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Eileen[1] is a minor character in The Owl House. She is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics under the potions track.



Eileen is an adolescent humanoid demon whose entire head consists of one giant eyeball with a yellow sclera, a magenta iris, and three large eyelashes. She has turquoise hair with long bangs on either side. She is often seen slouching.


She wears the Hexside uniform for the potions track, a gray tunic over a yellow-sleeved shirt with a black cowl.

Post-Day of Unity, Eileen has bandages on her hands going up to her forearms, a few tears on her leggings, and a potion bottle attached to her waist belt. She wears a red scarf and has different-styled boots with purple-splotched toes.


Eileen is usually depicted as an emotionless girl, as she often has her shoulders slouched and generally wears a bored expression. However, there are some instances in which she does express herself, such as being shocked when Luz challenges Amity to a witches' duel in "Covention", excited for Luz's appearance in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", and eager during "Sense and Insensitivity".


Initially, Eileen is seen studying in the same class as Willow and Luz.[2]

Eileen is seen twice at the covention, first staffing the Cooking Coven next to the SIN-A-BUN, then later staffing the Prose Coven while Skara is there. She is also seen standing outside the "Reaction Coven" wide-eyed.[3]

Eileen is later shown to be a member of the Human Appreciation Society that Gus created.[4]

Eileen is later seen aboard the Demon Bus.[5]

Eileen is seen at the book fair selling "Hot Romance" books. She is later seen watching Skara and Amelia from atop a "people chair", and then later listening to the Reviewnicorn with Bo.[6]

Eileen is seen in potions class with Luz on her first day of school.[7]

Shortly before the Day of Unity, she attends the school Club Fair. A few weeks later she watches as Adrian Graye Vernworth arrives to inform them of a decree in which all you witches must be in a cover before the Day of Unity. He claims he is only going to put fake sigils on them, but Gus Porter realizes the students will be branded for real and reveals the charade. As Gus is about to be branded, he creates a school-wide illusion and she and the other students and staff escape.

After learning of the Draining Spell, Eileen and other students and staff at Hexside camp out at the school during the Day of Unity. She and the other students aid the adults when the Draining Spell takes hold. After it ends, she and most of the other students watch as spies of The Collector turn the staff and a few students into puppets. After hiding in the school for months, she is happy to see Luz, Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter return. After Gus informs her that paper clips are not a meat substitute, she gets nervous and pretends she has not been eating them.


Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Poland Polish Weronika Łukaszewska


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  • Character designer Matthieu Cousin revealed her name in a tweet,[1] although it wasn't used at any point in the show.
  • Since her head is an entire eyeball, she has no visible mouth, so she speaks in a muffled voice.
  • According to the demon chart in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Eileen's species is born as an entire eyeball, before later growing legs, and then the rest of the body, as they age.


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