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I'm Eda the Owl Lady. The most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles.
—Eda introducing herself, A Lying Witch and a Warden

Edalyn "Eda" Clawthorne[3] is the deuteragonist of The Owl House. As a child, Eda was cursed by her sister Lilith before running away from home and becoming a wild witch. She is a rebellious witch with a bounty on her head rewarding one trillion snails for her capture.

After inadvertently bringing a human girl named Luz to the Boiling Isles, Eda agrees to help her learn magic and becomes her mentor.



Eda is a tall, slender woman with ivory skin, pointed ears, maroon lips, and golden eyes. Her untamed hair is thick, long, and layered with two tones of gray. She has a screw-in golden fang that sticks out, orange claw-like nails, and an oval amber gem on her sternum.

In her youth, she had bright orange hair and didn't have her golden fang yet. In "Wing It Like Witches", it is stated by Lilith that Eda's curse affects her hair, implying it would naturally be the same orange as when she was an adolescent were she not under the spell.

When she is the Owl Beast, she resembles a big owl-like monster, with black-colored eyes and long pointed ears. Her hair turns gray, as well as a bunch of gray hair grows from the ears. Her body is covered in dark teal fur, and she has her two dark grey wings. The legs are, as when she is cursed, having black color and the feet look more like a bird's feet. She doesn't wear clothing when being cursed.

When swapped with King, she resembles almost of King's appearance and characteristics, but with gold eyes and eyelashes.

As of "Young Blood, Old Souls", she retains her original appearance, however, her left eye is now silver and she has a white streak in the right side of her hair, due to sharing the curse with her sister, Lilith. Her oval gem on her sternum is also now black, indicating her lack of magic.


She wears a sleeveless two-tone maroon dress with a ripped hem design and gray leggings. Her jewelry consists of two orange spherical earrings and an amber spherical ring. For footwear, she wears maroon high-heeled boots. Her nightwear consists of a plum sweater with amber cuffs, a stained, long, violet nightgown, and light yellow bunny slippers. In "Wing It Like Witches", Eda removes her ring and gives it to Lilith Clawthorne after their grudgby match so she won't go back to Emperor Belos empty-handed.

In the season 2 episode Keeping Up A-fear-ances, she changes her previous dress into a longer three-toned maroon dress with sleeves and a ripped hem with light grey leggings. Her boots are now dark grey and she no longer wears her earrings.

In her youth, she wore a Hexside School uniform of the Potions track with yellow sleeves and leggings, black boots, a grey tunic with a black belt, and a black cowl with a golden button.


Confident and sassy, Eda is best described as rebellious with Luz calling her "surprisingly foxy for her age". Her vast skills and aptitude in witchcraft give her a brash streak as she proudly declares her power and is openly defiant of authorities, going as far as knocking a guard unconscious and flying off to avoid getting caught. Unlike her sister Lilith, Eda is vehemently anti-authoritarian, having little to no respect for laws and authority in general. She refuses to join any of the covens because she views them as crooked and for the limitations they place on magic. She is also not a fan of the educational system for similar reasons, bemoaning its reliance on "blind obedience" and "pointless busywork".

She is described as the sort of teacher that would not only throw someone into the deep end but also set the entire body of water on fire. Eda has an odd view of how a good apprentice should act; she is very proud of Luz for getting her face on a "wanted" poster for the first time and reacts the same way in a later episode when Luz convinces her to teach new spells by appealing to her vanity.

She has a caring side to her and she is willing to protect the people she holds most dear, such as when she protects Luz multiple times, being close to a mother figure for Luz. She also deeply cares about Lilith, despite them both being on different sides of the law.


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Childhood and Curse

Eda as a Hexside potions student

Edalyn Clawthorne was born as the youngest daughter of Gwendolyn Clawthorne and an unnamed (but currently living) father. She had a very close but competitive relationship with her older sister, Lilith, to the point where she wanted to join the prestigious Emperor's Coven together. Despite being one of the most troublesome students in Hexside's history and causing multiple incidents at the school, Eda was a hard-working witch and was powerful enough to surpass her older, more studious sister. This gap in power prompted Lilith to discreetly curse Eda in order to win the Emperor's Coven tryouts; however, on the day of the match, Eda willingly forfeited, refusing to fight her sister. Declaring that Covens were not "her style", Eda motioned to Lilith to leave the tryouts and pursue a different path together.

Eda eavesdrops on her mother talking about her curse.

But to her and Lilith's horror, Eda's curse manifested shortly after she walked away, and she transformed into the Owl Beast. The audience watching the tryouts threw rocks at the transformed Eda, and the monstrous owl form would define Eda as "The Owl Lady." At some point during her teenage years, Eda told her mother and a healer about the her curse, but all the healer could do was give her a gem that would help her keep track of the beast's energy. Shortly after receiving the gem, Eda eavesdropped on a conversation between her mother and the healer; she overheard that the curse was currently incurable and that her now-furious mother was willing to take more extreme measures to rid the curse. Shocked at her mother's words, Eda fled her room and tripped over a portal to the human realm, which she promptly used to escape her worried mother. Eda does manage to counter her curse with an elixir, though it is merely a temporary measure. Eda would not find out who cursed her until a few decades passed.

Meeting King and Adult Life

Eda on the mysterious island

While on the run from the Emperor's Coven, Eda came across an unknown island and went inside the castle to shelter herself from the boiling rains. Inside, she found a recently-hatched King stacking rocks and mistook him for some kind of dog. Soon after, Jean-Luc attacked Eda, and Eda believed the creature was trying to attack King. Fearing for her life, she took King and fled, prompting Jean-Luc to fire a makeshift arrow at them, knocking off King's horn. Afterwards, Eda took King home with her and put a collar on him. One day, she came in to find King stacking rocks like he did in his castle, and commented how it looked like "a king amongst his subjects". To her surprise, King repeated the word. Eda then explained what a king was and what they did, making King believe that he was one.

Due to her rebellious nature and coven-less status, Eda was quickly considered an outcast to society and a criminal who had a great number of enemies - some of which who are business rivals, ex-boyfriends, and members of the Emperor's Coven, including her sister. Her criminal status forced her to isolate herself, and the only real friends she had were her palisman, Owlbert, her house, Hooty, and King. Prior to meeting Luz, Eda made a living selling human treasures at the markets, and sometimes homemade elixirs and potions. She also happens to be a collector, as she keeps most of her human treasures at home. However, she lacks any knowledge and experience on the stuff she sells or keeps; for example, she refers to a TV set as a "black shadow box that reflects only sadness" and mistakes batteries, paperclips, deodorants, and buttons for candy. For thirty years, Eda would use the portal to collect her human treasures as well as hide from her many enemies and her overbearing mother, who continued to visit her annually with a supposed cure for her curse.

Meeting Luz

"This will make me rich."

In "A Lying Witch and a Warden," Eda sent Owlbert to the human realm to gather more human treasures, and the Palisman returned with a bag full of random objects. She rummages through the bag to find a phone, a diamond ring, and a golden chalice, all of which were deemed worthless to her; she does manage to find a pair of glasses with dangly eyes, which she claims will make her rich. The last item in the bag was a book from the The Good Witch Azura, which Eda saw as good kindling.


Luz Noceda

Eda being proud of Luz.

Luz is Eda's apprentice. Eda took an interest in Luz purely for her human background (because actually knowing what she was selling upped her prices). However, since she has been living with her she has grown to accept her as part of her circle. Eda found it amusing that someone like Luz would not only look up to her, but also openly want to learn from her. In "Witches Before Wizards," Eda did not seem to have any interest in teaching Luz about magic and only wanted to have her around to help with chores and make deliveries.

Eda can also get annoyed whenever Luz continuously begs her to do something she does not want to do, but she has begrudgingly given in to Luz's persistence before. It is soon revealed that there is a point to Eda's distance when in "The Intruder" she reveals her curse to her. While Eda takes advantage and occasionally pokes fun at Luz, she does care about her as she feels that she has a responsibility to look after her "student". She begins to take her job as a teacher seriously and wants Luz to be proud of her. In "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", it's revealed that Eda did not want Luz to go to Hexside School because she wanted to protect her; she did not agree with how they teach magic. However, because Luz still wanted to go to Hexside, she decided to make amends with Principal Bump so Luz could be enrolled.

Eda is very proud of Luz in her particular ways, glowing with pride upon seeing "baby's first wanted poster", and of how Luz appeals to Eda's vanity to get her to acquiesce to teaching her new magic. She has shown that she cares for Luz more than she cares for her sister, as in "Agony of a Witch", Eda was enraged when she found that Lilith kidnapped Luz, and proceeded to throw everything she had at her without mercy. In the same episode, the extent to which Eda loves Luz is fully shown when she deliberately expends the remaining magic keeping her from permanently transforming into her cursed form in order to save her from Lilith, telling her that she'd spent her whole life wasting her power before she met her and thanks to her for being in her life before she fully transforms and is dragged away by Lilith.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Eda pleads with Luz to leave for her own safety, imploring her to go back to the human world through the portal door and destroy it behind her. When Luz refuses to abandon her, Eda openly admits that she loves her before she is taken for petrification. At the end of the episode, after Lilith takes half of Eda's curse unto herself, Eda willingly returns Luz's exuberant hug and and say she looks forward to learning how to do magic Luz's way.


Eda and King hanging out.

Eda considers King her "roommate". They share an unusual friendship with the origin of their first meeting currently unknown. Much like with Luz, Eda seems to garner responsibility for King's well being and genuinely cares for him like a child or pet and is shown holding him much like an infant. However, the two share friendly banter with one another on a regular basis. Eda tends to "look down" on King, both figuratively and literally, and sometimes questions his personal knowledge. They speak to each other as equals though and Eda enjoys King's company, possibly because without him, and Luz for that matter, she would otherwise be lonely. In Echoes of the Past, it is revealed that Eda found King in a mysterious island, 8 years ago, Eda took King with her due to a creature attacking both of them. Thinking King was a pet, she was the one that got him the collar, however King later demonstrated to be capable of speech. In the flashbacks, Eda seems to be caring about younger king and has raised King ever since.


Eda is shown to be annoyed by Hooty's personality, although she knows that Hooty is a defense mechanism of her home. She even admits that she actually finds him a thorn to herself. However, she takes pride in Hooty's ability to protect the Owl House from invaders.

Lilith Clawthorne

Eda and Lilith's reunion.

Lilith is Eda's older sister. The two are fierce rivals in both magical prowess and personality, with Eda being rebellious and carefree while Lilith is strict and law-abiding, to the point of being embarrassed by Eda's "childish" behavior. Though at first, she seems to be everything her sister is not, Lilith is also not above cheating in competitions only because she knew Eda would do the same. Despite their differences and being under orders to capture her, they both deeply care for each other and can have friendly encounters as seen in "Sense and Insensitivity". In the episode, after Eda rescues Lilith from a monstrous spider, Lilith comments that she had doubted Eda would even try to save her. Eda replies by saying she doesn't want to see Lilith killed unless she is the one who does so.

In "Agony of a Witch", it is revealed that it was Lilith who cursed Eda out of jealousy. Upon hearing this, an enraged Eda unleashes all of her magic only to be captured when Lilith uses Luz's well-being to force Eda to use up her magic and succumb to her curse. However, Lilith is truly remorseful for what she did to her sister and wants to make amends and went against Emperor Belos when he deceived her. Upon seeing her thrown in the same cage while facing petrification, Eda attempted to kill her sister only to be stopped by King. After escaping, Lilith cast a spell that made her share the curse with Eda.


Owlbert is Eda's palisman. Eda made Owlbert from the branch of an ancient tree, and both are really close to each other to the point where Eda affirms they are bonded for life. Due to being a palisman and having a good and caring relationship, Owlbert is extremely loyal to Eda.

Gwendolyn Clawthorne

Gwendolyn is Eda's mother. Her relationship with her was originally strained, as she ran away from home and from her when Gwendolyn started suggesting more harsher treatments to remove her curse. She found it annoying how years later Gwendolyn would visit her yearly with what she considers a permanent cure, which Eda finds annoying since she believes she is just fine with her elixirs. After she and Lilith both transform into owl beasts, and that she had been scammed, Gwendolyn realizes she made Eda feel ashamed of her curse and tells her that she loves her regardless of it, allowing Eda to regain control of her cursed form. Afterwards their relationship becomes much better.

Luz's friends

Ever since Luz started befriending other children of the Boiling Isles, starting from "I Was a Teenage Abomination", the Owl House has been visited on occasion by Willow, Gus, Amity, Emira and Edric, and as such Eda has had brief, but fairly positive encounters with each of them. She cheekily referred to Willow and to Gus as "Hexside brats" at their first meeting, following Luz's banishment from Hexside. During the events of "Covention" Eda openly expressed her dislike of the coven system towards Luz's friends, but the latter didn't take any offence towards it, instead Willow even took a jab at Eda by mentioning the "Grumpy Coven". Although initially being angry that Luz held a Moonlight Conjuring at the Owl House despite her protests Eda's opinion changed after Willow and Gus admitted to having pressured Luz into hosting it. Eda forgave them as long as they cleaned-up after the mess they made. Overall, Eda's opinion on Willow and Gus is shown to be humorous and accepting. Eda refers to Gus as "dweebus" on occasion, to which he agrees to go by. Even though they aren't as close to her as Luz is, she does show concern for them. She also refers to them, along with Luz, as her dumb kids, in "Really Small Problems". They are also the ones to warn Eda in "Agony of a Witch".

In the case of the Blight siblings Eda has also displayed a mostly good and joking interaction with. Although she thought of Amity as being a prissy blue-blood during "Covention", by the time of "Wing It Like Witches" Eda has come to accept her as one of Luz's closest acquaintances. In the case of Emira and Edric, Eda has had the least amount of interaction with, having only gotten to know them in "Adventures in the Elements" wherein she claimed to let them be eaten by the Slither Beast while she made her escape from its cave.

Raine Whispers

They are a old childhood of Eda when she was a student at Hexside in the past shown in a photo in Wing it Like Witches . It is unknown what fully caused them to separate from each other. But they will reunite with each other in Eda's Requiem.

Warden Wrath

Eda laughing at Wrath.

Warden Wrath was introduced in "A Lying Witch and a Warden". He has a one-sided crush on Eda, despite the fact he was supposed to arrest her. Unfortunately, Eda doesn't feel the same way, although according to King, her last boyfriend was even worse.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: Eda is extraordinarily skilled in witchcraft, proclaiming herself to be the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles. As such, she has enough expertise that she is qualified enough to educate others on the subject. Since Eda never joined a coven, there is no seal limiting her to only one type of magic allowing her to perform all forms of magic. Like all witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart. She also claims to practice "wild magic", which draws power from the natural magic of the Boiling Isles itself. It is revealed in "Agony of a Witch" that her curse also affects her magic power, as it takes some of her magic to delay it until she can drink an elixir to reverse it. As the curse grows stronger, the more of her total magic power is needed to hold it back until her next elixir, while also increasing the number of elixirs she needs to drink to revert the curse and temporarily restore her magic usage. As such, she can use less and less magic before the curse drains her and turns her into an Owl demon. As of "Young Blood, Old Souls", her magic is heavily crippled due to her curse. Because of this, Eda began to learn to use magic through glyphs. In addition, she now carries potions that function like grenades.
    • Fire Magic: Eda can summon flames with the snap of her fingers. She can produce fire in all forms, from lighting candles simultaneously in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" to conjuring streams of flame in "Witches Before Wizards". Eda can also grasp balls of fire, as seen on her wanted poster and "Covention".
    • Water Magic: Eda can summon water from the palm of her hand.
    • Earth Magic: Eda can summon pillars of the earth to protect herself from attack and trap opponents. The tops of the pillars have owl faces similar to Hooty and are large enough to swallow enemies whole.
    • Light Magic: Eda can create small orbs of light.
    • Lightning Magic: Eda can summon massive bolts of electricity out of thin air. She can also conjure multiple circles of the spell at once for more damage.
    • Mystical Projection: Eda can draw a spell circle to project imagery and visions through.[4]
    • Magic Platform: By slamming the Owl Staff on the ground, Eda can conjure a magical platform for others to travel on.
    • Portal Creation: Eda can create a pair of short-range portals one at a time, and whatever enters the first portal will exit out the second portal.
    • Levitation: Eda can float in mid-air without assistance. She can also move people and objects without touching them, as seen in "Agony of a Witch".
    • Teleportation: She can disappear from one location and instantly reappear in another.
    • Force Field Generation: She can create and maintain force fields powerful enough to withstand boiling rain and scorching heat.
    • Magic Trap Creation: Eda can conjure landmines that do elemental damage, ranging from bursts of flame to gusts of wind and even dirt spikes.[5]
    • Body Swapping: Eda can move her consciousness and the consciousness of others between bodies. She cannot perform magic while in another person's body and must use her staff to undo the spell.[6]
    • Abomination Magic: According to Incident #3421 in her school record, Eda created an army of abominations for a food fight and then lost control of them.
    • Animation: She can bring small inanimate objects to life, having done so with a bowl of vegetables, causing them to grow small arms and legs and gain at least rudimentary intelligence.[7]
    • Sleep Spell: Eda can make people and creatures fall asleep if the target passes through the sleep spell circle.
    • Magical Weapons: She can conjure up a sword made of ice; when doing so, she also creates an orb of flame in her left hand. Seeing as she didn't actually use them to fight with, any other qualities of these weapons are unknown.
    • Magic Hideout: Eda left behind the secret short cut room and a glyph to access the room after she dropped out of the school.[8]
    • Mind Walking: She can send at least two individuals into another person's mind as they sleep. She also has the ability to allow individuals to bring in items, in this case, a bell.[9]
  • Staff Proficiency: Eda's staff helps focus her magic and serves as her main mode of transportation. Owlbert, the staff's palisman, can come to life and detach himself, which Eda mainly uses for retrieving items from the human realm.
  • Superhuman Strength: Eda was shown to be strong enough to smash rock-solid substances with her bare hands, especially as a way of getting Hooty to tell her where Luz ran off to. One pound from her fist cracked the wall and shook the whole house.
  • Superhuman Speed: Eda can dash through the air at lightning-fast speed.
  • Superhuman Durability: Eda has survived things that would seriously injure or kill a normal person, such as taking a direct blast of fire from Lilith without being burned.
  • Dimensional Storage: Eda can on occasion use her hair to store items, usually books and scrolls and occasionally King (who will get possessive if anything else tries to live in her hair).
  • Cursed Form: Eda was given the curse of the Owl Beast when she was younger from her sister, Lilith. As a consequence, she must regularly consume a golden elixir to keep it at bay. Whenever Eda doesn't take her elixir, she transforms into an owl-like creature, hence her nickname, "The Owl Lady". In this form, she has a feral mind and can quickly climb and punch through walls, but is sensitive to bright lights and retains her fascination with shiny objects, as well as the ability to fly. However, the transformation isn't immediate. While partially transformed, Eda will respond to a command. Additionally, she cannot perform magic while in this form. Any living thing she consumes as the Owl Beast will be regurgitated in a giant owl pellet when she returns to normal. The curse also drains her total magic power, and as the curse grows stronger, the more of her power is needed to delay it until her next elixir, and should she rapidly use up her remaining magic power, say going all-out in an extended fight, she will immediately transform into the owl creature. From "Escape of the Palisman" to "Agony of a Witch", Eda's elixir had become less effective on her curse that she required several bottles of elixir just to stave it off. As of "Young Blood, Old Souls", Eda has split the curse with her sister, though the curse has weakened her powers and she cannot cast any magic spells like she used to.
    • Flight: As revealed in "Young Blood, Old Souls", Eda can fly in her cursed form.
    • Anatomical Liberation: A side effect of her curse,[10] Eda's body can fall apart, but the separated parts remain active and within Eda's control. Eda can also detach and reattach her body parts without ill effect, making her immune to dismemberment; even surviving decapitation from Warden Wrath while her body was still able to stand without the head.
  • Knitting: She knitted a cape with a hood, made of witch's wool, for Luz in "Agony of a Witch".
  • Mechanical Knowledge: In "Separate Tides" it was revealed that she built herself a small, makeshift motorboat (likely to compensate for her lost magic) with a bathtub as boat hull which was, as heard for the first time in "Echoes of the Past", propelled by a motor of unknown design.


Behind the Scenes


Eda is voiced by Wendie Malick.


Eda debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden", and in Owl Pellets, the only short she appeared in was "Eda's Cursed Brush".

Foreign Voice Actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Karin Zavala
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Adriana Pissardini
Germany German Dagmar Dempe
Denmark Danish Le Münster Swendsen
Spain Spanish Alejandra Torray
France French France Bastoen
Japan Japanese Kahoru Sasajima (笹島 かほる)
South Korea Korean Korea Kim Bona (김보나)
Poland Polish Hanna Kinder-Kiss
Thailand Thai Aesanee Samranthananun (เอษะณีย์ สำราญธนนันท์)
Turkey Turkish Selen Öztürk



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Eda's cameo in Gravity Falls: Lost Legend.

  • Eda is based on Dana's aunts, her grandmother, and her mother.[11]
  • Eda makes a cameo on a wanted poster in Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.
    • In a DVD commentary of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch in-character as Stan Pines stated he was married to a woman matching Eda's description named Marilyn for less than a day before she robbed him and mysteriously disappeared.
  • According to her mugshot in "Once Upon a Swap", she is around 6 ft. tall.
  • Eda shares many similarities to, and is most likely based on, the Mexican legend of "La Lechuza". In Mexican folklore, La Lechuza is a woman by day, but an owl by night. In some legends, Lechuza was a witch who had sold her soul to live forever. In other versions, Lechuza was a woman who lost her child and was cursed to be an owl. Based on the various tellings, Lechuza would either simply curse someone who gazed eyes at her or would snatch away or even kill children who came near her.
  • She's also a tiny bit similar to Remus Lupin of the Harry Potter franchise, given that both were tricksters in their youth and turn into a fully fledged monster if they don't take their potion. Additionally, Eda's alias of "Lord Calamity" and the secret room of shortcuts she created may be a nod to the Marauder's Map and the secret tunnels the Marauders discovered.
  • Apparently, Eda is much younger than she looks and ages faster because of her curse.
    • Incident #3421 has Eda and Lilith attending Hexside together in their youth. In "Wing It Like Witches", there is a photograph of them playing Grudgby together, neither of them shows any sign of being older than the other. In her Reddit AMA, Dana Terrace stated that Lilith was the older one by two years.[2]
    • As a child, Eda's hair was naturally orange. Its current grey coloring is a result of her curse, as confirmed by Lilith in "Wing it Like Witches".
    • According to herself in "Sense and Insensitivity", whenever Eda sees more wrinkles it's a sign of her curse is getting worse.
  • According to Lilith in "Once Upon a Swap", Eda once dreamed of joining the Emperor's Coven.
  • Eda has a Pokemon Snorlax plush in "A Lying Witch and a Warden".
  • After "Something Ventured, Someone Framed" Eda took her school record home and kept it as a photo album.
  • Dana confirmed that even if Eda's curse is healed, she will not regain her natural orange hair color.
  • When Eda was younger, she either created or found a secret room of shortcuts where she had access to different parts of the school from one room, most likely used for pranks and getting away without being caught; in present-day, students from the detention track could use it access different rooms at Hexside, unknowingly idolizing Eda as Lord Calamity, the Secret Room founder.[8]


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