did manage to damage one of King's horns, Eda managed to fly herself and King to safety. Afterwards, Eda took King home with her and put a red collar on him. One day, she came in to find King stacking rocks like he did in his castle, and commented how he looked like "a king amongst his subjects". King repeated the word "king", and Eda explained what the word meant. King would adopt the word as his name and believed that he was a despotic tyrant in the past. Eda never told King how she found him and instead played along with his fantasies as the King of Demons. However, she did hold on to King's damaged horn fragment.[13]

Eda made chaos in the human realm Newspaper report S2E10

A newspaper article showing Eda making chaos at café in Gravesfield.

Due to her rebellious nature and coven-less status, Eda was quickly considered an outcast to society and a criminal who had a great number of enemies—some of whom being business rivals, ex-boyfriends, and members of the Emperor's Coven, including her sister. Her criminal status and curse forced her to isolate herself, and the only real friends she had were her palisman Owlbert, her house Hooty, and King.[9] Prior to meeting Luz, Eda made a living selling random stuff from the human realm which she calls "human treasures" at the market, and sometimes homemade elixirs and potions. She also happens to be a collector, as she keeps most of her human treasures at home. However, she lacks any knowledge and experience on the stuff she sells or keeps; for example, she refers to a TV set as a "black shadow box that reflects only sadness" and mistakes batteries, paperclips, deodorants, and buttons for candy.[9] For 30 years, Eda would use the portal to collect her human treasures as well as hide from her many enemies and her mother, who continued to visit her annually with a different supposed cure for her curse each time.[11] She would also occasionally terrorize the citizens of Gravesfield under the alias name of Marylin.[14]

Meeting Luz Noceda[]

The Owl House S01E01 - A Lying Witch and a Warden 114

"This will make me rich."

Eda sends Owlbert to the human realm to gather more human treasures and the palisman returns with a bag full of random objects. She rummages through the bag to find a smartphone, a diamond ring, and a golden chalice, all of which are deemed worthless to her; she does manage to find a pair of glasses with dangly eyes, which she claims will make her rich. The last item in the bag is a book from the The Good Witch Azura series, which Eda sees as good kindling. Just as Eda is about to burn the book on the candle, Luz snags the book from her, but before the human can escape, Eda closes the portal door. However, she has no intentions of harming Luz and instead tries to sell her some of the human garbage she has. Luz manages to get "the black shadow box" functioning and attracts more customers to Eda's stand, but a Coven Guard arrives at the scene, forcing Eda and Luz to flee to the Owl House. After introducing Luz to Hooty and King, Eda strikes a deal with the human; King's Crown of Power was taken by Warden Wrath, who locked it behind a magical force field that only humans could access. If Luz helps them, she would be allowed to return home.


"Us weirdos have to stick together."

Though Luz manages to retrieve the crown from the Conformatorium's forcefield, it is revealed that the Crown of Power is nothing more than a kid's meal crown from a fast food restaurant. Eda admits that she knew the crown was fake, but was willing to retrieve it anyway, as it made King happy. She added that weirdos such as herself and King should stick together. This heartwarming moment is cut short when Warden Wrath decapitates Eda, though thanks to her curse, it is non-fatal. Wrath takes Eda's compromised state as an opportunity to ask her out, as he had fallen for her due to her many escapes, but Eda refuses and blows a raspberry in his face. She upholds her end of the deal and hands Luz the portal key while she battles Warden Wrath, but just as Wrath is about to capture her, Luz returns with three other inmates to take down the Warden. Upon returning to the Owl House, Eda opens the portal and hands Luz her The Good Witch Azura book and summer camp pamphlet to return home, but Luz decides to stay and learn how to be a witch. Though humans can not perform magic (at the time), she agrees to take Luz as an apprentice.[9]

S01E02 Witches Before Wizards (123)

Eda sending Luz to sell potions.

Eda's business apparently has some form of success, as she attracted customers away from Adegast for years. Eda tasks Luz with selling potions around Bonesborough and warns her new apprentice to never befriend a man in sandals, amongst other tips for surviving the demonic city, and orders King to follow her. Despite her advice, Luz befriends a wizened (and sandal-wearing) wizard named Adegast and returns to the Owl House with a map to an object called the Celestial Staff. Upon learning that, Eda laughs and states that if such a powerful object existed, she would have stolen it long ago, which bums Luz out. While giving her apprentice time alone to process everything, Eda asks King about the wizard and suspects something sketchy about him. She goes into Luz's room, only to find her gone. After asking Hooty about her whereabouts, Eda and King go out to find Luz, with King tracing Luz's scent and Eda following him from behind. After going to the locations she visited, they realize that the once vibrant and lively locations are nothing more than puppets and lies. Eda realizes that the wizard was a puppet controlled by Adegast, and he is using Luz as bait to lure her into a trap. Despite this, she opts to fly directly into said trap to save Luz and gets herself captured by the puppeteer. Luz manages to break free from Adegast's fantasy illusion and frees her mentor and friend. Together, they defeat the puppeteer and his puppets, and the defeated Adegast becomes a snack for the Owl Lady.

S01E02 Witches Before Wizards (324)

Eda showing Luz the beauty of the Boiling Isles.

Afterwards, Luz is left feeling confused and disappointed; the Boiling Isles was not the fantasy world she had imagined at all. To cheer her up, Eda takes Luz on a flight with her staff and shows her a spectacular view of the Isles. Eda and King tell Luz that from up close, the Boiling Isles can be slimy, stinky, and gross, but from a different perspective, it is a beautiful place. Luz then asks her mentor how she knew that wizard was lying, and Eda replies that if everyone waited around for a prophecy to make them special, they'd die waiting. So instead, Luz needs to choose a path herself.[15]

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination (7)

Eda, King, and Luz stand in front of a dead trash slug.

Besides the portal, Eda also scavenges for human garbage from beached trash slugs, much to Luz's disgust. Her apprentice is hoping to read ancient scrolls or mix potions, but Eda is not interested, as these activities remind her of magic school. Eda claims to have dropped out of school, as in her opinion, magic is supposed to be wild and unpredictable. She helps Luz find a slime ball and advises her apprentice to use it wisely. Luz opts to return to the Owl House, leaving all the human garbage for Eda to collect. After collecting the human garbage, Eda and King get into an argument over who is the better teacher. King claims that he could do a better job at teaching, and despite his terrible track record at winning bets, Eda makes a bet with King. He must teach a baby trash slug to be one of his minions, or she would have his name changed to Mr. Wiggles; if he succeeds, she would wear the shame hat and be forced to sleep in the shed.

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination (491)

Eda wearing a shame hat after losing a bet with King.

With Luz nowhere in sight in the Owl House, Eda asks Hooty for the human's whereabouts, and Hooty points to Hexside's direction. Eda runs to the school and looks through the various windows at the building, recalling terrible memories of blind obedience and pointless busywork, and when she sees Luz in class, she admits defeat. Having lost the bet, Eda takes the shame hat and moves to the shed, while King gloats about his new minion, Prince Jr. However, without any treats to appease it, King realizes that the trash slug will no longer obey his commands. He runs into the shed and begs Eda to help him. As Prince Jr. busts down the door and starts dragging King out, King finally admits defeat and pleads with Eda to save him, allowing Eda to call him Mr. Wiggles. Eda then helps him by distracting Prince Jr. while he feeds the creature salt, causing it to shrink. Though saddened that Luz is at school, Eda's day would be brightened when her apprentice returns from Hexside, and later acknowledges that she is a great teacher.[16]

S01E04 The Intruder (217)

A sleepy Eda casting a light spell.

Despite living with King for nearly a decade, Eda never told him about the curse that plagued her, but the curse would once again rear its beastly head to wreak havoc. After casting a force field to protect the Owl House from the boiling rains, a tired Eda is about to sleep, but Luz nags her to teach her some spells. Eda at first refuses, but because of her uncontrollable infatuation for shiny objects, Luz manages to tempt her with a sparkly pen. She starts off by teaching a basic light spell by using a spell circle, but Luz's lack of a bile sac prevents her from casting magic naturally. Eda mentions that ancient witches once relied on a different form of magic, but she never bothered to learn the method. Luz asks her to demonstrate the light spell one last time, but she passes out from exhaustion, forcing King and Luz to drag the unconscious witch to her nest.

S01E04 The Intruder - 26

Eda as the Owl Beast.

Because King is not aware of Eda's curse, he thinks that the elixirs she drinks are the source of her magic and takes one for Luz to drink, thinking that it would grant her magic. However, without the elixir by her side, Eda transforms into the Owl Beast and terrorizes everyone in the Owl House. During the beast's rampage, she manages to injure Hooty and eat a snaggleback, but the beastly Eda would be stopped by Luz and King thanks to a well-placed light glyph knocking her out. After regaining consciousness, Eda finishes off the rest of her elixir (and coughs up the snaggleback in the process) and learns from King what had happened. At first, Eda is furious at King for stealing her elixirs, but sees that Luz has figured out how to cast magic, and is amazed by the seemingly impossible feat. She then reveals the true reason for her nickname; she was cursed by someone unknown when she was younger, and the beastly form caused by the curse earned her the nickname "The Owl Lady". Once she falls back asleep, Eda has a recurring nightmare of the mysterious person who cursed her.[17]

S01E05 Covention (67)

King reads The Good Witch Azura, much to Eda's annoyance.

Eda is selling human treasures while Luz reads King contents from The Good Witch Azura; she claims that the book's flowery language is driving away the customers, but Luz points out that there are no customers nor other stands to begin with. The lack of customers and other stands is because of the annual covention, which showcases the various covens witches can join. Just like her thoughts on magic schools, Eda does not have a high opinion on covens and has not been to a covention since she was very young. However, she reluctantly gives in when Luz and King torment her by reading The Good Witch Azura aloud.

S01E05 Covention (135)

Eda demonstrates her magic as a covenless witch.

Because of her status as an infamous criminal, Eda has to wear a cowl in order to maintain a low profile, and while Willow and Gus show off the various coven to Luz, the Owl Lady only groans in disgust. She is nearly caught by one of the attendees of the covention, but she manages to use a "distraction spell" to make a clean getaway. When asked by Luz why she never joined a coven, Eda points over to the Illusion Coven booth and explains that all witches who join a coven have most of their magic sealed off. Eda adds that because she does not belong to a coven, she has access to all her magic, making her the most powerful witch on the Isles. Eventually, the group stumbles upon the Emperor's Coven, and while Eda had no intention to attend the coven panel, she is forced to go inside and hide when the same attendee from earlier tries to rat her out to a Coven Guard.

S01E05 Covention (276)

The Clawthorne sisters reunited.

To make matters even worse, Eda realizes that the covention's mystery guest is none other than her older sister and the current leader of the Emperor's Coven, Lilith. The two sisters cross paths shortly after the event, much to Eda's displeasure. Lilith does not hesitate to criticize Eda's life choices of being a covenless fugitive, while on the other hand, she is mentoring the next generation of powerful witches. Eda tells her about her own student, Luz, and bets she is better than her students. Just then, a worried Luz shows up to inform Eda about her challenge with Amity Blight, and she does not know what to do. Since Amity is one of her top students, Lilith sees this as an opportunity to prove how much of a failure her sister is.

S01E05 Covention (525)

Eda dueling Lilith.

Since Eda has not taught her apprentice many spells, she improvises with a cunning plan; by having Amity trigger various magic traps, it would look as if Luz is performing magic. However, Luz has her qualms about cheating, and Eda's plans are thwarted when King falls down and accidentally triggers a spike trap. Though her cheating is exposed, the Owl Lady spots a Construction Coven power glyph on Amity's nape, and tears it off, exposing Lilith for resorting to similar underhanded tactics. Eda goes on childishly mocking her for cheating, and when her older sister finally snaps, she engages Lilith in an intense Witches' Duel. Lilith manages to overpower Eda, but just as she prepares to land the finishing blow, Eda pleads for mercy. She goes on telling Lilith how worse the curse on her has become, and is afraid she will not be able to handle it for long. She says she just wanted to see her sister for possibly the last time. Lilith is touched by this and admits she was delighted to see her after so many years. However, the whole thing is an act to distract Lilith and with the help of some Hex Mix and tied shoes, Eda eludes capture once again. Before leaving the covention, Luz asks her mentor if she'll ever be a true witch, and Eda responds that instead of letting society decide, she should be her own witch.[18]

Further misadventures[]

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (29)

Eda playing Hexes Hold'em.

Due to her obsession with playing Hexes Hold'em, Eda forgets to top up on her supply of elixir and the symptoms of her curse begin to show. She makes a trip to the market to purchase more, but Morton is out of stock until next week. However, Morton suggests that she visits the night market and find a stand owned by someone called Grimm Hammer. Eda, with King in tow, departs to the night market later that night, but before leaving, she leaves Luz in charge of the Owl House and forbids her from having a Moonlight Conjuring during her absence. Should Luz break the rules, Eda threatens to never trust her apprentice again.

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (406)

Tibbles taking King from Eda after a game of Hexes Hold'em.

Eda finds the stand owned by Grimm Hammer, who prefers to go by the name "Tibbles", and she shows him the empty bottle of elixir. Fortunately, Tibbles had recently stocked up on the brew and is willing to sell to Eda; unfortunately, the asking price for the elixir is a hefty one thousand snails which she doesn't have. Eda then challenges Tibbles to a game of Hexes Hold'em, hoping to win and get the elixir for free, but she loses. With that, Tibbles picks King as his prize, wanting him to be a model for his clothing line, and restrains Eda in hopes of turning her in to the Emperor's Coven. Realizing that her obsession with Hexes Hold'em got her into this mess, Eda apologizes to King and swears off the game by eating one of her cards. Tibbles' plans to turn Eda in are foiled when the Owl House stomps through the night market, destroying his stand. While he is distracted, King tosses Eda the elixir, and she gulps it down after catching it with her mouth. With her magic restored, Eda breaks free from her restraints and makes another clean getaway. When she returns to the Owl House, she is furious with Luz, but when Willow and Gus admit that they convinced her to go against Eda's wishes, she makes the trio clean the messy house as their punishment. Eda admits that the trio animating the entire Owl House was impressive and intends on joining them next year. King notes that animating the entire house is an impressive feat, and Eda responds that such a feat would require powerful magic.[19]

Shortly afterwards, Eda goes into the Human Realm and tries to dump her Hexes Hold'em cards into a river. However, she is seen by Jacob Hopkins, and he buys the cards off her instead.[14]

S01E07 Lost in Language - 20b

Eda babysitting one of the Bat Queen's children.

When Luz finds that Eda has been delivered a basket containing a baby bat, Eda has no intention of taking care of the infant, but changes her mind when the attached note states that there would be a reward from the wealthy Bat Queen. At first, Eda is confident that she can take care of the child and sends Luz off to return her overdue library books, but when the baby unleashes an ear-splitting scream, Eda realizes that the task will not be so easy. After a few hours of nonstop crying, Eda reluctantly picks up the baby, instantly quelling the screaming. At this moment, Luz returns from returning Eda's library books and gushes over how motherly Eda looks as she cradles the baby, much to Eda's displeasure. Luz then tries to touch the baby, causing it to suddenly turn into three baby bats that start to wreak havoc around the house, causing Luz to leave to avoid them and forcing Eda and King to take cover under an overturned couch. Eda manages to quell the children by feeding them apple slices and reading them a story. While babysitting, she and King grow attached to the children to the point where money is no longer their main motivation, and Eda even nicknames one of them "Junior", whom she teaches how to pick locks. When Luz finds King and Eda the next morning, she finds the Owl Lady cradling all three of the bat children in her arms. When the Bat Queen stops by to take away her children, she drops off a large amount of snails as well as a whistle; should Eda ever need a favor from the Bat Queen, she can use the whistle to call her. Eda and King are both saddened that the children are gone, but Luz hands them a book she got from the library to help them cope with their empty nest syndrome.[20]


Eda in King's body.

While selling human treasures in the market, Luz, Eda, and King get into some disagreements about each other's hardships. Eda comments that King in particular has it easy, as he is often pampered like a child. In order to resolve the disagreement, Eda uses a body swap spell to change her body with King's, Luz's with her own, and King with Luz's. Eda then makes a deal with both King and Luz; whoever has the easiest day does not have to clean Hooty.

Doll cats

Eda is shocked at the sight of the mindless demons on the shelf.

Just as she predicted, Eda (in King's body) receives adoration by the people of Bonesborough; she even receives a lollipop from a Coven Guard who does not recognize her as a wanted criminal. As she continues down the streets of Bonesborough, Eda is picked up by Roselle and Dottie, who mistake her for a lost pet. At first, Eda is against the idea of two old ladies babying her, but changes her mind after a few belly rubs. She is taken to Roselle and Dottie's kitty café, and is repulsed by the new cutesy environment she is placed in. Though Eda finds the entire ordeal a bit unsettling, she decides to stay for the food. One of the cats living at the cafe, a black cat in a suit named Bowtie, then appears and warns Eda to leave the café, but she does not listen until Roselle and Dottie bring out a bee costume. With no intention of wearing a ridiculous costume, Eda attempts to leave, but is stopped by Dottie. She tries to attack Roselle and Dottie, but her swapped body is unable to cast any spells. She manages to escape into the "employees only" room and blocks herself in, only to find a few horrifyingly mindless demons on the shelf. Bowtie then appears and explains that they have been coddled to the point where they can't live on their own. As soon as he finishes, Bowtie becomes little more than a mindless pet, and Eda is forced to wear the bee costume and succumb to the same fate as Bowtie and the pets of the café.

S01E08 Once Upon a Swap - Escaping the Cafe

Eda, King, and Luz in their swapped bodies.

After King (in Luz's body) finds himself in the cat café while trying to escape from Boscha and her friends, Eda admits to him that his life is terrible. Luz (in Eda's body) manages to distract Roselle and Dottie long enough for Eda and King to escape the café. The trio finds themselves surrounded by Lilith and Coven Guards, Roselle and Dottie, and Boscha's gang, but after Eda undoes the body swap on herself, King, and Luz, she casts the body swap spell on everyone else, causing enough chaos for the trio to escape unnoticed. However, they soon realize they don't have a verdict on who is going to clean Hooty. As Luz is about to suggest working together, Eda and King count themselves out and leave her to clean by herself.[21]

S01E09 Something Ventured, Someone Framed - 32

Eda meets her old high school principal, Hieronymus Bump.

Despite being banned from Hexside, Luz still wishes to attend the school, but Eda is against the notion, to the point where she states would rather watch the school burn down than have her attend. Her apprehension for Luz's enrollment stems from her belief that Hexside suppresses anything unique in favor of conformity, and she does not wish for Luz to conform to the coven system. However, while having a conversation with Hooty, Eda realizes that her beef with Hexside is a personal matter, and that Luz deserves a chance to form her own conclusions on the matter. Hooty reminds Eda that she taught him, and upon seeing Hooty's eccentric behavior, Eda decides to enroll her apprentice in Hexside. Later, Eda walks into the office of Principal Bump in order to get the ban lifted. Bump is surprisingly open to the idea of having a human transfer student, but before he can officially enroll her, Eda has to answer for all the troubles she caused during her years at Hexside. Forced to clean up the messes she left decades ago, Eda considers giving up, but ultimately doesn't; she continues to finish the work Bump assigns her, knowing that Luz will enjoy Hexside.

S01E09 Something Ventured, Someone Framed - 44

Principal Bump agrees to take in Luz after Gus takes responsibility for the damage done.

After Eda cleans up all the messes she made around the school, Principal Bump agrees to enroll Luz and not rat her out to the Emperor's Coven, but the destruction of detention nearly causes the principal to change his mind. However, Gus takes full responsibility for the detention incident, and Luz is officially enrolled into Hexside and allowed to start the following semester after Eda fills out some paperwork. Afterwards, Eda looks through her permanent school record, reminiscing about her younger, more mischievous high school years, and Luz comments that she was indeed a terrible student.[6]

The curse strengthens[]

S01E10 Escape of the Palisman - 12

"I'd annihilate anyone who'd hurt him."

Eda and Luz are supervising King at the local slayground. King hopes to use the slide as his throne, but gets pushed down it by a child he calls "the Usurper". He demands Eda to blow up said child, but the Owl Lady has no intention of using Owlbert to bring harm to a child. Luz then asks how Eda got Owlbert, and her mentor explains that the palisman was carved from a branch of an ancient tree. As her personal palisman and old friend, she notes that she would annihilate anyone who would dare harm him. As Owlbert scratches himself, Luz notices the interlock on his foot, and Eda explains that his interlock allows him to attach to his staff and only his staff. Suddenly, Eda passes out from the effects of the curse, forcing the trio to cut King's slayground time short and return home. Eda crashes on the couch, and Luz offers to get the elixir for her mentor, but she assures Luz that she can get it herself. She then sends Luz away to attend a grudgby game.

S01E10 Escape of the Palisman - 61

A partially transformed Owl Beast Eda.

Eda falls asleep after drinking a few elixirs, and she transforms into the Owl Beast. However, King notices that only one of her eyes is completely blackened, and her behavior is more like a suggestible minion than a feral beast. King uses this as an opportunity for revenge against the Usurper and rides the beast to the slayground. Beast Eda's presence is more than enough to scare the children away, allowing King to take his place atop the slide. However, Eda begins to eat pieces of the play structure, and he kicks her to get her to listen to him. This only angers the beast, and though King successfully throws a bottle of elixir into the creature's mouth, Eda does not transform back. Instead, she gets captured by animal control, and King is forced to rescue her. By using his squeak of rage, a high-pitched squeal sound that Eda finds hilarious, he manages to remind her who he is, thus reverting back to her normal form and allowing her to escape animal control. Upon returning home, Eda asks why Owlbert is not on her staff, and though he claims that he and Luz were out for ice cream, she does not believe them. However, Eda is far too tired to inquire any further and retreats to her nest for a nap. Unfortunately, the elixirs are no longer quelling the effects of the curse as effectively as they used to, and she realizes that she must drink more of them in order to keep the curse at bay. She then questions herself on when she ate a swing set after she vomits one up.[22]

S01E11 Sense and Insensitivity - 14

Eda eavesdropping on Lilith and Steve.

Later, while manning her stand, Eda notices that everyone is disinterested and walking past. This is because the nearby book fair is attracting all potential customers. Eda shows no interest in the book fair, but takes advantage of the opportunity to pickpocket. She finds a book with a mirror on its cover, and realizes another wrinkle has formed on her face, indicative of the curse's quickening effects on her. She then hears Lilith nearby, who acquires a map to the Bloom of Eternal Youth for Emperor Belos from a merchant. Hoping that the Bloom will cure her curse, Eda acquires a map for herself and prepares to leave the Owl House for a few days. She leaves Luz in charge of her house before leaving.

S01E11 Sense and Insensitivity - 72

The sisters about to beat up the merchant.

The sisters find themselves crossing paths again, turning the quest into a race between them. However, despite their opposing sides, Eda opts to save her sister from being eaten by a demon, even though she has the lead. Once Eda and Lilith finally make it to the Bloom of Eternal Youth, Eda pushes Lilith aside and grabs the flower for herself. However, the flower soon vanishes, and the two sisters realize they have just walked into a trap. The merchant from earlier then shows himself, revealing his evil plan to suck the life out of the sisters in order to satisfy his unending hunger. Lilith and Eda realize he isn't much of a threat, and beat him up together, creating what appears to be peace amongst the sisters. Lilith begs Eda to join the Emperor's Coven and tells her that the Emperor can heal her curse, but she still denies the request regardless, as she does not want to owe the Emperor anything, and wants to break the curse on her own terms.[23]

Adventures with Luz's friends[]

S01E12 Adventures in the Elements - Eda with snow in her mouth

Eda teaching Luz how to identify snow by taste, much to the latter's embarrassment.

With Hexside's new semester coming up, Luz needs to master two different spells in order to enroll in Hexside's high school classes; however, Eda had only taught her one spell. Though Eda claims she is far too busy to teach Luz anything, the latter weaponizes the Owl Lady's pride, saying that it would be embarrassing for the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles to have her apprentice in the baby class. Eda agrees to teach Luz a new spell by taking her to the Knee, a place full of natural magic. Unfortunately for Luz, Amity is also training on the Knee with her two siblings and is further embarrassed by Eda teaching her seemingly pointless skills, like identifying snow by taste. Luz does not think she is taking this seriously at all, but Eda assures her that wild magic is about making a connection with nature. To teach Luz her second spell, Eda has her sit down in front of a great view of the Isles, needing to observe her surroundings and think about what the island is trying to tell her. She tries to follow Eda's teachings, but quickly loses patience. Luz then sneaks into Amity's tent and takes her training wand for herself.

Eda and Blight twins S1 EP12

The twins shocked at Eda's plan to sneak away while letting the slitherbeast eat them.

However, Luz is soon caught by a disappointed Eda. Luz criticizes Eda's teaching methods, and in her anger, casts another fireball, accidentally hitting a nearby slitherbeast. The wounded and angry creature captures Eda and the Blight twins, and takes the three witches back to its cave, intending to eat them later. Eda originally plans to make an escape while the creature is busy eating the twins, but Luz comes to the rescue equipped with a second spell. While Luz leads the beast away, Amity frees her siblings and the Owl Lady with a fireball spell. The slitherbeast's rampage is put to an end when Eda casts a sleep spell over on the beast. Eda is proud of Luz for making a connection with the island's magic, and now that she has learned her second spell, she will be able to attend the same classes with Amity. The Owl Lady and her apprentice use the ice glyph to get home, and find the house a mess following Hooty's horrific battle with the stuffed toys.[24] Despite knowing two spells, Luz gets nervous for the placement exam, but Eda does her best to calm her apprentice down; she does the same when Luz begins to feel anxious during her first day of school as well.[7]

Eda - 007a

Eda's carnival stand.

While stirring a pot, Eda is forced to deal with constant bread puns from Luz and King's comedy hour, though she is spared when Luz has to leave for school. Shortly afterwards, she returns with the "crumby" news that Hexside is closed due to a pixie infestation. Hooty then comes and throws up letters for Eda, and while looking through them, she finds that there is a one-day carnival in Bonesborough and decides to go in hopes to take advantage of the many suckers there. However, it is revealed that Tibbles sent the postcard with the carnival news. Though he claims that he reevaluated his life, Eda does not trust him and opens up her own stand, Eda's Human Horror House. As she tells horror stories of the human living in her house, she is stopped by the carnival's fun police, who capture her after she crashes into a machine of rotten candy.

Eda realization S1 EP14

"Wait... those are MY dumb kids!"

The owner of the carnival offers Eda a deal; if she scams the visitors into buying caramel crab apples, the owner will not turn her over to the Emperor's Coven. Eda begrudgingly accepts the offer and sells some of the apples to the bloodthirsty crowd of Tibbles' circus. When one of the angry crowd members points out that none of the "kids" got hurt by the animals, an angered Eda recognizes them as her "dumb kids". Thankfully, the shrinking spell is undone, and when Tibbles attempts to shrink Luz and her friends again, Eda takes the spray bottle and dumps the apples on him, attracting the attention of the once tiny animals. With Tibbles dealt with, Eda lays down on the pile of money he made before returning home to find Hooty conversing with a fly.[25]

Understanding Willow 56

Eda suggests a incredibly dangerous and partially illegal idea to fix Willow's mind.

After Amity accidentally destroys Willow's memories, Luz seeks Eda's help to reverse the damage done to Willow's mind. Thankfully, there is a way to recover her memories, but it is incredibly dangerous and partially illegal. Before sending them inside Willow's mind, Eda hands them a bell to ring once they finish the repairs and advises them about Inner Willow, who could help them fix the memories.

Eda's bell dance 1

Eda tries to impress Gus.

Meanwhile, Gus is looking for someone interesting, accomplished, and noteworthy to interview for his journalism assignment, and Eda volunteers herself. However, King also believes that he is worthy of Gus' interview and volunteers as well, forcing the two to impress Gus to win the spot as the interviewee. As Eda tries to impress Gus, she does not hear Luz ringing the bell from Willow's mind and forgets that she put people in there until after Gus makes his decision. Instead of picking either King or Eda, he chooses to interview Hooty instead, much to their disappointment.[26]


Eda chaperoning for Grom.

Tasked with being one of the adult chaperones for Grom, Eda and King prepare for the event by dressing up as sharply as they can. When Luz reveals that she wants to take Amity's place as Grom Queen, Eda and King are critical, and she adds that Luz is too fragile to handle something like Grom. Though King believes that Eda might've been too harsh on her apprentice, she states that facing Grom is like facing one's worst fear. Luz ignores Eda's advice and continues her plan to face Grom in Amity's place.

Eda's Requiem - 008

Eda's Grom Photo.

Now worried for her apprentice, Eda is a bit twitchy during Grom, and when asked by King if impression or close-up magic would do better with the audience, Eda simply states that teenagers are brutal and would boo anything. Just as Eda predicted, Luz is not ready to face her worst fear, and when Grom takes the appearance of Camila Noceda, she runs away. Eda is about to save Luz from the monster, but her work is done for her when Amity intervenes. After the defeat of Grom, Eda, King, and Luz take a grom photo.[27]

Curse taking hold[]

Lilith Dodge

The Clawthorne sisters playing grudgby.

Eda gets nostalgic over her "gory days" and glory days as the Banshees' former star player. While scrolling through her high school yearbook, it is revealed that she was not only the youngest member of the team, but also one of the most skilled and crafty players at the time (thanks to her cheats). Her trip down memory lane gets interrupted when Hooty brings in Lilith, who once again tries to convince her younger sister to join the Emperor's Coven. Eda denies the requests, but after Lilith insults her about her days as a grudgby player, she becomes defensive and challenges her to a match. If she wins, Eda will surrender to the Emperor's Coven without a fight. They set up a makeshift grudgby field outside the house, and have Hooty serve as the referee and the traps. While the sisters are evenly matched, Eda manages to gain the upper hand and defeats her sister without resorting to cheating. Lilith is devastated because the Emperor is expecting her to show up with her in custody and cannot go back empty-handed. Taking pity, Eda gives her sister her ring and tells her to say that she put up a good fight. Lilith leaves, but promises that she will return. At the end of the episode, Eda watches Luz, Gus, Willow, Amity, and King spending time with each other.[5]


Eda relives her memory of getting cursed.

Just as she promised, Lilith and a squad of coven scouts attempt a raid on the Owl House, but fail miserably thanks to the efforts of Hooty, who single-handedly takes out the raid party. With the Emperor's Coven increasing its attacks on her, Eda decides to make a cloak from witch's wool to protect herself. However, while making the cloak and talking with her apprentice, the curse begins to take effect. When Eda loses consciousness, she has the same recurring nightmare of the mysterious figure who cursed her. After she regains consciousness, Luz realizes that Eda has been hiding the worsening effects of her curse, but she assures Luz that she just needs to limit her magic. While Luz leaves for school, Eda continues to make the cloak, but instead of using it to protect herself, she intends on giving it to her apprentice.

Agony of a Witch - 1404

Eda and Lilith fiercely dueling each other.

With the cloak completed, Eda and King prepare to surprise Luz with their gifts, but they are instead met with a distraught Willow and Gus, who have brought a message from Lilith. Fueled by rage, Eda accepts to duel her sister at the Emperor's Castle. The two sisters engage in an intense duel, and during a trade of insults in the midst of the conflict, Lilith accidentally reveals that she was the one who cursed Eda around thirty years before the start of the series. Now more enraged at her sister for not only kidnapping Luz, but also for afflicting her with the curse that gave thirty years of misery and isolation, Eda continues to attack Lilith. When Luz nearly gets knocked into a pit of spikes by Lilith, she uses up all her magic to save her apprentice. Just before she turns into the Owl Beast for possibly the last time, Eda tells Luz to take care of King and to feed Hooty, and after she transforms, Lilith takes her to see the Emperor.[28]

Portal Door Wide-Shot Prison

Beast Eda gives Luz the portal key before her execution.

While Lilith hopes that the Emperor will heal her sister in exchange for her capture, he only heals Eda to the point where she can speak and understand speech. Instead of fully healing her, Belos takes her away to another room, stating that Eda must be dealt with before the Day of Unity. He also expresses his desire of capturing "the human girl", as he needs the magic door that leads to the human world. The Emperor sentences Eda to execution by petrification, and all the Owl Lady can do is plead to Lilith to keep the Emperor from harming Luz. Just before the petrification ritual begins, Eda gets to see Luz one more time and hands her apprentice the portal key; she tells Luz to destroy the portal once she returns to the Human Realm so that the Emperor cannot use it for his machinations.

Lilith taking on Eda's curse S1 EP19

Lilith takes on half of Eda's curse.

Despite having many supporters that stand against the execution, the Emperor's Coven continue to carry out the petrification ritual, and just before it starts, Lilith and King are both thrown into the cage to be petrified alongside Eda. At first, Eda intends to tear Lilith apart before she gets petrified, but King stops her, revealing that Lilith had betrayed Belos to help him and Luz. When the petrifying machine begins to activate, Eda shields her sister and King from its magic, and Luz manages to stop the machine before the spell can be completed, giving Eda enough time to escape with her sister, King, and Luz on her back. At this point, no amount of elixir can revert Eda's cursed form, but in an act of sisterly love, Lilith uses the Pain Sharing Spell from their childhood years and takes on half of Eda's curse. With both Clawthorne sisters now cursed, they are unable to perform magic on their own.[4]

Coping without magic[]

Separate Tides - Luz recording 9

One of Eda's spells backfire due to her weakened magic, causing apple blood to splatter all over her.

A week and a half passes since Eda's petrification attempt, and with the portal destroyed, the Owl Lady no longer has a steady source of human garbage to sell. Instead, the residents of the Owl House have to resort to working various odd jobs. Unfortunately, the week's bounty-hunting gig is not a reliable source of income, made worse by the fact that the residents of the Owl House are all known criminals. Eda's inability to cast spells only made matters more difficult, as she wants to keep a low profile while her powers are weakened. Though Luz suggests they take the bounty for a rampaging Selkidomus, Eda refuses and suggests an easier bounty instead. Before leaving the market, Eda admits to Lilith that she trusts Luz can handle bigger bounties, but also adds that they no longer have the luxury of messing up. She also reveals that she had given up apple blood in order to purchase foods that Luz can eat. Against her mentor's advice, Luz takes on the bounty for the Selkidomus.

Separate Tides - Luz sailor 112

Eda, Luz, and King celebrate in a pile of selkigris.

Back at the Owl House, Eda comes up with a plan to sell potions to scrape together more cash, and asks Lilith to join her. Lilith refuses, so Eda decides to go out on her own. However, instead of selling potions, the Owl Lady loots a ship that belongs to the Emperor and nearly makes a clean getaway, until Luz, mistaking her for a robber, chases her down. The two are then met by the Golden Guard, who easily overpowers them both with his staff. The Golden Guard offers a compromise to the duo; they either kill the Selkidomus, or he will drown King in the Boiling Sea. Seeing no alternative, Luz volunteers to go after the Selkidomus despite Eda's objections. Just as Luz is about to land a finishing blow on the beast, Eda stops her from killing the creature. She tells Luz that despite her current situation, she considers her life to be much better since she met her apprentice; she then adds that recklessly acting out of guilt will not make the situation any better. When a baby Selkidomus appears behind them, both Eda and Luz realize that the Selkidomus' hostility is due to it trying to protect its child, and the two come up with a plan. Using a combination of plant and light glyphs, they trick the Golden Guard into thinking that the Selkidomus is slain, and he hands over King just as he promised, but with a warning—they should stay out of trouble as Emperor Belos is not a merciful man. Eda then warns the Selkidomus to leave the area, and in gratitude for protecting herself and her infant, the Selkidomus rewards Luz and Eda with selkigris, fixing their financial problems for the time being. Upon returning to the Owl House, Eda, Luz, and King are rewarded with a completed scrying potion, which can be used to spy on the Emperor's Castle, and they decide to celebrate by ordering takeout and drawing faces on Hooty.[29]

Escaping Expulsion - 041

The Clawthorne Sisters learning glyph magic.

With their magical powers limited by the curse, both Clawthorne sisters resort to learning glyph magic from Luz. Despite her former status as the most powerful witch on the Isles, Eda's attempts to combine glyphs are less than successful, and the more structured nature of glyph magic contrasts with the wild magic she was used to. Not wanting to be outdone by her sister, Eda tries to find various ways to combine her glyphs, but fails each and every attempt. She does manage to create a "super glyph" by overlapping all four glyphs, but the spell begins to go out of control. Her attempts to stop the super glyph are futile, and she calls for Lilith's help. After the super glyph is taken care of, Eda reluctantly learns the basics from Lilith.[30]

Confronting the past[]

Echoes of the Past - Eda 4

Eda's flying bathtub.

While King is mostly unaware of his past, he does know that he was born on an uncharted island and takes Luz, Lilith, and Hooty with him to prove that he really is the "King of Demons". When Eda finds King's note that they've all left for the island, she promptly follows them in her flying bathtub. She manages to reach the island just in time to save the quartet from Jean-Luc. When King questions why the guardian creature considered him to be an intruder, Eda tells King how she found him eight years ago and admits that she had been playing along with his grandiose fantasies to make him happy. She then hands him a fragment of his horn, which triggers some of his old memories. King realizes that Eda is telling the truth and tearfully runs off, forcing the remaining Owl House residents to find him. Luz manages to find and console King, and when the duo return to Eda, King forgives the witch that adopted him years ago, but states that she has to be honest with him from now on.

Echoes of the Past - Eda and King 1

King forgives Eda for playing along with his despotic fantasy.

Most of King's memories may have been fabricated during his childhood, but there is one memory that Eda had never mentioned; King recalls falling from a high place, and Luz believes that the blocked hole in the ceiling may have had something to do with it. While Lilith and Hooty keep Jean-Luc at bay, Eda and Luz sneak past the guardian and manage to blow up the hole in the ceiling. King unknowingly manages to unlock a secret room, revealing the room he hatched in, and when Jean-Luc attempts to attack the group, King commands it to stop. Eda realizes that Jean-Luc is not a hostile monster, but rather, King's guardian. Despite Eda, Lilith, and Luz's objections, King takes Jean-Luc back to the Owl House, and the Clawthorne sisters study some of the photos that Lilith took at the island.[13]

The Clawhorne Family S2E4

Eda, Lilith, and their mother, Gwendolyn.

Ever since the portal's destruction, Luz has been trying to find ways to make a new portal in hopes to return to the Human Realm; she seeks her mentor's advice, but Eda has no clue, stating that it was already pretty old when she discovered it thirty years ago. After helping Lilith with some elixir, Eda tells her apprentice that she simply found the portal door buried in the dirt and has been using it to hide from someone. That someone is her mother, Gwendolyn Clawthorne, who appears at the Owl House with another supposed cure for the curse. By this point, Eda does not believe her mother, and much to the shock of both her apprentice and sister, she sends her mother flying away. Lilith and Luz question why Eda was dismissive towards her mother, and she explains that Gwendolyn had been visiting annually with supposed cures that never end up working.

Gwendolyn and her daughters

Gwendolyn reconciles with her daughters.

However, Luz joins Gwendolyn in hopes to cure Eda, and they manage to lure the Owl Lady using signs that promise free apple blood. The attempts to drive out the curse proves to be incredibly dangerous, which stresses Eda and makes the effects of the curse flare up. The final straw is when she sees her apprentice team up with her mother, and the accumulated stress causes Eda to transform into the Owl Beast. Shortly after her transformation, a cursed Lilith lands in front of Eda, and the two beastly sisters begin to fight. Lilith's beastly form, however, is much bigger than Eda's, and she is able to lift her younger sister and fly over to Bonesborough, causing much collateral damage to the nearby buildings. However, with the help of Luz and King, Gwendolyn is able to get through to her younger daughter, and for the first time in three decades, acknowledges the curse as a part of Eda; even with the curse, Gwendolyn learns to accept and love every part of her daughter. Her mother's loving words cause Eda to fight back against the beast within and regain control over her body. She manages to restrain Lilith long enough for Gwendolyn to show affection to her eldest daughter and for Luz and King to give them both elixirs. Afterwards, Eda and Gwendolyn are on good terms for the first time in decades, and Luz learns from Gwendolyn about some crucial information regarding the portal and the first human on the Boiling Isles.[11]

Hunting Palismen - 1140

Eda and King with their stolen Palistrom Wood.

On Palisman Adoption Day, Eda arranges an adoption event for Hexside students to adopt the discarded palismen under the Bat Queen's care. The Bat Queen happily accepts and tells Eda that it is her pleasure to help. However, when Luz is unable to bond with any of the palismen, Eda and King successfully steal some palistrom wood from the Bonesborough Garden Club and present it to Luz the next morning. Luz is hesitant to begin carving and wishes for some time to think about her future. Eda assures her apprentice that they can start whenever she is ready.[31]

Eda's Requiem - 203

Eda drinking her sorrows away at Grimgrub's pub.

Spending time with Luz and King has undoubtedly changed Eda for the better, and while looking at her Grom photo, she overhears Luz and King training for the Gland Prix. While eavesdropping, Eda hears that King intends to one day leave her for his father and has to come to terms with the fact that both Luz and King will have moved on without her. She takes the photo, placing it inside a chest, and discovers an old bell cittern she once played while dating Raine. She decides to distract herself by playing it, but due to her magic still being cursed, every item the spell touches begins to shrivel up and corrode, much to Eda's disappointment. Later, Eda watches the news, witnessing her ex, Raine, get promoted to Head Witch of the Bard Coven.

Eda's Requiem - Eda and the Rebellion

Eda saves the BATs.

In preparation for the Gland Prix, Luz and King have been undergoing rigorous flight training, and while Eda hopes that it means they are going to stay, Luz explains that they are going to win the Gland Prix in hopes to reach out to King's father. King also says he has something important to tell Eda, but she tells him to inform her later, as she is too afraid to hear it. Unable to accept that King is going to leave her soon, Eda attempts to drink her sorrows away at Grimgrub's Pub, but witnesses two of the Emperor's minions arrest a covenless witch. Eda comes to the witch's rescue, but just as she is about to get attacked by one of the Coven Guards, she is saved by the Bards Against the Throne. While the guards manage to counteract the BATs' musical magic, Eda returns the favor by helping them escape via a sewer.[12]

Eda's Requiem - 590

The aftermath of Eda's Requiem.

Eda hopes to join the ranks of the BATs, and at first, their leader, Raine, refuses the offer. However, after Eda unmasks them, Raine changes their mind and tells the BATs that the Owl Lady inspired the group's formation. Though powerless, her experience as a crafty outlaw aids in the success of the BATs' recent raids. After one successful raid, Eda asks her old friend how they managed to become a Head Witch with their stage fright, and Raine playfully responds, "I'm just that good". They then ask Eda if she still remembers any bard spells. Though she is hesitant to perform due to her curse, Raine summons Eda's cittern, and Eda begins to play "Raine's Rhapsody". The curse causes Eda's bard magic to corrupt and destroy the objects around her, and she stops playing, jokingly referring to the song as "Eda's Requiem" due to its destructive effects.

Eda's Requiem - 936

Eda and Raine performing a duet to stop Darius and Eberwolf.

On the day of the Gland Prix, King once again tries to tell Eda something, but she tells him to inform her after the race ends. She is unable to stay for the event, as Raine calls her for another raid. However, the raid was a trap set up by Head Witches Darius Deamonne and Eberwolf, and with three of the BATs captured, Eda and Raine are forced to hide. The two witches manage to hide and distract their pursuers long enough for Raine to set up a plan; the Day of Unity requires all nine Head Witches, and Raine proposes that they take out both Eberwolf and Darius to impede Emperor Belos' plans. To achieve this, Raine weaponizes Eda's curse by playing a duet with her, causing everything around them, including themselves, to shrivel and die. Both witches intend to sacrifice themselves to stop the Emperor's plans, but once a photo of Eda with Luz and King flies out of her hair, Raine stops playing and questions if Eda has kids. They realize that Eda is running away from Luz and King, but just as she told them to give their problems a whack in the face, Raine advises her to not give up so easily, adding that both Luz and King still need her. Though Darius manages to capture the two, Raine battles the head witches, allowing Eda to escape.

Eda's Requiem - 1158

Eda tearing up after learning that King is legally changing his name to King Clawthorne.

Eda arrives at the Gland Prix in time to witness Luz and King cross the finish line, but it is quickly revealed they came in fifth place. Though King is unable to get the interview he wanted, Eda convinces him to stream the message to his father instead. At the end of the stream, King finally manages to tell Eda that he is legally changing his name to "King Clawthorne", cementing him as Eda's adopted son. Moved by King's decision, Eda bursts into tears, as does her apprentice.[12] Soon, Raine's capture has Eda concerned about the Emperor's machinations, and she tirelessly prepares herself for Belos' next move at the cost of her sleep. Due to the sheer amount of stress she is currently undergoing, Hooty worries that Eda might turn into the Owl Beast, but Eda leaves the room, blasting an air horn to keep herself awake. Her refusal to rest causes Hooty to come up with a plan to help her sleep.[10]

Making peace with the beast[]

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - Eda made peace with the Curse

Eda finally makes peace with the Owl Beast.

After Hooty feeds Eda cookies filled with sleeping nettles, which heighten people's dreams, Eda falls into a nightmare about her and the Owl Beast. She decides to use this as an opportunity; instead of fleeing from the beast as she would usually do, she decides to face it. The nightmare taps into her memories of the beast clawing out her father's eye and the breakup between her and Raine. In her rage, Eda attacks the beast, blaming it for ruining her life, but she then finds herself in Owl Beast form, being captured by a mysterious figure who is taunting her. She attempts to fly away, but her wings burn off. She then falls into the ocean and turns into a scroll. When she wakes up again, she finds herself on a seashore with the Owl Beast tethered to her by a red string. She witnesses the beast trying to fly away from her, but the attempt is futile. The beast finally exhausts itself and climbs ashore, collapsing next to her. Eda takes pity on the poor creature, and realizes that neither of them want to be trapped with each other. She decides to make peace with the creature, feeding it some of her elixir before admiring the aurora, stating she never had a dream this pretty.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - Eda's second curse form

Harpy Eda.

When she wakes up, Eda finds herself transformed, but not in her usual form. Instead, she is now a harpy-like creature that is a hybrid between her normal and beast form. Harpy Eda uses her newfound abilities of flight to save King from falling off the Owl House's tower, and to calm Hooty down. Though Hooty managed to help King unlock his new sonic scream and Eda's harpy form, he is still saddened that he was unable to help Luz. Eda asks Luz what Hooty was trying to help her with, and her apprentice admits that he was trying to help her ask Amity out. She encourages her to do it, but Luz points out that Hooty's breakdown is ruining the moment. Harpy Eda then wishes her apprentice luck and flies off with King, dragging Hooty away until he calms down. Hooty, Eda and King then watch Luz and Amity hold hands together in the heart-shaped crater Hooty created.[10]

Eda tries to transform into Harpy Eda S2E9

Eda tries to transform into Harpy Eda by going even further beyond.

Thanks to Hooty, Eda manages to accept the Owl Beast as part of her, but she still needs to drink her elixirs. She is also unable to transform into Harpy Eda at will and resorts to various methods to access her new transformation. While using a decades-old human "workout video" to help her transform, Amity reminds the Owl Lady that her girlfriend, Luz, is ill with the Common Mold, and while Eda dismisses it as harmless, Amity is concerned that the illness will affect humans differently. At that moment, Luz's echo mouse begins to play another entry from Philip Wittebane's diary; the entry is about Titan's Blood, which Luz needs to return to the Human Realm. However, Luz is in no condition to go to Eclipse Lake, so Eda, King, and Amity opt to go retrieve it in her place. On their way to Eclipse Lake, the trio catch Hunter and force him to come along with them. Eda becomes enraged when Hunter doubts her ability to transform into her harpy form. Later, he tries to stop her from touching Fool's Blood, but Eda mistakes it as Hunter wanting the Titan's Blood for himself, and cracks it open anyway. This causes the ground to break apart, and Eda falls down the crack, along with King. Luckily, Eda manages to jam her staff in between two walls. Afterwards, the duo manage to catch Amity as the Guard Captain throws her down the crack. However, the staff can't handle the weight of the trio, and Owlbert starts cracking slowly. This forces Eda to talk to the Owl Beast, and she manages to strike a deal with it, finally transforming into harpy form successfully. Later, the deal is revealed to be that Eda had to eat some voles on her way home.[32]

S02E10 Luz hugs Eda, King, and Hooty

Luz hugging Eda, King, and Hooty before going into the portal.

With the remains of the key, the residents of the Owl House are able to construct a crude, unstable portal to allow Luz to return home. In case the portal unexpectedly begins to close, Luz ties a rope to her waist while Eda, King, and Hooty man the rope to pull her out. During a heartfelt moment between Luz and her mother, the portal begins to close, forcing Eda, Hooty, and King to pull Luz to safety. When the portal implodes on itself, Eda assures Luz that, with everything they have learned, they will have a working portal in no time.[14]

Raine and the Coven Day Parade[]

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 654

Eda trying to get Raine to remember their last encounter.

As the Coven Day Parade approaches, Eda observes Raine acting different and questions what they are doing. After Luz strikes a deal to fake Kikimora being kidnapped, the Owl Lady uses the opportunity to get to Raine. Once they are taken away from the parade, they claim that this meeting is their first in years, and a fight breaks out between them and Eda. With Coven Scouts drawing closer, Raine warns her to stay away from them, making Eda reluctantly retreat. She regroups with Luz, King, Hooty, and Amity, the latter of which has now joined them, and they watch as Belos warns of the Day of Unity's impending arrival.[33]

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 1021

Eda finding closure after meeting with her father for the first time in years.

At Lilith's party celebrating her new job as curator, Eda tells Luz about time pools. Afterwards, her mother arrives, mentioning that her father is here to visit. Eda is terrified upon hearing this, not wanting to come in contact with her father after what happened in her youth, and she does everything in her power to avoid Dell. While she eventually manages to fly away on her owl staff and upon seeing Dell upset, Eda lands and chooses to speak up to him, opening up about her busy life and apologizing for scarring him and taking away his ability to carve palismen. Instead, her father gives her a palistrom seed, encouraging her to let the past stay in the past and to move on from what previously defined her. When Lilith and Luz return from the Deadwardian Era, Eda is shocked to learn that they found time pools.[34]

Reaching Out - 725

Eda, King, and Edric making the Blabber Serum.

On the day of the Bonesborough Brawl, Eda notices that Luz is acting stranger than usual, but does not pry. At the brawl, she sees Warden Wrath and, believing he might know something about Raine, makes a Blabber Serum to get him to reveal what is happening with them. However, she struggles without magic, until Edric arrives, and using a combination of illusion and beast keeping magic, helps her and King gather the ingredients. Things go smoothly until Edric adds fire bee honey to the potion and ends up mutating Wrath. Eda and Luz use ice glyphs to change Wrath back, and as soon as he is back to normal, Eda demands Wrath tell her about Raine and the Day of Unity. While he knows nothing about Raine, Wrath does mention rumors regarding the Day of Unity being a front for something bad. As Edric apologizes, Eda complements his skill in different fields and says that the boy has a future in wild magic.[35] According to Dana Terrace, Eda was too busy doing other things so she didn't have any time to sell the new serum to anybody.

Preparing for the Day of Unity[]

Hollow Mind - 1456

Eda, King, and Hooty trying to figure out ingredients to get Luz out of Belos' mind.

After going to the Night Market to fix Luz's cloak, Eda, Luz, and King are turned away by her supplier since she joined the Oracle Coven and refuses to serve them out of fear. Eda calms down Luz after she yells about Belos being a fraud, urging her that things won't change if no proof about Belos being a tyrant is found. After Luz gets herself and Hunter trapped in the Emperor's mindscape, Eda and King return home to try and find a way to save Luz without magic. With help from Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf, they get a needed potion, and King brings in the blood-stained glove to use as a catalyst. Eda is against using the remainder of the Titan's Blood, as Luz needs it to return home; however King argues that if they do not use it now, Luz would be unable to exit Belos' mind. Eda reluctantly agrees, allowing for her and Hunter to be rescued safe and sound. Hunter, mortified at what he saw, runs away, and Luz is at a loss for words, not being able to share what happened.[36] Later, Luz is finally able to share what happened with Eda, King, Hooty, and Lilith. After Hooty coughs up a letter for King, Eda hesitantly allows Luz, King, and Hooty to try to recruit the senders in the hopes that they can assemble a large enough force to thwart Belos' efforts. Once the trio leave, however, Eda breaks down in tears, blaming herself for the danger Luz is now in with Belos and worrying about her and King being involved in the Day of Unity. Lilith, however, comforts her sister with an affectionate hug, reassuring her that they will come up with a plan to defeat Belos and ensure Luz and King's safety. Unfortunately, Coven Scouts soon swarm the Owl House, forcing Eda and Lilith to flee to the Knee.[37]

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 883

Eda trying to convince Luz to leave rather than fight.

As she and Lilith are sheltering in a cave, Eda is surprised when Luz, King, and Hooty arrive, becoming annoyed when she finds out that Lilith drew a map for them. She is shocked to learn King is a titan and lies to Luz about having a plan for the Day of Unity, not being able to tell her that there is no plan. Luz and Eda then head on a raid to get some of their items, along with one of King's toys, back from confiscation by the Emperor's Coven. Wearing stolen Coven Scout uniforms, the two infiltrate the facility. As Luz looks around, Eda hears Raine and manages to contact them, instructing them to get Luz and King away safely. She realizes that Raine remembers her and almost convinces them to help before Terra arrives. After hanging up, she is horrified to discover that Luz overheard everything, the human now believing she is being abandoned again. The two fight over their opposing views, but their racket causes them to be captured by the Emperor's Coven, and they are placed in a holding cell. There, Eda tearfully confesses to Luz that they have no plan, As they are separated and brought to different prisons, Eda is freed by Raine and meets back with with Luz in Latissa, where it is revealed that she has joined the Covens Against the Throne, an army of prior allies seeking to stop the Day of Unity. Inside the base camp, Eda encourages Luz to carve her palisman, bringing out the chunk of palistrom wood stolen from the Emperor's Coven.[38]

Clouds on the Horizon - 1004

Eda being branded with a bard sigil to stop the Draining Spell.

As the CATs strategize, they form a plan to have Eda masquerade as Raine, who is positioned between Darius and Eberwolf, during the Day of Unity. In order to do this, she will also need to be branded with the Bard Coven sigil. Believing her curse will disrupt the Draining Spell, Eda agrees, wishing Luz luck in freeing the Blight siblings from Blight Manor. As they approach the head, Steve uses a cloaking stone to help Eda mimic Raine's appearance before branding her. After landing, Raine and Lilith give her words of encouragement before she, Darius, and Eberwolf go meet up with the other Coven Heads. However, when they gather, Belos has "Raine" stand between Terra and Adrian instead. When the spell is disrupted, Adrian dispels Eda's illusion, revealing her deception, and she, Darius, and Eberwolf fight the rest of the Head Witches; they are soon overpowered and defeated. Raine is then dragged out, and the ceremony commences as the witches are drained of their magic.[39]

King's Tide (1999)

Raine removing Eda's right forearm to save her life.

With her curse being amplified by the Draining Spell, Raine removes Eda's newly-branded right arm to save Eda and watches as it disintegrates, fulfilling their promise they made to Luz to keep her safe. Eda is left cradling Raine in her lap as they fall unconscious.[40] After the Collector stops the Draining Spell, she and Raine share a moment before transforming into her harpy form. However the Draining Spell causes her curse to act up and before she can drink the last drop of elixir, the Collector finds her and asks to play as the curse takes hold.

Planning to overthrow the Collector[]

For the Future - 2425

Eda visiting Raine as they are trapped in the form of a puppet.

In the months since the Day of Unity, King managed to convince the Collector, who turned Lilith into a puppet, to turn her back. In return, Lilith would try to make the elixir on her own. Eda would pretend to still be in her owl beast form and sneak out of her cell, which was guarded by the puppets of Coven Heads, to see Raine.

For the Future - 2493

Eda drinking the elixir made by Lilith, which is effective at suppressing her curse.

One day, King comes by the Hooty as a puppet and they meet up with Lilith, who has managed to recreate the elixir. Upon showing them Hooty, King suggests he could get the Collector to turn him back to normal, but the Clawthorne sisters are against it as he was pushing it with them. When King says he misses Luz, Eda tells him Luz and her friends are safe in the Human Realm.

For the Future - 3569

Eda, Lilith, and King plotting to stop the Collector.

After the group does some research, they learn that titan magic can cancel out the Collector's magic. As she and Lilith suggest putting the Collector in another tablet, King is against it, instead opting to try and reason with the Collector to get him to see the error of his ways.

Stopping Belos[]

Watching and Dreaming - 342

Eda watches in horror at a hallucination of her family treating her as a dangerous beast.

Suddenly, Eda finds herself in the Conformatorium. After escaping her cell in her harpy form, she is captured and sees her mother and Lilith. They tell her she is where she belongs as a savage beast and her father comes out with his other eye bleeding, crying that they made up and asks why she attacked him.

Watching and Dreaming - 851

Eda and King reunites with Luz.

Soon, Luz frees her from the dream and she and King hug Luz and Luz introduces them to Stringbean. However, their reunion is interrupted after the Collector appears and forces them to play games.

Watching and Dreaming - 1423

Eda trying to keep Luz from speaking to the Collector.

As they play games, Eda and her friends fight for their lives and manage to survive. Soon, the Collector breaks down in tears and reveals that his siblings told him to come down to their planet and he befriended the baby titans. However his siblings started attacking the titans and their father accused him of hurting them and imprisoned him. He laments that he never had a friend that did not betray him as he says how close Luz and the others are. They say they were not like that at first and show the Collector how they grew close.

Watching and Dreaming - 1986

Eda jokingly reacting as King tells Luz she was the star grudgby player in her day as they take the Collector around the Boiling Isles.

Luz, Eda, and King take the Collector to the Owl House where they say they all first met as a group. After saying they grew close after learning they fit in nowhere else, Luz shows the Collector pictures of her past adventure and, after seeing a picture of grudgby, they take him to Hexside. As Eda reminisces on her history with the game, the Collector sees a few students and tries to befriend them, only to have them run away. They then take him to The Knee and explain how she learned to connect to the Isles. As they reveal that they befriended enemies through kindness and forgiveness, the Collector hears something and they see the eye sockets of the skull light up, revealing that Belos has taken possession of the Titan.

Watching and Dreaming - 2566

Eda, after watching Luz die, gains increased power through her rage and grief.

As they reach the castle, they see Belos emerging from it. When the Collector tries and fails to get Belos to change his ways, she defends him, but dies in the process. Her death causes Eda and King to gain strength through a fit of rage.

Watching and Dreaming - 3371

Eda instructing Luz on how to draw a spell circle.

However, Luz soon returns to the land of the living with a new human-titan hybrid form and she, Eda, and King take on Belos as the Collector helps Luz's friends in the Archives. Luz, Eda and King combine their powers to counter the corrosion Belos has placed on the Isles. As they fight, they see the left arm rising. The three make their way to the throne room and, after Eda frees Raine, the four attempt to pry Belos out of the heart. As the others hold him off, an enraged Luz pulls Belos out of the heart and his corrosion ends.

Watching and Dreaming - 4826

Eda offering her hand to Camila nervously as they meet for the first time.

As things die down, Luz watches as Belos reverts back to Philip and he supposedly thanks her for curing him of his curse. As it rains and he starts to melt, she stays silent as he becomes nothing and she, Raine, and King stomp Belos to death. After pausing to take everything in, and Luz reverts to her normal form, the four go back to the Owl House. Soon, the Collector arrives with Lilith, Amity, Camila, and Hooty. She greets Camila, who pulls her in for a hug, and watches as Hooty is returned to normal.


Eda with hooked hand season 3 episode 3

Eda as the Headmaster of the University of Wild Magic.

Four years after Belos is defeated, Eda becomes the Headmaster of the University of Wild Magic. She has fully mastered her Harpy form and has replaced her lost right hand with a golden hook. When Luz turns eighteen, Eda and various others organize a belated quinceañera for her. As they watch a light show put on by the Collector, she shares a moment with Raine, and Luz thanks her and King for being in her life.


Luz Noceda[]

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 1463

Eda consoling Luz in "O Titan, Where Art Thou".

Luz is Eda's human apprentice and surrogate foster daughter. Like with King, Eda cares deeply about Luz's well-being and regards the young human as her own child.

Initially, Eda took an interest in Luz purely for her human background (because actually knowing what she was selling upped her prices). However, since she has been living with her she has grown to accept her as part of her circle. Eda found it amusing that someone like Luz would not only look up to her, but also openly want to learn from her. In "Witches Before Wizards", Eda did not seem to have any interest in teaching Luz about magic and only wanted to have her around to help with chores and make deliveries.

Eda can also get annoyed whenever Luz continuously begs her to do something she does not want to do, but she has begrudgingly given in to Luz's persistence before. It is soon revealed that there is a point to Eda's distance when in "The Intruder" she reveals her curse to her. While Eda takes advantage and occasionally pokes fun at Luz, she does care about her as she feels that she has a responsibility to look after her "student". She begins to take her job as a teacher seriously and wants Luz to be proud of her. In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", it's revealed that Eda did not want Luz to go to Hexside School because she wanted to protect her; she did not agree with how they teach magic. However, after a conversation with Hooty, she decides to enroll Luz in Hexside, and goes to make amends with Principal Bump in order to achieve that.

Eda is very proud of Luz in her particular ways, glowing with pride upon seeing "baby's first wanted poster", and of how Luz appeals to Eda's vanity to get her to acquiesce to teaching her new magic. She has shown that she cares for Luz more than she cares for her sister, as in "Agony of a Witch", Eda was enraged when she found that Lilith kidnapped Luz, and proceeded to throw everything she had at her without mercy. In the same episode, the extent to which Eda loves Luz is fully shown when she deliberately expends the remaining magic keeping her from permanently transforming into her cursed form in order to save her from Lilith, telling her that she'd spent her whole life wasting her power before she met her, and thanking her for being in her life before she fully transforms and is dragged away by Lilith.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz breaks into the Conformatorium to save Eda, but she pleads with Luz to leave for her own safety instead. She also implores Luz to go back to the human world through the portal door and destroy it behind her. Luz starts tearing up and hugs Eda, saying she loves her; Eda openly admits that she loves her too, before being taken away for petrification. At the end of the episode, after Lilith declares a pain-sharing spell and takes half of Eda's curse unto herself, Eda willingly returns Luz's exuberant hug and says she looks forward to learning how to do magic Luz's way.

In "Separate Tides", when the residents of the Owl House have to resort to bounty hunting in order to make money due to Eda not being able to sell human junk without the portal, Eda has them focus on smaller bounties, noting that while she does believe that Luz can handle the larger ones, they can't afford any mistakes. It is also revealed that Eda has been putting a good portion of the house's income towards Griffin eggs for Luz, since there aren't many foods in the Boiling Isles that humans can digest. Later, Eda steals money from the boat Luz is working on, and accidentally loses it. The Golden Guard then appears, and forces Luz and Eda to kill the Selkidomus in order to pay back the money that was lost, Eda talks Luz out of it, saying that despite Luz's guilt over her losing her powers, her life is actually great because she is friends with Luz, she is touched by that and starts tearing up.

In "Hunting Palismen", upon seeing how upset Luz is about having conflicting goals and not being matched with a palisman, Eda, along with King, robs the Bonesborough Garden Club for palistrom wood, giving Luz the chance to carve her own palisman. When Luz says she wants to wait a bit until she figures out what she wants, Eda tells her to take however long she needs.

In "Eda's Requiem", upon hearing that King may want to move out upon meeting his father, Eda becomes depressed at the idea of losing both him and Luz, due to Luz also trying to make a portal back to the human realm. She decides to distract herself by joining the Bards Against the Throne, led by her old friend Raine Whispers. Eda almost sacrifices herself along with Raine while trying to fight Darius and Eberwolf. However, when Raine notices a picture of Eda with Luz and King, they convince Eda that despite what it may look like, Luz and King still need her. After Raine gets caught by Darius, Eda runs to meet up with Luz and King, who take 5th place in the Gland Prix.

In "Watching and Dreaming", Eda is overjoyed to be reunited with Luz, and is happy and proud that Luz's palisman has hatched. Eda is devastated when Luz is later killed by Belos, and her grief manifests as a new Owl Beast form which is bigger and fiercer than previous versions. When Luz returns with titan magic, Eda returns to her role as Luz's magical mentor, helping her and King use the new titan powers effectively to defeat Belos.


For the Future - 3622

Eda hugging King in "For the Future".

King is Eda's adopted son. Before adopting King, Eda considered King her "roommate". Much like with Luz, Eda seems to garner responsibility for King's well-being and genuinely cares for him like a child or pet and is shown holding him much like an infant. However, the two share friendly banter with one another on a regular basis. Eda tends to "look down" on King, both figuratively and literally, and sometimes questions his personal knowledge. They speak to each other as equals though and Eda enjoys King's company, possibly because without him, and Luz for that matter, she would otherwise be lonely. In "Echoes of the Past", it is revealed that Eda found King on a mysterious island 8 years ago, and Eda took King with her while escaping from a creature attacking both of them. Thinking King was a pet, she got him a collar. However, King later demonstrated to be capable of speech, which surprised her. In the flashbacks, Eda seems to be caring toward the younger King, and has raised him like a son ever since.

In "Eda's Requiem", Eda overheard King and Luz talking about what will happen when King meets his dad, which gives Eda the thought about King leaving her too, making her upset. But at the end of the Gland Prix, Eda helps King set up a livestream in hopes that his dad might see it. King later revealed that he was trying to tell Eda that he's legally changing his name to King Clawthorne, which causes Eda to burst into tears.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou" and "Clouds on the Horizon", Eda makes it clear to anyone (including King himself) suggesting that King fight Belos himself, that King is just a child and shouldn't be treated as a weapon or soldier. She offers to give herself up to the Emperor's Coven in exchange for a guarantee of King and Luz's safety during the Day of Unity, showing strong and selfless parental instincts to protect the two she considers her own kids.

In "For the Future", Eda is concerned about King's well-being, noting how he needs to stop putting himself in danger for them, and comforts him when he talks about missing Luz.

In "Watching and Dreaming", when Eda is trapped in the Conformatorium, she is concerned about King and asks Lilith and Gwendolyn to help her find him. When Luz frees her and King from their nightmares, she kisses him and Luz while sharing a hug. She plays around with him and carries him while flying around the Boiling Isles with the Collector. After Belos kills Luz, she and King gain strength in their Owl Beast and titan powers, respectfully, and work together to fight Belos. Eda and King, along with Raine, hold off Belos' mold while Luz removes him from the heart. As the boiling rain melts Belos, she, King, and Raine stomp him to death before then returning to the Owl House. Four years later, the two of them help organize Luz's belated quinceañera. As they are watching the light show the Collector puts on, Luz thanks Eda and King for being in her life.


Eda and Hooty S1 EP 14

Eda getting annoyed by Hooty.

Eda is shown to be annoyed by Hooty's personality. Be that as it may, she admits that while Hooty can be a pain sometimes, he still digs his way into her heart. It is shown that she sometimes confesses her feelings to Hooty when she's having problems. She takes pride in Hooty's ability to protect the Owl House from invaders, calling him a "state-of-the-art defense system".

In "Agony of a Witch", thinking she will turn into the Owl Beast permanently, Eda reminds Luz to watch over King, along with remembering to feed Hooty while she is gone. This suggests that Eda secretly does care about Hooty despite appearing to be annoyed at him.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty tricks Eda into eating cookies filled with sleeping nettles as he is worried about her not getting enough sleep. While in her dream state, Eda comes to the realization that neither she nor the Owl Beast wants to be with each other but they are unfortunately stuck together. Thus, she makes a truce with the Owl Beast, and wakes up becoming Harpy Eda. Hooty, not knowing the truth, pulls away in tears upon seeing Eda like that as he thinks he has made Eda's situation worse. Eda later manages to reassure Hooty that she considers this an improvement, and that he really did help her. She then makes him promise never to try to "help" anyone ever again.

Lilith Clawthorne[]

Them's the Breaks, Kid - 100

Eda and Lilith during their younger years.

Lilith is Eda's older sister. They were close during their younger years, but became estranged after Lilith joined the Emperor's coven. The two are fierce rivals in both magical prowess and personality, with Eda being rebellious and carefree while Lilith is strict and law-abiding, to the point of being embarrassed by Eda's "childish" behavior. Though at first, she seems to be everything her sister is not, Lilith is also not above cheating in competitions only because she knew Eda would do the same. Despite their differences and being under orders to capture her, they both deeply care for each other and their well-beings, and can have friendly encounters as seen in "Sense and Insensitivity". In the episode, after Eda rescues Lilith from a monstrous spider, Lilith thanks her sister and comments that she had doubted Eda would try to save her. Eda replies by saying that despite the fact they fight, they are still sisters and that she doesn't want to see Lilith killed unless she is the one who does so. The episode in general revealed how well the 2 sisters can work together and that they can both critique and trash others very well when doing it together. Eda denied Lilith's request to join the Emperor's Coven, saying she wanted to heal the curse herself and didn't want to owe Emperor Belos anything. Despite this, she still said goodbye to her sister and left on good terms.

In "Agony of a Witch", it is revealed that it was Lilith who cursed Eda out of jealousy. Upon realizing this, an enraged Eda unleashes all of her magic, only to be captured when Lilith uses Luz's well-being to force Eda to use up her magic and succumb to her curse. However, Lilith is truly remorseful for what she did to her sister and wants to make amends, going against Emperor Belos when she realizes he had deceived her. Upon seeing her thrown in the same cage while facing petrification, a furious Eda attempts to kill her sister, only to be stopped by King. After escaping, Lilith casts a spell that made her share the curse with Eda.

Throughout season two, Eda and Lilith begin to repair their fractured relationship. Eda seems to have forgiven Lilith for cursing her for the most part and makes sure to comfort Lilith and supply her with elixirs when she too starts to show symptoms of the curse. Eda is shown to be proud of Lilith for developing a life and skills outside of the Emperor's Coven, including becoming an assistant curator, helping to work against Belos, and brewing elixir for the two of them while captured by the Collector.

The Owl Beast[]

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - Eda faces the Owl Beast

Eda facing the Owl Beast in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door".

The Owl Beast is the manifestation of Eda's curse and is responsible for both Owl Eda and Harpy Eda. Due to a traumatic incident of clawing out her father's eye and her mother willing to take extreme measures to rid the curse, Eda lived in constant fear of the Owl Beast hurting her loved ones and came to view the curse as a disease. Though she takes elixirs to quell prevent her transformation, it is merely a temporary measure, and the Owl Beast would take over whenever Eda neglects her elixirs or when she is experiencing great stress. Eda often kept her curse a secret from others, even people who were close to her, which led to her breakup with Raine Whispers as well as King mistaking her elixirs as a source of her magical powers. When she sleeps, she often has nightmares of the Owl Beast and blames the creature for her past trauma.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", during a sleeping nettle-induced slumber, Eda realizes that the Owl Beast was once a free demon who was captured and bound to a curse. Eda sees that the Owl Beast feels just as trapped as her and forms a truce between her and the beast. Once Eda accepts the curse as a part of her and cooperates with the beast, she can transform into Harpy Eda, a hybrid form that combines the Owl Beast's power with Eda's wit. In order to transform, she makes a deal with the Owl Beast which, on Eda's end, involves eating voles for the Owl Beast.


Eda and Owlbert S1 EP10

Owlbert standing on Eda's shoulder.

Owlbert is Eda's palisman. Eda carved Owlbert from the branch of a palistrom tree. Eda's decision to carve him as an owl served as a personal attempt to reclaim the owl imagery that was associated with her curse.[41] She and Owlbert are close to each other, to the point where Eda affirms that they are bonded for life. Due to being a palisman and having a good and caring relationship, Owlbert is extremely loyal to Eda, yet also allows himself to be wielded by Luz.

At times, Owlbert is sent by Eda to the human realm to collect random stuff which she calls "human treasure" for her. Owlbert will then bring the stuff back to the demon realm for Eda to sell at the market.

Gwendolyn Clawthorne[]

Eda and Gwendolyn S2 EP04

Gwendolyn visits Eda in "Keeping up A-fear-ances".

Gwendolyn is Eda's mother. Eda's relationship with her mother was originally strained, as she ran away from home and from her when she overheard Gwendolyn suggesting harsher treatments to remove her curse. Later, Gwendolyn would visit her annually with what she considers a permanent cure that never works, which Eda finds annoying since she believes she is just fine with her elixirs. After she and Lilith both transform into owl beasts, and Gwendolyn learns that she had been scammed, Gwendolyn realizes she made Eda feel ashamed of her curse and tells her that she loves her regardless of it, allowing Eda to regain control of her cursed form. Afterwards, their relationship improves greatly.

Dell Clawthorne[]

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 1031

Eda after speaking with her father for the first time in decades.

While Eda loves her father, she has not spoken with him since her curse took hold. This is due to Eda blaming herself for giving him career ending injuries and fearing his reaction. When Lilith mentions him upon revealing she is moving back to their childhood home, Eda looks on in shame and guilt, showing how she blames herself for what happened to him. Upon learning Dell was present at The Owl House to celebrate Lilith's new job, Eda went out of her way to avoid talking to him. However father and daughter eventually meet and Eda forces herself to talk with him. As Eda apologizes for ruining his career, Dell reveals he does not hold it against her and tells his daughter that he has been working on restoring the palistrum trees. Knowing her father has no ill will towards her, Eda is finally able to move on and mend her relationship with her father.

Raine Whispers[]

Eda and Raine S2 EP06

Eda and Raine hanging out when they were younger.

Raine is Eda's old childhood friend and current partner. They became friends at an IFWOT event, before Raine transferred to Hexside shortly after, where the two became best friends. They began a romantic relationship as young adults.

During Raine's young adult years, Raine would skip performances due to their stage fright. Eda told them that they couldn't run from their problems forever, and advised Raine to "give [their problems] a whap in the face" instead. However, Eda's inability to share her own problems with Raine eventually led to them breaking up with her.

Despite the breakup, Raine still thinks highly of Eda, and her advice inspired them to form the Bards Against the Throne (or BATs). The two reunite in "Eda's Requiem" when Eda learns Raine is the leader of the BATs, and she decides to help them. Eda attempts to sacrifice herself with Raine to prevent the Day of Unity, but when Raine learns Eda has children, they abort the mission and give themself up to protect Eda and her family. While Raine works undercover after this, Eda worries about them and sends a private investigator to check up on them.

Eda and Raine are shown to have mutual respect and care for one another, but their concern initially leads them both to shut the other out in an attempt to protect each other. As of "O Titan, Where Art Thou", the two agree to work together and seem to put aside their overprotective instincts in order to utilize their combined skills to defeat Belos.

In "Watching and Dreaming", Eda and Raine are shown to rekindle their romantic relationship, which has continued into the epilogue four years later. Raine moves into the Owl House at some point after Belos' defeat, during the four-year timeskip.[41]

Luz's friends[]

Wing It Like Witches - Amity with the Crew

Eda with King, Luz, and her friends in the living room.

Ever since Luz started befriending other children of the Boiling Isles, starting from "I Was a Teenage Abomination", the Owl House has been visited on occasion by Willow, Gus, Amity, Emira, and Edric, and as such Eda has had brief, but fairly positive encounters with each of them. She cheekily referred to Willow and to Gus as "Hexside brats" at their first meeting, following Luz's banishment from Hexside. During the events of "Covention" Eda openly expressed her dislike of the coven system towards Luz's friends, but the latter didn't take any offense towards it, instead Willow even took a jab at Eda by mentioning the "Grumpy Coven". Although initially being angry that Luz held a Moonlight Conjuring at the Owl House despite her protests, Eda's opinion changed after Willow and Gus admitted to having pressured Luz into hosting it. Eda forgave them as long as they cleaned up after the mess they made. Overall, Eda's opinion on Willow and Gus is shown to be humorous and accepting. Eda refers to Gus as "dweebus" on occasion and calls him, to which he agrees to go by. Even though they aren't as close to her as Luz is, she does show concern for them. She also refers to them, along with Luz, as her dumb kids, in "Really Small Problems". They are also the ones to warn Eda in "Agony of a Witch". However, Eda apparently calls Gus "Goops", and said nickname has spread to various Hexside students.

In the case of the Blight siblings, Eda has also displayed a mostly good and joking interaction with. Although she thought of Amity as being a prissy blue-blood during "Covention", by the time of "Wing It Like Witches" Eda has come to accept her as one of Luz's closest acquaintances. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", upon finding out that Luz wanted to ask Amity out, Eda shows her support for their relationship by carrying an upset Hooty away long enough for the two to be alone. Although, in "Eclipse Lake", Eda, along with King, is shown to be slightly annoyed by Amity's constant efforts to prove herself as an "awesome girlfriend" to Luz, with Eda referring to her as "Bossy Boots" or just "Boots". In the case of Emira and Edric, Eda has had the least amount of interaction with, having only gotten to know them in "Adventures in the Elements" wherein she planned to let them be eaten by the slitherbeast while she made her escape from its cave. She interacted with the siblings again in "Reaching Out" this time being on better terms with them and even admiring Edric's ability for Beast trapping, even praising him when the potion he messed up turned out to be something even better and worth merchandising. She gifted him with one of her Bad Girl coven t-shirts, with Emira wanting one too.


Eclipse Lake - 388

Eda trading insults with a captive Hunter at Eclipse Lake.

Initially, due to her status of being a wanted criminal, Eda and Hunter served as enemies during the latter's time as the Golden Guard. Like with all members of the Emperor's Coven, Eda held little-to-no respect for the Golden Guard, and viewed him with contempt for acting as Belos' enforcer. Additionally, like Kikimora, Eda finds Hunter's voice to be annoying, much to his displeasure.

The two first met in "Separate Tides", when she and Hunter briefly fight after she attempts to rob Salty's ship (which belonged to the Emperor's Coven), with Hunter easily defeating her due to her loss of magic, before then threatening to harm King unless she and Luz slayed the Selkidomus on his behalf, though they were able to deceive him. In "Eclipse Lake", the two would later meet again, when she, King and Amity capture Hunter during their respective searches for Titan's Blood at the Knee. During this time, Eda is shown to take pleasure in playfully mocking Hunter, though she is easily frustrated whenever he insulted her back, leading to much bickering between them.

Despite their mutual hostility, Eda's view of Hunter seems to have softened after he befriended Willow. In "Reaching Out", Eda seems to have no issue with Luz trying befriend Hunter on Penstagram, despite his previous actions against her. In addition, in "Hollow Mind", Eda does not hold any worry of Hunter hurting Luz when they were trapped together in Belos' mindscape, indicating that she, like Luz, had come to recognize his more positive traits. Later on, when he and Luz are freed from Belos' mind, Eda shows genuine concern for Hunter when he begins suffering a nervous breakdown, and even attempts to help him, though he is too traumatized in the moment to accept her aid and runs off. While they rarely interact since then, Hunter and Eda would become allies after joining the resistance effort against Belos. In "Watching and Dreaming", it is shown that in the four years following Belos' destruction, Eda has since made peace with Hunter, with the two becoming good friends. During Luz's 18th birthday, she and Hunter happily celebrated and worked together in arranging Luz's belated "King-ceañera" in gratitude for all Luz had done for them both.

While neither are currently aware of it, Eda and Hunter are technically distantly related to each other, due to Hunter being a grimwalker of Caleb Wittebane, Eda's distant human ancestor.[3]

Warden Wrath[]

Reaching Out - 307

Eda asking Warden Wrath about rumors of the Day of Unity in "Reaching Out".

Warden Wrath and Eda first met in "A Lying Witch and a Warden". Eda sneaked into the room holding King's crown in the Conformatorium with Luz and King. Before they can escape, Warden Wrath comes up from behind Eda and beheads her. Instead of arresting her, he decides to ask her out, saying he finds her alluring. Unfortunately, his crush on Eda proves to be one-sided, as Eda doesn't feel the same way about him. Instead, Eda blows a raspberry on him and rejects his advance. Despite this, according to King, her last boyfriend was even worse. The two encountered each other again at the Bonesborough Brawl in "Reaching Out". Eda asked him if he heard any gossip about the Emperor's Castle or the Day of Unity lately, to which he responded by laughing in her face and was also bitter to her because of how she previously rejected his romantic feelings for her and that this was the first time she actually needed something from him. When he mockingly asked her why he should help her, she responded by grabbing him by the shirt and she and King reminded him that he owes her after he cut off her head, stole King's crown and "imprisoned" Luz in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" and threatened to maul him with her harpy claws if he didn't answer her questions, to which he responded to her threat by snapping his fingers as a way to alert the venue security team and the female security guard informed Eda that fighting was not allowed outside of the Bonesborough Brawl fighting ring, which got Eda to back off. However, she and King planned to make a Blabber Serum and use it on Warden Wrath to make him tell her what's going on at the Emperor's Castle, what's actually going to happen on the Day of Unity and the reason for Raine Whispers' strange behavior. Unbeknownst to Eda and King, Warden Wrath was actually demoted from his job for stealing his co-workers' lunches at some point and was actually only pretending to know what she wants to know as a way of getting revenge on her for rejecting his romantic feelings for her. After Edric botched the serum by adding fire bee honey into the serum and forced Warden Wrath to drink it while he was restrained in Abomination goo by Alador, the botched Blabber Serum instead mutated Warden Wrath into a giant horrifying monster and started attacking the audience. Once Eda came to see what was going on and after learning what Edric did to the Blabber Serum, Eda changed into "Harpy Eda" to attack the mutated Warden Wrath, only for her to be easily defeated by him by getting knocked away and she was sent flying and crashed into some trees in the forest. After Amity and Alador worked together to restrain the mutated Warden Wrath long enough for Luz and Eda to cure him by using a snow spell on him, Eda walked over to the snow pile, yanked Warden Wrath out of the snow by his shirt and demanded to know what was going on at the castle, what was actually going to happen on the Day of Unity and also worriedly asked if Raine's memories were altered, only to learn that he doesn't know the answers to any of her three questions and he revealed that he actually got demoted for stealing his co-worker's lunches and that the only reason why he joined the Bonesborough Brawl in the first place is because he just wants to feel in control again.


Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 265

Eda apathetically listening to Kikimora crying over her inability to see her family.

Due to being on opposing sides of Belos' laws, Kikimora has been an occasional enemy for Eda, with both sharing a mutual loathing of each other. Like with all members of the Emperor's Coven, Eda possesses virtually no respect for Kikimora due to her loyalty to Belos and considers her to be among the worst of the emperor's followers due to her apathetic and power-hungry nature. In turn, Kikimora looks down on Eda in contempt for her status as a wild witch, viewing her as a lowly criminal and cretin. After Eda was captured and sentenced to petrification by Belos, Kikimora served as her executioner, having personally activated the spell that nearly turned her to stone permanently, had it not been for Luz's timely arrival. Eda holds a grudge towards Kikimora for this, which only grew as she came to occasionally cause trouble for both her and Luz, first at Latissa and later at Eclipse Lake. During the latter encounter, however, Eda expressed some pity for Kikimora's declining sanity, though she permanently abandoned these sympathies after learning how her actions nearly resulted in Amity getting killed.

When the two later encountered each other at the Bonesborough Marketplace on Coven Day, Eda, unlike Luz, was entirely unsympathetic towards Kikimora's despair over missing her family, and was furiously opposed to Luz's insistence to helping her, only going along with it reluctantly in order to see Raine again. This distrust of Kikimora was soon proven correct when she callously betrayed Luz and Amity in favor of a potential promotion by Belos during their attempt to reunite her with her family. Since then, they have remained bitter enemies, with Kikimora having led the attack on the Owl House following Luz and Hunter's intrusion into Belos' mindscape, though Eda managed to escape, resulting in Kikimora being demoted in rank once again.

Four years following Belos' defeat, it is implied that, while Eda and Kikimora are no longer open enemies towards each other, they remain on bitter terms.

Camila Noceda[]

Camila, King, Eda, and Luz’s joyful hug

Eda being warmly hugged by Camila upon meeting each other.

Prior to their first meeting in "Watching and Dreaming", Eda heard much about Camila from Luz during her time at the Owl House and was well aware of how much her student loved and missed her mother, especially following the portal door's destruction, which prevented Luz from seeing Camila again in the Human Realm. Despite her own parental feelings towards Luz, Eda still acknowledged Camila as Luz's real family and knew full well that they needed to be together again. Because of this, Eda often attempted to help Luz in finding a way back home to reunite with Camila, to the point where she was willing to openly fight the Emperor Coven's at Eclipse Lake to secure Titan's Blood to repair the Portal Door. In addition, like King, Eda had expressed interest in formally meeting and befriending Camila someday following the portal's reconstruction. Despite this, in "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", Eda held doubt that Camila would allow Luz to continue visiting the Demon Realm and voiced her consideration of using magic to brainwash Camila into letting Luz stay.

When the two finally met following Belos' final defeat, however, these fears were put to rest. When Eda nervously attempted to introduce herself to Camila alongside King with a formal handshake, Camila instantly pulled them both into a warm hug as an expression of her gratitude and acceptance for all that Edalyn had done for Luz, much to the Owl Lady's joy. Over the next four years, Eda and Camila became very close friends, occasionally getting together when the latter visited the Demon Realm alongside Luz. During this time, Eda introduced Camila to Apple Blood. Like the rest of Luz's friends and family, Eda and Camila happily worked together in arranging Luz's belated quinceañera at the Owl House.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: Eda is extraordinarily skilled in witchcraft, proclaiming herself to be the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles. As such, she has enough expertise that she is qualified enough to educate others on the subject. Since Eda never joined a coven, there is no seal limiting her to only one type of magic, allowing her to perform all forms of magic. Like all witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart. She also claims to practice "wild magic", which draws power from the natural magic of the Boiling Isles itself. It is revealed in "Agony of a Witch" that her curse also affects her magic power, as it takes some of her magic to delay it until she can drink an elixir to reverse it. As the curse grows stronger, the more of her total magic power is needed to hold it back until her next elixir, while also increasing the number of elixirs she needs to drink to revert the curse and temporarily restore her magic usage. She can use less and less magic before the curse drains her and turns her into the Owl Beast. As of "Agony of a Witch", Eda's magic bile sac, the sac of magic bile attached to her heart, no longer creates magic bile or spell phlegms that can be mixed together to create different spells due to her curse, leaving her without a natural magic reservoir, and unable to use any magic or the ability to cast any spells by drawing a spell circle.[28][4][29][30] Because of this, Eda began to learn to use magic through glyphs.[4][29][30] In addition, she now carries potions that function like grenades.[13]
    • Fire magic: Eda can summon flames with the snap of her fingers. She can produce fire in all forms, from lighting candles simultaneously in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" to conjuring streams of flame in "Witches Before Wizards". Eda can also grasp balls of fire, as seen on her wanted poster and "Covention".
    • Water magic: Eda can summon water from the palm of her hand.
    • Construction magic: Eda can summon pillars of the earth to protect herself from attack and trap opponents. The tops of the pillars have owl faces similar to Hooty and are large enough to swallow enemies whole.
    • Light magic: Eda can create small orbs of light.
    • Lightning magic: Eda can summon massive bolts of electricity out of thin air. She can also conjure multiple circles of the spell at once for more damage.
    • Mystical projection: Eda can draw a spell circle to project imagery and visions through.[9]
    • Magic platform: By slamming the Owl Staff on the ground, Eda can conjure a magical platform for others to travel on.
    • Portal creation: Eda can create a pair of short-range portals one at a time, and whatever enters the first portal will exit out the second portal.
    • Flight: Eda can use her staff to fly.
    • Telekinesis: Eda can use her magic to levitate people and objects and move them without touching them.
    • Teleportation: She can disappear from one location and instantly reappear in another.
    • Force field generation: She can create and maintain force fields powerful enough to withstand boiling rain and scorching heat.
    • Potion magic: Eda was in the potions track at Hexside, and as such is very skilled in making potions and elixirs. After her magic was weakened by her curse, Eda made use of potions in combat, throwing them like grenades.
    • Magic trap creation: Eda can conjure landmines that do elemental damage, ranging from bursts of flame to gusts of wind and even dirt spikes.[18]
    • Body swapping: Eda can move her consciousness and the consciousness of others between bodies. She cannot perform magic while in another person's body and must use her staff to undo the spell.[21]
    • Abomination magic: According to Incident #3421 in her school record, Eda created an army of abominations for a food fight and then lost control of them.
    • Bard magic: During her younger years, Eda was able to use bard magic by playing the cittern. In "Eda's Requiem", it is revealed that Eda can cast magic through music, but the curse makes her bard magic destroy anything around her into ash. She isn't immune to this effect, and she'll start decaying herself if used for too long.
    • Object animation: She can bring small inanimate objects to life, having done so with a bowl of vegetables, causing them to grow small arms and legs and gain at least rudimentary intelligence.[24]
    • Sleep spell: Eda can make people and creatures fall asleep if the target passes through the sleep spell circle.
    • Magical weapons: She can conjure up a sword made of ice; when doing so, she also creates an orb of flame in her left hand. Seeing as she didn't actually use them to fight with, any other qualities of these weapons are unknown.
    • Magic hideout: Eda left behind the secret shortcut room and a glyph to access the room after she dropped out of the school.[7]
    • Mindscape Teleportation: She can send at least two individuals into another person's mind as they sleep. She also has the ability to allow individuals to bring in items, such as a bell.[26]
  • Staff proficiency: Eda's staff helps focus her magic and serves as her main mode of transportation. Owlbert, the staff's palisman, can come to life and detach himself, which Eda mainly uses for retrieving items from the human realm.
  • Palisman communication: Eda is able to communicate with and understand Owlbert.
  • Superhuman strength: Eda was shown to be strong enough to smash rock-solid substances with her bare hands, especially as a way of getting Hooty to tell her where Luz ran off to. One strike from her fist cracked the wall and shook the whole house. Even after the loss of her magic, she is still very strong (e.g. can break through a wall of ice using her head without any injury).
  • Cursed form: Eda was given the curse of the Owl Beast when she was younger by her sister, Lilith, thinking and hoping it would only take away her magic. As a consequence, she must regularly consume a golden elixir to keep it at bay. Whenever Eda doesn't take her elixir, she transforms into huge bloodthirsty owl-like beast, hence her nickname, "The Owl Lady". In this form, she has a feral mind and can quickly climb and punch through walls but is extremely photosensitive and retains her fascination with shiny objects, as well as the ability to fly. However, the transformation isn't immediate. While partially transformed, Eda will respond to a command. Additionally, she cannot perform magic while in this form. Any living thing she consumes as the Owl Beast will be regurgitated in a giant owl pellet when she returns to normal. The curse also drains her overall capacity for magical power, and as the curse grows stronger, the more of her power is needed to delay it until her next elixir, and should she rapidly use up her remaining magic power, say going all-out in an extended fight, she will immediately transform into the owl creature. From "Escape of the Palisman" to "Agony of a Witch", the curse had grown strong enough to a point where Eda's elixir had become less effective and required several bottles instead of just one to stave it off. As of "Young Blood, Old Souls", Eda has split the curse with her sister, crippling it to the point of restoring the effectiveness of the elixir. Though, the curse has weakened her powers and she cannot cast any magic spells like she used to. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Eda transforms her greatest weakness into her greatest strength when she makes peace with the Owl Beast on the mental plain and gains the ability to transform into "Harpy Eda" at will, as long as she follows up on deals made with the Owl Beast, such as feeding it. It also seems that she can transform specific parts of her body, such as her arms. She couldn't transform back into her regular, humanoid form without an elixir at first, but eventually learned to do so.[35] In this form, she can fly at incredible speeds, fight with heavily increased strength, and fold her wings in on herself to spin downward like a drill head.
    • Flight: As revealed in "Young Blood, Old Souls", Eda can fly in her cursed form. She can also fly without her cursed form, as seen in the fight between Eda and Lilith.
    • Anatomical liberation: A side effect of her curse,[11] Eda's body can fall apart, but the separated parts remain active and within Eda's control. Eda can also detach and reattach her body parts without ill effect, making her immune to dismemberment; even surviving decapitation from Warden Wrath while her body was still able to stand without the head.
    • Spell nullification: As mentioned above, Eda's use of Bard magic seems to serve as a vector for the curse to have a highly deleterious effect on things and people around her (especially if they are highly magic in nature, such as Darius' abomination form or Eberwolf's summoned mount) and herself.
  • Grudgby proficiency: Eda was able to compete with Lilith in a game of grudgby.
  • Knitting: She knitted a cape with a hood, made of witch's wool, for Luz in "Agony of a Witch".
  • Mechanical knowledge: In "Separate Tides", it was revealed that she built herself a small, makeshift motorboat (likely to compensate for her lost magic) with a bathtub as boat hull which was, as heard for the first time in "Echoes of the Past", propelled by a motor of unknown design.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

Eda is based on Dana Terrace's aunts, her grandmother, and her mother.[42]


Eda is voiced by Wendie Malick.

Natalie Palamides and Abigail Zoe Lewis voice a teenage and young version of Eda, respectively. The vocal effects for Eda's cursed form are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.


Eda debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Karin Zavala
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Adriana Pissardini
Michelle Zampieri (Teenager)
Bulgaria Bulgarian Vasilka Sugareva (Василка Сугарева)
Hong Kong Cantonese Mona Ching Man Yi (程文意)
Taiwan Chinese Feng Chia-Te/Claire Feng (馮嘉德)
Czech Republic Czech Vanda Károlyi-Konečná
Germany German Dagmar Dempe
Denmark Danish Le Münster Swendsen
Spain Spanish Alejandra Torray
France French France Bastoen
Greece Greek Melina Katsakouli (Μελίνα Κατσακούλη) Eda's title of "Owl Lady" is translated plainly as "Owl" (Κουκουβάγια)
Hungary Hungarian Edit Farkasinszky
Indonesia Indonesian Novie Burhan
Israel Hebrew Anat Niv (ענת ניב)
Italy Italian Selvaggia Quattrini
Japan Japanese Kahoru Sasajima (笹島 かほる)
South Korea Korean Kim Bona (김보나)
Malaysia Malay Izwanna Sulaiman
Netherlands Dutch Ine Kuhr
Norway Norwegian Cathrine Bang Norum
Poland Polish Hanna Kinder-Kiss
Magdalena Górska (Young, "Young Blood, Old Souls")
Magdalena Herman-Urbańska (Young, "Keeping up A-fear-ances")
Portugal Portuguese Mónica Garcez
Romania Romanian Olimpia Mălai
Russia Russian Regina Schukina (Регина Щукина)
Thailand Thai Aesanee Samranthananun (เอษะณีย์ สำราญธนนันท์)
Turkey Turkish Selen Öztürk


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Eda's Cameo in Lost Legends

Eda's cameo in Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.

  • Eda makes a cameo on a wanted poster in Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.
    • In a DVD commentary of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch, in-character as Stan Pines, stated he was married to a woman matching Eda's description named Marilyn for less than a day before she robbed him and mysteriously disappeared. This was also mentioned in Gravity Falls: Journal 3.
      • In "Yesterday's Lie", Eda is revealed to have gone by the alias of "Marylin" whenever she visited the Human Realm.
  • Eda's famous wanted poster has two different versions. The most consistent version depicts Eda with King and a reward of one trillion snails. On some occasions, however, the posters will depict Eda alone and a reward of only one million snails. It is unclear why there are two versions depicted, although the million version may have been an earlier concept that did not get fully replaced.
    • Both versions appear in "Covention" with the million version inside the building and the trillion version outside, and in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed" with the million snails appearing on the close up of Luz's taped up banned poster and the trillion version appearing in the wide shot of the same scene.
    • The most obvious example of the two posters is in "Reaching Out" with the less common million version appearing in all of the wide shots of the living room and the trillion version appearing in close ups of the characters on the couch.
      • During the close up shots, only the bottom part of the poster is shown, so it is unclear if King is featured on this poster as he should be. However, there is one shot where the camera pans up slightly and the very bottom of Eda's dress can be seen, in which there are lines that intersect it where King should be, but he is not colored in.
  • As revealed in "Once Upon a Swap", according to her mugshot, Eda is 7'4" tall in heels and to the top of her hair. Although, this could be a different form of measurement.
  • Eda is much younger than she looks and ages faster because of her curse.
    • Incident #3421 has Eda and Lilith attending Hexside together in their youth. In "Wing It Like Witches", there is a photograph of them playing grudgby together, neither of them showing any sign of being older than the other. In her Reddit AMA, Dana Terrace stated that Lilith was the older one by only two years.[2]
    • As a child, Eda's hair was naturally orange. Its current gray coloring is a result of her curse, as confirmed by Lilith in "Wing It Like Witches".
    • According to herself in "Sense and Insensitivity", whenever Eda sees more wrinkles, it's a sign of her curse getting worse.
  • Dana Terrace has confirmed that even if Eda's curse is healed, she will not regain her natural orange hair color.[43]
  • Eda states in "Adventures in the Elements" that she hates garlic.
  • After "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", Eda took her school record home and kept it as a photo album.
  • In "Yesterday's Lie", it is revealed that Eda has a reputation in Luz's hometown Gravesfield as a nuisance and danger.
    • Prior to the events of the series, Eda was banned from Robin's Roast Café for life after trying to pay for a latte with a live raccoon. When the barista called the police, she hexed the croissants in the pastry display. After the employees threw them out, the rats that ate them became capable of speech and evil, desperate for more magic croissants.
    • While visiting at some unknown time, Eda turned into the Owl Beast, which was witnessed by Jacob, who managed to take a photograph.
  • Eda has a very big tab at both Bonesborough Library (her card was revoked as well) and Grimgrub's Pub.
  • Her witch-owl hybrid form's name, Harpy Eda, is taken from Harpies, women-bird hybrid creatures of Greek mythology. Harpy Eda also resembles the Japanese Tengu, with both wings and arms.
  • As revealed by Dana Terrace, the Clawthorne family, including Eda and Lilith, are the descendants of Caleb Wittebane and Evelyn, making them the first known witches with human ancestry.[3]
  • Eda Clawthorne is a playable character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Introduced in Update 5.6[44]. She is the first The Owl House character in the game.



  1. The Bad Girl Coven is an unofficial coven created by Eda herself.


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