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"Edge of the World" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the thirty-sixth episode overall.

It premiered on April 30, 2022.[2][3]


King's quest to uncover his past leads to shocking revelations and horrifying truths.[3]


At the kitchen of the Owl House, King has prepared some desserts on the table, where Luz compliments him for his great work. King thanks her, saying that he hopes that "they" will like it. Right then, Hooty announces that they have visitors as Eda opens the door, revealing a mustached demon with a fedora and two little demons who resemble King. Eda welcomes them to the house, and King is excited that they were able to make it, greeting the demon as his father and giving him a hug. King's "father" says they are glad they saw the video King made on Penstagram, offering to play a game of catch after the dinner. Before they start eating, King's dad reminds them to give thanks. King volunteers, stating he is grateful that his demon family finally got to meet his owl family, which he realizes feels just like a dream. Eda starts calling out King's name, and King is shown waking up back in the Owl House, revealing that he was merely dreaming. Upon King inquiring about trouble, Eda tells him Luz is finally ready to tell them what happened inside Belos' mind.

After hearing everything, and after a moment in shock, Eda acknowledges the information is a lot, but Luz snaps they don't have time, breaking down in tears and blaming herself for falling for Philip's lies and becoming part of his plan. To comfort her, Eda orders Hooty and King to hug Luz, noting it is only a matter of time before Belos sends his Coven Scouts over to the Owl House if he knows Luz was in his head, so she instructs Luz to hide. However, Luz refuses to run away and swears that she'll stop Belos from using the draining spell during the Day of Unity if she can find a way to.

Lilith then arrives along with Owlbert, who informed her about the draining spell. Lilith faults herself for not knowing the truth of the Day of Unity sooner, but Eda hushes her to avoid further distress for Luz. Hooty, overexcited by Lilith's arrival, coughs up a slew of garbage, among it a letter addressed to King. The letter's contents contain a piece of rock and a message that tells King to meet a warrior clan if he wishes to know more about himself. King surmises that this warrior clan could assist in defeating Belos. Lilith and Luz approve of the idea, but Eda shoots it down, wanting the adults to handle it. Looking at the map in King's letter, Lilith states Luz and King would be going somewhere far from the Boiling Isles and Emperor Belos himself. Eda worries that something might go wrong, so Lilith entrusts Hooty to accompany Luz and King along in their journey, which he gladly accepts. Eda relents and agrees to let the trio go, while she and Lilith will try to create a plan for when the trio come back. Luz and King hug Eda, then go pack for their trip. After the others leave, Lilith assures Eda that she made the right choice. She mentions that she had explored the area in King's letter before and had nothing of interest, and laughing it is a "wild Luz chase". However, Eda bursts out crying, upset that Luz and King are in danger with Belos because of her. Lilith embraces Eda warmly promising that they'll figure out something, as the two sisters get to work.

Luz, King, and Hooty then board Salty's ship and head towards the location, with Salty the only crewmate present as his crew members left for better opportunities. At night, Luz and Hooty notice land, with Hooty remarking that the place looks like a finger, and it's away from their Titan. Salty mentions that the finger does not belong to the Titan, but is actually part of another beast. After approaching the shore, Luz, King, and Hooty row away from the ship in a bathtub. They go up a fleet of stairs, and find a wall at the top. While Luz and Hooty wonder why no one is around, King suggests they stopped waiting since the letter is over a month old. Suddenly, Luz notices a hole on the wall, and inserts the rock from King's letter into it. This activates a mechanism on the island, which then creates a portal, dragging the trio upwards.

When they come out from the other end, they find themselves in an unfamiliar place filled with skeletons. Behind the trio, a voice states this place isn't the Isles, and they turn around to find a tall creature which resembles King. He introduces himself as Tarak. After introducing themselves, King asks Tarak if he sent him the letter, and questions if he is his father. The demon denies this, and says that his father isn't here either, but admits that he himself did send the letter. Tarak concludes that King's father was one of them, and compliments on his skull, which he believes is passed down by his dad. Tarak then announces that they will be celebrating King's return, and brings them over to the clan's settlement, Titan Trapper Island.

Tarak leads them into the settlement, which has a lot of King-like settlers. He explains that his people are Titan Trappers, a group which is under oath to protect the world from giant monsters of death and destruction. Luz questions if the Titans have all gone extinct, but Tarak states that according to the Grand Huntsmen, there is still one left, so they have been preparing themselves for the hunt until the last Titan appears. He then announces that King can join them and become a Titan Trapper himself, much to his delight. Luz, happy for King, tells everyone around that while they don't know any Titans, the world outside could use their help.

When King asks Tarak if they can help the people on the Boiling Isles, a clan member exclaims that his enemy is their enemy too, causing everyone to start cheering. Tarak informs Luz that they will need to beseech their elder, Bill, who has met the Great Huntsman before, if they can. Seeing King is excited to learn the clan's ways, Luz suggests that Hooty and her will go see the elders while he remains with the clan. Hooty questions Luz's decision to leave King on his own, but she states King should have time to get to know his family, and they head away to meet Bill. King then goes through some activities: hitting a piñata, standing under a waterfall, and shouts through a horn with his sonic scream.

Meanwhile, Tarak takes Luz and Hooty to the room where Bill is at and leaves. Bill then speaks up from his throne, initially mistaking the duo as Tarak. He demands to know why they have come here, and Luz asks him if she can borrow her clan members to help fight against Belos. Bill sneers of Belos and brushes him off, but upon learning of how evil Belos is, he agrees, although affirms that Titans are worse. Luz is confused by this, and Bill explains that Titans have a huge appetite, have a terrible sounding cry, and even their off-springs act like kings. He met a live Titan once before it disappeared, and that the roar it let out blew out his eardrums. He proceeds to imitate the roar, which sounds very similar to King's cries. Luz realizes that King has all of these characteristics. Bill reveals that the Huntsman wants them to find the last Titan, as only it has the power to free him from his prison, but they haven't found it.

Hooty interrupts Luz and tells her to follow him to a room he just found, which is filled with wall carvings, skulls of King's species, and a shrine. Luz notices the Collector's face in the globe, and realizes that the god the Titan Trappers worship is the Collector themself. Just then, Bill emerges and explains that the shrine has been his project for years. He also reveals a humanoid hand under his glove, meaning that his appearance is actually a Titan disguise, before he describes in graphic detail of what he will do to the Titan. Luz and Hooty are shocked, and Luz makes up an excuse to leave before rushing off to find King and escape. Bill is suspicious, but then, hearing King's cries outside, he immediately recognizes what King is.

Meanwhile, Tarak is showing King their armory. As he explores the weapons, King asks Tarak if he knows what the symbol on his collar means, but Tarak doesn't know, assuming that King's father was lost in a hunt a long time ago. He states that they will never leave a Titan Trapper on their own, voicing out his gladness that King's father passed down the skull onto him. Touched by his words, King asks if he can play catch with him. Tarak tells him to go get some equipment nearby, and after he runs off, he receives a call from Bill who informs him that King is, in fact, the last Titan himself. When King comes back with the equipment, Tarak informs him that the game will have to wait, lying that it is time to celebrate his induction to the Titan Trappers.

King is taken to a ceremony with Bill and the other Titan Trappers. Tarak tells King that his presence is very special to them, as because of him, the clan can now release the Huntsman from his prison and be granted power and glory. He then ignites a torch and passes it over to King, asking him to carry it to the tablet and set it aflame. Immediately after lighting it, the sounds of the Collector laughing can be heard, much to King's surprise. Tarak then decrees they can summon the Huntsman now that the connection has been made. Impatient, Bill throws cloth over King's head, assuring him that the process is almost done. He goes behind King and takes out a dagger, but finds himself unable to bring the dagger down, as he can't move. Suddenly, he gets lifted up and thrown aside. Before anyone realizes what's going on, a light glyph is activated above King's head and gives out a bright flash. After the flash fades away, King is gone from the stage. Tarak thinks that this is due to the Titan's power, but Bill angrily screeches that King has been taken away by Luz and Hooty.

Somewhere else, Luz and Hooty finally let out their breath and cancel out an invisibility glyph. Luz is glad that King is okay, but King is furious. Hooty angrily informs him that Luz just saved his life, but he frees himself from Luz's grasp, exclaiming that the clan members won't hurt him. Luz asks King if this is about his dad, which he admits to, but states he knows that she will eventually go back to the Human Realm, so he is just preparing to live in a world without her in it. Luz clarifies to King that staying with the Titan Trappers won't work - because King is really a Titan himself.

Nearby, the Titan Trappers approach. Bill orders his followers to capture King, and Tarak proceeds to use spell circles to shoot out beams and attack. A Titan Trapper tries to bring King over, but Luz throws a light glyph to blind them temporarily. She attempts to catch King as he falls, but is then attacked by the other Titan Trappers. Hooty shields Luz, but accidentally gets wrapped up by a rope and drops to the ground. Right as Tarak is about to finish them off, King pounces towards Tarak and hits him on the head, asking him to stop, but he accidentally takes off Tarak's skull when he throws him to the ground, revealing Tarak to be a witch. He spits that King was never one of them, declaring that a new hunt will begin today. Bill then proclaims that, after sacrificing King, the Great Huntsman will return and "he" will be granted glory and rise above the others. Confused by his choice of words, Tarak asks him if he meant glory for everyone like he claimed before, but Bill ignores the question and snatches the spear from his hands.

Before he can harm King, Hooty barges out through the ground and sends Bill flying upwards, and Luz runs away with King and Hooty. After arriving at the platform, Luz inserts the stone and activates the portal, teleporting them back. However, they are falling down from a great height, so Hooty extends and wraps around the skeletal finger and slow down their fall. To prevent the Titan Trappers from coming through the portal, King lets out a loud sonic scream, causing the entire finger to come tumbling down. King is saddened that his new found family turned out to be a lie, and tearful, he begs to Luz he wants to go home.

They then board Salty's ship and head back. Sitting on the crow's nest, King looks down at the symbol on his collar's metal plate and the Titan's corpse after looking up. Luz calls out to King from below and asks him if he wants breakfast. After giving the Titan another glance, King turns around sadly and goes down to join Luz, Hooty, and Salty.

Back at the Owl House, an army of Coven Scouts surround the house. The Guard Captain calls Kikimora to inform her, and Kikimora orders the scouts to arrest anyone inside. The Scouts then chant "For the Emperor" upon Kikimora's prompting, as they prepare to go inside.


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.29 viewers on its premiere.[4]
  • This is one of the four episodes to completely cut the main theme, with the others being "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", "Them's the Breaks, Kid", and "Hollow Mind".
  • Luz remembers the Collector's rhyme differently than how she heard it in "Hollow Mind".
  • This is the first time Owlbert appears physically without the Owl Staff.
  • Hooty is able to move around along with his portable backpack without needing anyone to carry it.
  • The hidden code is found on the arm of a displayed skeleton. Translated, it says "As".

Revelations and significant events

  • Luz finally reveals to Eda, King, and Hooty everything she saw and discovered in Belos' mind.
  • King receives the letter addressed to him that Hooty accidentally ate at the end of "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door".
  • Lilith mentions that the Day of Unity is one week away.
  • Salty has left the Golden Guard's employ, and his crew has left him for higher-paying jobs.
  • It is revealed that the apparent demon who sent the letter to King is actually a witch named Tarak, who is part of a cult of Titan Trappers.
    • All the members of the Titan Trappers appear to be witches who vowed to slay the last remaining Titan to release their god.
    • Luz and Hooty learn that the god they are worshipping is actually the Collector themself.
    • Their leader, Bill, revealed that he had seen a living Titan many years before, and heard his roar, which is the same as King's ("Weh!").
    • Most of the Titan Trapper witches have sclera and irises in different colors than Boiling Isles witches.
  • It is revealed that King is a Titan.
  • At the end of the episode, the Coven Scouts arrive at the Owl House to capture everyone there.
    • This is foreshadowed earlier in the episode when Hooty asks everyone if they feel people marching around the edge of the forest.


  • During King's dream, Luz and Eda are seen wearing the outfits they wore in "Enchanting Grom Fright".
    • In that same dream, "King of Dads" mentions the video that King made in "Eda's Requiem".
  • Flashbacks from "Hollow Mind" are shown at the beginning of the episode.
  • It has been around three weeks since the events of "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", based on Lilith saying that Day of Unity is only a week away.
  • King mentions Salty's crew, who were seen in "Separate Tides". Luz also wears the bandana she donned with her sailor outfit from the Selkidomus hunt.
  • The area around Titan Trapper Island is the same area from Eda's Owl Beast dream in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door."
  • According to King, it has been more than a month since Hooty received the letter, meaning that it has been more than a month since the events of "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door".
  • When Hooty and Tinella Nosa drew blood from King during the episode "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" in an attempt to figure out what type of demon he was, the results were inconclusive. In this episode, King is revealed to not be a demon but a Titan.
    • This also means that the blood drawn from King was in fact Titan's Blood.
  • After the existence of inhabited lands beyond the Boiling Islands were hinted at in "Escaping Expulsion" (where Odalia's business card read "B.I." ("Boiling Isles") as its last line, which would only make sense if there were other inhabited lands which the Boiling Isles inhabitants have at least postal traffic with) and the existence of other Titan corpse archipelagos was hinted at in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" (where the Collector was shown to capture the Owl Beast), it was finally confirmed in this episode.
  • The tablet Bill tried to use to free the "Grand Huntsman" looks exactly the same (except Bill's is split in the middle) as the tablet Philip Wittebane tried to use to contact/summon the Collector in "Elsewhere and Elsewhen". It is not clear, whether it is a different tablet or Philip's tablet which somehow found its way into the hands of the Titan Trappers.


  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: One of the weapons Luz takes from Bill's wall looks like the Spear of Longinus, a weapon that has the power to pierce an Absolute Terror Field and utterly destroy an Angel.
  • Amphibia: Several weapons at the Titan Trappers' camp resemble weapons from Amphibia, including one of Sasha's heron swords and Anne's sword. Anne's tennis racket was also seen in Bill's room.
  • The Karate Kid: The scene where King is balancing on one leg under a waterfall, then leaps and kicks with the leg he was standing on, is a reference to the "Crane Kick", which was a pivotal aspect of The Karate Kid.



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