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It says no trespassing, but I'm allergic to the rules.
—Edric, "Lost in Language"

Edric Blight is a recurring character in The Owl House. He is Amity's older brother, Emira's younger twin brother, and a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Though initially only part of the illusion track, as of "Labyrinth Runners", he is multi-enrolled in the illusion, potions, and beast keeping tracks.



Edric has a similar appearance to that of his sister, Emira, since they are twins. He has pale skin, pointed ears, golden eyes, thick black eyebrows, short, emerald green hair, and a mole under his right eye. In "Reaching Out", it is revealed that both Edric and Emira use a concealment stone to hide their true appearances. Without his concealment stone, Edric's overall appearance becomes more unkempt, having pulled-back hair, the thin beginnings of a mustache, and visible leg hairs.


Edric wears the illusion track school uniform, which consists of a light blue shirt and pants covered by a gray tunic and a small darker gray cowl over it. He also sports gray boots. In "Labyrinth Runners", due to his enrollment in the illusion, potions and beast keeping tracks, his sleeves are now orange and yellow.

Out of school, he wears dark gray underclothes, black boots, a burgundy tunic with a belt around the waist, and gray boots with burgundy cuffs.

Without his teardrop-shaped concealment stone tucked into his sleeves, he wears a yellow t-shirt with a campfire on it, gray sweatpants, and brown flat shoes. He also wears a set of black-rimmed glasses.


Edric is an easy-going and friendly boy, but he has been shown to be quite a nasty prankster along with his twin sister, Emira. This is because he enjoys having fun. He is also quite rebellious, refusing to attend classes and preferring to skip them instead. He and Emira enjoy embarrassing their younger sister, Amity, due to her standoffish demeanor. However, despite this, he and Emira do seem to genuinely care about her, as Amity mentioned that they've been extra protective and nice towards her to make up for the "library incident". Ever since then, Edric and Emira have had a much better relationship with Amity, helping her rescue Luz and giving her advice when she talked about her crush on the latter.

Though initially antagonistic towards his younger sister, he seems to bear no ill will towards Luz for attempting to thwart his and Emira's plans to embarrass Amity. He even displays something of a fondness for her, winking at her when they first met. Compared to his sisters, Edric is very melodramatic, as he is quick to panic over adversity and danger. He is also prone to get emotionally attached, such as when he wanted to adopt a bat that he and Emira were planning to eat. This extends towards Emira to the point of dependency, as he despairs over the idea of parting with Emira forever (a sentiment that the more autonomous Emira does not share). Edric is also slightly dim-witted at times, often refusing to listen to Emira or making his own situations worse.

Edric is somewhat insecure. He's self concious about his appearance, relying on his concealment stone to hide his true appearance. He also feels like whenever he tries to help, he ends up ruining things instead. However, in Reaching Out, when he demonstrates how proficient he is at, not only Illusion magic, but Beast Keeping and Potions as well, Edric proves to be a very useful and powerful ally. This boosted his self esteem, and gave him the confidence to pursue multi-track.


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Early life

Edric Blight was born to the Blight family as the second child. From a young age, Edric and Emira were witches of incredible talent and boasted a seemingly perfect reputation. However, the youngest Blight, Amity, knew that her older siblings had a penchant for trouble and often tattled on the two. At some point during their early teenage years, Edric and Emira scored high scores on Hexside's placement exam and were enrolled into the Illusion track.

Humiliating Amity

Both Edric and Emira make their debut appearance in the episode "Lost in Language." After witnessing Amity reject Luz's offer of friendship, the twins take the opportunity to humiliate their sister by calling her "Mittens" while delivering her lunch. The twins introduced themselves to Luz as Amity's "more fun" older siblings.


Alador and Odalia Blight

Not much is known of Edric's relationship with his parents, other than his mother sending him and his sister to bring Amity her bag. Amity says their parents are less pressuring on the twins than they are with her. In "Reaching Out", Edric implies that his parents don't take him seriously, even being frustrated with Alador when he refuses to let Amity help him pin down Warden Wrath.

Emira Blight

Edric shares a good brother-sister relationship with Emira. However, while Edric greatest fear is loneliness, Emira's greatest fear is to be stuck with him forever; this could imply that Edric cares more about Emira than she cares about him. Regardless, Emira is still shown to care about Edric, often giving him advice and showing support for him when he pursued multi-track.

Amity Blight

Edric is Amity's older brother. Due to their contrasting personalities, Amity is often embarrassed, annoyed, or angered by her siblings' mischievous antics; she finds it unfair that her parents are less harsh on her siblings in comparison to herself. Amity would often lecture Emira and Edric and tell them to go away, even reporting them to the principal for being late to class. After their attempt at pranking their younger sister nearly killed her, Edric and Emira started treating Amity better, as seen in "Adventures in the Elements". Amity also cares about her brother and sister who assist her in learning a new spell, (while Edric sometimes pulls harmless pranks on Amity), and she rushes to save them from a beast that takes them away from her. Ever since, Edric and Emira have had a closer bond with their younger sister.

Unnamed partner

In the episode "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", he says that he has a date, however, he does not clarify as to whom it is. Emira uses the pronoun 'they' to refer to them.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Edric, like his sister Emira, is shown to be highly skilled at magic. Like all witches, his magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart.
    • Illusion magic: Edric specializes in magic that involves manipulating perception, like Emira and Gus. These illusions can interact with physical objects and people.
      • Glamour: Edric can change his and/or a person's appearance similar to a transformation.
      • Combined illusion: Edric can draw a joint spell circle with his twin to create a large illusion; this illusion shows the capacity to create smaller illusions.
    • Beast Keeping magic: Edric has been performing Beast Keeping magic as a "hobby". He later enrolls in the beast keeping track.
    • Potion magic: As he is in the potions track at Hexside, Edric likely knows some degree of potion magic.
      • Potion creation: Although not mastered, it is revealed that Edric has a knack for creating potions and elixirs while helping Eda.
    • Snow magic: Edric showed the ability to manipulate snow while training Amity on the Knee.
    • Restraining spell: Edric is able to use a spell circle to summon a rope of magical energy which he tried to use to restrain the Slitherbeast.
  • Fireworks: He develops, produces, and sells likely illegal firework rockets, several of which he sold to King.


Behind the scenes


Edric is voiced by Ryan O'Flanagan.


Edric debuted in the episode, "Lost in Language".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Nahuel Ivorra
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Silas Borges
Taiwan Chinese Li Shi-Yang (李世揚)
Germany German Maximilian Belle
Hungary Hungarian Szalay Csongor
Indonesia Indonesian Frederick Priya Purnama
South Korea Korean Park Seong-tae (박성태)
Malaysia Malay Shahil Zairi
Poland Polish Damian Kulec
Portugal Portuguese Gonçalo Carvalho
Thailand Thai Apichit Likhitlimpreecha (อภิชิต ลิขิตลิ้มปรีชา)


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  • In the episode "Lost in Language", it was mentioned by Emira that he is allergic to dairy.
  • Edric, along with Emira and Amity, attend Hexside together, as Hexside teaches from first grade to twelfth.[1]
  • Contrary to his twin sister, whose fear is being stuck with him forever, he admits that his greatest fear is ending up alone forever, indicating he is codependent in contrast to Emira, who is more independent.
  • According to Matthieu Cousin, some of Edric's early designs borrowed heavily from Link from the Legend of Zelda franchise.[3]
  • According to a National Siblings Day Instagram post by Disney Television Animation, Edric is the younger twin and the middle child of the Blight siblings.[2]
  • According to a piece of art posted by Dana Terrace, Edric wears glasses.[4] This was later confirmed in "Reaching Out".
  • In "Reaching Out", it is revealed that Edric kept the bat from "Adventures in the Elements" as a pet and named it Batric.


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